Muschamp not worried about negative recruiting


“Will Muschamp is going to get fired.”

“Florida’s 2012 season was a fluke.”

“The Gators are loaded at your position.”

Those are the type of things UF prospects have probably been hearing from opposing college coaches, especially with the black eye from 2013 still swollen.

Muschamp was asked about negative recruiting and how he deals with it during his speaking tour last month.

For one, he can’t control what schools are saying about his.

“In recruiting,” he said, “there are no rules.”

Will Muschamp feels the Florida brand and what the school has to offer outweighs any negative recruiting tactics by opposing schools. (Photo by Matt Stamey/Staff photographer)

Muschamp said recruits and their families approach him every year and bring up things other coaches told them about Florida.

He takes the high road.

“I don’t know and I don’t care what anybody else does,” Muschamp said. “I know what we do at Florida.”

“We’re going to promote our place in a positive way. We’re not going to talk about another school. We’re not going to talk about job status of this coach or what their depth chart is.”

Dante Fowler Jr.’s father told The Sun last year that Muschamp never spoke about Florida State when his son was committed to the Seminoles, which made them feel comfortable with him because other coaches did discuss FSU.

“There will be a lot of parents and young men who will get completely turned off if you say anything negative about another school. They don’t want to hear that,” Muschamp said.

“Generally in the recruiting process, you know (which schools) you’re dealing with. You know who’s recruiting the young man. Therefore, a lot of times that tells me how we need to recruit them. We need to be very proactive on negative recruiting because they’re going to do it. So you just understand that from the get-go.”

Muschamp stays proactive by talking up UF instead of talking down others. But ultimately, he’ll have to do his talking in the SEC East race this season.

“At the end of the day, and I tell our staff this, we want to promote the University of Florida,” Muschamp said. “We’ve got a great situation. We’ve got a top 10 public school and an outstanding education. You’re going to come to a place that has done it before as far as winning championships on and off the field, and that’s what we’re about.”


  1. Muschamp is the main guy taking the big heat and attacks from some critics, yet is on the up and up and positive in contrast to many fair-weather Gator fans who must not comprehend that line about “through all kinds of weather we all stick together.” Gator Boosters and a whole lot of the rest of us do, however. Our team will roar back and show well this fall, which will result in a contract extension and big recruiting success in February.

  2. I agree with you, Gatormac. I think this team is going to rebound. I do not think they are going to win the national championship or the SEC championship but I believe an 8-4 record is likely and considering their brutal schedule, 8-4 is a nice rebound from 4-8.

  3. All schools talk about their competitor, I don’t believe Muschamp when he says he doesn’t mention other schools. I agree with him that it’s not good to degrade other schools, maybe that’s what he was referring to. It’s just natural to talk about what you can offer in contrast to the schools you are competing with. Don’t think for a minute that Roper didn’t talk to Treon Harris about his offensive system compared to the school he as committed to. He probably mentioned the depth chart at FSU as well since Treon said one of the main reasons he chose Florida over FSU was the stacked depth chart at FSU. As for teams negatively recruiting against Florida, it’s something that will disappear if the Gators do well on the field. It’s not something that everyone doesn’t know already, maybe Mike London’s seat is hotter at UVA, but to say the coaching situation at Florida is stable is ignoring the obvious. Muschamp knows it, but there’s nothing he can do about it until the real season starts. I think an 8-4 record would be enough to keep his job with the schedule, but Foley will make the decision and if two of the losses are to Georgia and FSU, he might be forced to make a change even if he doesn’t want to.

  4. What do you expect Muschamp to say? Not sure it is negative recruiting when everyone who follows college football knows it is make or break this year for Muschamp. Another bad year he is gone- every recruit knows this.

  5. Agreed, LT! Against this schedule 9-3 would seem an optimal outcome, 8-4 more likely. However, this team offers our most talented group of skill position guys since 2009 and a great defense on the way. With the off weeks dividing the schedule in thirds, this team can contend in the East where a 6-2 record might get you to Atlanta. Should be fun.

