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6:40 a.m. — Good morning from The Gainesville Sun. The letters of intent for UF will start coming through the fax machine as early as 7 a.m. I’ll update this blog as soon as they come in and also when Florida’s targets make their decisions.

In case you missed it, check out The Sun’s signing day predictions as well as thoughts from Tom Luginbill and Mike Farrell on Florida’s 2014 class.

Also, the Gators landed their 22nd commitment Tuesday night when offensive tackle Andrew Mike flipped from Vanderbilt to UF.

7:06 a.m.CB Quincy Wilson is in.

7:10 a.m.WR Ryan Sousa is in.

7:55 a.m.ATH J.C. Jackson has sent UF his LOI per ESPN’s Derek Tyson.

8:23 a.m. — Florida State announces it has signed OL Derrick Kelly. UF was expected to land him as of yesterday, but the Noles offered late last night.

8:39 a.m.ATH J.C. Jackson announces his decision to stick with the Gators.

8:41 a.m.ATH Deiondre Porter says he has faxed in his LOI to Florida.

9:14 a.m. — UF announces LOIs for Porter and tight ends C’yontai Lewis and Moral Stephens. Defensive tackle Khairi Clark says he has faxed in his LOI.

9:25 a.m.DE Justus Reed says he has faxed in his LOI.

9:30 a.m.WR C.J. Worton commits to UF.

9:34 a.m.QB Treon Harris flips to Florida from FSU.

10:01 a.m.DE Gerald Willis III is in.

10:12 a.m.OL Andrew Mike is in.

10:20 a.m.OL Travaris Dorsey says he has faxed in his LOI.

10:29 a.m. — OL Damian Prince commits to Maryland.

10:38 a.m.DT Thomas Holley is in.

10:54 a.m.OL David Sharpe is in.

11:10 a.m. — Harris and Worton are in. That’s everyone. The Gators are now waiting on Lorenzo Carter and Adoree’ Jackson.

2:06 p.m. — ATH Adoree’ Jackson commits to USC.

3:25 p.m. — DE Lorenzo Carter commits to Georgia.

Florida finishes with 24 verbal commitments and a consensus top-10 class. Here are player players for all of the signees: recruits.gatorsports.com


  1. Zach- Thanks for all your hard work in keeping the Orange & Blue faithful up to speed. This will, no doubt, be a great class and we can only hope a few of these uncommitted kids become the icing on the cake!

    Side note- There’s no surprise Quincy Wilson’s LOI is the first in. This kid’s been everything you’d want in a verbal commit. He never waivered and has been recruiting his butt off. I hope his on-the-field play matches his efforts put forth thus far for the Gator Nation.


  2. Homer, was thinking the same thing. I saw that, smiled and thought,”of course Quincy’s Wilson was the first to sign and fax in his LOI.” Love that kid and his attitude. He’s already a great Gator! Some of these prima donnas could learn a thing or two from him.

  3. So we may still have a big flip today? I am hoping for it. With the few remaining targets I am going to predict who we get.

    Carter-No=UGA “Family talks and from reports I read family wants him at UGA.
    Harris-UF=Do not be surprised if he plays QB here before Will Grier. I said it first. Why? Unlike Grier, Harris has played QB against some of the best in the South. Not saying Grier is not good, but Harris has played on big stages at a high level in high school.
    Worton-UF=when he de-committed from FSU he pretty much signed on with the good guys.
    Prince-UF-Hardest for me to pick, but I think that Mike Summer being at UF probably sealed the deal with him. Lets hope!
    Kelly-UF=Just because we need linemen.
    Jackson, A.-No-=USC or LSU-I just think that (and I hope that I am wrong) he goes elsewhere. For some strange reason it seems as though his parents are not onboard with the him coming to UF which is strange because our track program is one of the best in the country year in and year out. Dad wanted him to go to Tennessee of all places. GTHOH! A lot of times kids dont want to go against their parents and I think he compromises by going to USC or LSU. Like I said I hope I am wrong.

  4. I am less than impressed with WM recruiting ability. If FSU can come in late on the last night and take a prospect you have been courting for years, what I the hell has happened to this program. It is not how you start, it is how you close. We lost 7 straight to close the season and just don’t see today closing well either. Top 10 class? NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!!

  5. Brother Love…..

    Florida wanted to add one more OL at least to an already very good OL recruit list…..they did in Mike. The Gators will have a very good group of OL recruits without Kelly and Prince.

  6. May have missed something in the water but I don’t recall ever seeing so many LOI’s submitted BEFORE NSD. Seems we had a dozen or so LOI’s long before signing day this year. That new to anyone else out there?

    Gotta love that “early commit” attitude of so many new Gators.

  7. I like Treon Harris as a passer. He is highly accurate and throws darts like Russell Wilson. The downside seems to be a lack of real speed. I’m guessing his time in the 40 yd. dash is between 4.6 and 4.7.

  8. Why are some of you freaking out over some kids choosing other schools. We will more than meet our needs. Class rankings do not take that in to consideration. We will sign a very good class and considering the season we had, that’s a great job by our coaching staff.

  9. There are two players left on the board that I am the most excited about. First Treon Harris, UF needs to sign two QB’s this year. UF needs some depth at the QB position and Mr. Harris is an awsome talent. Second Adoree Jackson, if UF is going to go to a true spread option offense this guy is a must for the Gators. I know he is listed as a Corner but he wants to play on offense as well. With his world class speed I see the next Percy Harvin in Adoree Jackson.

  10. Everyone should be very happy keeping Jackson. He’s a great player and Miami and FSU would have been thrilled to get him. As for Kelly, he was always going to FSU if they had room. It may mean that FSU is missing out on players they had higher on their board so it may not be a total setback for UF. When UF took Andrew Mike, it was a sign that Kelly and Prince weren’t coming since he was probably the choice after them.

  11. Snowprint – we are very happy! Like I said above, we have met our needs and that’s the important thing. We will add a few more layers to the icing. 2015 will be the big class for UF. If Roper gets the offense going and the defense continues to be among the best, we will load up next year!

  12. Can’t believe a poster would allege that we lost Kelly after months of recruiting him and FSU just came in at the last minute and stole him. The kids a three star OL and lives just a few minutes from FSU. Everyone knew that if he received an offer from FSU he would accept and they didn’t offer until last night. Just like UF, that meant they lost out on a higher rated target and found room for him.

  13. GI, You’d swap Harris for a 3* OL any day? Treon Harris??? We are signing 6 or 7 OL today. Several of which are 3*. Those needs are being filled.

    We needed another QB badly. Treon Harris is the Rivals #3 Dual threat QB. That’s a HUGE GET! We now have the Rivals #2 AND #3 dual threat QB’s.

  14. I love signing day but I have stopped getting all excited/disappointed as in the past. Outside of a few special guys (Clowney, Harvin, Tommie Harris, etc.) most of these guys are all the same and very, very good high school players. The key is can they develop on their own and with the help of good coaching. We will get enough good players, but this coaching staff has not shown me as of yet that they can properly develop players. I hope that will change but history is not on our side.

  15. Harris flipping from FSU is the huge and unexpected by me. He is the playmaker that is sorely needed in Gainesville. Now the Gators will have another alternative to turn to if Driskel doesn’t improve. I think he is more likely to be ready to play than Grier because he has faced much better completion to ready him for the college game. He’s a winner and may have the leadership qualities that are needed on the offense.

  16. We’re picking up FSU’s scraps. They stopped calling Harris a month ago because he doesn’t fit the system at QB and doesn’t want to change positions. They get our 5 stars, we get their 3 and 4 stars. Chump must go!

