Contact period: Day 13 notes


Florida secondary coach Travaris Robinson made a West Coast trip Tuesday to see Adoree’ Jackson.

Afterward, the five-star athlete from Gardena (Calf.) Junipero Serra announced his four finalists on Twitter.

The 5-foot-10, 182-pounder has already officially visited LSU and is still deciding whether to take his final trip to Florida, Southern Cal or UCLA. national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell of reported Monday that Jackson’s parents preferred Tennessee, but he favors the Gators. With the Vols now eliminated, that could be good news for UF.

It’s still important for Florida to get him to visit this weekend, but there’s talk that he may not to use his last official. Jackson attended Friday Night Lights in late July and told The Sun earlier this month that a return trip isn’t necessary because he saw everything he needed to in Gainesville.

Robinson, defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin and head coach Will Muschamp conducted an in-home visit Tuesday night with UF cornerback commit Quincy Wilson of Fort Lauderdale University School.

The Gators also visited three Rivals100 members from the class of 2015 and offered 2015 Thomasville (Ga.) Thomas County Central defensive end Austin Bryant (6-5, 244).

QB Jarrett Stidham, 6-2, 188, Stephenville, Texas/Stephenville
RB Soso Jamabo, 6-3, 200, Plano, Texas/Plano West
CB Tyrek Cole, 5-10, 170, Miramar, Fla./Miramar (Florida State commit)

Another Rivals100 member, 2015 Orlando Timber Creek running back Jacques Patrick (6-2, 225), had Florida stop by his school Monday.


  1. A visit never hurts but he is already very familiar with the gator program and to expect an 18 year old to fly across the country for one last visit not so sure that is the icebreaker. The coaches have met with him numerous times. USC is around the corner so a visit there is quite easier but I wouldn’t put too much into that choice of visits

  2. Tn Gator – He already made his projections. No one can give deadly accurate predictions with some of these kids. They change their minds so quickly, that it is all just an educated guess as to where they will end up.

  3. I think TN_Gator was being tongue-in-cheek, and we’re all eager for Zack’s perspective and updated forecasts in this twisting and turning process. Just read Lo Carter’s mother’s interview on about UGly’s in-home visit, how the family will be guests in Athens with coaches for a Super Bowl party. Coach Muschamp has the final in-home visit Thursday night. How can he possibly get there, given the disaster in Atlanta? Nor cross is right in the teeth of the traffic stall. Expect us to nab Rocel McWilliams instead.

  4. Gator863,
    I understand! I was being sarcastic about his deadly accurate projections. I am also aware of his already made projections. As we get closer the chances of a recruit change. With his knowledge of recruiting and ability to speak to recruits I ask if his picks have changed.

  5. Tn Gator,

    Sorry – kind of hard to tell when someone is being sarcastic in a post. It is much easier to detect in person. I also would be interested in hearing an updated projection. Hopefully the Gators finish strong.

  6. Tn Gator, I hope Zach is correct on Prince, Adoree, and McKenzie. Harris changing to the Gators would be great. I am hoping for Carter since the Gators held the lead for a long time. It looks like another Georgia kid stays in Georgia. If its true then McWilliams or Godcheaux would be just fine. We need another rush DE. Could another huge flip be possible like Fowler last year or do we stand on the above mentioned kids? Worton looks like a Gator!

  7. If he doesn’t use his last official to come visit UF, we probably aren’t going to land him, unfortunately. It’s hard to uproot a kid from his family and fly him all the way across the country like this. Seems like a great kid though and I hope we can land him.

  8. i think we should focus more on instate talent. we are the top state for high school talent. I know we will always want to cherry pick but it seems like muschamp puts a higher % on out of state players. that being said , we are having a great year all things considered. we should be on top of the hill, not the one climbing it!

  9. Someone elsewhere said Adoree lives with a relative in California, is from Illinois. If so he wouldn’t necessarily be leaving much of his family behind. Given the calibre of our track and field program, it would appear we stand a solid chance for him. Haven’t heard much about Harris in several days. Anyone know anything?

    • The only uncommitted recruits I’ve made predictions for so far are Carter (UGA), Lammons (USCe), Lane (FSU), Prince (UF) and Worton (UF). I’ve also predicted Harris to flip to Florida. I will predict Adoree’ Jackson, Isaiah McKenzie and a few others in the coming days.

  10. I think we get Jackson. I think our track program will be too much to say no to. I mean look what Demps did hear. National titles in both sports and went on to the NFL and Olympics.
    James A mock class is different from final predictions. The mock class was pretty much who he thought uf would end with if they had to sign that day. It’s more of an update. A final prediction is something he’s going to wait until he has all the info for.

  11. Harris is a Big question for me, that is we are not getting any feedback as to his leaning. He would be a great addition to this TEAM. I think he is a bigger get than Jackson(just my opinion) need wise. We have receivers that are going to be GREAT this year with our revamped line and a “NEW” offensive scheme. If anyone has heard anything on Harris please share it. GO GATORS!!!!