  6. Sid….

    Muschamp and his wife have multi millions of dollars in their multiple financial accounts. So, I doubt his wife worries about much other than the happiness and welfare of her husband and family. And I doubt Muschamp spends any time worrying about moving anywhere.


    You don’t believe Muschamp. We don’t believe anything a Noles supporter posts as a Gators fan on a Florida recruiting site.

    To the rest…..

    Gator Nation will know just how good the Gators are going to be in 2014 after their visit to Bama. Big game for Florida.

  7. Other coaches don’t have to say negative things about Florida. All they have to do is tell them to read the message boards and ask them if they want to play for such a negative fan base. Fortunately, recruits are smart enough to see that the majority of Gator Nation is optimistic and the ones saying negative BS, constantly, are the same few Chicken Littles or trolls. Florida will continue to be among the top schools in recruiting and every other aspect of college football. We are not FSU and will not remain down for a decade.

    For someone to say that Muschamp is a liar demonstrates what type of person they are. Not much more needs to be said about that. Muschamp has proven himself to be a man of integrity and I am quite sure that it doesn’t bother him, at all, to read such ignorant comments from someone who proves over and over that they don’t have a clue. Regardless, Muschamp has reached a level of success that someone stocking shelves at Walmart and living in his mother’s basement will never experience.


  8. GIGator, I wonder if you have any clue what summa means on an undergraduate degree. I suggest you try not to get so emotional. “The lady doth protests too much.” Maybe this will go over your head, but I tried.

  9. um Muschamp isnt being paid 3 million a year just to be a man of integrity. He should be able to beat schools lime ga southern- no excuses injuries etc. I like Muschamp and think he is a great defensive coach. Whether he can be a head coach of a top program remains to be seen. He cant lose more than four games at most and at fsu and at bama are likely definite losses. It wont be easy and maybe not fair but his record is battling Ron Zook’s record at that is not acceptable at UF. go to gatorzone- open season tickets in the lower deck 3 months before kickoff. The gatornation is talking.

  10. You don’t have to believe Muschamp. The players and parents he’s recruited will tell you he never once talked bad about other schools. The days of Meyer are over. Not every coach is a liar.

  11. Coach 1: Want to come to UF? We beat UGA, Tenn, FSU almost every year and we win national championships. Coach 2: I am a sincere coach, I keep hiring new asst coaches- my 3rd offensive coordinator in 4 years, We can’t beat UGA but we are building the program. I am a more sincere guy than Ron Zook so you should come to UF. Which coach would you want to play for Coach 1 or Coach 2? Sid, I agree it is amazing the downward turn of the program- the UAA can’t get rid of season tickets- truly amazing never thought I would say that.

  12. Coach Muschamp: Look son, if you’re stupid and won’t go to class I can’t get you in here. But if you want to be a part of the resurgence of this program with or without me then come aboard. As somebody else mentioned UF doesn’t stay down for a decade with or without it’s current coaches.
    As for the remaining ticket situation, if there really is one I wouldn’t worry. If the team looks any better after a game or 2 they will be gone. Bought up by a bunch of bandwagon fans who spew negativity anytime the program doesn’t meet their standards. But what I really want to know is why a troll would care in the first place ????

  13. “Coach Muschamp: Look son, if you’re stupid and won’t go to class I can’t get you in here. But if you want to be a part of the resurgence of this program with or without me then come aboard. As somebody else mentioned UF doesn’t stay down for a decade with or without it’s current coaches.”

    The interesting thing is that he is the reason why a resurgence is needed…

  14. Because Meyers last year left the program in such good shape, right ? It is what it is…..He is our coach for at least 1 more year for better or worse. I like to believe that we will be better. If not we won’t be in any worse shape than when Zook left. If nothing else Muschamp has amassed a good bit of talent although it has taken a few years to get the offensive talent we need.
    The pieces are in place and he either sinks or swims, simple.

  15. At least the Noles got rid of Bowden when they began losing. I read the comments on here and I can’t say the same.

    Oh, and to the ones saying I’m a troll: That’s not what my degree says.