  17. Let me see if I understand correctly: Jeff Driskel will probably have 2 years left w/ a medical redshirt, and now we sign 2 top QBs in the class of 2014? I’m not complaining about being loaded at QB, but it seems to me that the Gators seem to sign two great QBs in the same year, then not-the-talent-level-of-the-SEC QB the following year(s). One top-rated QB inevitably transfers, and then you’re left with one talented QB on the roster and several who should be playing in the MAC. (ex. john Brantley & Cam Newton 2007; Jeff Driskel & Jacoby Brissett 2011; Treon Harris & Will Grier 2014). Why can’t the Gators recruit 1 great QB each year?

  18. Was thinking more that Harris might redshirt if Driskell wins starting job but i agree that is probaly not going to happen. I think they orginally wanted to red shirt Grier before the transfers at QB after the season.

  19. Assuming Harris wants to play I the NFL – and can’t at QB because of his size – Roper’s challenge is to develop him as a Harvin positional player; wildcat, receiver, running back. That, I would think is the plan. Driskel plays this year and is good. If Driskel remains healthy, Grier redshirts. It’s all on Roper now.

  20. Harris is too short to play QB in a passing offense. Don’t give me the Drew Brees comparison, either. He’s a DB. FSU knew it, Harris didn’t accept it. He’ll never last a full season at QB. See Griffin III, Robert or Vick, Michael.

  21. I too was disappointed with Driskel’s performance last year, but anybody who thinks an 18yr old freshmen is going to come in and play better, with 2014 opponents Bama, LSU, FSU, S.Car, UGA, etc., is fooling themselves.

  22. Last I checked, Steve Jones, RGII and Mike Vick did pretty well in college. The fact that their size/game may not have translated to the NFL (a point that I would not concede), does not diminish their accomplishments as collegiate players.

  23. Our biggest problem last year was an o-line that couldn’t block anyone coupled with a clueless offensive coordinator that could not or would not speed his plays up. This haul of offensive linemen – even without Prince – should correct the first problem, and Roper should correct the second. The only question is whether these freshmen can step up and replace the miserable failures from last year immediately enough to save this coming season.

  24. That hurts. Rachel Klein is reporting that Damian Prince stated that the history of the Big 10 producing great offensive linemen helped his decision. What does that say about UF’s history of producing great offensive linemen? Has UF produced great offensive linemen lately?

  25. Rhino….

    Urban Meyer would have lost Prince to Maryland. His entire family wanted him to stay close to home. But you are welcome to switch your loyalty to Urban Liar at OHIO is you desire. He likes people who are not very committed to anything except themselves.

  26. Hey Rhino-when u say ‘anywhere close to…’ to what are you referring to, recruiting or talent? Florida arguably has better talent than all you mentioned save for Bama but they’ll be back soon. Thatcomment makes you delusional, sir. I can’t wait for spring ball!! GO GATORS!!!

  27. Steve Jones – The guys you mentioned had pretty good college careers. If Harris had a college career similar to Robert Griffin III, I would be pretty happy.
    RinoG8r – Driskell missed most of last season. Hopefully the Gators will have better offensive line play and better play calling. Roper has been around some qb’s that have had some success.

  28. Anyone who thinks FSU didn’t want Harris is mistaken, they wanted him badly, and as a quarterback. They would not have offered Kelly if Harris had stuck. This is a huge get for the Gators, especially at an extreme need position. Some day people are going to figure out that Driskel can’t play quarterback.

  29. Well, the Gators have signed 3 out of 6 players that were undecided going in to today. With Jackson and Carter left on the board I realistically expect UF to have a legit shot with Jackson and Carter goes to uga. If that happens then Muschamp and co. will have closed this year out signing 4 of the 6 they had on the board going in to today. That is remarkable since Muschamp and co. haven’t been able to close like this with his previous recruiting classes. Another plus is they appear to not be taking a player just to take a player like they have done the past couple years at QB. Congrats to the Gator coaching staff. Even if they miss out on Jackson and Carter this year Muschamp and co. have brought some players in that could make a huge difference to the offense.

    Go Gators!!!

  30. Tampa, name me one coach who is NOT in this for self interest. One. Sorry, I just don’t have the hatred for Meyer. He was great to us while he was in Gainesville. Ohio State is the ONLY reason I root against Urban. I hated OSU long before that ever happened. I wish him no ill will — he was a hired gun, and a d@mn good one.

  31. FSU stopped calling him Snowprint. Everyone knew he was coming to UF for the past month. And Griffin tore an ACL in college. Plus, defenders are much bigger and faster than when Vick was in college. Fact is, we’re losing sight of the fact that we had plenty of talent last year, yet lost to Georgia Southern. Chump is the problem, and he must go now, not after another subpar year. Our new OC got 7 points against FSU in the last 2 minutes of the game. Reality bites, and Chump must go.

  32. I figured Prince would go to Maryland once word broke of Andrew Mike. Wonder about the “Big Flip” that I heard A. Spivey talking about from Gator Country. Big Ups to you Zach for all that you have done.


  33. troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

    You, Rhino, are a troll.

  34. I see the point about location with Prince, but that is not what HE said. He said he wanted to go to a place with an NFL tradition. That’s Maryland? I live within shouting distance of that campus and they draw less than UF does for a baseball game. What happened with Prince is a symptom of things that are wrong. We clearly need OL help, so he could start early, but chose to go … to Maryland.

  35. Is this all you guys do is argue? How about not acting like kids and have an adult discussion about the future of the football program, instead of filling up a comment section with “your a troll”… “no your the troll”… SHUT UP!

  36. RhinoG8r – Prince could have gone to any school in the country. He choose Maryland so he would be real close to home. Read the stories about him leading up to today. Maryland’s big advantage was location and he had lots of friends going there. The fact that it was between UF & Maryland shows you that he saw good in the UF program.

  37. Rhino, don’t make more out of it than what it is- Prince wanted to stay close to home. For whatever reason, these guys often give reasons that they think reflect better on whatever school they chose instead of just saying they wanted to stay close to home. It happens for us, too, fortunately. We get Florida guys because they want to stay in Florida.

  38. Look – You guys can argue all you want to about our “program” based on the results on the field, I’ve got no problem with that. But to say that the decisions of an 18 yr old kid to stay close to home is indicative of our problems with the program is ludicrous. These were highly rated prospects that virtually every top program in the nation wanted. Do they have problems as well since they didn’t get them? It only stings because we thought we had the best chance outside of the “home” school.

  39. Adoree doesn’t make or break this class for us because of how we have recruited in the secondary, but he sure would give us an excellent “do-all” weapon. I think the additions of Sousa and Stephens are going to be bigger than people think for our passing game.

  40. Rhino…..

    Wittig is the classic pro style, drop back in the pocket and throw QB. He does not fit the spread. I seriously doubt he would want to come to a school that is going to run the spread in the future. He would have fit in the previous offense, however.

  41. RhinoG8r on the mark with, “I was with Chump” until GA Southern. I was talking to some old line Gator Boosters recently, and they agreed that Chump and Foley are a packaged deal. Foley is going to snub his nose at the fans and do it his way regardless of the consequences. Foley hired Zook and Chump. He did not hire Spurrier, and Machan was the reason Urban was hired. It wouldn’t matter if we got all 5star recruits. Chump would find a way to screw that up. He is not HC material and never will be. So, bottom line is, both Foley and Chump must go!!! Otherwise, we better get used to 8-4 and 7-5 seasons under Chump, and Foley backing him and saying, “progress is being made.”

  42. etJones, There are a lot of varying opinions on Sharpe. Some coaches think he is destined to be a first round draft choice and some don’t think he’ll pan out. UF’s coaches think the former is the case and had him on top of their board, while other coaches were not that high on him. He’s not a guy that can play early, in my opinion, and should redshirt. We’ll see if UF’s coaches were right in a couple of years because the current tackles are either Juniors or Seniors.

