Top 5 misses under Muschamp

UF led for Nelson Agholor until Charlie Weis left for Kansas. (Getty images)

Ask and you shall receive.

After yesterday’s blog on the top five commits under Florida coach Will Muschamp, I was asked by several of you to make a list of his five biggest misses.

Like the previous blog, it will only look at high-profile recruits such as Byron Cowart and covers the past three recruiting cycles.

Here are The Sun’s top five misses under Muschamp based on rankings, the importance of the pledges, how the recruitments played out and the production/potential of the prospects.

1. Nelson Agholor, Tampa Berkeley Prep
Highest ranking: No. 3 WR and No. 18 nationally by Rivals
The skinny: This designation should really be 1A and 1B with Agholor and Maryland’s Stefon Diggs. Both were huge priorities and misses for Muschamp. But for the purpose of this blog and wanting to consider players at other positions, we’ll list just one. Since Agholor is the in-state prospect, he gets the nod. Losing him to Southern Cal, a school on the other side of the country, was much more of a blow than seeing Diggs stay close to home. Both are projected as first-round picks in some 2015 mock drafts, and UF is still searching for a star at receiver.

2. Dalvin Cook, Miami Central
Highest ranking: No. 2 RB and No. 12 nationally by 247Sports
The skinny: In the previous cycle, Muschamp was looking for a change-of-pace player at RB to complement Kelvin Taylor and the other physical players at the position. He had that in Cook, who was considered by most as the nation’s best all-purpose back for 2014. But Florida’s “Mr. Football” changed his commitment to Florida State following UF’s offensive woes and 4-8 record. The Gators found a replacement in Brandon Powell, who they flipped from Miami, but missing out on Cook can’t be downplayed. He would have brought a different element to Kurt Roper’s spread offense and thrived.

3. Adoree’ Jackson, Gardena (Calif.) Junipero Serra
Highest ranking: No. 1 ATH and No. 6 nationally by Rivals
The skinny: Muschamp signed a great 2014 class considering the losing season and staff changes he had. But closing with Jackson might have made it his best one yet. He and his assistants put in dozens of hours recruiting Jackson, including several flights to Cali where they don’t typically pursue prospects. The Gators’ need at both corner and slot receiver, positions they recruited Jackson to play, and their championship track program were factors many thought would land them the two-sport athlete. Instead, Muschamp watched another dynamic playmaker pick the Trojans on signing day.

4. Tracy Howard, Miramar
Highest ranking: No. 1 CB and No. 13 nationally by Rivals
The skinny: Howard favored Florida early in his recruitment and appeared to near the end of it. During his official visit in late January, Howard and his mother, Shaiy, both told several folks in Gainesville they were UF bound. But on the last weekend before signing day, the five-star prospect took a surprise trip to Miami. The Hurricanes hadn’t been a favorite for him down the stretch, but he signed with the hometown team just days after his visit. Muschamp has continued to recruit well at corner since Howard’s snub, but having him opposite Hargreaves this season would have been nice.

5. Leonard Williams, Daytona Beach Mainland
Highest ranking: No. 5 DE and No. 53 nationally by Rivals
The skinny: You could make an argument for one of the honorable mentions to be on the list, and it’s hard to consider Williams a big miss when Florida signed defensive ends Jonathan Bullard and Dante Fowler Jr. in the same class. But other than Diggs, few expected the players below to choose UF when it came time for them to make their decisions. But the Gators got Williams’ last official visit and a silent commitment, only to have him announce for USC at his signing day ceremony. He has been dominant in college and projects as a top-10 pick in next year’s draft.

Honorable mention: Lorenzo Carter, Mike Davis, Stefon Diggs, Jalen Ramsey, Laremy Tunsil


  1. Ask and you shall receive indeed. Great response to reader comments. Whenever I watch these guys, especially Diggs and Agholor I can’t help thinking what could have been. I had completely forgotten about Leonard Williams, he looks to have turned into everything Muschamp hoped he would be.

