Cain announcing decision Friday

Deon Cain is a consensus four-star prospect and ranked no lower than 151st nationally by recruiting services. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Tampa Bay Tech athlete Deon Cain has moved up the timeline on his decision.

The U.S. Army All-American told The Sun earlier this year that planned to make a commitment following his senior season. However, after some spring trips and a host of college coaches stopping by his school for the evaluation period, Cain is ready to pull the trigger now.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pounder will announce Friday at 2:30 p.m., and his finalists are Clemson, Florida, Georgia, LSU and Tennessee.

The Gators received two visits from Cain in the spring and at one point looked like the team to beat. But a trip to Clemson on April 18 changed the course of his recruitment, and Cain reportedly decided on his school of choice ‘about a month ago.’

The Tigers currently have 86 percent of the 35 predictions for Cain on the 247Sports Crystal Ball.


  1. With Cain looking unlikely, the Gators best hope is that other guys like Ivey, Cowart, etc. wait to see how the Gators season turns out. I still feel confident that UF can have a very god class if the product on the field shows improvement. It’s just going to be a tough time until that happens and the Gators will have to bite their lip while schools like Clemson thrive. There’s no reason to worry in may, there are still plenty of good players available and even guys who commit elsewhere now may change their mind if they see a change in UF in the field.

  2. Agreed snowprint. His recruitment will only increase so I’d say he is going to be a tough hold for whomever he announces at this point in the cycle. Plenty of guys know where they want to go, I just wish ours would band together and publicly announce NOW and draw other game-changers to our side. LUV UF

  3. Snowprint…the calming voice of reason…GTFOH!! You’re just sitting by idly waiting to spew your hatred & venom on anything positive for the Gators. Go back under your fsu rock with Winston & share some crableg stew…GO GATORS!!!

  4. Did you not see that I was the first one to comment? I’m on top of recruiting sir. You may not like my comments, but most people do. Maybe I should write this column. Then you’d get it.

  5. You are correct BRGF, snowprint has been spewing negativity for a long time now. Clearly an fsu troll. I would rather have a respectable athletic program than have a win at all costs approach. Enjoy those crab legs!

  6. What position is he projected at if he came to UF?
    Now, look at UF’s current and near future roster at that position.
    Do the same for his other favorites.
    That will tell you where he is likely to go, IF everything else is equal.

    Now, a 4 Star Consensus Top 150 is a nice recruit, but not a world changer by any means. Nice to get him, but NBD if not.

    And if he doesn’t WANT to be a Gator, then he’s welcome to become ‘gatorbait’ somewhere else.

  7. Gene & Thomas, why come to a site named ‘GatorSports’ and complain about it not covering the French Open?? Are there any Gators playing in the French Open??…
    It’s like going to a site based in Ohio and complaining that they don’t have the ocean tides listed…