  12. I wonder why the offensive line is going to be “revamped?” As far as I know the same guys are coming back and Harrison and Halapio are gone. I think every returning guy, except for Garcia was denounced for his play last year by the fans. Who is going to be the center? Will the tackles be better? Humphries was benched last year and Green hasn’t been great either. The JUCO kid wasn’t pursued by any quality programs so his ability to come in and play has to be questioned. It seems like offensive line coaches are a pretty cheap commodity, they roam from place to place and are always able to secure jobs, so I don’t know if a new one will make any difference. You can’t expect a freshman to come in and play. The offensive line is still a big weakness in my eyes, changing schemes doesn’t mean that you don’t have to block. I’d like to share your optimism, but I’ll wait until the fourth game of the season when UF plays it’s first real game to agree with you.

  13. I agree that the Oline is biggest area for improvement. However, Humphries played on a bad ankle, was overmatched, but certainly is a fantastic athlete at LT. Green returns and Moore moves inside to a more natural position. Since it generally takes offensive linemen about three years to develop, longer than any other area, these guys should improve. The spread takes pressure off OLs in terms of pure physical domination, one of the reasons ACC teams with less pure talent have gone that way. Duke and UNC are primary examples.

  14. You have to be, or should be, impressed by Coach Muschamp since the horrible 2013 season ended. He kept saying, “I’m going to fix this.” He can’t turn it around on the field until this fall. In the meantime, though, the man’s remade his offensive philosophy, fired coaches and hired new guys to install a new system altogether, has flipped nine prospects, enrolled nine guys early, and is closing in on perhaps a top five recruiting class, mostly aimed at lifting the offense. He’s a determined guy and it’s much easier now to believe he’s going to succeed in the fall, too.

  15. Snowprint here’s why you can figure on a revamped line. 1. We get guys back from injury. It’s hard to have consistent line play when you only have 6 guys at most. 2nd coach summers has plenty of experience and plenty of examples of players he’s coached up to be sure he is the guy who will bring back great UF Oline play. 3rd. We signed I think it was 5 O linemen last year. It’s hard for most O linemen to make an impact in the SEC their first year but as they say the biggest improvement is between the first and second years so look for more of those guys to be ready to give us good consistent play and depth. And finally it looks like we’re going to have in this class with the uncommon ability to come in and be great players right off the bat. And looking at the sizes most of the ones in this class already have SEC size so this class will provide invaluable depth. Again as I always say I don’t believe we’ll know really anything about how good this team is until the season is underway. But until then I do see plenty of reasons to be confident in much better overall offensive play.

  16. Look at Worton’s HS performances and they are considerably better than Lane’s, also statistically speaking as well.

    I like JAMES’ prediction except I have a feeling we don’t quite swing Harris from fsu since they have a better sustained relationship with him. I think Jackson is probably 60 – 40 in UF’s favor.

    • Shariff,
      Lane is not some undecided recruit declaring on signing day. He is someone who decommitted from UF, has his best friend at Florida State and is taking his first and only official visit to FSU this weekend. There is zero chance he signs with Florida.

  17. any recruit is undecided until they sign their paperwork. I respect your opinion, but he is isnt going to FSU because his friend is going there(more likely because be can catch passes from a Heisman winner).Bubba Caldwell, Carlos Dunlap, and all of the st thomas guys like major wright, marcus gilbert, roberson riggs and many many other gators were longshots. The top recruiters are able to flip recruits but Lane wouldnt even be a flip. The odds may not be good but they aren’t zero until the fax comes in. Donte Fowler is a great example as well

    • Shariff,
      All of those guys are recruits that were considering the Gators at the time of their final decision and had officially visited Florida. Fowler visited UF six times. Trying to put Lane in the same category as them is just not accurate. It’s apples and oranges. He has decommitted from UF and dropped the school from consideration. And I can tell you playing with Cook for 3-4 years means much more to him than playing with Winston for one.

  18. The doesn’t rise and set with Dalvin Cook or Ermon Lane. The Gators will get along well enough with other men who want to be at Florida. And I don’t believe Muschamp and his staff have waisted a thought about Zlane since his decommitment. Let’s focus on the last guys we’ll get. There’s plenty of talent on the way.

  19. The coaching staff have moved on, leaving Lane in the rear view mirror and there’s no intention to make a U-turn. So, if you think there’s a chance Lane will reconsider, you’re wasting brain cells that could be used for more productive thoughts. Lane’s performance in the all-star game made that decision much easier. Lane will never wear orange and blue, except in his dreams, when the regrets begin to consume him.

  20. It’s true, without a doubt, that Coach Muschamp under-recruited WRs and emphasized a too conservative, close-to-the-vest offense. We saw a shift in last year’s recruiting class with five highly regarded receivers. It takes time to develop freshmen and was a little much for us to demand that DeMarcus Robinson and Ahmad Fullwood be A.J. Green and Julio Jones as frosh. Even so, hiring Joker Phillips and then Kurt Roper demonstrate a sea-change on offense for Muschamp, coaches with histories of transforming players into highly productive play-makers. You can grouse and gripe. I’m choosing to be encouraged, hopeful and optimistic. And with good reasons.

  21. Anyone know what time Adoree reveals who gets the last visit? As far as recruiting receivers I don’t feel we’ve underrecruited receivers at all. Last year we signed 5 guys which is a lot for 1 class. This year we got Sousa, looks like we’ll get Worton and 1 other receiver then we have guys like JC and Porter who are athletes that could play receiver if we need them to and then there’s still Adoree on the board who if we land will play both ways. Factor in 3 TEs, a bigger need, who could probably play out wide if we need them to (especially Moral Stephens) and I don’t feel bad about the receiver recruiting at all