Contact period: Day 14 notes


Florida running backs coach Brian White was in Maryland Wednesday visiting with Damian Prince.

The five-star offensive tackle from Forestville (Md.) Bishop McNamara will take his final official to UF this weekend.

His recruitment is a battle between the Gators and the in-state Terps, who many feel have a slight edge heading into his first-ever trip to Gainesville.

Florida coach Will Muschamp, defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin and secondary coach Travaris Robinson hit South Florida in hopes of solidifying one verbal commitment and stealing another.

All three were in West Palm Beach attending Wednesday night’s Cardinal Newman basketball game to watch Florida State receiver commit Travis Rudolph.

Receivers coach Joker Phillips was at his game last week. Muschamp then had an in-home visit with Rudolph and gave his final attempt to sway him from FSU.

Based on what Rudolph has been saying lately, it doesn’t look like that will happen. Whether those comments are truthful or not remains to be seen on signing day.

Durkin and Robinson had an in-home visit with Immokalee athlete J.C. Jackson. Florida’s efforts to keep Jackson from visiting FSU were seemingly a success, as he currently has no plans to go anywhere this weekend.

However, Miami coach Al Golden is scheduled to go in-home with him Saturday. Jackson has visited UM numerous times since committing to UF, including last weekend for Miami’s basketball game.

It now appears his final decision will come down to the Gators and the Hurricanes.

Florida also went to see Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna defensive tackle Khairi Clark, who has no questions surrounding his UF commitment.


  1. I doubt UF will get Mckenzie. I think he goes to Notre Dame. It seems like UF is chasing a lot of guys already committed to another school or only offered very late by UF. I don’t know if there’s a problem with evaluating prospects, a result of Roper wanting people not wanted previously, continued fallout from not getting Cook and Lane, or a combination of all of the above. It just seems strange to be chasing after other schools commits.

  2. @Snowprint…..

    The only player Florida is seriously chasing that is committed elsewhere is Rudolph….probably because Florida was the leader for him at one time and because of Lane’s de-commit. J.C. Jackson is committed to Florida and the coaches are fighting off Miami. Adoree Jackson, Damian Prince, and McKinzie are uncommitted recruits.

  3. Shariff….

    If It did not mean much, I am sure Muschamp and his assistants would not have bothered showing up. What it does mean is that they are showing that they want Rudolph in Gainesville by showing up….and that means a lot. But it does not mean he will come to play in Gainesville. But, I guarantee you this…..if the coaches did not feel they had some shot of flipping him by showing up and visiting with him, they would not have bothered to spend the time and money doing so.

  4. Anyone who thinks Rudolph is overrated obviously does not know what they are talking about. He may be the most complete WR in this class according to ESPN & Rivals. He has stood out at every camp & combine he has attended including the “Opening” in Oregon and the Under Armour practices and game. He has great hands, good speed and is the best route runner in this class. In regard to poor competition, the same can be said for Will Grier as well, but that has not stopped any of the analysts that do this for a living projecting them both as big time college prospects.

  5. Snow you have to realize that’s what recruiting is. You don’t give up on a player because he commits (see fowler). And either way you build a relationship with these kids so I’m sure they talk to them regardless of what happens, that’s also what recruiting a about btw. I’m glad they are putting the pressure on FSU and hopefully we can get Harris from them. And how can you say Rudolph is over rated? He absolutely balled out at the all American camps.

  6. I agree, but guys like Porter, Harris, Mckenzie, Worton, Sousa, etc. weren’t even offered until very late in the game. UF seems to be doing a great job of playing catch-up, both Sousa and Porter have flipped, but I’m just bringing up the fact that UF didn’t offer some guys they want now until very late in the game. Some, like Sousa, may not be bothered by that, but some will feel slighted and ignore a last minute pitch. I just think it’s human nature to not want to someone’s second or third choice.