  43. Steve your irrelevant posting about what duke did last year shows how uninformed you are about football. Oh and by the way our talent was decimated by injury. Champ stays but ignorant “fans” like you need to go. Your pessimistic attitude is old. This is a day to see new talent coming in and in case you didn’t notice we have a top ten class. That is because of the coaches here right now. So keep complaining (we know you, print, and rhino will). The rest of us will be busy cheering for our team! Go Gators

  44. Also with Foley do we not have top notch athletics in almost every sport? It’s pretty narrow sighted to say he needs to go. That is unless you don’t think florida winning in track, tennis, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, and soccer isn’t important. But go ahead tell me how he’s a bad athletic director. Smh at some of our fans right now..

  45. Sharpe is an outstanding run blocker….but needs a lot of work on pass protection. Probably why the variation in his ranking between sites. But ESPN reported that on 25 percent of running plays last year, the opponent made hits behind the line of scrimmage on Florida running backs. That is a horrible stat and shows how bad the Florida OL was last year.

  46. G8r — what I liked about Muschamp early was the “heart.” Our team had it. They seemed to fight and scratch in ways I haven’t seen in Gainesville in … well … maybe ever. Somehow, that changed.

    I do agree on Foley and Muschamp. People love Jeremy, but I don’t think he’s done well with the football program (I know, I know — look at the rings, and I don’t disagree, but …). The fans have stopped coming to the Swamp. Blame it on the team, the economy, or the coach, but the fact remains that the stands look empty — and that is squarely on Foley.

    And, recruits see and/or pick up on that. I am worried about the long term.

  47. Ks gator – keep drinking the ChumpAide. Can’t stand you guys that belittle other Gators for not being ra ra boys. We care about the program, why else would we poke at the low hanging rotting fruit on the Gator tree. Two words – Georgia Southern. Enough said. Any coach to loose that game needs to be canned. Wah wah wah, we had hurt players. Georgia Southern did not have their starting QB either. That 11-2 season was almost as painful to watch as was last season. Everyone knows how inept our offense is. Defense has been incredible, but those pesky yellow flags have hurt so bad. That is a sure sign of coaching as well. Most penalized team in the SEC is a direct result of Chump as well.

    I hope yet another top 10 class will be put to better use and will be coached up to play better and play smart.

  48. KS Gator, au contraire. Everyone was going nuts over what Duke did against aTm, but ignoring the fact that FSU stoned them. You can wear your rose colored glasses all you want, but the fact is that even if every starter were injured, we shouldn’t ever lose to GA Southern. It wasn’t the talent, it was the coaching, and that’s not going to change with a hot head at the top. Remember last year at this time? We thought Fisher was a joke and we were one snap away from a NC. A year later, they have a NC, Cook and Lane, and we have Chump.

  49. Carter to ls-whoo or free shoes?!? Jackson to ls-whoo?? Where the hell are you guys getting this info from?!?!? Please stop it!!! Can’t see either of them at either of those loser institutions of lower learning. GO GATORS!!!

  50. Tampa Gator, Foley is a glorified ticket seller. He took over for Bill Arnspargar. Keep in mind that we live in the third most populous state with great weather yr round, great athletes everywhere in the state, great academics, etc. My point is, You and I could run the UF athletic dept. Bascially, your pitch about UF is an easy sell regardless of what sport it is. Where would you want to live, G’ville or Tuscaloosa? G’ville or Tally? G’ville, or Oxford, MS? So, UF is not a hard sell, and Foley’s job is a piece of cake. Basically, he is there not to screw things up. UF sells itself otherwise.

  51. First great job by Coach Muschamp and his staff. Secondly congrats to all this young men who have signed LOI today this means you did what you had to do over the last 12 years to make sure your academics were in order. Now to some of you so called Gator fans shut the hell up! This are 18 an 19 year old kids who have people pulling on them from every direction. Unless you have been through it which my wife and I have twice you’ve no idea what these kids go through. Do not demonize these young people or the staff because a kid didn’t choose Florida.

  52. Rhino – Your right, that was shocking… but that wasn’t a flip and he wasn’t as high a profile player as Spivey is trying to portray this guy to be… We will see but I’m under the belief that he was fed some bad info…

  53. Steve and Ks Gator — I honestly don’t think things are as bad as Steve thinks (yet) or as good as Ks Gator see it. 2014 is truly a critical year for us. I hope Muschamp succeeds and we aren’t looking for a coach in November/December, but I fear we will be.

  54. wHY IS EVERYONE SO EXITED ABOUT mUSCHAMP “FLIPPING” A 3 STAR RECRUIT? heck, 3 star recruits are a dime a dozen. Wow we flipped a 3star lineman from going to the powerhouse Vanderbilt. Sorry I see a bunch of 3 Star players signing letters of intent tells me the UF Coaches are accepting what they could not achieve.

  55. I will just ask that if Champ turns this thing around, everyone against him please do like Lane and Cook did and flip to FSU. If he doesnt do it then we get a coach that can, but until be 100% Gator or go for Key West Technical College

  56. G8R…..

    I will respond anyway. There is a lot more to being an AD than you seem t know. Foley is exceptionally well organized, an excellent administrator, had really good people working for him, does a great job with PR, is excellent in relationship to donors and alumni (and Bull Gators)….and has upgraded the entire athletic program into one of the top programs in the entire county. He is hardly what you say he is. He is….but the view of most national experts on ADs….one of the very best in the country.

  57. Brother Love, I’ll just ask that when we go 7-5 this year and end up in the Toilet Bowl in Shreveport or somewhere, you agree that we should have canned Chump sooner than later. You remind me of the people who support Obamacare, despite all the evidence that it’s a train wreck. Nobody wants us to be great again more than me, but you have to recognize mediocrity when you see it. Muschamp is the classic example of the Peter Principle.

  58. Tampa — I just wish he wouldn’t say things like, “If Ron Zook hadn’t accepted the job, I didn’t have anyone else on the list.” That may not ne a direct quote as I have presented it, but it’s pretty close. While I agreed with the Muschamp hire, he said nearly the same thing again.

  59. Halapio should have been a 1 star.

    Let’s hope we get Adoree’ (although I doubt it). If not, Muschamp again gets some flips but loses some big playmakers and it doesn’t seem to even out (which is only speculation).

  60. G8R so go apply! I’m not sure how you can use that as a knock against what he’s done. Under his tenure we have become a powerhouse in almost every sport and have MAINTAINED it. To say he inherited the championships is nonsensical. Yes I agree our football team shouldn’t lose to GAS but I don’t agree that it was just on Muschamp. He is making the needed adjustments and obviously can still get great players (look at our record and look at the class rankings).
    Steve thank you for making my point. We were one game from the NC (maybe even one fumble) two years ago and now Muschamp is a bad coach? That’s kind of contradicting yourself. I will admit I like to look at the positives such as a loaded defense, a new offensive philosophy that better fits our qb, and we have a huge recruiting class already in the books with a chance to add a few more. Yes there are some improvements that can be made, period. But to say that our coach and now AD need to go? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I want to see them win as bad as you do but we look like a bunch of spoiled children on how we are reacting when we miss out on recruits or want to can our head coach when he has over 10 starters go down. Yes my glasses are orange and blue but not because I can’t face that we sucked last year, I just understand some things are uncontrollable and don’t overreact to said circumstances.

  61. why all the negativity BRGF? Sure it would have been nice to get Lane and Cook, but the fact they signed with FSU doesnt make them dumb. this is these kids lives and careers and they should be free to decide where they want to go just as any other student even if their reasoning for choosing one scchool makes no sense to you.


  62. Ks gator – I am with you. Foley has made Gators Athletics among the best college sports programs in the nation. Looked at where all the different Gator sports teams are ranked. One of the reasons A. Jackson is interested in UF is the strength of the Men’s track team. I had read that out of the last 5 outdoor and 5 indoor NCAA Track Championships the UF men’s team has won 5 and finished 2nd 4 times. Gators had a bad year in football last year and now some fans want to get rid of Foley – WOW!