  16. Drew – there’s a scripture in the Bible that is very fitting – “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.”. Let misery lay with misery. Those of us, the majority of Gator Nation, who chose to be optimistic will remain so, until reality dictates otherwise. You waste your time, with some people, when you use facts and reason to make a point.

  17. God forbid Sid the comment was directed at me, not you…..Oh, I see the problem now.
    By the way, if you were a real Gator fan you might realize that all 3 of our Heisman winners and all three of our NC’S rested in the hands of sons of preachers……does that bother you also.
    Thank you GI, I will try to refrain from teasing the trolls in hopes that they leave and the rest of us can have a useful exchange of comments on Zach’s great articles.

  18. Saban doesn’t agree with the dweebs posting negative bs here about Muschamp.
    The SEC Coach’s voted Muschamp ‘Coach of the Year,’ so neither do the majority of them.
    Attempting to diss on a HBC using ONLY the W/L record for 1 season is idiocy imoho.

    It’s kind of like dissing on a QB for a 47% completion percentage, while ignoring his
    W/L record, his TD/Int ratio, his Yds/rec, and the fact that when he runs, it’s for 5 ypc.
    Know what I mean? If not, then you’re a certified Hater…. :~p

  19. Snowprint…..

    You seem fairly proud of your Free Seafood University degree. Summa on that degree most likely means you passed all your PE courses with a majority of A letters for grades. Congrats. You and Famous W. can now successfully plan your future seafood shopping sprees together. Just don’t go to Publix. They have cameras.

  20. It’s the right approach. I’m not the hugest fan- in the past- of Muschamp, but with the new OC, I’m willing to wait and see. As far as recruits, they need to go to the school, not commit to the coach, per se. Look at Vandy, PSU, Rich Rod, Bielema, and a host of other examples. You may be at the school longer than the coach. Fact. If you want to be a Gator, be a Gator. If you don’t- don’t. We don’t need to talk down Dawgs, Noles, or anybody else. They are what they always have been- and always will be.

  21. Da-muddlern I think you need to check muschamps record- one bad year? I think you mean one good year. Oh and take your religious beliefs elsewhere or move to bama etc where the fanbase will love that silliness

  22. Sid…..

    Muschamp came in with Meyer depleted and Meyer spoiled talent and won 7 games. Then, he took shorted talent to 11 wins the next year and a Sugar Bowl bid…..and one SEC win from playing in the SEC title game. I would say that is two progressive years making up for the mess Meyer left. Last year was a very bad year for the entire team, not just Muschamp. But I think he went a long way to fixing the ailments with the firing of both Pease and Davis and the hiring of Roper and Summers. If anything, Muschamp has made some bad hiring decisions with Weis and Pease. Hopefully, the Roper hire will fix those mistakes. Time to beat Georgia for sure.

  23. I see my alternate self has again made an appearance. I didn’t know that you also know what appears on my undergraduate degree, but it’s flattering that you care to use my handle. (For those of you to young to know what handle means, it’s a term for what a trucker uses to identify himself on the CB radio.) I don’t even know if they still use them, CB radios may be obsolete now. If someopne knows, I’m curious.

  24. There’s no sense trying to talk sense to some of these people. I mean who cares if we had 28 players miss over 100 combined games? Who cares if we’re one year removed from an 11-2 season? Who cares if the majority of people who know the most about football (coaches and players and also recruits) believe Muschamp is a good coach and last year was a fluke? Who cares if a QB has a 70% completition percentage Nd actually played well despite no help around him? Who cares if this program is gaining momentum? Who cares if the players and coaches are more confident than ever? I mean none of that matters. Logic, analysis, evidence, reasoning, it doesn’t matter to these people.

  25. I can’t wait till August 30th so we can talk about this season and put last year behind us. This season hinges on Sept. 30th at Bama. The result and more importantly the performance will dictate Muschamps future as HC. Tough schedule but I see this team winning the East and ending up with a top 5 recruiting class. Fla is loaded with top tier HS talent and the firing of Muschamp and losing out on most them will set the program back at least 5 years. Go Gators!