Jackson talks surprise trip to UF

All indications are that J.C. Jackson will sign with Florida. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Florida commit J.C. Jackson never fails to make things interesting, and he did so again this weekend.

The four-star athlete was initially scheduled to officially visit Florida State, the school he appeared destined for after his comments at the Under Armour All-America Game.

He then called off the trip Thursday and set up an in-home visit with Miami coach Al Golden for Saturday. Chris Jackson, J.C.’s father, said his son’s recruitment would come down to UF and UM.

Before his meeting with Golden, however, Jackson changed plans one last time.

He woke up and decided to visit Florida, making the five-hour trip to Gainesville and arriving at 2 p.m.

“It was spur of the moment,” said Jackson, who was decked out in Gator gear.

The 5-foot-10, 175-pounder was reluctant to speak with The Sun as he was heading home, but did talk briefly about his trip.

“I had a nice time,” he said. “I came to spend time with my position coach, T-Rob (Travaris Robinson). I love him. I went to the basketball game and had a good experience.”

Jackson left UF at 6:30 p.m. and will make it back to Immokalee in time for Golden to visit him before the contact period ends at midnight.

When asked if his UF pledge had been solidified, Jackson responded, “You’ll see Wednesday.”


  1. Zack….

    Per what the recruiting reporters out west have been saying, Adoree Jackson is obviously down to USC or UCLA. And him visiting both this weekend fairly much says that….and Florida looks out of the picture. Not what I was hoping for with him He is a real talent and a great kid. But the lure of LA was probably way to much to resist.

  2. Well, the headline made me think it was the other Jackson. Touche, Zach. You caught my interest. These kids from Immokalee are different, to put it mildly. When the papers are signed and faxed is when I’ll believe anything about a kid from Immokalee.

  3. I still say we get both Jacksons. JC seems to be proving what his uncle said and unless Adoree was never serious about taking track into high consideration Florida is the obvious choice. USC and UCLA aren’t up to UF overall in football and our track program completely blows them away. If I had any doubt as one of the coaches I’d try to get Jeff Demps to call this guy up. National Titles in both football and track plus going to the Olympics and NFL. Who else can offer a player that??

  4. Jackson left UF at 6:30 p.m. and will make it back to Immokalee in time for Golden to visit him before the contact period ends at midnight.
    That’s just funny. Can’t you picture Goldenfraude waiting at the Immokalee Jiffy Mart at 11:30, anxiously checking his watch? The cane fanboys are on full hate for this kid now.

  5. Definitely a great sign that he took a spur of the moment visit. Also great that he said he loves his position coach. Nothing is guaranteed, but looks pretty good. Any news on how Prince’s visit went? Any commits coming from the juniors that visited?

  6. In case you guys missed it, I would try to sell Jeff Demps to Adoree Jackson. I would get Jeff Demps to call. Him. I would get Jeff Demps to talk to him about our track program. I would get Jeff Demps to talk to him about joining our football team. I would get Jeff Demps to show him why he should become a Gator.

  7. I agree with you AZG-_77. I think selling Jeff Demps would be the best way to go with Adoree Jackson. Jeff Demps knows both our football and track programs. I used to hang out with Jeff Demps a little. He was super cool. I would be willing to talk to Adoree Jackson for Jeff Demps if I knew how to get in touch with him. I could tell him how much Jeff Demps enjoyed his time here and how Jeff Demps is now a household name across the country because of his accomplishments in our football program.

  8. TJ…..

    Better hurry with the Demps suggestion……recruiting is over at midnight tonight. Kids then have 2 days and one night to get it right in their minds. I just hope all of them select the school that is best for them, be it Florida or another school. It is a life decision for them. Good luck to all of them as they select their school of choice. And….I hope most of them will consider the importance of a college degree, be them leaving early for the NFL or not. Go Gatos!

  9. Fisher…..

    I seriously doubt the kid would have driven all the way up to Gainesville for a short visit just for fun. Obviously, he had some key questions to ask the coaches to their face. Trust is the key. I am sure he went back home with that trust assured.

  10. It’ll be a good trade for Adoree Jackson who I do not think will commit to UF now, unless he’s playing some serious mind games.

