Florida’s WR board without Cain

George Campbell is rated a five-star prospect by ESPN and Scout. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Florida receiver target Deon Cain chose Clemson Friday as expected.

UF currently has two wideouts committed in Deondre Farrier and ESPN300 member Tristan Payton, but Farrier and the Gators are reportedly expected to part ways in the future.

Though Payton is proving to be a solid prospect, Florida still needs to add a few more players at the position for 2015.

Sitting atop UF’s board is George Campbell, a consensus top-50 recruit out Tarpon Springs East Lake. The Under Armour All-American will wait until that game to end his recruitment, but Florida currently has 90 percent of his 30 predictions on the 247Sports Crystal Ball.

UF extended an offer earlier this month to Tampa Wharton receiver/tight end Auden Tate, who was high on the Gators after attending the spring game. Rivals250 member Miles Boykin, another tall and versatile wideout from New Lenox (Ill.) Providence, listed Florida in his top 10 on Monday.

The Gators are good shape for slot receivers Derrick Dillon (Franklinton, La./Pine) and Antonio Calloway (Miami Booker T. Washington). Dillon visited Gainesville twice in the spring, while Calloway recently named UF his leader.

Some others to keep an eye on are out-of-state recruits K.J. Hill (North Little Rock, Ark.) and Van Jefferson (Brentwood, Tenn./Ravenwood), both of whom plan to visit Florida this summer.


  1. It seems a bit concerning that Clemson keeps coming into Tampa and picking up guys at will. In recent memory they have gotten Artavis Scott, Fruhmorgen, and now Cain. I hope we can land Tate, seems like he catches everything.

    Whats the deal with Farrier?

  2. Can’t blame,Clemson is as close to Sec atmospere as you can get. Minus competition. If Florida produces one position well,it’s wr. As the season starts wr will have some talent come from under the radar kids. Get Cambell on board and sign numbers. Some of these three star guys can contribute on a “Gator level.”

  3. Why is Farrier not likely to stay? Has he become interested in other schools since his pledge? I know USC offered and he has been invited to the Opening, but I thought that UF was in good shape with having Ryan Sousa already on board. I know Campbell is predicted to UF but it hasn’t happened yet and the way UF is struggling right now, it’s not a good sign if anyone starts bailing this early. Recruits are not exactly flocking to UF at this time.

  4. Fullwood did alright as a freshman and a lot of the other guys really haven’t gotten a whole lot of looks. I think the old offensive regime always faulted to seniority instead of developing younger more talented guys such as Robinson. I’m not thinking that we will have a pipeline coming from B

  5. -continued- Booker T. but it would be nice to pluck a gem from some of these S. Florida schools every now and then…….Something everybody needs to remember is a lot of S.Florida H.S kids would not be able to keep up academically at UF where our kids actually go to class !!!! Unlike FSU and UM, Kelvin Benjamin ring a bell……dude was 20years old in H.S.

  6. Gator Drew It’s not true that UF is tougher academically for athletes. Have you actually heard some of these young men speak? UF is no different than any other school that plays big-time college football. You should know this from guys like Pouncey and Hernandez that went to UF. UF is not Georgia Tech or Vanderbilt.

  7. Academic requirements for UF athletes is actually higher than most other public schools and even some private “institutions”…..if you’ve ever wondered why some strong “commitments” suddenly went elsewhere, now you know…..

  8. Gator Drew, that’s nonsense. UF doesn’t turn down anyone that is accepted by Miami and FSU as you insinuated before. All schools except some like Stanford accept the same players. UF wanted kelvin Benjamin for instance, a guy you acted like wouldn’t make it at UF. I think you are having a case of sour grapes, I don’t know why though, recruiting hasn’t been a problem and UF hasn’t lost any guys because of the academic standards. The guys everyone wants are noyt coveted for their academic ability. If they are good students, that’s great, but UF has as many marginal students on their team as anyone else. P.S. Dillon has reportedly said yes to UF.

