Robinson one of Rivals’ top 25 recruiters for 2014

Travaris Robinson was hired by Florida coach Will Muschamp in January of 2011. (Photo by The Gainesville Sun)

Florida secondary coach Travaris Robinson, a rising star in the coaching profession, was recognized Tuesday for his recruiting efforts. named Robinson one of the top 25 recruiters in the 2014 cycle.

A Florida assistant has now received that honor for three consecutive years. UF defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin made the list last year and was Rivals’ national recruiter of the year in 2012.

Despite losing three South Florida commitments, Robinson was still responsible for more than a fourth of the Gators’ signees this past Wednesday.

Here is the excerpt on him from the story:

Buzz: Florida made headlines with its ability to land big names down the stretch despite a lackluster season and nobody deserves more credit for the late push than Robinson. He helped land five-star Jalen Tabor even after the defensive back committed to Arizona during the Under Armour All-America Game and then finished things off on Signing Day with the flip of Rivals100 quarterback Treon Harris from rival Florida State. He also kept the commitment of Rivals250 defensive back J.C. Jackson despite some signs that he might flip from the Gators, and landed four-star Quincy Wilson early and held him until the end. Other impressive signees recruited by Robinson include defensive back Duke Dawson, four-star defensive tackle Khairi Clark and offensive weapon Brandon Powell.

The Sun participated in a recruiting roundtable Monday to discuss a number of topics regarding Florida’s 2014 class. To read the article, click HERE.


  1. Gatorup…..

    I am sure it was Rudolph, the WR commitment to FSU. Rumors were swirling that he was flipping to the Gators. Did not happen, but the Gators’ coaches did push hard for it to happen. Many thought it would, but he stuck with Free Shoes U.

  2. Tampa, you don’t think it was Harris? BTW, GREAT JOB this entire year ZACH, you have done an EXCELLENT JOB, I see where some one (gatorup say for you to stay at the Sun for at least a few more years(and we all hope so) but if the “BIG BOYS” coming calling we will understand. To best the best you compete with the best and I see you in the arena. Do what you do best and wherever it takes you, enjoy it you earned it. I’m sounding like you already have gotten the “BIG BOY” call. GO GATORS!!!!

    • Shariff,
      Like I’ve told you before, this is a blog on Florida football recruiting. I cover it year-round. If you want to read about basketball, there are stories on the home page and Kevin Brockway’s blog. It’s not rocket science.

  3. Zach, Great job you are doing. I follow you almost every day.

    My questions are.
    1. How many scholarships does the football team have left.
    2. How are they going to use them.

    Thanks, Dennis Scottsdale Az.

    • Dennis,
      Florida has three scholarships open and will save them for next year.
      I never said I knew of one prospect in particular, I just figured it would happen with someone. And it did with Treon Harris.

  4. Hey Zach,

    Bro, you did a fantastic job this past year. I try to follow a lot of bloggers and recruiting websites and you were by far the most knowledgable and accurate reporter I found and almost always were first with new information about Florida.

    I was wondering if you could let us know what 5 stars we are pursuing for next year and if we are leading with any of them now? Also, who is on our board for RB, WR, ATH, and LB for next year?

    Lastly I am curious if you think a gap will form between schools like us and Alabama who has recruited the #1 class 4 years in a row now? What is the difference in skill between Alabama or LSU skill players and ours who were 6th or 7th in the SEC in our recruiting class?

  5. Zach, Alabama has recruited better than anyone in the country. Since next year is to be played with players from the last five years, no one is close to Alabama. But that doesn’t necessarily translate to the field. Alabama had the same scenario last year because they also had the top class in 2009 (based on Rivals) and they lost two games. This should temper your outlook for UF based on what they will have next year. Averaging the classes over the past five years, UF has recruited better than anyone not named Alabama. They’ll also have a 6th year 5-star in Debose. If recruiting was the most important factor, it would be a no-brainer to expect UF to go 11-1 and win the East. I doubt even the most optimistic fan does not expect a 4-8 team to go 11-1 the next year. It could happen, Auburn did so and, contrary to what people may think, they also had very highly rated classes, so the talent was there. The difference is they had a new coach, UF still has Muschamp. Let’s see if injuries were the reason for the terrible year or not, because, on paper, UF has more talent than FSU, UGA, LSU, etc. It doesn’t always work that way as UF’s record against Georgia without Spurrier or Meyer is evidence that talent is not the only factor.

  6. Zach,
    I hope you took a couple of days off after signing day, you must have been worn to a nub after all the excellent work you put into recruiting news for us, which we greatly appreciated and continue to appreciate. I hope you have some more time off scheduled here over the next couple of months. Don’t want you to get burned out.