    Also, just let me say that I like J.C.’s actions and class during all of this. He came to see UF coaches for several hours but still honored a visit with Golden.

    I like a kid who keeps his promises, regardless of who he made them to.

  11. James Fisher – would take your posts more seriously if all of your posts weren’t negative. Hard to believe someone who in every post tells you the sky is falling. You may turn out to be right, but visiting Gainesville took a lot more effort than taking a home visit from Golden. It may amaze you but the Gators will signing some more recruits to what is already a good class.

  12. I am not a Noles fan, so I do not know how well their class has met their needs. I do think the Gators have done well meeting their needs. Of course only time will tell. Seminoles have more verbal commits, but the average stars per recruit are very similar. Of course I know you will tell me that the Seminoles have done a lot better as your view of the Gators is all negative.

  13. Gator Todd….

    J.C. does seem to be a kid with class. However, I am now wondering…because of his class….did he drive all the way to Gainesville to inform the Gators coaches…..in a much more classy manner than Cook….that he is going to be a Cane? You have to wonder. But I hope it was just to get some questions answered, as I stated above. We will find out Wednesday for sure. Picking a school can be really difficult for these recruits because of the multi relationships they build with coaches from various schools. It is hard to tell any of them them no…..unless you are a recruit named, Cook.

  14. Well Tampa he was reportedly decked out in Gator gear so that’s a good sign he didn’t decommit. Also I believe Muschamp is smart enough that he wouldn’t let Jackson be a big signing day flip if he could help it. First he’d try to convince him otherwise. And if that didn’t work and he KNEW he was Miami bound I believe he’d make it public that JC decommitted. Signing day flips are bad media. As a coach I’d rather slip it early so it wasn’t a big talked about surprise come signing day

  15. I have a different take altogether on J.C. Jackson’s Saturday visit to UF. I think he simply wanted to experience being in the crowd at the O’Dome, try out being a Gator. He arrived two hours before tip-off and left soon after the game ended. I believe the visit was a part of J.C.’s evaluative process and that following Al Golden’s visit today the young man will thoughtfully come to his signing day decision. So I’m not sure, until we hear something definitive from Mr. Jackson, that we necessarily have him in this class. But I sure hope so. He seems to be a guy we’d want on our team.

  16. If Jackson flips on signing day, it won’t be news because he’s been counted out of this class for weeks. If he sticks to his pledge, that will be surprising, but not newsworthy. A newsworthy flip would be Harris or Rudolph, since they are both wanted by the defending national champions. A flip from Alabama would also be noteworthy. J.C. Jackson will only interest people in Florida.

  17. FWIW, re: Adoree and the California schools, neither USC nor UCLA has a ranked track and field team while in the most recent rankings Florida was second Zander LSU 25th. I think Adoree Jackson is a Gator if he wants to do both sports and, if he’s actually not all that zealous for track, he’ll go to one if those West Coast schools and only concentrate on football.

  18. I agree Gatormac. If he’d at all serious about both football AND track then there’s only 1 obvious choice out of the 4 (probably out of the country). Not worried about the visit. He’s said before he saw all he needed in his last visit to Gainesville. Since then he’s stayed very high on us and kept us in his finals. Obviously seeing all he needed wasn’t in a bad way. Sounds like he’s the type not to be swayed by emotions immediately following 1 visit. Sounds like he’s got a good head on his shoulders and knows how to evaluate past the base emotions. I see him in a gator uniform soon

  19. Now, since some of the stuff I just read, I think J.C. Jackson will decommit or flip to Miami on signing day. From the people I have on the inside, J.C. Jackson is headed to Miami all the way. Too bad. He could have been great. Go Gators!

  20. Predictions: J.C. can’t believe what his dominate personality has ordered him to do and his trip to Gainesville was to show himself what he is about to foolishly pass on…best of luck to the kid. Adoree stays out west, if track was that important, Oregon would still be in the picture. Lo Carter, UGA. We fire off the way we usually do and unfortunately, we close the way we usually close. By any mean necessary, GET McKENSIE! LUV UF!