  7. The coaches are offering these guys the chance of a lifetime. A great education in the best Conference in America. The chance to compete year in and year out against the best athletes around. Hopefully the kids realize it.

  8. So I disagree with the assumption that we are running around chasing guys we didn’t previously want. We had original a class of 15 to sign, that we thought would be maybe a class of 18 and possibly as many as 20 on the very outside. It’s now opened up to a class of about 24 or so. We have already had every one of our major needs filled and a lot of them were filled by early enrollees. Now in the 12 hour, we’ve been in contention for Willis, Prince, and others and have gotten commitments from some of them already. Everyone is basing this feeling that we are chasing guys on two commitments…Lane and Cook, but want to ignore the guys we’ve picked up that we weren’t expected to like Tabor and Willis. So you want to complain we don’t have “high profile” WRs and RBs coming in this year but last year we signed 5 WRs (3 were very highly rated) and 2 RBs (1 was #1) and don’t give me this nonsense about they didn’t do anything….freshman RARELY do in the SEC. Sure…maybe you have a standout here or there but you look at the all-SEC team and it’s not full of freshmen WR and RBs…sorry. You want to see why we don’t have any production at WR look at the 2011 and 2012 class. Only 2 rated WRs in the 2011 class and 1 in the 2012 class. Lane and Cook do not make this class…period. If J.C. stays committed, and you can pick up another rated kid (even if he’s a 1 or 2 year project), you still have a pretty solid class at WR for 2014 to compliment the 2013 class and build the depth we need. I can’t for the life of me figure out why everyone wants to make it sound like we’re scrambling…the way I see it we’re decorating the icing on the cake at this point…this class is pretty solid.

  9. actually lack of competition is big concern on any recruit including Grier. It is a reason why I think Brandon Powell is a legit recruit- Deerfield plays much better competition than Cardinal Newman. Camps and all star games are fine but weekly games tell you the most

  10. Gotta close strong coaches! Rudolph sticks with FSU unless for some odd reason Dupree decides to go there over LSU, which would be some great matchups for years to come with VH3 and Tabor vs Lane, Rudolph and Dupree. Doesn’t look like Jackson is gonna make the trip this weekend and I wouldn’t read much into that. Close strong!!!

  11. Well said Tim! Pump the breaks Gator Nation! We will be fine. An a little birdie told me that Lane may not have even qualified for what that’s worth. Not sure if Zach has any info on that or not but I’ll take a kid like Worton that actually wants to (hopefully) be a Gator and come to work everyday.

  12. Recruiting… dontcha’ love it? 😉

    We’ve actually done a fine job on the OL this year and have some more good talent coming in at WR and TE. I’d like one more LB in this class, but overall, the flips this staff has engineered have been quite impressive and I think we end up right around #5 concensus again if we get Adoree and Prince in this class,

  13. I think we lose both Jackson and Clark. Jackson has been playing a game with us the whole time and Clark is just pulling a Dante Fowler. Jackson can be replaced, maybe we can even get Lammons back if Jackson signs somewhere else. Clark will be harder to replace. I don’t think we get Jalen Tabor in the end either.

    • Arizona_Gator,
      Tabor is already enrolled at Florida, and Clark shows absolutely no signs of wavering and has only visited the school he’s committed to. Dante Fowler visited UF six times while he was an FSU pledge.

  14. SH Gator, VH3 won’t be around for years. He’s got a first round pick waiting on him as soon as he is eligible.

    Agree with everyone about the level of competition. Said the same thing about Grier. He looks good, but he’s not playing against athletes anywhere near what he’ll see in the SEC.

    Haven’t heard much about Treon Harris. Is he still in the mix or have the Gators given up on him?

  15. we have to have either adoree jackson or prince, preferably both.

    i am not impressed with muschamp’s recruiting thus far. it is a “b” or “b-“, and for a program like ours, that is just not good enough. rivals and espn have us ranked around 7th or 8th. we must get in the top 3.

    muschamp and company must close strong.

    current recruiting ranking is not acceptable.