    Honestly, though, recruiting under Muschamp has been very good. He just couldn’t get a qb for two years 2012 & 2013 and that had more to do with Driskel being a young starter than anything else. The players that have come to Florida are great representatives of the university and play with all the passion and energy you could ask. Hopefully this year they can stay healthy and give their coach some much deserved results on the field.

  2. Though I understand he wasn’t as of a lock to get as the others seemed on this list but Laquan Treadwell was a playmaker type WR who was highly favoring the Gators and decided to go to Ole Miss. The problem I have is we lost yet another potential game breaker. In his short time in college he has really shown some great things, this same things the Gators have been missing the last few years.

  3. I think there is one not mentioned. Travis Rudolph. He may have been the big flip, I am only guessing, that some people saw coming to the Gators. Also the effort that Muschamp and his staff made was unrelenting, even after his commitment to FSU. I amy be totally wrong, but with the rumors and the extra effort put into getting Rudolph, I can only believe that UF must have thought he was going to be a Gator. I also heard that he was a Gator fan growing up.

  4. Great list, Zach, and you hit nails on the heads. More high profile misses than hits. Muschamp inherited some pretty good talent on defense, now has to see his recruits break through. How about a list of the top five Muschamp recruits that must show up big this upcoming season? Perhaps 1. Driskel; 2. Robinson; 3. Taylor; 4. Humphries; 5. Tabor, with Trentin Brown, Jake McGee, Jarod Davis and Antonio Morrison next. Who would be your five?

  5. Hey, GIGator, I’m not down on Muschamp, in fact am really impressed by his courage and the manner in which he’s responded to last season’s adversity. You make a far better point, that all schools miss on prospects. We battle for so many of the elite players that we’re going to finish out of the money on many. But it can be argued that we’ve had more than our share of disappointment with some of the very best players on offense. Hopefully this will be a turn-around year and we’ll pull in more of the top offensive recruits.

  6. I honestly don’t believe we’ll miss Dalvin. I think he’ll cause more trouble than he’s worth and I really like Powell. Already smarter than a lot of college backs. He’s a quick shifty guy, but also gets the one cut and go approach rather than dancing in the backfield trying to shake off everyone every play. He uses his quick burst of speed to cut through the whole and it usually ended up breaking more tackles than dancing behind the line would do. I think Powell will outshine Cook. That could be because of the orange and blue glasses but we’ll see.

  7. Stan….

    When players lose confidence and quit on you because of a horrible offensive scheme and coaching leadership (Pease and Davis), no amount or quality of game planning will matter against any team. But hopefully, Roper has restored that confidence in the offense and that will not happen in 2014.

  8. …..and you can’t “miss” what you never had. And none of those 5 were or are Gators at heart. But Florida currently has 85 players that are. Just focus on and coach those 85 up….and I believe Muschamp, Roper, and the rest of the staff will do just that in 2014. Go Gators.

  9. I think more than individual misses the low numbers of offensive lineman in the 2011 and 2012 classes have crippled this program on that side of the ball. Offensive situational coaching and or play calling have not been the best either. That being said we have done a good job of bringing in talent and I see no reason that we shouldn’t be a solid 9 or 10 win team for the next few years…..Go Gators

  10. Florida coaches made some pretty good game decisions in 2012 despite lacking any SEC playmakers on the roster beyon d eventual fifth round NFL prospect Mike Gilleslie. The offense was admittedly moribund last season. Wholesale changes were made and an array of skill position talent has arrived over the last two recruiting classes. It’s so easy to over-simplify last tear’s debacle into a coaching failure while overlooking inexperience, injuries and limited playmakers in the line-up. I identify with those Gators who are embracing those 85 kids and walk-ins who will enter this new season with a fresh outlook and a big, determined chip on their collective shoulder. Go Gators!

