UF eliminated by teammates Gibson, McFadden


Time to cross quarterback Torrance Gibson and cornerback Tarvarus McFadden off Florida’s recruiting board.

The consensus top-100 prospects and Plantation American Heritage teammates announced their finalists this week, and they’re no longer considering UF.

Gibson named a Top 7 on Thursday with Tennessee and Auburn as co-leaders, while McFadden revealed his favorites over the weekend and had Florida State at No. 1.

To anyone who follows their recruitments, UF being eliminated should come as no surprise. Both have shown little interest in the school over the past few months, and Florida is stacked at their positions.

The Gators signed a total of six All-Americans at quarterback and cornerback in their 2014 class as well as an athlete in Deiondre Porter who can play both of those spots.

Consensus four-star QB Sheriron Jones is making a June 7 trip to UF, the school most consider his favorite at this time.

The Gators have two corners committed in Jalen Julius and Marcus Lewis. They’re also in contention for Kareem Ali, Xavier Lewis, P.J. Mbanasor and Jalen Thompson, who named Florida his leader last month and plans to visit on June 7 as well.


  1. american heritage is a great academic school but not the best athletics- just ask Kenny Boynton. Not that anyone down here is following 2015 recruiting- it is all about Lebron and DWade this time of year

  2. It’s not anything unexpected. And as you pointed out, UF should be fine at quarterback and corner anyway. I don’t think much of Gibson as a quarterback and think he’s more of an athlete that would be better of changing playing another position in college. UF does need to get another quarterback, we won’t know about Grier or Harris until they take he field, and maybe they can snag the California kid. Unlike other positions, it seems like the quarterbacks are picking early and the number of guys available is dwindling rapidly.

  3. What we really need is a stud true MLB and a stud rush DE, sure hope we get Jefferson. But like Mike said unless we start off the season good, maybe 4-2 or hopefully 5-1 we may fall off a lot more recruits list.
    I think we should get at least 1 good, 4 star or higher, QB every year. Even though we look good on paper now we have 2 guys that have never taken a snap in CFB….Also highly rated QB’s like Grier and Harris won’t stay if their not starting after a year or 2.

  4. After Driskel, IF Grier wins the starting QB job with his Big-Time arm,
    then I’m hoping that Harris considers switching to WR/RB/KR instead of leaving UF to be a lower level QB elsewhere.
    * What Harris should spend some time considering imo is, as far as the NFL goes, would you rather be Tim Tebow or another Percy Harvin?

  5. da-muddler ihope you don’t think Harris is going to surrender the job to Grier, it sounds like you don’t think that Harris is a top notch QB. Question what if it turns out that Harris wins the starting job, what should Grier and his “big arm” do? If you think that Harris has the skills to play those positions mentioned, then he may be THE better fit for the QB job in this Offense. Just saying, think about that. A big arm gets you nowhere if you can not connect to receivers. As I recall that was Driskel’s claim to fame his ARM. GO GATORS!!!!

  6. “IF Grier wins the starting QB job with his Big-Time arm,” — da-mud
    I guess you missed that IF that I started with….

    “If you think that Harris has the skills to play those positions mentioned, then he may be THE better fit for the QB job in this Offense.” — Creek
    Sure thing Creek, and isn’t that why Harvin was the QB instead of Tebow…. ;~)

    Against the best in the Nation in the Elite 11 QB camp, and in Ore. at the Nike ‘Opening’ competition, both Driskel and Grier have already shown what they can do with their arms. And Driskel, even with 3 OC’s and all of the other team problems that UF has had, is still throwing for 64% with more TD’s than Int’s. And just in case you didn’t know, Jeff is rushing for 6.9 ypc when he uses his legs.

    Harris and Porter, while being given their chance to show at QB, will both likely be playing a different position, or going elsewhere. I’m hoping that they both choose to remain Gators. And as was proven last year in SPADES, every backup is just one bad play away from being the starter. IF Harris is better than Driskel, Grier, and Jones,
    then we’ll have a shot at multiple NC’s with him at QB, which I’m all for as a long time Gator fan… As always,,, we’ll see…. :~)