  9. snowprint – see any difference in these scores? Facts are a dangerous thing, aren’t they?

    SAT Scores
    Reading Math Writing
    25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
    Alabama 500 620 500 640 490 610
    Arkansas 500 610 520 630 – –
    Auburn 530 630 550 650 520 610
    Florida 580 670 590 690 570 670
    Georgia 560 650 560 660 560 650
    Kentucky 490 610 500 630 470 600
    LSU 500 610 530 630 – –
    Miss St. 470 610 490 620 – –
    Missouri 510 640 530 650 – –
    Ole Miss 480 600 480 600 – –
    USCe. 540 640 560 650 – –
    Tenn. 530 640 530 650 – –
    TAMU 520 640 560 670 500 610
    Vandy. 690 770 710 790 670 770

    SAT Scores
    Reading Math Writing
    25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
    BC. 620 710 640 730 630 730
    Clemson 550 650 590 680 540 640
    Duke 660 750 690 780 670 770
    FSU. 550 650 560 640 – –
    GT. 590 690 650 740 590 690
    Maryland 580 680 610 710 – –
    Miami 600 690 630 710 600 690
    NC 590 700 610 710 590 690
    NCS. 530 620 560 660 510 610
    Syracuse 510 620 540 650 520 630
    Virginia 610 720 630 740 620 720
    University of Notre Dame 660 750 680 770 – –
    Pitt. 570 690 600 690 560 660
    VT. 540 640 570 670 540 630
    Wake Forest Test-Optional Admissions

  10. Thomas, are you implying that I am a racist? If so, you’re an ignorant coward! FYI, I don’t know Donald Sterling? All I know about him is that he made some racist comments, recently. I don’t follow the NBA. As for the comparisons in schools – I was comparing UF and FSU. Florida has many more degree options than schools like Vandy and is much larger. If you pull out UF’s medical and engineering programs they would be much closer to Vandy or any of the other top schools.

  11. sorry but jamar hornsby ronnie wilson , hernandez, brandon spikes and about half the roster would have a hard time getting into santa fe if they werent football players- comapring vandy, stanford is silly

  12. It’s a documented fact that Florida is tougher to get into than most other big football universities. True athletes are a lot more likely to get in than others, but they still have to meet the minimum requirements. Florida’s minimum requirements are noticeably tougher than the likes of FSU or Miami. Our aren’t as tough as Stanford or Vandy, but it’s still definitely tougher to get into to Florida than FSU or Miami.

  13. This is a lot of nonsense about UF being a tougher school to get into than any other for an athlete. These numbers that are thrown out are nonsense as well when it comes to athletes. There are selective standards when it comes to who you let in school and athletes are admitted that would not be if they were’nt athletes. Some athletes are too marginal to admit like the offensive lineman from Philadelphia last year, but you didn’t see him suddenly admitted to any other major university because UF has higher standards. We are dealing in the real world, not some imaginary standard on a piece of paper. Florida is not even close to being an academic paragon when it comes to turning down athletes, they are the same as all the other schools in the SEC with the exception of Vanderbilt. If the Angus, the lineman from Philadelphia had been a five star recruit, you can also be assured that he would have magically become academically acceptable to Florida or most any other school starting with his high school. He may have become a guy that magically turns up at one of the new high school football factories, like the IMG academies. UF is no different in wanting the athlete-scholar than any other school. I ‘m amazed that anyone could try to put out a load of crap like UF is at a disadvantage in recruiting from other schools, if you believe that, you are probably someone who thinks Driskel is a good quarterback as well.

  14. Thomas, you must have some real issues. It’s apparent what they are. You’re one of those who blame your failures on what you perceive as an unfair world. You’re angry. Maybe, you will grow up, one day and realize that this world is unfair to all of us, in some way. To label someone or a group of people you don’t even know, is no different than the comments Sterling made. You’re just as big of a racist as he is. You get away with it because this society turns a blind eye towards those like you. I grew up in North Florida – don’t live there now and I’m proud to say that. I have never been in an area with better people and I have been all over the world. Just because I choose to focus on another hobby – fishing – during the NBA season, you choose to label me and others as racists. That’s about as ignorant as me calling you a racist because you don’t follow NASCAR or golf.