  11. I think it’s time to stop blaming the coaches for UF’s offensive woes. UF began it’s slide into offensive mediocrity in Urban Meyer’s last year, which coincided with the departure of a player that won the Heisman trophy. I don’t think that there is any question that Meyer is one of the best coaches in college football. I think it’s due to the lack of talent on offense. If you don’t agree, you also don’t agree with the NFL that doesn’t draft many offensive players from UF in recent years. IF UF doesn’t finish better than 82nd in total offense this year that has been their best finish in the past four, are the coaches to blame? It may have happened for the simple reason that the players are not very good. It’s easy to over analyze a problem when the simple and obvious answer is correct. I don’t think the coaches became stupid when they came to Gainesville, all of them were highly thought of and were hot commodities when they came. Weis was the coordinator for an NFL team and Pease turned down Alabama to choose UF, for instance. We will see the fourth offensive coordinator, since the slide began, this year. Roper does not wield a magic wand, he can only put in a system and hope the players can execute it. It’s up to the players, not the coaches, to become better on the field.

  12. The offensive slide started with the departure of Dan Mullen. Our offense was putrid Tebows last year. If you remember back to that year, we were undefeated that year until the SECCG but we should have lost a few games. Tebow carried the team and should have won the Heisman. Point is, our offense has been bad for a while. I think Urban left because he saw the ineptitude that last year and didnt know what to do without Mullen.

  13. There ya go again snowprint. Tell me what are the odds that every highly touted recruit we’ve reeled in isn’t talented at all?? I’ll answer it for ya, not very good. Winning and losing falls on the coaches shoulders. How else do you explain the defense being so much better than the offense the last several years? HAve we just gotten lucky that our defensive recruits were all great, but our offensive recruits were all busts?? That’s just not logical! It comes down to coaching. Even Muschamp said it’s up to the coaches to develop them. If the players aren’t playing well it’s because they’re not being developed (for the most part. there may be a few who bust or just have bad attitudes, but surely not ALL of them). Just look at the team. There’s plenty of talent there. But talent without coaching and development is just potential which just isn’t enough. You still think Weis and Pease were amazing, but still never can answer this point. Weis may have done well in the NFL, but the NFL and college are 2 totally different things (see Saban and Spurrier). If Weis is so good, why has he failed at every other college job he’s been to? If Pease is so could, how come he didn’t do well as an OC at Kentucky(but it’s Kentucky. fair point), failed as the OC at Michigan State (now a pattern is emerging), had ONE good year at Boise with an offense his predecessor perfectly set up for him, then came and failed at Florida? Now which one of those sounds like the outlier. To me it looks like the one year of success, amidst the years and years of failure, would be the outlier. Any coach anywhere would tell you it’s the coaches job to develop the players. That’s why they’re called coach. That’s why you have one for every position and all the assistants and grad assistants and everything. If it was up to the players to develop themselves then why even waste money on coaches? Why not just have a babysitter watch the guys for a few hours and they coach themselves? So after all that I ask you this snowprint. Do you have any PROOF or EVIDENCE that it’s the players’ faults? Because I just showed a lot of evidence that you’re wrong.

  14. Snowprint….

    Pease was certainly in high demand once he was let go by Florida, wasn’t he? He is now an a minor assistant with Washington. Pease was a colossal failure as an OC, as a motivator of players, as someone who could work with other assistants. as a play caller, and as a recruiter. He single handedly, with his inability to coach up quarterbacks and unimaginative play calling, destroyed any confidence on the offensive side of the ball in his two years of heading up the offense. Roper has restored that confidence and communicates well with both players and other coaches, and I think you will see a big difference on the offensive side of the ball this year for the Gators. The only question that remains is will Roper be able to open up the football brain (and I hope there is one) of one, Jeff Driskel. If he can, the Gators are going to be a serious threat in the SEC East this year.

  15. Brent Pease has had a much more successful career and has much more experience than Kurt Roper. I am not overly optimistic about the upcoming year with Driskell and Roper trying to turn things around.