  63. Some Gators don’t want to be rid of Jeremy Foley only because of 2013 football. Institutions evolve, as we have over more than 30 or so years with Jeremy Foley. Some Gators tire of his inability to even appear in service to the “little people;” those being anyone he has not hired or taken a donation. To think that we can’t excel in all sports without Jeremy Foley is a bit short-sighted, I think. If you have ever dealt with him, you know there is a sense of arrogance that can grate on people (as it did between him and Steve Spurrier at the end — and some say still does).

  64. I think the both opinions of Foley have some truth to them. There is no denying that Foley job as AD at UF is a lot easier than if he was AD of say Southern Illinois University. The weather, academics, athletic budget, being the flag ship school in the 3rd most populated state among others help a lot to make his job a lot easier.

    However to suggest that you can stick a mannequin in his position and the results would be the same is ridiculous. He is good at what he does but his job is made a whole lot easier than most other places.


  65. You have to give credit, where credit is due. The coaching staff has brought in another great class of recruits!!! The Gators will be back in 2014!!! I can’t wait to watch Roper’s offense combined with Muschamps’s defense!!!

  66. Ks gator, what is the #1 revenue producing sport at our school and most college programs? The bottom line is, you’ve got to follow the money. If the fans quit going to the football games because of a lame coach and an AD that is going to prove his point, then what difference does it make if you have the #1 track team or gymnastics team. Those sports are important to the overall sports program, but don’t generate $$$ like football. Spurrier filled the seats, and would fill ’em today if he came back. Muschamp won’t ever win over the Gator nation as long as he thinks defense is the only thing that matters, and tries to win a game kicking field goals. Most of your D1 coaches that are successful now are offensive minded coaches- Malzhan, Jimbo, Spurrier, Richt, etc. Also, with Chump being a UGA grad, and losing control of that series after Spurrier worked so hard to get it turned around speaks volumes. Mediocrity and Muschamp go hand in hand. Is that we want running our football program? The Gator Nation deserves better

  67. Zepgator – Halapio should of been a 1 star? What are you talking about. That kid was one of our better lineman and probably the toughest guy on the team. Muschamp has done a nice job recruiting after a terrible season. Now we will see how these kids pan out.

  68. Fellows, calling for Foley and Muschamp’s heads will not help anything at this point… they are both there and they will both be working through the 2014 season. Maybe Foley will retire soon, who knows… Maybe Muschamp blows next season and then he will be fired… most of you are going round and round on all of the obvious but the bottom line is that there is a ton of change coming this year, with a ton of recruits who are itching to play right away. On top of that you have a ton of players who got hurt who should be healthy… put all that together and I think we have something good to look forward to instead of the pessimism… Go GATORS!!!

  69. G8r — I’ll play devil’s advocate: If fans stop buying tickets (or watching every play on TV while knotting their hands wishing they were there), do they really deserve better? Are they really fans? Honest question: Are we “soft” as a whole as a fan base?

  70. What many of you forget about Foley and UF athletics, is that he inherited a top 5 program. UF was winning championships long before him and it will win long after him. His ego got in the way of making a change at football coach this year. If Muschamp does not win the SEC East next season both he and Foley need to be shown the door.

  71. Shut up about Foley! Overall the Gator Athletic Program is top notch! Just because he made a decision about giving a football coach one more year to right a ship, does not mean he is all of a sudden a terrible athletic director. He has done great things since he has been at UF and everybody that is around him has nothing but praise for him as a person and a director. Never seen so many people wanting to throw someone out based off one coaching decision. All you have to do is look around at every sport and UF is right up at the top. There will always be a bad year here and there but look at the overall body of work before you judge someone. That man deserves some credit for that.

  72. I see the noles have signed 2 five star receivers. With no known playmakers at the WR position why can’t we sign just 1? We need a playmaker at the WR position! That would seem to me to be such an easy sell to a recruit. Come to UF, you could be a stud playmaker THIS YEAR. Where are we going wrong when it comes to WR’s? Two nice QB signees with nobody to throw the ball to.

  73. I hope ya’ll will quit running down our head coach. He has been a winner everywhere he has been and has produced outstanding defenses every year. I hope you realized we played the toughest schedule in the country and had enough starters and backups lost to injury to field an outstanding team. BTW I hope you remember the Nick Saban lost at home to Louisiana-Monroe, a team not as good as GaSouthern….how did he work out?

  74. ergator — Foley became AD in 1992, and he was an assistant/associate AD in the program since 1981. That’s 33 years in the UF athletic department. How many championships were we winning “long before him?” He’s fiercely loyal to the program and regularly shows up at Gators games in all sports. He’s hired several championship-winning coaches in multiple sports, from women’s softball to men’s basketball and football. Without Jeremy Foley, UF basketball would be irrelevant in the same way that UGA basketball is, just like it was before he hired Billy Donovan. And most importantly, he’s kept our program clean and free from any significant scandals or NCAA violations. What more do you want out of an athletic director, exactly?

  75. I will not lose any sleep on Carter. Saw him play multiple times, including game against Booker T and also in the state championship game. He was handled in both games by the opposing teams OT. In both games against N. Gwinnett HS he was shut down by a Junior OT. WE DONT NEED this kid except for bragging rights against the Leg Humpers.

  76. Do ya’ll remember why Spurrier left? He had enough of the spoiled no nothing fans that expected an undefeated season every year. Some Gator fans are delusional and think they know more than profession college coaches. Their opinions are like @ss-hole….every one has one.

  77. People post negative things about Foley are either idiots or Free Shoes U. fans. Seriously. Foley is one of the top ADs in the entire country.

    Still crossing my fingers for Adoree Jackson….but not feeling very confident about it. Carter going to Georgia, FSU, or LSU….most likely Georgia.

  78. Tampa — The GatorNation is as divided right now (and has been for a while) as the United States. Like it or not, THAT is a reflection of Jeremy Foley. I’m not saying he needs to be fired today, because i believe that would be dumb. BUT, if Muschamp and the team don’t perform well in 2014, Foley simply has to be considered a failure on at least some level. It’s his watch, and I don’t believe the program should not have fallen this far (on the field and off). The resources are simply too plentiful.

  79. KT, sorry – just totally agree. I never said he wasn’t tough but just watch the film, the guy was terrible. Tough as nails, seemed like a really cool kid but I (and many many others) thought he was terrible. Opinions vary though. Same with Foley, personally, I think he is WAY overrated.

  80. Foley has served as athletic director since 1992, and has been responsible for the hiring of several of Florida’s most notable coaches, including Urban Meyer as the head football coach in 2004 and Billy Donovan as the men’s basketball coach in 1996. The sports program has finished as the top-ranked overall program in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in all but one year under his tenure.

  81. Gator863… Foley did not hire Urban. Bernie Machen brought Urban to Florida. Foley also did not hire Spurrier. Foley did however hire Muschamp and Zook. I’m still holding out on Will. Last year was not in his control. This year is a must.

  82. We really could use a quick and elusive return specialist to set the offensive tone. IMO we have squandered opportunity after opportunity with the guys we’ve entrusted with that HUGE task (of late)..and if I am OC Roper, I absolutely INSIST on signing one before the cycle is over. Brandon James was what UF should NEVER AGAIN be without! McKenzie to UGA was very disappointing for me. Hope everyone is enjoying the good with the bad of NSD. LUV UF!

  83. I am embarrassed to read all the negative stuff here.
    You negative guys should are a very bad connection to UF.
    Please take that stuff to some other school where that is acceptable.
    True Gators support UF. that means AD, HC, players, etc.