  15. What happened to the days of Joe Arnold, Dusty Rhodes, Dave Howard etc all great gator baseball coaches, it would be hillarious if gators lose to carolina today, O’Sullivan has to be the biggest redneck coach any gator team has had

  16. Snowprint – of course athletes don’t compete with brain surgeons for a spot at UF. You are missing the point I was making. If you do not believe that UF’s minimum standards are higher than many schools, like FSU, you’re fooling yourself. Who was the kid that didn’t get in to UF a few years ago and signed with Tennessee? There are many cases that we don’t hear about, where a kid would be interested in UF, but, they can’t get in. They end up going to FSU, Bamer, Tenn., etc..

  17. Snowprint…….

    Florida definitely has higher academic standards for football players than FSU does. A prime example of a player wanting to come to Florida and going to FSU instead was James Wilder, and GatorNation is happy about that one. Florida had a commit who wanted to play for Florida (can’t recall his name) and did not meet entry requirements. Signed with Tennessee instead (he did not make it in classes there either). Chaz Sutton, the outstanding DL for South Carolina, also committed to Florida and was told he would not be accepted because of his academics. Signed without issue with South Carolina. Florida’s entrance standards for football players are not the same as with the regular students who apply to Florida for sure. And we know that, if it was, most would not be accepted into Florida. But special allowances are made for student athletes at any football program, but some have higher standards than others. And Florida definitely has higher entrance standards for football players than either FSU or Miami. No doubt about that. But you just keep on coming on Florida sites and making incorrect and stupid comments about the Florida program. Your ignorance and allegiance is perfectly clear to us in GatorNation. Now, I could understand if you came on here every day raving about and rubbing it in about FSU winning the ACC and National title last year and Florida having a bad year. But still not sure why you would do that on a Gator blog day in and day out as an FSU fan.

  18. Thomas…..

    Hernandez might be a sociopathic, brain washed gang member and a possible serial killer as a result, but he was not and is not dumb. Neither was Hornsby. But he certainly was an idiot without any sense of right and wrong. We have and have had multiple types just like them working on wall street.

  19. Tampa half our roster is full of guys who are notthe brightest. Do isolated schools like Ole Miss even have lower standards- yes- but UF is middle of the pack when it comes to academics. Chris Walker just showed that with hoops program

  20. Um sorry anyone who know Jamar Hornsby, Mike Pouncey, Chris Sky Walker, and half our current roster knows they arent on par with student body. Only a few excceptions over the years such as Brandon Siler who was actually a smart guy

  21. Tampa, you forgot to mention MANY others such as Demarcus Walker who wanted to come here after he de committed from Bama. Nukeese Richardson and Kurt Maggitt also went to UT after being told they wouldn’t make it at UF. Ermon Lane and Dalvin Cook tried to play it off that they “changed their minds”…..nope they became scared of actually having to go to class…Oh, and Kelvin Benjamin expired his HS eligibility be cause he turned 20 in HS. After he decommitted from Miami he wanted to come here in a bad way but misspelled his own name on an entrance form.
    Also see Trent Richardson and Greg Reid, same story……This is the real reason Urban Meyer left….he knew it is not a level playing field when you are UF.

  22. I shutter to think of how many championships in football and basketball UF would have if we could all the Greg Reids, Kelvin Benjamins and Trent Richardsons out there. I venture to say probably a dozen or so in both sports……However our scholarship offers don’t come with hall passes and keys to a new ride.

  23. Funny how when you bring up academics around a FSU troll it causes an adverse reaction……just like smoking gophers out of their holes, their always popping their heads up in denial……sorry Thomas I worked in the admin. office. These are all true stories….Chief…..