  16. ight I see that the theory that it isn’t the coaching hasn’t gone over well. But I didn’t hear any of you explain why UF fell to 82nd in offense in Meyer’s last year. Was that due to coaching as well? It’s remarkable that Meyer has a pretty good offense again at Ohio State. He must just be lucky, or it could be that he has better players, starting with the most important one, quarterback. I know Braxton Miller is not really a quarterback, he may be the nations best running back, but the point is that Meyer didn’t suddenly become dumb during his last year at UF and then suddenly become smart again when he went to Ohio State. The reason UF was conservative on offense is that the coaches might think they don’t have the players to execute a passing offense. Maybe they don’t think the line can protect the quarterback, maybe they don’t think the recievers are reliable, or it mbe, this will be shocking to some of you, they don’t have a quarterback that can pass the football. We witnessed Pease try to run a wide open offense in the Sugar Bowl. This happened with a full month to prepare and the result was not pretty. Blame whoever you want, but you can’t blame the coaches, they tried to have a wide-open offense and failed. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that when the following season came, UF reverted to a more conservative approach. You can blame the coaches all you want, but they can’t get on the field, the players have to perform. I’m sure the coaches did not teach Demarcus Robinson to get T. Rex arms last year on a pass that resulted in an interception. He’s an example of these practice wonders, member how he was the greatest thing since sliced bread in the Spring and preseason practices last year, like” he’s doesn’t play like a freshman” and all the other B.S. that is handed out each year? If some of you want to believe that the Gators are loaded with talent, as one of you keeps begging, where’s the proof of that? And what a player was rated coming out of high school is not proof of anything but that they were a good high school player, nothing else.

  17. I seldom agree with Snowprint but this time I largely due. The offensive downturn began after Meyer’s meltdown. The offense struggled in Meyer’s last season and, as someone else noted, the offensive line recruitment hasn’t been plentiful or stellar under Meyer at the end of his run or at the beginning of Muschamp’s. However, the current staffing looks to be a big improvement. We saw last season Joker Phillips do a pretty good job turning Tre Burton and Solomon Patton into legitimate receivers. Tre had his shortcomings, but considering what Joker had to start with, he did an admirable job. Our O-line looks better and we’ve got some backs and receivers. TE Jake McGee will add a lot. We’ll go 9-3 this year, maybe 6-2 in East and go to Atlanta.

  18. Well snowprint at least your bring in some decent evidence this time. Sorry to tell you though it’s not too hard to refute. I’ve got a few points to counter your Meyer argument. First you say the offense faultered under Meyer’s last year here, but you forget about the year before that. After Mullen left and Addazio stepped in, our offense was still loaded with the likes of Tebow, Pouncey, Demps, Rainey, Murphy, etc etc. Yet our offense took a huge step backwards and people started wondering why our offense wasn’t as good as previous years. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we lost a great OC and gained a terrible OC. Maybe the players rely on coaches to develop them and put them into situations to succeed. The second point you miss is Meyer’s history overall. Every team Meyer has been to, he’s done great at first, then his team faded and he jumped ship before it got really bad. It’s because Meyer plays favorites and doesn’t discipline. Our decline here was on Meyer and how he let the program get out of control, not a lack of talent. If it’s not coaches, how come a lot of those Meyer defense guys didn’t play well until Muschamp got ahold of them? As Muschamp says “That’s why they call you coach.” because it’s the coaches’ jobs to develop these kids and put them in positions to win. Why do you think Saban has loaded teams every year despite how much they lose to the NFL? We consistently have similar recruiting rankings as Bama. Are they really just super lucky to get all the gems while we’re just super unlucky to get all the busts? Talk about illogical.

  19. Gatormac, I wish I had your optimism, if I did I’d go to Las Vegas and take UF to go over the 7.5 wins line. I’m inclined to go with the under though when I look at the schedule. To get to eight wins means that UF must beat one of these teams, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, or FSU. They have to do that, plus win every other game. I don’t think Tennessee has rebuilt itself into a good team, but UF travels there and they beat a good South Carolina team last year. We now know Missouri is a pretty good team as well. I’m just not confident that a good team could win nine games with the schedule UF has, and it’s not a foregone conclusion that UF will be a good football team, regardless of what Muschamp says. I’m beginning to get very tired of hearing him say ” I can assure you…” and then seeing the same results.