  84. We are way off topic on National Signing Day, but there is a break in the action for now. Anyway, Gator863, let’s not forget that Billy and Urban were coveted by every program with an open job when they were hired, so characterizing those hires as genius is overstating things, to say the least. The track, swimming, golf, and tennis programs have been benchmarks since the late 1960s or so. So again, attributing that success to primarily to Foley is a stretch. People forget that Jeremy was at Florida about 10 years before he became AD. All that said, he has done a nice job, with some very notable exceptions: First, there have been “events” with the NCAA over the years (also with local police); second, he hired Ron Zook and Will Muschamp at times when it raised eyebrows of many, many people in the know; third, the women’s hoops program has been in a bit of disarray for a long time, and the volleyball team has underachieved by the standards of those in the know about those national programs. I do love what he has accomplished with women’s soccer, though — I’ll give you that.

  85. We have some WHINEY @$$ Gator fans. Goodness people….cry cry cry. This class is pretty dang good. There is NO question about that…and can someone hand Steve Jones a bullet so he can put himself out of his own misery? I’ve never seen such a miserable whiney person. We get it dude, you hate WM. Yeah yeah…we get it. Get over yourself dude, we don’t want to keep reading about how much you hate the guy. I hear FSU needs fans…they won the national title and can’t sell out their stadium. I’m happy to see you go if you want to switch teams. With fans like you, we don’t need FSU fans trolling this site.

  86. If you negative fellows do not like UF, then it is real easy to go and follow some other school. I for one am tired of reading the same old whining complains about JF & WM. If you are not on board, that is fine. Go somewhere else!
    Today is a joyful day to celebrate NSD.

  87. Tigercat – From film I think Brandon Powell could be that guy. On the small side to be a consistent SEC RB but seems to have just what you look for in a return man. The guy makes very smooth and quick changes of direction.

  88. Now I get it! Those are not the droids we’re looking for. OK, everybody can relax and think only completely positive thoughts. Good night Will (Tim) and Jeremy (BUCK). Enjoy your view of Florida Field from your offices.

  89. Buck. I’m with you. All the negativity is counter productive and I know not one of the nae Sayers has any college football coaching experience. It suits me fine if they just go out and Buck themselves,

  90. RhinoG8r, Shariff, G8R, others

    Get a grip and act like adults. It was said before and I’ll say it again, you “types” are the reason Spurrier left, plain and simple. Spoiled children who won’t be satisfied unless we go undefeated every year (which,by the way, has never happened).

    Grow up and stop bitching and whining about Muschamp. He will be here for another year, minimum, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Sit back, try to enjoy the ride and stop spewing your negative BS on a recruiting blog. What happened last season has nothing to do with the recruits that just signed. Enjoy the fact we just pulled off a top 10 class and filling all our needs after going 4-8. Sheesh

  91. Looking for a return guy? Andre Debose may be a bust at wide receiver but he is a great kick returner. Maybe you are referring to punt returner, that isn’t hard to find, one of the defensive backs can do that easily. As for Brandon Powell being too small, I guess you didn’t watch the national championship game, Whitfield is smaller than most anyone.

  92. Shariff….

    Florida has Robinson, Fulwood, Bailey, Thompson, and Hawkins coming back from last year’s class….and they were all highly recruiting players. Getting Worton and Sousa has the Gators deep with young WRs.

  93. RhinoG8r,

    You have no idea what you’re talking about …. saying Billy D. was coveted by every school before he was hired ??? The guy was about 32 years old and the head coach at Marshall for 2 years. He wasn’t coveted by any top programs at that time. You’re statement about “Duke fans chuckling at us” is also complete BS. You keep spewing crap and ahow you have no clue what you’re talking about.

  94. Hey Jason-why all the need for the so-called ‘negativity’? One dude strings the Gators along for months on end, mocking them the whole way, & then switches. No problem with that. The other follows his lead & makes his decision based on the other’s choice? Doesn’t sound like someone that can make up their own mind if you ask me. Let ’em go to free shoes-they’ll get what they deserve when they play UF for the next 3 yrs & wish that they had signed with the Gators. GO GATORS!!!!

  95. tampa- with due respect to Worton he is hardly a big time recruit. all of the guys you mentioned had stars but did nothing- we are hopig they will do more. the hope is roper amd driskel will make the offense better

  96. Shariff, I think Robbie gave the grade of b+ on the WR haul because that wasn’t a huge need this year. If you look at last year’s class that was a big WR class. Sure they didn’t perform well, but as I’ve said before, there are NEVER a lot of freshman WRs on the first or second All-SEC teams. I expect that we’ll see some significant improvement at the position this year. We didn’t see the improvement last year because the WR classes of 2011 and 2012 had exactly 3 rated receivers. Anyway, what we did this year was pick up some quality players at the position to help build some depth…that’s all we really needed. That’s not to say we wouldn’t have loved Lane…but it wasn’t a big need. Huge difference between wants and needs. Anyway, depending on the kids you have, you take 3 stars if you know that they have a big upside. Not everyone blossoms as a freshman. That’s my guess as to why the b+. Of course none of that matters to you, because you don’t want logic, you want to complain. I get it. A lot of old ladies are that way.

  97. For all of you who think, “Muschamp isn’t HC material and never will be,” what did you say after the 7-6 season? That’s right, you were willing to give him another chance. And, after the 11-2 season? That’s right, you thought he was great. Then, after a 4-8 season, where UF had more season ending injuries than the good Lord should allow, you wanted to fire him. So fickle, and so wrong!

  98. Haha wow football is the only money producer so that’s all we should care about?!? What a ignorant statement duke, NC, and Kansas seem to be doing just fine. I’m not trying to “belittle” anyone just saying it’s time to stop being so negative about our program. Yes I get it we lost a lot to crappy teams boo hoo. We still have a top notch university (thanks to Foley, like it or not), we have a new offense so everyone can stop whining about that, we have a top 6 class who without our current staff would be closer to top 20 , and we are going to have a healthy set of skill players fully rested for next year. I don’t want to alienate anyone but ask yourselves what coach would want to come to such a “divided” and “spoiled” (using someone else’s words) fan base?
    A little unity would go a long way for our school right now and like it or not champ is here at least one more year so if you don’t want to cheer for him cheer for our player and school. You don’t have to be happy about everything but you can’t just complain your way through summer.
    Oh and Steve I am in fact still in Kansas!

  99. Spurrier did NOT leave because of demanding fans. Will ONE of you guys who work for the Sun–and therefore possesses a degree of credibility—step up here. I’ll say it and HOPEFULLY Dooley or SOMEONE who you know will confirm it–Spurrier left because he became totally indignant with the administration AND Foley over not standing behind him as he called out–PUBLICLY—FSU over Darnell Dockett’s play on Earnest Graham that probably cost Florida the Tennessee game played late in the year because of 9/11 cancellation. The “demands” of fans had NOTHING to do with it. Only those self-flagellating sycophants who believe the coaches do NOT have even higher expectations than people watching the games, promulgate that garbage.

  100. We will be just fine. We now have a couple of great QBs and a coach that will develop our receivers and yes I know, Grier will redshirt…. I have heard it a million times…I still say he is talented enough to come in and beat out Driskel…yea I am crazy I know…

  101. Lou, you are wrong. Absolutely wrong. And that fact has been part of MANY Dooly stories so you should be able to search for information on the subject yourself. I don’t know that he left BECAUSE of the fans, but he was quoted shortly after the UT game in 2001 as saying, “I guess 9 and 2 isn’t good enough for the Gators anymore”…doesn’t sound like a coach happy with the fan base to me. As far as the administration, they had their issues, but he’s had similar issues at USC or do you not read anything outside of Gatorsports? Foley had not a damn thing to do with Spurrier leaving. I challenge you to find a single credible complete article to back that up.

