Lawson commits to Miami


Florida’s options at quarterback continue to dwindle as summer approaches for the 2015 recruiting cycle.

Tampa Hillsborough’s Dwayne Lawson made a surprise commitment Thursday to Miami, a school he had never mentioned as a favorite. UF held the edge for him following his visit in late March.

He’s the second QB to spurn the Gators for another team after naming them the leader. Rivals100 member Kelly Bryant committed to Clemson last month just five days removed from calling UF his top school.

With Lawson now off the board and in-state prospects Torrance Gibson and Deondre Francois looking like long shots for the Gators, they may have to go outside of Florida to land a QB for this class.

The candidate who has emerged is Sheriron Jones of Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde, the same high school Ronald Powell attended. The consensus four-star recruit was offered by UF last week and plans to visit Gainesville this summer

Shortly after Lawson’s verbal to UM,’s West recruiting analyst Adam Gorney tweeted this:


  1. It looks like Miami is getting revenge for UF snatching Brandon Powell on the day he supposed to enroll at Miami. Dexter Williams and now this guy. It’ll be real upsetting if Miami gets a linebacker that UF wants since that is the most critical need. But all is not lost, it;s May, there’s a lot of time until signing day for a kid to change his mind.

  2. You need a quarterback every year. UF especially shouldn’t feel comfortable since we have no idea if Harris or Grier will pan out. Being a hotshot recruit means nothing at UF, remember the Gatorade High School Player of the Year, the same honor as Grier, named Brantley? I don’t think Driskel has come anywhere near to being worthy of his rating as the number one quarterback. Thes same coaches are the ones who told us that both were good quarterbacks, if you recall. So saying UF is fine at the quarterback position may be true, but we have yet to see it on the field. Like Spurrier said: ” I don’t see many teams winning championships in the Spring.”

  3. Most of these highly rated QBs won’t have interest this year being only one year removed from Grier and Harris. Chances are one of those guys is going to pan out not to mention Driskel has two more years left. 2016 will obviously be the year to get another highly ranked QB.

  4. I’m with 5wideu, most of the highly rated QB’s (in-state) for sure are not REALLY wanting to come in with Grier and Harris already here. That is going to be a hell of a battle between just those two, theres no room for a third leg. Next year maybe, Im with Zach, I don’t think the coaches are really worried this time around UNLESS Lawson was an Excellent DB. GO GATORS !!!!

  5. I’m not sure if Zach was being sarcastic there or not..

    Anyways, I get the “must get a QB every cycle” argument but we currently have three that were ranked in top 3 at their position (according to Rivals). With that group, if we are not SET for at least 3 years we have problems. So if we do end up getting a good prospect, wouldn’t that be all the more reason for the home run prospects we want the next two years to shun us? Heck what if we get that Cali prospect and he ends up having to sit and transfers. It is hard enough for us to get prospects out of the West and that will give West coaches even more ammo against us. “Why you looking at the Gators, those East coast coaches don’t give a damn about you..”

    I’m not exactly going to be disappointed if we land a QB but not getting one won’t be the biggest loss on the planet either I’m thinking.

  6. Why do we as fans get all worked up about these commits? Some of us are worse than HS kids. I’m convinced that for every guy Muschamp misses, there are 2 or 3 guys just as good in his back pocket that he can go after. BTW, in case you haven’t noticed, Muschamp is the master of “flipping” recruits so it’s never over until Signing Day…

    And I agree, we do have Grier and Harris so we’re good. Both will learn and 1 will probably redshirt so that works out even better. If we do pick up a 2015 QB, they have to be willing to redshirt or we’ll have the same problem next year. Muschamp will find a guy that will fit.

  7. More examples of young men caught up in the recruiting game, naming “top 5’s” and “Leaders” for the media while never having a clue about how they will feel tomorrow when they visit another school. The problem isn’t the kids, it’s a media obsessed with rankings and predicting what these 17 and 18 year old kids will do next. You might as well read about more aliens in the “Enquirer”. It is just as reliable.

  8. hold the lettuce, but keep the mayo. I feel as if our qb situation is analogous to a cheeseburger. To wit, we have the meat, the cheese and the buns- all that is essential for a cheeseburger. Any recruit at this point I look at as a piece of lettuce, a helpful part for the whole, but not essential. It will be nice to pick up someone gator worthy this year, but not vital. I’d rather have some great o linemen or lbackers.