  20. The offensive struggles for UF began when Dan Mullen left after Urban’s second title. The last year Tebow was here, our offensive play calling was terrible under Addazio. Tebow scored in spite of the coaching because he could. Talent is king in college football, but coaching and schemes are extremely important. Just look what happened at Texas A&M with Kevin Sumlin or at Auburn with Gus Malzahn. Our offense improved instantly when Urban arrived. Our offense went from decent with Chris Leak under Ron Zook, to explosive in Meyer’s first year because of the scheme. When Muschamp came in he tried to install a grind it out pro style offense which did not fit the players. Now we are going back to a system which fits Driskell, the skill players and o-line. I expect an immediate improvement. The offense will be explosive again at UF, and it will be because of coaching and scheme. Roper will make a huge difference. Muschamp has done a great job recruiting players on both side of the ball, and last year was an anomaly due to injuries and bad offensive coaching. Zach, I wonder why Ermon Lane was left off this list… I thought he is supposed to be a big time receiver?

  21. Mike….

    Are you kidding me? Pease has had a better more successful career than Roper? Seriously? What QBs has Pease put in the NFL. One. The kid from Boise, and he was already an established senior when Pease took over the Boise offense. Roper has coached successfully at Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Duke and coached up the Manning brothers and several others that have gone to the NFL. Pease has had one good year at Boise, which he used unfortunately as a stepping stone to the Florida OC job. Even the ex-Kentucky QB ripped into Florida for hiring Pease, saying Florida would live to regret the hire because of poor communication skills. Well, that is what happened isn’t it? And Roper was the OC of the resurgent Duke Blue Devils. I think Florida hired another coach who was involved in a Duke resurgence. I believe his name was Steve Spurrier.

  22. Snowprint…..

    So, under your theory, Duke has more talent than Florida and Roper’s coaching of the Duke talent had nothing to do with them winning so much under his offensive leadership. And it was the talent on the Duke roster that made Roper such a brilliant offensive mind? Is that correct? And I am sure Roper’s offensive coordinating skills had nothing to do with the obvious marked improvement and confidence displayed by the Florida offense in the spring…with basically the same lack of talent? Brilliant deduction there, Snowprint. And suddenly, by some miracle of non coaching, a bunch of playmakers showed up this spring as well. And the offensive line started to block someone. Yep, great insights, The only area of concern the last two years (other than the injuries) was the lack of development of he WRs and QBs on the roster. But, suddenly, even Morningwheg is looking like a much better QB and Robinson, Fulwood, and other WRs suddenly learn how to run proper routes and catch he ball,. But that has nothing to do with coaching does it? Somehow, they have seemingly overcome their lack of talent.

  23. P.S….Snowprint.

    Concerning Duke having more talent that Florida. Well, coach Roper has already answered that question. A big no. And Roper is very excited, he says, about the potential of Jeff Driskel in his offensive scheme. And since he has coached the Mannings, I tend to believe him.

  24. If our new Offensive line coach does a similar job with that much deeper group that Joker did with even last years WR’s, our offense should be better than average.
    As to Snowprints point of the schedule, I believe Mizzou, UGA, LSU, USCe, and even FSU will not be as good as last years teams…..We will not win all of those games for sure but we will win a couple…….I see UF as a solid 9 or 10 win team that makes it back to a decent bowl game and a top 15 ranking….Go Gators

  25. First , I never said Duke was more talented than UF. Second, Duke may have better quarterbacks than UF, it is a possibility since several are in the NFL now. Third, to say that the offense is already improved based on Spring practice is crazy. We’ve heard the same thing coming out of Spring practice for a few years. I won’t go into the boring details, but I suggest you look at the archives and you’ll hear the same propaganda, because that’s what it is, being said by the fans, coaches, and writers on the Gator beat. Then reality sets in when the Gators face a team that wears different jerseys. Like last year, then the mighty Gator offense puts up 24 points at home against Toledo and Driskel is again throwing for 150 yards. UF doesn’t play a good team until the fourth game this year, but we’ll get a clue to whether we’ve been fed another heap of B.S. when Idaho come to Gainesville. IF the Gators don’t score at least 50 points, that should be a hint of what’s to come when the good teams come in the schedule. The fact is that Spring practice hasn’t proved anything except that some people are still gullible enough to think it means something for the regular season.Paraphrasing Spurrier: ” I don’t see to many championships won in the Spring.” I, for one, am not drinking the Kool-Aid and I’ll believe there’s an improvement when the defense doesn’t have Gators on their helmets. There’s a reason that Spring doesn’t count in the record, why anyone would do so is perplexing. I know it’s been a tough year, having a losing record and your rival being the best team, but that’s not a reason to lose perspective.