  102. Hello all, I hope everyone is enjoying the 15 minutes of fame for these young men. I’m going to share some thoughts about the day, the process, and the future of the Orange and Blue (In my humble opinion) if anyone would care to embellish me.
    First things first, I’m of the opinion that this class for the Gators is vastly overrated in terms of perception (I believe we have a top 20 class, but by no means top 10). Listen, Florida has many needs this recruiting cycle (OL/TE & WR/QB/CB) and I think we address most of those needs successfully, for the long-term. I am not convinced that there is a VH3 talent in this class (Maybe Tabor but I’m not 100% sold yet, even then that’s not position where we need the instant impact). Offensive linemen very rarely are impact freshmen in the SEC and even the few that start, there is such a steep learning curve that the impact is sometimes future orientated to get a young guy reps and let them take their lumps. So banking lots of OL is great but we are 2 recruiting classes behind with the numbers, so we are looking at more struggles as old gives way to new and the talent matures. As for the WR position…Florida totally, 100% missed the mark. Whatever Florida is selling to recruits at the position, these young men aren’t buying. Example, Florida identified Lane as a impact offensive talent, than lost him to FSU who was willing to alienate the other WR’s in their class to land him (UF ended up signing the WR’s who were alienated, which is fine, but I think speaks to both teams assessment of the situation, which we are second fiddle to the school out West). This is where the Gators NEEDED an impact offensive player(s) right away, not just to give some production to the offense/position group, but to provide sustained depth. I know we brought in a lot of WR’s last year, and that scares me for the simple fact that the need has been identified and we are STILL unable to land impact talent with any consistency. Same with the TE position. I love the guys we got, I just don’t see any impactful production until a few seasons down the road, which is just too late with the complete lack of depth and production at the position. The combination of the abysmal production at the WR & TE position can be partly put on the OL but those position groups need to own that poor production, which I believe they do, but it speak to the state of the program when Florida is consistently unable to land top skills position talent (especially in Florida). If we can’t identify and bring on campus those instant impact offensive guys (regardless of the stars next to their name), we are a middle-of-the-road SEC East team. Which is fine (I’m not a fan of it but that’s life, I will always love and support my Gators), but after a few season this will affect the entire athletic program as resources will quickly begin to deplete, and lack resources impact the smaller budget sports far more than the big sports. This is where I think Foley is walking a tightrope. He’s batting .500 on football coaches, and the rebuild has been wildly inconsistent to this point. Any manager worth their salt will tell you that you can’t build on instability and inconsistency. So I wait with baited breath, with this season being a pivotal moment for the whole program, not just football. I want to see how we respond, because I can see the next decade (maybe longer if Foley pulls a Meyer and bails when times get tough) similar to Tennessee recently or the Gators of the 70’s.
    Don’t pay attention to the recruiting ranks, they aren’t worth the pixels. Also, these young men have put in a lot of time and effort into getting to today, let them enjoy it. Now, are some trolls for the attention (looking at you Lane), no doubt yes, but they are 18 year olds in front of a camera (either local, cable, or national), so I am by no means surprised some act like teenagers. If that is how they enjoy the day, then that’s their business because as mature adults understand it speaks more about the young man than anything else, which is a lesson they will learn (eventually, hopefully). Wish these guys the best of luck and hope that they will succeed at life, both on and off the field where ever they decide to go. Thanks for the time everyone! Go Gators!!!

  103. tim being realistic is not complaining. Most gator fans are upset with the football program- to pretend everything is fine isnt helpful. gator basketball is the big news this week not recruiting- that in itself should tell you something

  104. FYI you can be a Gator fan and not think Will Muschamp is doing a very good job. In fact, if you are upset that the Gator coach is doing a bad job, I would say that indicates you are a fan. I can explain that principle to my 4 year olds so it can’t be as hard to grasp as some people make it.

  105. Tim, the assumption that if it has been written about it is true or that if it hasn’t been written about isn’t true is a bit concerning. Now, is Lou Vales explanation 100% the reason Spurrier left, I don’t think it was 100%, but I don’t think anyone can convince me that after not being supported by the administration publicly on the issue (which he felt very strongly about) that it wasn’t a little bit easier to take up Dan Snyder’s offer to coach in the NFL and walk away.

  106. Tim, you are correct about not stopping the run down the stretch. Conversely, not having Earnest Graham for that game was a major blow to our offense and as a result, Tennessee was able to get many more minutes on ‘O’ because without Graham, our ability to run some extra clock was limited. A healthy Graham would have a made a difference. SOS said as much back in the day.

  107. Every team will have some departures, some washouts, some that are injury prone, some that just NEVER fulfill potential, etc… It is up to each coaching staff now to develop these athletes. We need player development – on offense, defense & special teams. Go Gators!

  108. This class is a top-10 class, but it could have been so much more. It meets our needs, and it has a few players we did not expect to get, but we missed out on some great players as well, once again.

    The unfortunate thing is that we have missed out on a number of great players over the last three years……..

  109. Lou Vales, Shariff, G8r, Rhinogtr, etc. all are carved from the same cloth. Everything is negative all the time. If they’re not bitching about something, life isn’t worth living. Their lives must really suck because they never have a positive word to say about anything !

    Guys, I think we all get it … last year’s record was entirely unacceptable. If something very good doesn’t happen next year, I think most agree, Muschamp should go but we don’t need to hear you blabber on for the next 7 months before the season starts !! Get a grip and stand together for the players because your bitching isn’t going to accomplish one thing.

  110. Has a change been made in the coaching staff with regards to weight training? I hear our weight training staff was not up to par with the college level. Has a change been made in this area of the program?
    I hope!

  111. I just don’t understand why so many seem to discount the great job they do throughout the entire recruiting process. I’m certainly no expert, but last check showed us at #7 on rivals and #6 on ESPN rankings. We lost a couple this year that had been committed, but gained a couple as well. Given the season we just had, I would say they did a hell of a job putting this class together, and keeping it together for the most part, and filled a lot of areas of need. So we didn’t pull a five star on the last day, no big deal imo. We have plenty of talent, from this class and past. We just need to coach them up, and stay healthy, and we’ll be fine.

  112. I don’t see how anyone could be anything but ecstatic about this class. Both UT and UF have done remarkably well for teams that only won four or five games. I don’t think you’ll hear anyone complaining in Knoxville. To think it could have been so much better is absurd. Three of the top guys, Tabor, Willis, and Holley were like gifts from heaven no one expected them to sign with UF. UF steals a QB from the national champions and gets a running back from Miami on the day he’s scheduled to enroll are fantastic accomplishments for a bad football team. If you quibble with that adjective, even Muschamp said you are what your record says you are. The Gators retained J. C. Jackson and didn’t lose anyone on signing day. A top ten finish in recruiting is something to be celebrated, not frowned upon, after all, UF is not Alabama, they might feel disappointed, but UF should be turning cartwheels.

  113. I think for the year we had his is a great class, but not an ‘A’ class at all. If it were then what would it have been if we were good this year?? We would have had a MUCH better shot for prospects like Jamal Adams, Carter, Adoree, Rudolph, Bo, McMillan to name just a few. PLUS Cook may have never wavered and we would still have him AND Lane.

  114. But for all of those people who were whining about recruiting news being slow recently are ridiculous. The main reason is because we somehow were about to hold onto all of our recruits at the end of the cycle after cook and lane. All the while picking up VERY unexpected recruits that were unknowingly to gator fans our #1 prospects in Holley,Willis,Powell, and Tabor. NEXT stealing 3 recruits from FSU including TREON HARRIS

  115. Snowprint, If you’re excited and turn cartwheels because of trading 5 star players at need positions for the rival’s cast offs, you are truly delusional. Joining arms with UT and singing Kumbaya is absurd. We “stole” a QB from F$U that they stopped recruiting a month ago. We gave them a 5-star WR, to go with the one they already had, Rudolph, and got punked on national TV by Cook. Step away from the Kool-Aid. Is it a disaster? No, but to say we should be ecstatic is poppycock.

