Jones invited to Elite 11


Sheriron Jones is heading to Oregon.

No, the Gators haven’t missed out on another quarterback.

The four-star prospect was invited to the Elite 11 on Monday. The prestigious competition takes place during ‘The Opening’ combine in early July at the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Ore.

Former NFL player Trent Dilfer and a group of coaches select 18 of the top high school quarterbacks in the nation for the event. UF freshman Will Grier competed in it last summer and finished No. 3 in the final rankings.

Jones could the next future Gator with Elite 11 credentials. The 6-foot-2, 189-pounder from Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde will camp Saturday at Florida, the school most consider his favorite at this time.

Two quarterbacks who visited UF during the spring and committed elsewhere (Kelly Bryant and Dwayne Lawson) were not considered for the Elite 11. Torrance Gibson, a five-star quarterback/athlete who eliminated the Gators last week, has yet to be invited with three spots remaining.

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  1. Of course the Gators need a quarterback. It’s not a stretch to say that the two freshmen could both not pan out. I’ve seen it before with two freshman quarterbacks that were more highly, in total, than Grier and Harris. One was rated the 10th best overall player in the country and the other was the 88th overall. Neither one was any good. It happened ten years ago and if you are interested you can look it up on Rivals. To think the Gators are set at quarterback has yet to be shown on the field. Driskel hasn’t exactly been a stellar player yet. So it’s good to know that the quarterback that is still a possibility is considered worthy of being invited to this elite gathering of quarterbacks.

  2. I realize recruiting is important but does the gville sun analyze anything else about the football team? This is Muschamps year to prove himself. Let’s have some articles and discussion about the current roster

  3. There is almost no way we could keep both Grier and Harris for their entire eligibility. I think one would transfer if they were not the starter by their 3rd year. So yes, getting this guy would be in our best interest as long as he understands he may likely redshirt his first year……That is unless he proves to be better than the other 2 guys or Driskel…..You just never know.

  4. Any chance we can get a basketball recruiting blog? no offense but the hoops program is one of the tops in the country and I find basketball recruting quite interesting just like football. Brockway doesn’t seem to be on top of this.

  5. Yeah and we had 3 transfer in less than 1 year, Brissett ,Murphy, and Staver. It seems QB’s are the most likely position to transfer. I could also see Morninweg possibly wanting to transfer. I thought he was a little better in spring than he was last year thrown into the fire. He might end up being a starter at a smaller school somewhere.

  6. Its true that the likely hood of loosing one of our new QBs is real. I feel like Grier will be the best of the two in the long run but Harris may be the one to help us out right away. I think next year will tell us the story. We need to recruit a QB in every class. I am not a huge fan of using two QBs but it sure would be something to see to have Grier and Harris together….

  7. trinity is a school that somehow gets great players from Jacksonville. It’s one of those magical things that happens at some schools like St. Thomas Aquinas that are just lucky, I guess. I mean it’s against the rules for high schools to recruit players and we know something like that could never happen. The gators already have one player pledged from Trinity. They have the consensus best corner in the nation, possibly the best linebacker in the nation, another linebacker that everyone wants, this guy and the Florida commit, I may be leaving someone out. But they are just lucky that these players are there, wink, wink,

  8. Some people’s constant yappin’ and making negative claims about Jeff’s abilities means even less than what a recruiting service says. Jeff”s Gator stats say they’re fos. Trent Dilfer also thinks they’re fos, along with many others here.

    IF Grier earns the starting job after Driskel leaves, whenever that is, then Harris doesn’t have to leave UF to be a star and have a great career. He might very well have the talent needed to be UF’s and the NFL’s next Percy Harvin. In which case, Sheriron could rs and be the Gator QB eventually. Also, Spurrier and Roper have already both proven that they can be successful in a 2 QB system. The possibilities are nearly endless.