  26. actually at Boise he ran much of the show. It is well known at Duke that Cutliffe wss running the offense. I love the optimism but we have an offensive coordinator and qb that arent likely going to save muschamp’s job

  27. Everyone just disregard Terry. His comments lack substance or truth. Just trying to stir up arguments. As for you snowprint. Tamp makes a fair point. If it’s all on the player and not on coaches, do you REALLY think Duke has access to more playmakers than Florida?? And you have to answer my question: If it’s all on the players, why did offensive production drop drastically when Mullen left? We still had Tebow, Pouncey, Murphy, Cooper, Demps, Rainey, Hernandez, Nelson, etc… If it’s not on the coaches to develop players and put them in a position to win, how come offensive production dropped? Don’t tell me you think those guys aren’t talented. And Also if it’s not coaches how come most of our defensive recruits pan out? Are we juwst super lucky on defense and super unlucky on offense to recruit all the highly rated busts? Is that logical?

  28. PS Snowprint. You can learn a lot from spring. It may be deceptive and you may not be able to believe everything you hear, but you can definitely learn from it. You just have to know it’s set up for the offense, know how it’s set up for them and be able to read through it. If you watch spring you can clearly see a TALENTED group of receivers getting drastically better. You can clearly see a TALENTED line blocking better than they ever did last season. You can see QBs making quicker and smarter reads. Most importantly you can see confidence from the team and command from Roper.

  29. Charlie Weis also very successful offensive coach before he arrived in Gainesville. If Weis and Pease can’t turn it around we think Roper will? I am going with Jacoby Brissett- Weis’s choice to play QB. The decision for Muschamp to go with Driskel over Brissett could end up costing him his job. Harris has to look at Cam Newton and Brissett and wonder as an African American if he will be given a fair chance. Tyler Murphy was not very good so I am not discussing race in the decision not to play him. How we let Cam Newton go is beyond crazy. Oh yeah he had major legal problems- almost as bad a guy as Aaron Hernandez who Meyer never disciplined.

  30. Here we have another race baiter! You should be ashamed of yourself Mike. I know MLK would be. NO ONE has brought up anything about race until you guys decided to play the race card. Who’s the real racists here? I mean it’s not like Chris Leak started most of his years at Gainesville. Oh wait he did. But Brissett didn’t get a fair shot, I mean it’s not like they shared equal reps in practice then in the final test it wasn’t like they both were given 1 quarter and attempted the exact same number of passes. Wait! THEY DID! I mean it’s not like we’ve got black coaches and plenty of black players who wouldn’t put up with that kind of racism. OH WAIT WE DO! You make me sick. You’re the biggest thing standing in the way of His dream was that men would be judged by their character instead of their race, NOT that people like you would make every little thing about race and play the race card every available opportunity. That’s the exact opposite of his dream!

  31. Oh and Mike you literally make me laugh saying Weis is a successful offensive coach. Weis may have had a little success in NFL but the NFL and college are two COMPLETELY different games (see Spurrier, Saban, and dozens others).. Weis, in college, has failed everywhere he’s been. Failed at Notre Dame. Failed at Florida. Failing at Kansas. He has TERRIBLE offenses. Try to go watch Kansas play offense. It physically hurts. Pease has also failed pretty much everywhere he’s been. He’s only had 1 year of success, and that was after his predecessor hand delivered him an amazing offense. 1 year and suddenly everyone thought he was great. Then he came to Florida, failed, and went running back to daddy. Unlike those buffoons, Roper has had success virtually everywhere he’s gone. He’s trained up many elite QBs and sent plenty to the pros. His offenses are always fun to watch and he actually succeeds in what he does.