  116. 5WideU, I’m all for the Gator players. All I’m saying is that they deserve better than somebody like chump as their HC. He might be a great Def. Coach, but not HC. And Foley needs to take the hit too for jumping the gun, and signing chump to an $8 million deal. That’s why Foley didn’t let him go this past season. Foley had himself an $8million noose, and said what the heck, I’m already into this deep financially, so let’s give him another yr. Time may prove me wrong, but I don’t think so.
    Foley has made two very questionable football coaching hires with Zook and Chump. Does the Gator Nation deserve better, or is this acceptable? If you and I were running a company and made those type hires what do you think would happen? The company wouldn’t be in business very long, and we would be looking for a job too.

  117. The 5* WR (Lane) we gave them got shut down by our 4* CB (Q Wilson) every time we played them. Rudolph will get shut down bu Tabor. We have an awesome defense coming back next year with a lot of quality coming in this year. The future is bright. FSU got lucky this year. The stars aligned for them. They should not have won it all. Remember, that was a team we destroyed the season before. When we get healthy, we will be back on top. If your not on the bandwagon now, go somewhere else.

  118. Shariff and other extremists,

    You don’t get. No fan happy about last year. I’ve been a season ticketholder since I graduated in the late 80’s. Clearly the worst season I’ve ever witnessed. I’m not sure anyone was happy or openly accepted it. The issue is …. the decision for Muschamp to come back has been made and it isn’t going to change no matter how much you whine about it. If we go 7-5 or 8-4 next year, be my guest and come back and bitch and moan to your heart’s content. But if we win the east and/or the SEC, make sure you come back and say you were wrong also. Until then, go to the basketball blogs and let the people who want to talk recruiting communicate in peace.

  119. Sean, I hear what you are saying and I don’t disagree that Graham would have added another dimension. But we ran more plays, had the ball for more time than UT did, had more first downs than they did and had the lead going into to the 3rd quarter. UT gained over 100 yards on two running plays in the 4th quarter. Our ability to run the clock out really didn’t make too much difference. Sure, Graham would have added another dimension but you can’t say not having one player on offense cost you the game when the other team ran the ball for 240 yards. Sure if they were dominating time of possession, and our D was worn out I’d agree with you, but that wasn’t the case in that game. Funny thing about that argument is that Lou has been a big whiner that the injuries shouldn’t have mattered last year…however, here he is saying that because of an injury we didn’t beat UT. I guess that whole argument only works when someone wants it to.

  120. For the sake of history, Spurrier left Florida to coach in the NFL. Back then, it was a no-brainer for a college coach to jump at an NFL offer. When Spurrier was fired from the Redskins, Foley didn’t hire him back. We hired Urban Meyer instead. I love the Head Ball Coach, but I think Meyer was a pretty good hire.

  121. So, am I wrong or do we still have unfilled scholarships? I don’t think FSU, ALABAMA, LSU, and other top programs walk away from NSD with scholarships still unfilled. If I am wrong, I stand corrected. If I am right, that can’t be good.

  122. @ Deathroll & Snowprint,

    You guys are both right. I was forgetting about Powell and Debose…or rather pouting over the I. McKenzie miss! Powell, I believe is very capable of the role and his size works to his/our advantage in the kicking game. C.Thompson might work too. No doubt what a confident Debose can do, but after the hits he took against LSU and UGA: he slowed as a returner and allowed the opponents to dictated the tone. Compound that with his knee injury and his decisiveness may continue to be a off. Still, we may have that need fulfilled, as you two have reminded me. Thanks! Looking forward to what should be an even better 2015 recruiting cycle for the Gators! LUV UF!

  123. Florida currently has the #6 class per ESPN and many posters seem to think this not good and fuss about who did not sign instead of finding joy in the talent that wanted and are going to be Gators! The definition of success has changed in the last 30 years from happy to make it a bowl, prior to Charley Pell to if not competing for a national title the year is a total failure. In addition to ignore the impact of last season’s injuries on the product that showed up on the field is unfair and unrealistic! There is plenty of talent on the team and this class only adds to it. The change in choaches will make a difference. For now, let ‘s wait for next season to see if we can return to prior greatness! Go Gators!

  124. Tim,
    “Funny thing about that argument is that Lou has been a big whiner that the injuries shouldn’t have mattered last year…however, here he is saying that because of an injury we didn’t beat UT. I guess that whole argument only works when someone wants it to.”

    That’s pure gold right there. 🙂 Yeah, you can’t have it both ways. Can’t say that one loss of Graham made a difference in 2002 and then pretend that losing half your starters and many of the backup starters doesn’t affect a team in a MAJOR WAY.

    Injuries do matter. And the rash of injuries (the likes of which we have never seen before) we had last year absolutely matter. To pretend they don’t is delusional and is only done out of blind hatred for Muschamp.

  125. Shariff…..

    Shut up. ESPN has Florida finishing with the 6th ranked class in the country. That is elite. And Florida filled every roster need they had and the 2014 roster will be filled with a lot of elite athletes. Go spread your anti-Gator nonsense somewhere else.

  126. The only problem I really have with Muschamp. Is that he can get these recruits to flip,but every year on signing day he never closes strong.Every year we be in most of the top recruits top 2 or 3 & we miss out on every single 1.Gotta start closing better,proud of the class though.Should be able to contribute this year adding a lot of depth the d-line is sick able to reshirt Brantley & Bostwick,with Holley,Clark,& Willis coming in man loaded.

  127. Shariff…..
    And I suppose you think Georgia Southern would have beat Florida with Driskel or even Murphy at QB, Matt Jones at RB, Green, Humphries, and Moore on the OL, Easley on the DL, and Morrison, Taylor, Anzalone, and Rolin at LB…..yeah, right. Go learn something about football on another site…..

  128. MoneyGreen…..

    Muschamp closes early….and closed late with a bunch of flips, including a 4 star QB flip from FSU. And he closed with the 6th ranked class in the country according to ESPN. So…you have a problem with that?? Really???

  129. You guys are unreal. Will argue just to argue. At the end of the day, it’s still a great class. Top 6 is great in my book. Just because it’s not a number one class does not mean Champ is not qualified. Given the circumstances, I think it’s pretty impressive. It’s also funny to me that most analysts are praising Florida’s recruiting efforts this season. So, the good fans and the professionals all agree it turned out the way it should have. Champ’s first season wasn’t great due in part to the major void in recruiting from Meyer’s staff. He went 11-2 in his second season with a mediocre offense. We’ve had an elite defense since he’s been here. His biggest issue has been missing on OC’s. Everyone praised him after 2012, but one bad season and the lynch mob comes out. He was right, you guys live outside of reality and need to “get a grip”. All the greatest coaches have had some rough seasons at some point. Hell even Nick Saban went 7-6 his first season at ALABAMA! And injuries, i’m sorry, do play a major role in a season. Especially when you play in the toughest conference in the land. Any word on Carter??

  130. Daddy Rabbit…..

    At least I have the intelligence not to insult someone with associations to the male anatomy. I did not say Florida should not have lost the game. I responded to the statement that injuries did not contribute to it, which impacted the entire team performance. If you do not think or believe that, then maybe you should examine your own personal anatomy closer.

  131. And Rabbit…..and Shariff

    Georgia Southern came close to beating FSU a few years back with their first string, 2nd string, and 3rd string playing. And Georgia Southern put up a ton of yards and played Bama well recently as well. It is a tough offense to defend….especially if you are thin depth wise on defense and no offense at all. But the two of you just keep focusing on Georgia Southern and last year. I would rather focus on the bright future of the very talented roster of the Florida Gators….put together by a very good coach in Will Muschamp. You both are welcome to pull for some other team. I encourage it.

  132. Tampa,this is a every year thing Carter & Jackson was at the top of our board,& at some point this year we lead for they service.Jackson i can understand missing out on,because we are loaded at wr & db.But Carter is a buck he was a big need,just in case you don’t know Dante Fowler is as good as gone.Carter was a huge miss.We fill the whole d-line except the buck position.Willis on the strong side to replace Bullard.No buck miss out on Jenkins last year & Carter this year to Georgia that’s not good.

