Prince previews UF visit

Damian Prince will choose between Florida and Maryland on National Signing Day. (Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post).

Florida has been trending upward for offensive tackle Damian Prince throughout this month, and that will culminate this weekend when the Under Armour All-American makes an official visit to UF.

It will be his third time in the state of Florida, but first trip to Gainesville.

“I really want to just see the school, get to see the campus, and see how the players interact with the coaches,” Prince said. “I’ve never been there before, so I need to see if it’s the right fit for me.”

Leading the charge for Florida in that endeavor will be new offensive line coach Mike Summers and freshman cornerback Jalen Tabor.

The Gators began gaining steam for Prince when those two became UF bound in the second week of January. Summers is Prince’s favorite offensive line coach, and Tabor his best friend.

Florida will count on those relationships to help Prince reach the comfort level he has with in-state Maryland, his other finalist. The Terps have long been considered the favorite for him, but their recent staff turnover at his position has presumably made the Gators more appealing with the hire of Summers.

Prince is also a fan of new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper and sees an opportunity at UF.

“I want to play in the kind of offense he runs — fast-paced and exciting” Prince said of Roper. “I think it was good move for Florida. I like what I’ve seen from him.”

The 6-foot-5, 292-pounder is rated a five-star prospect by Rivals and 247Sports. He will announce his decision Wednesday at 10:25 a.m ET on ESPNU.


  1. Come on big boy… Need some road graders
    Any idea when the others are announcing? Jcj, McKenzie, Harris and Worton…
    Interesting that carter is announcing at 340 eastern and McWilliams (presumably) waits on LC.

  2. If you read the bio on this young man, he seems to be the quality man we want. If he is like his grandfather, he will be an attribute. And, the northeast and east states have contributed to the football arena!

  3. Oh…yeah….forgot about a guy named Percy Harvin, who was from the NE. All, a long line of failures from the NE part of the country. Prince is next to join them….as a star at Florida a potentially in the NFL as well. Join the list….Mr. Prince. Welcome to Gator Nation. The team needs players as good as you. Go Gators.

  4. Reading that it will be USC or UCLA for Adoree Jackson. Too bad if true.
    Also…Georgia looking very good for Lorenzo Carter and Va. Tech for McKinzie. So, possibly only closes for Prince, Worton, and McWilliams on NSD. Wish the staff had landed a big time, 5-star WR. But maybe next year with Campbell.

  5. Dustin….

    Powell is from California. And he, although leaving early to be a late round draft pick (at best), was way overhyped by the recruiting sites and the coaches. He never ever lived up to expectations (injuries did not help) and probably should have played on the offensive side of the ball at TE. The Gators could have used him there last year. Super nice guy, however. And a quality human being.

  6. Speaking of recruiting…..for 2015. Did anyone else see the very impressive list of 2015 recruits that will be in Gainesville this weekend. You probably could build a team of All-Americans from the group. I hope they leave with a very positive lasting impression after the weekend…..along with Prince. Go Gators.

  7. Hopefully, we have a real good chance with Damian Prince and Adoree Jackson.
    Not looking good at the moment with Isaiah McKenzie.
    He just dropped Notre Dame from his final choices and added Virginia Tech. He has followed Virginia Tech since he was 11 years old and calls them his “dream school”. He is visiting Virginia Tech this weekend after they offered him.

  8. I have been critical of Muschamp for various reasons, but I’d like to share my support for his recent efforts to revamp the offense…like he preached, he looked in the mirror and started with his own philosophy. IMO, after 1-2 years of proven offensive potency, we will again attract nation-wide elite offensive talents. Now is the time – Bama has begun to descend back to earth after being exposed by OU and AJ moving on. They still get a bunch of ‘bandwagon’ guys but also have begun losing some and even having recruits back-out on them! Get in Prince! Everyone knows UF will be UF again in short order! LUV UF!

  9. You will be the “Prince” of GATOR NATION! When Damian chooses UF and with the rest of the commits we are getting this year, it looks very promising for the future of Florida football. Come on young man you will be a fan favorite! GO GATORS!

