Jefferson’s mother visits Florida


CeCe Jefferson visited Florida on Thursday for the second time in the past week and fourth time in two months.

On this trip, however, the five-star defensive end from Glen St. Mary Baker County had his mother in tow.

It was her first time visiting a college with her son, and she enjoyed UF according to Jefferson’s father, Leo.

“I didn’t go this time,” he said, “but she went with him because she had never been before. She told me she had a really good time and was impressed with the coaches. She was glad she went up there.”

Here are some Twitter posts from Jefferson on his visit, including a picture with him in an Alabama shirt next to Florida defensive line coach Brad Lawing.


  1. Jefferson looks more and more like a leader among leaders four our next class. Don’t care what he wears until he announced for and then signs with us. Meanwhile, the active involvement of both pRrnts speaks loudly to the calibre if famy from which he comes. Sure hope he’s all Garor!

  2. He might be wearing a Bama shirt, but the “probable future coach” comment trumps the shirt…

    More importantly, his tweet about This is what it’s all about” means more to me if he becomes a Gator. Seems like a good kid who has the priorities right and would probably be a great face for the Gators ala Tim Tebow.

  3. Forget about what the guy is wearing. Did you notice his comment under Tebow’s photo with his young friend? If this is the value set the young man’s parents have instilled in him he is UF material regardless of his current choice of T shirts…..

  4. I agree Dave. Personally I wouldn’t wear another team’s shirt to a visit, but we don’t know what he was thinking. For all we know, he grabbed a random shirt threw it on and never paid attention to what was on it. The bigger thing is calling Lawing his probable future coach. That means Florida is not only his favorite, but also has a big lead. Also his several visits recently tell a big story.

  5. Hey goofballs-who gives a rip what he wears?? All of these visits points to him coming to UF. He seems like a very good young man & looks to follow in the footsteps of Danny Weurffel and Tim Tebow. Keep up the good work, young man!! GO GATORS!!

  6. I would think he’s leaning to UF. It depends on how the team does in the season. UF is struggling right now and it’s because of the uncertainty of whether the current staff will still be around next year. It’s a good sign that many guys that should be locks to go to UF, Jefferson, Ivey, Cowart, etc. have not eliminated UF. That means they are waiting to see if UF improves on the field. When a guy like Dexter Williams, a lifelong Gator fan, commits to Miami and Deondre Francois doesn’t have UF in his top 5 is a sign of how UF is struggling this year. The only cure is winning on the field.

  7. Don’t be too harsh, brgf. There’s actually a lot of truth to what he’s saying. Our recruiting does depend heavily on our on the field performance. It’s the reason I’m not allowing myself to get too into recruiting yet, because it’ll probably change drastically in October one way or another. The recruits that are still high on us are high on us because they believe last year was just a fluke. If we come out and go 6-6 or worse and lose all our coaches then a lot of recruits will be looking to go other places. If we come out and beat Bama and win 10 or more games then you can guarantee that a lot more recruits will be looking our way than previously. This is a big year.