  24. fla, fsu and miami all recruit the same types of players—most of these players would not come close to admission under regular admission standards, but get special rules because they are good athletes and can make millions for their teams on saturday–very simple. the system is a joke.

  25. I wouldn’t waste my time or energy responding to anything Thomas or snowprint writes. They are trolls and there’s no reasoning with their kind. They are here to cause arguments and responding to them only feeds their intentions.

  26. Gator Drew you are full of crap.FSU is a much more prestigious school. We passed UF years ago. The days of gator football players actually having a real major left a long time ago. Face it ,,, it’s Nole time !! Dalvin will make you pay for those silly comments.

  27. Fisher, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! FSU is nowhere near the school UF is! I lived half and hour away from the school. Where I lived EVERYONE wanted to get into UF. Very few did. I PERSONAALLY know friends who tried to get into UF, got rejected, and easily got accepted to FSU. It’s common knowledge man. When people get rejected by UF, FSU is their fall back school.

  28. Forbes top 25 public universities:

    University of Florida
    University of Florida
    Overall Rank: No. 74
    Public Rank: No. 15
    Gainesville, Florida

    FSU didnt make the cut

    But FSU is more prestigious…

    Georgia Tech was below UF btw

    but please look it up yourself

  29. from US NEWS

    #1 University of California—​Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA
    #2 University of California—​Los Angeles
    Los Angeles, CA
    #2 University of Virginia
    Charlottesville, VA
    #4 University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor
    Ann Arbor, MI
    #5 University of North Carolina—​Chapel Hill
    Chapel Hill, NC
    #6 College of William and Mary
    Williamsburg, VA
    #7 Georgia Institute of Technology
    Atlanta, GA
    #8 Pennsylvania State University—​University Park
    University Park, PA
    #9 University of California—​Davis
    Davis, CA
    #9 University of California—​San Diego
    La Jolla, CA
    #11 University of California—​Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara, CA
    #11 University of Illinois—​Urbana-​Champaign
    Champaign, IL
    #11 University of Wisconsin—​Madison
    Madison, WI
    #14 University of California—​Irvine
    Irvine, CA
    #14 University of Florida
    Gainesville, FL
    #16 Ohio State University—​Columbus
    Columbus, OH
    #16 University of Texas—​Austin
    Austin, TX
    #16 University of Washington
    Seattle, WA
    #19 University of Connecticut
    Storrs, CT
    #20 University of Georgia
    Athens, GA
    #21 Clemson University
    Clemson, SC
    #21 University of Maryland—​College Park
    College Park, MD
    #21 University of Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh, PA
    #24 Purdue University—​West Lafayette
    West Lafayette, IN
    #25 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey—​New Brunswick
    Piscataway, NJ
    #25 Texas A&M University—​College Station
    College Station, TX

    still no FSU listed on this one either and UF at 14

  30. Here are the top 50 (including private and public), according to Business Week:

    where is FSU on the list?

    1. Notre Dame

    2. UVA

    3. Cornell

    4. Boston College

    5. Washington Univ

    6. UT Austin

    7. Penn

    8. Indiana

    9. Emory

    10. North Carolina

    11. Wake Forest

    12. Michigan

    13. Brigham Young

    14. NYU

    15. UC Berkeley

    16. Richmond

    17. Carnegie Mellon

    18. Georgetown

    19. Northeastern

    20. Bentley

    21. SMU

    22. William & Mary

    23. Boston Univ

    24. Villanova

    25. Miami OH

    26. Babson

    27. TCU

    28. USC

    29. Texas A&M

    30. Penn State

    31. Lehigh

    32. Ohio State

    33. Wisconsin

    34. Illinois

    35. RPI

    36. UMass

    37. Georgia Tech

    38. Fordham

    39. Maryland

    40. James Madison

    41. Univ of San Diego

    42. Michigan State

    43. Santa Clara

    44. Florida

    45. Elon

    46. Minnesota

    47. Loyola

    48. Georgia

    49. Bryant

    50. Case Western