  9. I’m hopeful and pretty certain Driskel will have a solid year for us much the same as Conner Shaw did for USCe the last couple of years……a little bit through the air set up by what he does with his legs and it could do wonders for his confidence and the confidence of the guys who will be playing after he is gone.
    Didn’t Harris de commit from FSU because they were wanting him to play other positions ? Let’s give him a fair shot at playing the position he wants to play before turning him into something we think he should play. Besides I think Grier is actually a better “athlete” than Harris…..Harris could just be a better QB. It’s actually a great problem to have and if Jones isn’t afraid of competition then welcome aboard.

  10. It’s very difficult to know if Grier is any good because of the very low quality of the competition he was facing. He also had his father coaching him, so it’s not hard to believe that Daddy did whatever he could to inflate his statistics. Harris also played for his father, but he played the best competition in America. Harris said he chose UF because of the type of offense and the stacked depth chart at FSU. I don’t have any doubt that someone else will be the quarterback of the Gators at some point next season. Driskel has never been a good quarterback and I’ve never believed that a good quarterback fails because of the system he plays in. Roper even said that a good player will be a good player no matter what system is run. Whatever it is that makes a good quarterback and leader, Driskel doesn’t have. You can tell just by looking at him, he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on most of the time. He makes a mistake, which all quarterbacks do, but never learns from them. What is truly sad is that this staff is placing the season in Driskel’s hands, why, I have no idea. I just hope it’s not too late before they are forced to admit that he sucks and bench him, until then I don’t hold out much hope for this season.

  11. ntcrze, first of all Grier showed what he had, not against low quality opponents, but when he came into camps and outperformed QB after QB who played high quality performance. Whether he’s played against low quality, or the best his recruiting class had to offer, he succeeded. Now will he beat out Treon for the starting job? Only time will tell. But this low quality opponents and playing for daddy bs is just that, BS. He’s proven he can do it against high quality opponents and he’s proven what he has. There’s a reason he’s won a National player of the year award and several other accolades.

  12. And secondly, you’re wrong about Driskel. Seriously tell me what makes him a bad player? Is it his 11-3 record as a starter? Maybe his 70% completion percentage last year? Maybe his outstanding athletic ability that so many opposing coaches admit they hate to have to prepare for? Is it his poise under pressere (I have the game film to back it up if you need it)? Hey you bring up Kurt Roper, maybe you should actually listen to what he says about Driskel. He says Driskel has it. So until you bring up any evidence to the contrary i’m much more likely to believe Roper than you. And I leave you with this. We’ve seen our share of great QBs at UF. You know what they all had in common? They had help (what a shocker!). They all had protection and offensive weapons. Wuerfful was protected by the likes of Jeff Mitchell and Donnie Young, and had playmakers like Ike Hilliard, Jaquez Green and Reidel Anthony to throw to. Chris Leak had guys like Steve Rissler and Phil Trautwein watching his back and could rely on Dallas Baker, Andre Caldwell, and Cornelius Ingram. Finally Tim Tebow got the protection of the Pounceys and got to throw to Percy Harvin, Louis Murphy, Aaron Hernandez, and Riley Cooper. Can you really say Driskel’s had any decent protection or help from his receivers?? I wouldn’t. Heck it’s surprising he’s been able to do what he has.

  13. Great points about Driskel…..there is a reason he was named starter in 2012, last year and this coming year. Anybody including Peyton Manning and Tom Brady would not have looked any better with the protection and the receivers that JD has had to work with. We have had the worst offensive line play in major CFB for 3 years in a row and anyone who can’t see that probably shouldn’t be commenting on anything football related. If not for JD UF goes 7-5 in 2012 and you see what they did last year.
    That being said we finally have the offensive pieces in place and the coaches to lead this team to a 10 or 11 win season……sit back and sip the Hatorade ……the tide has turned and UF is back on it’s way to the top.

  14. Wasn’t Jeff Brantley the High School Player of the Year? That doesn’t prove anything, I know, but it does prove that Grier being awarded that honor doesn’t mean he can play at the next level. Brantley sucked so bad that he never even got a cup of coffee in the NFL and now you’re telling me that Grier is going to be a great player based on the same data?