  133. HomerJ, I don’t think any of these recruits have yet played in a game for FSU or UF, it’s difficult to say if any of them will be good or “shut down” the other. FSU was the best team in the country last year, that’s just a fact. Maybe they won’t be this year, but it’s hard to say anyone will be better since they return the nation’s best player at the most critical position. One last thing, FSU was leading UF going into the fourth quarter, so “destroyed” is not the correct adjective to use. It’s possible that UF will be great next year, we’ll see. But UF has Driskel slated to start at the most critical position. Only a person who sees through orange and blue glasses would seriously think UF is going to be “great” if he’s your starting quarterback. Call me crazy but…

  134. Rivals final ranking on the UF class is #8 in the country; Not bad. The down side is that this leaves the Gators with the #6 class in the SEC. I guess Gator Nation has settled back into the middle of the pack in the SEC for now. This didn’t matter when the “old ball coach” was around to coach em up. Reminds of what Bum Phillips used to say about Don Shula; “he could take his’ns and beat your’ns, and take your’ns and beat his’ns. The challenge is there for the coaching staff now; a top 10 group that will need to be coached up! Looking forward to the coming season. Go Gators.

  135. Carolina, with all due respect, one year doeth not make a trend. There is no way our year over year recruiting and program overall is middle of the pack SEC. It’s an elite program. Matter a fact, I would challenge you to find another team that has had a horrific one-off season like Florida did last year and follow it up with a top 10 class. That tells you alot about the UF brand. The big question is, did we get some guys that to fill in our needs for this year in the 5 year plan and it looks like we did.

  136. Bottom line, very few of these guys will have any impact on the team next year anyway …. and that goes for every school, not just the Gators. With a few exceptions (Hargraves being one) there are very few impact true freshmen playing.

    Our defense will be very good, you can be sure of that. The primary question is how much Driskell improves and how many of the 5 WRs we recruited last year step up. Nobody knows the answer to those questions right now.

  137. What Coach Summers does with the offensive lineman for the upcoming season is the single most critical thing for the success of our 2014 Gator college football season. Though the recruitment class of 2014 will help but the coaching of the offensive line must be markedly improved or Roper will not be successful with the changes he makes overall to our offensive!

  138. Sharif, to say that our 3rd stringers should beat Georgia southern — that players with no experience should beat experienced players simply because the possess more long term potential– betrays your complete ignorance about t football and player development. In fact, you must not believe in player development whatsoever to say that. Game time experience is huge according to every coach, ever.

  139. he has a good defensive class but to say it filled the needs- that is coach’s talk- not sure we couldnt bave used at least one good LB even if next year LB is strong and wr was not filled- we are praying demarcus robinson gets his act
    together – our weakness was offense and muschamp has only next year to fix it otherwise adios

  140. Anyone notice that trolls just never go away….they just keep coming back like flies at a summer cookout, landing in and ruining your view of the delicious looking food just off the grill. But a fly swatter works just fine if you have one.

  141. Heard of Roper when he was Eli’s coach at ‘Ole Miss during the Zooker years. 😉

    Thought we did a TREMENDOUS job in this class today and personally, I hope we have those last two schollie filled with some later comers, because I do not want to follow the same path we did with Meyer by “saving” scholarships anymore.

    Fill ’em with guys who are back-up plans IMO because personally, we need more offensive skill players to balance out the roster.

    That said, what a great class today! One of the better ones on paper that we’ve had under the Muschamp Regime… it addressed all our needs, brought in two STUD QB’s, flipped three from our rivals in Tally (and Worton is, without a doubt, a better receiver than Lane), and we flipped players from Penn St., Arizona, and even USF.

    Excellent hustle by the coaching staff and a great recruiting year even after a dismal 4 – 8 campaign last season. My hat is tipped to the coaches on this fine class, which ended up right about where I thought it would be, #6.

  142. Really concerned about our inability to attract big playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. There seems to be a complete switch with GA now pulling players from our state. This is a good class but not a great one. We are losing the battle on and off the field to our rivals. Not a Meyer fan, but he had a great recruiting record and winning record against our rivals. I like Muschamp, but the Ga South game has created some doubt. Hopefully we can get healthy and start utilizing some of the talent on our roster. This will be a pivotal year for Gator football.

  143. Like the Ole Ball Coach used to say, If they dont want to be a Gator – move on, we are better for it. I am good with what was recruited thus far. I think there are a few more out there as there always it that can play and we will see how that plays out. Walk-on stars at UF have been the saving grace for many years as it has with other programs. Some of the Gator’s best talent with no attitude problems were walk-ons. I would rather do without the problem kids. Some other schools are already having trouble with signees before they even enroll – not a good sign. Lets see what Muschamp brings with his own guys – God knows he wasnt left with the best program.

  144. TOM, I’m not trying to insult you, but you don’t know a thing about recruiting if you’re going to say this is “a good class, but not a great one”. I’ve heard this all day from Gators who seemed to have forgotten all those great kids in this class who stuck with their commits or enrolled early and concentrated only on the high-profile 5*’s on NSD.

    Last year we brought in five receivers, two excellent RB’s, and this year we brought ijn two stud QB’s, three very good pass-catching TE’s, and two very solid receiver prospects. Not sure how you consider a Top 6 or 7 class as just “good”.

    When you’re in the top 10 in recruiting every year, you’re doing very well.

  145. Harris are you serious? Muschamp will play who he like, but not the best players. Get ready gator fans for another garbage season with Jeff Driskell at the helm. He played against Miami and lost. I don’t know what he has on the HC, but Muschamp is going to throw his career away on this guy. Losing season with Driskell, he can’t throw the football. Harris you pick that garbage to allow so much talent you have to be wasted at Florida?

  146. Now everyone must wait until the Gators play Alabama in the fourth game of the season to see if the Gators are better this year. It would be folly to pay attention to anything the coaches or media guys say after spring or summer camp. Since the Gators play terrible teams in their first three games, we still won’t know anything. For those of you who actually pay attention to what the coaches or media say, let me remind you of the propaganda that’s been fed to you. Remember a couple of years ago when Latroy Pittman was going to be the next great receiver? How about the sane for Demarcus Robinson last year? how about Powell was “unblockable” last year? Maybe that nonsense came from the fact that UF’s offensive line can’t block anyone anyway. Maybe the talent level in Gainesville is not that good? For instance, Ronald powell was a total bust and he was supposedly the best high school player in the nation. Finally, the biggest load of bull will probably be when we’re told again about how much Jeff Driskel has improved. We were fed that line last year, I think we saw at Miami that Driskel is what he’s always been, a mediocre quarterback.

  147. FSU, you DO realize that the ONLY time in the last four season fsu has actually faced the Gators with their starting QB uninjured they kicked fsu’s ass, right? It was Jeff Driskel last year in Doak who did it too. Big talk from a fsu fan who obviously rationalized the rape of an fsu co-ed so he could feel good about himself and talk smack on his rivals’ message boards.
    Amazing how you nolies actually win a NC (and against the weakest strength of schedule on record EVER by a national champion), and the first thing you do is come over on your Big Brother’s board to chest-thump.
    LOL “little brother syndrome” at it’s finest.

  148. I think coaches should not allow athletes to go near scooters. Last year, Nick O’Leary has a crash with a car that he somehow walks away from with only a bruised body. Also Tyler Moore, of the Gators, has a season ending injury when he breaks his arm riding a scooter. Now the Gators starting outfielder who led the team in hitting last year is suspended after crashing his scooter. This last occurrence is a huge blow to a baseball team that finished with a losing record last year. Speaking of last year, it must feel good to UF fans that it’s past. How in the world UF could ever have a losing record in baseball or football?