UF hosted top targets in recent days


Florida has hosted some of its top targets on campus in recent days.

The most important visitor was Plantation American Heritage’s Torrance Gibson, who is the No. 1 priority for UF at quarterback in this recruiting cycle. His trip Friday was the last of a week-long college tour that also included stops at Auburn, Clemson, LSU, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

With the additions of Will Grier and Treon Harris in the last class, the Gators will have a hard time signing the consensus top-50 overall prospect. Moreover, Florida wasn’t one of the schools that stood out to him the most during his spring break visits.

UF, however, did impress Georgia linebackers Roquan Smith (Montezuma Macon County) and Adonis Thomas (Lawrenceville Central Gwinnett) on Saturday.

It was the second trip to Gainesville for both this year, and Thomas reportedly named Florida his leader afterward. That could mean good news for the Gators as he and Smith, a Rivals100 member, would like to play together in college.

UF hosted two more prospects Saturday — offensive lineman Abdul Bello (Montverde Academy) and defensive end Isaiah Washington (New Orleans, La./Edna Karr).

It was Bello’s third trip to Florida in four months, and he appears to be leaning toward the Gators at this time. Washington, an LSU commit who was offered by UF on March 10, is from the same high school as defensive end signee Gerald Willis III.

Another lineman, Bradenton IMG Academy offensive tackle Tyree St. Louis, visited Sunday. The Orlando Rivals Camp OL MVP told The Sun the Gators are one of his favorites.

Lastly, Gibsonton East Bay defensive end Marques Ford made a trip to Florida today. He’s an unrated prospect on Rivals but holds offers from Miami, UCF and USF, among others.

Below are some tweets by Gibson and Thomas from their visits.


  1. I must be losing it, I didn’t know I had already posted. Whoever you are, if you want to imitate me, I don’t use symbols, so don’t give yourself away. UF is in for a very good year recruiting as long as they improve on the field. With the boys in Apopka, Seffner Armwood, and others, it looks like a monster year. I’m not impressed with Gibson as quarterback, but he’s a great athlete that could play elsewhere. Until Harris or Grier actually do anything on the field, it shouldn’t be a problem getting another quality quarterback. That is valid if Driskel remains the starter, but I have a feeling that he will stink it up as usual and by mid-season someone else will become the starter. I know some people have predicted Morningweg to transfer but he will probably be the number two quarterback going into the fall because Grier is nowhere close to being a college quarterback right now. Maybe Harris will be more ready to play when he arrives in the fall, but those of you expecting great things from Grier are going to have to be patient because he is a long way from being able to play at this level, this ain’t small-school football in North Carolina.

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  3. If someone is getting excited over Spring, they haven’t been paying attention the last few years. To say Roper has the offense “light years” ahead is pretty stupid when we won’t know until UF plays a real game against a quality oponnent, which won’t happen until the fourth game of the season. We’ve heard this B.S. from the coaches before.Just an example is we heard the same crap about Demarcus Robinson last year and when given the opportunity in a real game he has alligator arms that were the cause of an interception. The injury excuse is just that, an excuse. An example of why that is so is Oklahoma, they were devastated by injuries as well and still won a BCS bowl game against Alabama, also do I have to mention Georgia Southern and their injuries? One of the biggest reasons UF sucked last year was the poor leadership on thee team, after Easley went down there didn’t seem to be any leaders left on the team. More than anything, this team needs to develop leaders this Spring, usually that comes from your upperclassmen, but guys like Driskel are poor leaders so it may need to come from younger players like Hargreaves. Like Patton when he took over the American forces in North Africa, you can see the problem with this team from a mile away, they aren’t a team, just a group of individuals. It starts at the top, when your leader throws the offense under the bus after the defense gets rolled by Georgia Southern, how in the world can you develop a team concept?

  4. As a Gator fan, I am rooting for great year for the Gators football team. Less Injuries and better play at the offensive line and quarterback could lead to a big turn around in their record. I thought the Gators did very well with their recruiting last year and Guessing they do very well again.

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