  16. John,

    Fans like you that just give Gator Nation a bad name considering your stupidity. Your that guy that wins a Natty and wants one the next year or the seasons a bust. First off, don’t pay attention to class rankings from Rivals or ESPN! Who cares, look at what our needs are on a year in and year out basis and rate it from there. Tabor on campus already was the biggest get period and we’re signing a small class that wouldn’t even be possible to be top 3 allegedly. An how did that #1 class work out for us in 2010? Rankings mean nothing!!

  17. john – After a horrible season the Gator staff has a top 10 recruiting class going and you are not impressed. Truthfully I am less concerned about the ranking than how they fill needs. We will have to wait and see how good these kids turn out to be, but on paper I really like this class.

  18. The coaches going to Cardinal Newman is about more than Randolph. That’s one of those schools that regularly turns out D-1 talent. Randolph may not come to UF, but there might be a Frosh or Soph who hears that Florida coaches came to visit the school to give love to one of the seniors, and put UF in his mind a bit.

  19. Hey Zach-early scoopage. I just got word on a guy here in Looziana that lives not far from me in Baton Rouge. Dude is 15 years old & is about 6’6″, 260. The people tell me he absolutely HATES lsu & is a diehard Gator fan. I gave his info to you on twitter. You may want to followup on him for the future. Looking forward to Lo Carter possibly joing the class.. GO GATORS!!! #crunchtime!!!!

  20. Per Zach, AJC which covers Carter more than anyone today’s says Lorenzo’s most likely going to be a Gator. And why not? We have a hole at the Zbuck position, are sending guys (McCree and Powell) on to the NFL, are putting together the best front line haul in the SEC, brought in great LBs last year and top-notch defensive tackle prospects, too. Georgia has Jeremy Pruitt and Tracy Rocker, no position coach though. We have D.J. Durkin and Brad Lawing and a head coach who comprehends great defense. Plus Muschamp is as personable as can be.

  21. Lizardgrad89 Then why are all the schools that win national championships also the schools that have finished highly in the recruiting rankings leading up to their championship? There are not 100% accurate but its crazy to say they mean nothing.

  22. I think there is no favorite for Carter. If he has one, he hasn’t give any sign. We’ll have to wait for signing day. On another note, UF faces Kentucky in the third game this season which is a change, they’ll now have three cupcakes to patrtake before the real season starts. But the days of Kentucky being an automatic win may change in the future. Kentucky is putting together a remarkable class, for Kentucky. It’s too early to tell if Stoops is a good head coach, but he is getting players that you wouldn’t expect to go to Kentucky.

  23. Shariff – Of the verbal commits 12 are offensive and 9 are defensive. The Gators signed 5 wide receivers and 2 running backs in last year’s class. If the offensive line improves, it will be a lot easier to put up points.

  24. Zach, once this class is assembled, how about including a follow-up story about these last two classes, how they fit together toward Florida’s future? It would provide some perspective on what these 45 -50 players could provide over coming years. How many OL-men, WRs, DTs, CBS, and so forth.

  25. I think Prince is overrated anyways. We already have some good offensive linemen committed. I do not see it as a big loss if he goes to Maryland. And Adoree Jackson will likely end up a bust just like just about every other kid we have gotten from California. They are overrated and never turn out to be as good as advertised.

  26. FSU hasn’t given up on JC Jackson yet. I saw Charles Kelly(def coordinator) and another guy having lunch with JC’s dad today in Immokalee. I know his dad so i walked over and gave my two cents as to why he should come to the good guys . I still think it comes down to us or scUM. He’s getting a lot of local pressure to go to UM, so we’ll see.

  27. Thanks, Dub. I’m hoping his ferocious determination to succeed will translate into his learning curve as our head coach. The past season seemed to humble him, reflected in the major shift he’s made for the offense. True Gators stick together.