  32. who has Roper sent to NFL besides Eli? Pease had one good year? You should look at his Boise resume and even the offensive stats while at Kentucky. Weis had a little success in the Nfl? Finally, bringing up Kansas football isnt the best way to make any points- Urban Meyer would struggle there. The Leak issue is that I never felt he was embraced by some gator fans- definitely not like the all mighty Danny Weurfel despite Leak winning a national championship. Ron Zook had more guts than many other gator coaches in recruiting and playing him. No I dont think Driskel outperformed
    Brissett- that would be hard to imagine

  33. Terry, Pease was a WR coach at Boise except for his last year…..he stunk at Baylor and at UF. He had no success at UK either, that was all Hal Mumme’s system. Brissett was a statue that would have possibly been crippled had he won the starting job simply because we have had one of the worst coached offensive lines in CFB over the last 3 years…..Which further damages the case against Pease because he didn’t utilize JD’s best skill set….RUNNING…..This is why people are so excited about Roper, he embraces running QB’s jf that is their best skill set, which in turn will open up the passing game. Now sit back and watch JD become a more serviceable QB that leads us back to being a top 10-15 team…Go Gators.

  34. Brissett is actually mobile and a better qb than Driskel. Driskel has happy feet in the pocket and has been a bust like John Brantley. Brantley amd Driskel have set the program back not any one particular coach. As far as Pease, he had several good years at Boise and Kentucky-love how some fans spin things once things dont turn out as expected

  35. wilsonbetemit, Don’t you think the Gators should at least prove they can beat a good team before projecting them to win the National Championship? The last time the Gators beat a good team was in the season opener last year. Toledo barely qualifies as a good team, but they at least won more games than they lost. I don’t think anyone is worried about playing UF until they actually win a game against a good team. Call me crazy, but winning it all, really?

  36. 1. Duke’s OC Roper can’t or won’t make any difference as UF’s new OC.
    2. Utah’s OC Mullen’s departure is what killed UF’s offense.
    * Both had, or will have, Top 5 Ranked classes to work with at UF.
    ~ Will’s first 3 classes: 4-2-6 (ave 4), with 39 ESPN Top 300’s.
    Justify and rationalize those two statements:

    Driskel has no QB talent, his #1 dual threat QB out of HS means nothing.
    Driskel was also the Elite 11 Camp MVP vs the best from around the Nation.
    SB QB T.Dilfer said that Driskel was the best and smartest QB he’d ever seen at Elite 11.

    Driskel’s 12-2 record in games he’s started at UF means nothing.
    QB-DT Grier was the #2 Elite 11 QB and Parade’s PoY, it means nothing.
    QB Harris was the #3 ranked dual threat QB and 2x Florida 4-A Champ, means nothing.
    Roper coached both Manning’s and T.Lewis, but he won’t make a difference as the QB coach.
    The Gators would have a chance IF they just had a QB…. (looney-tunes)

  37. Dan how in the world could Pease have possibly had several good years at Boise? He only had one!! You wanna talk about receiving coach or whatever?? Completely different than being an offensive coordinator. Especially when you have dady (Chris Petersen) to set everything up for you. You do notice where he went after HE failed at Florida right? Right back to daddy. Here let me put things in perspective for you guys. Pease was an OC at baylor 3 years, Kentucky 2 years, Boise 1 year, and Florida 2 years. In his first year at Baylor, his team went 3-9 averaging a whopping 16 points per game! In his second year, Baylor went 3-9 again averaging a whopping 18.7 ppg. And in his 3rd year, his team went 5-7 averaging a whopping 19.6 ppg. His offense was shut out 4 times during his span at Baylor. Prior to Baylor he was an OC at Kentucky. In his first year there, his team went 2-9 averaging only 21.6 ppg. In his second and final year at Kentucky, he went 7-5 averaging 32 ppg (Hey finally a decent average!). Then many years later he had only 1 year as then OC at Boise. His team went 12-2 averaging 44 ppg which got him hired to Florida. (You know I’m starting to see a trend here. Have one good year at a school then get hired to a bigger school where he fails). His first year at Florida, we went 11-2 averaging only 26.4 ppg. And his last year here we went 4-8 averaging 18.8 ppg. So let me ask you. Which sound like the outlier? His time at Florida, or his one year at Boise? Go do the same tests on Roper’s offense and tell me which coach looks more proven.