  10. TigerCat Zero, you are mistaken about Alabama. They may have lost a couple of games, but I don’t see them losing eight anytime soon. As for players, they have the number one recruiting class again, and everyone else is fighting for second, and it’s not even close. As for McCarron leaving, he wasn’t that good in the first place ad they now have FSU’s backup to replace him. Let’s see how far they’ve descended when UF goes to play them this year,

  11. Anyone who posts under the name Arizona_Gator will have their comment deleted. The real Arizona_Gator, please use another name. If I see comments with different emails and IP addresses that use the same name, I will delete them as well. I’ll also be deleting any comments that attack other posters. I apologize in advance if I don’t get to them soon enough.

  12. @ snowprint, no question they have a great thing going and will continue to do well but they are not head and shoulders above everyone the way many impulsively credit them to be. Recruiting momentum is in their favor but my feel is it soon shifts. They can’t get all the recruits, but they have done a great job of developing and instilling confidence in their take. AJ was a HUGE part of there success during his career; hopefully Coker is not as successful. I am a little more optimistic in contrast to yourself, I don’t see us losing 8 either. Everyone will be looking to see how much we’ve improved. I honestly don’t know what to expect going into the season but I do know we are not going to lay down for NOBODY! My expectations are, we go in there and we show we have what it takes to execute offensively and defensively and beat a good team on the road. That game will be the one where our lights come on again. LUV UF!

  13. @snowprint. just my opinion but McCarron was one of the most underrated QB’s out there. No he doesnt have the flash of Manziel or the mechanics of Aaron Murray, but he knew how to manage the game. I do agree however that it wont impact Bama at all. Lets not forget McCarron led bama to the National title as a freshman. Bama’s Offense in my opinion lives and dies with their RB’s and they are stacked in that department

  14. Thank You Zach for trying to get these losers off a GATOR blog! If all you have to say are negative things get on with that some where else! No one is ok with or happy about this past season but its over, Muschamp is still coach, Driskel will still probably be starter etc.. Best news is that Muschamp realized his offensive scheme was not working and admitting to the problem is half the battle. I believe Roper and Summers will help this O tremendously. There are a lot of athletes and a lot of talent at UF and this new spread scheme will show it. We have spring, summer, and 3 cake home games to get it into a rhythm before traveling to Bama. This class even being top 10 is amazing considering the year UF had and the coaching turn around. The players really like Muschamp and that is a testament to him. I really believe UF has a great shot at Prince and him and Sharpe will be beast on the O line. I also think the track team will help UF get Adoree Jackson. With those 2 and possibly another 3-4* receiver this class may finish top 5 on most boards. Go Gators!!

  15. @snowprint. that Bama game is going to be HUGE! Both teams will prepare for MONTHS, beginning in Spring! Where you probably see the Tide rolling, I see UF putting the college football world ON NOTICE! What a wonderful opportunity for us, it will be! Makes me want to go for a run right now! LUV UF!

  16. It really depends. I see this as probably one of the top 5 important games in the last decade. I don’t know who to predict though. If Florida figures out offense again and Roper does his thing I could point out a lot of reasons I think our offense could be dangerous. If our offense just scores like 30 points I don’t think there’s a team in the nation that could score that much on this D when healthy. Then again if we get more of the same on offense it won’t be pretty. It all comes down to 3 things in my mind. 1. Are we healthy? 2. Is Roper allowed to have complete control and do his thing. 3. Is mike summers as good as we think and the one to get our line back on top. If the answer to those 3 questions are yes I think people will be surprised just how far we go despite a tough schedule. All I can do for now though is say we’ll see

  17. I have really spent a lot of time analyzing this upcoming football season. I have a vast amount of knowledge of college football from watching in on tv so much. I can tell you that after I used my unique formula to predict each game this upcoming season, I think we will finish 5-7. I am usually very accurate in my predictions about college football and recruiting. I have much more in depth knowledge than most people. 5-7 is a lock.