Worton decommits from FSU

C.J. Worton reportedly enjoyed his visit to UF over the weekend. (Facebook photo)

Florida’s recruitment of C.J. Worton took a positive turn for the Gators Tuesday.

The Homestead South Dade receiver decommitted from Florida State, announcing his decision via Twitter.

Worton received offered on Jan. 9 from UF, where his older brother, Cody, was a walk-on safety for three years (2006-2008).

Offensive coordinator Kurt Roper and receivers coach Joker Phillips met with him Thursday before he officially visited Florida this past weekend.

Head coach Will Muschamp conducted an in-home visit Monday.

The 6-foot-1, 175-pounder has twice postponed an interview with The Sun this week, but described his trip to UF as “awesome” when he spoke with the Orlando Sentinel.

It is unclear if Worton will take any of his remaining official visits, but he is now expected to sign with Gators.

[youtube cpCGyUwt6-k 580]


  1. I’m very excited about this kid. It seemed that he was an immediate target once Roper was hired and he seems like a great fit for his offense. Plus, the video on him looks great.

    When Roper came aboard, he went after Brandon Powell, Isaiah Mckenzie, Treon Harris and CJ Worton much harder than the previous offensive staff. Productive playmakers who aren’t necessarily the biggest or will win a bikini contest.

  2. Like it or not, the type A, game changers that we desire will probably do all of the above (at some point) with great ARROGANCE and CONFIDENCE…and we’ll learn to love every moment of it! LUV UF!

  3. He’s a winner and will have as good a chance as anyone to play immediately. Remember there’s only one guy that is proven at wide receiver at UF. That’s Dunbar. No else has done anything to make anyone confident in their ability. But I wouldn’t count Worton yet, he hasn’t said yes to the Gators, just no to the Seminoles. He’s as important as anyone left on the board since McKenzie is going to the Irish, I believe. Since Lauderdale and Nelson are gone, and the kid from Jesup won’t make a visit, Worton seems to be the only option left unless there’s a surprise.

  4. We’re getting guys who want to be Gators. Worton seemingly came out of nowhere to have a monstrous senior season. His ball skills are impressive. It’s going to take a variety of types of receivers to spice up the Kurt Roper aerial attack and Worton’s a high potential fit. If we don’t get Adoree Jackson, McKenzie may become really important. J.C. Jackson or Adoree could go at either WR or CB.

  5. Florida signed what, five WRs last year and a few the year before so I think there is talent on the roster. What the previous offense didn’t have was slot guys who might create mismatches in space, and it’s interesting to see UF go after them.

    That said, the most important thing the Gators have done this year in recruiting is finally get more numbers at offensive line. With no time to confidently throw, it doesn’t matter WHO the QB or wideouts are.

    Roper went after his guys immediately, and the new O-line coach immediately started going after more guys for this upcoming year.

  6. Now all we need is an play making athlete who can be a beast of a tight end for us.
    We could also line him up at running back and wide receiver too.
    This would help open up running lanes as defenses wouldn’t stack the box all the time.

    Who could be such an athlete for Florida? Bo knows.

  7. can anyone else remember where they were when percy harvin had his press conference in the afternoon and announced for the gators? what a day that was. who was on his high school that also announced at that press conference? damon mcdaniel who ended up being a bust and is now a substitute teacher. wow have times changed- not too many percy’s out there

  8. Strutting…It’s the Miami way…happens at all the games, it’s just the way it is down here.
    For what it’s worth…..
    I have kids that played at a school that played S.Dade and Homestead (beat S. Dade)…they and the coaches were more concern with Worton than Lane.
    Kid is quick, has great hands and plays hard the entire game.
    If he signs, he would definitely be a nice slot receiver!

  9. This kid looks like a possession type receiver.Lane and Rudolph appear as big play types. There is only 1 football. Big plays are few and far between, especially against a great D. With Robinson, Fulwood, and DeBose, Florida will need a possession aka Travis McGriff style receiver.

  10. Great reporting as usual, Zach! Any recruit UF steals from the crimmies is great, considering they picked Cook & soon to be Lane. From what I’ve seen on Adoree Jackson he seems like priority#1 to me. That dude is Percy light! He can go!! Only 1 week till the madness ends. GO GATORS!!

  11. Hold your horses, there seems to be a lot of celebrating Worton’s decommit. He hasn’t pledged to the Gators. It said he is expected to do so. Wasn’t the same thing said about Lauderdale? Now if he doesn’t choose UF, a lot of you are going to feel UF lost someone they never had. If FSU gets Rudolph, Lane, and Dupre to come to Tallahassee, is this decommit worthy of celebration? If Worton says yes to UF, celebrate then, now is a little premature.

  12. Zach

    In the video of Worton you posted, can you tell us anything about the level of competition he was facing? My assumption is that since he was at a large school and won a state title that the guys in the video he was juicing were pretty legitimate.


  13. probable good news for the gators.
    and we need all we can get.
    we have desperate need at wide receiver, in addition to other positions.
    worton would play for the gators..playing time…much sooner than at fsu(which already has loads of great talent at wide receiver).

  14. Sorry to hear your going Gators as they dont have anyone to throw to you. It eill allow you to start right away but if your as good as they say you are then who better to have throw youbthe ball then Jameis Winston! You might want to rethink thatdecision before you sign….just saying!

  15. First play summarizes everything with this kid. He gets vertical in a hurry and has good top-end speed. He also showboats a ton and I’m hoping the coaches will correct that part of his game. Hope He chooses UF as most people seem to think. GO GATORS!

  16. Isn’t it funny to see these Nolio fans come out of the closet, which has housed them for the past decade? LOL! They back in to one championship and they think they are the next dynasty. Had Auburn not gone conservative too early or Bama had been the one in the NC game, they would still be locked in that closet. During the first half, of the NC, they went back in to the closet and were peaking out of a cracked door. Through in the playoffs and things really look bleak for them. I can’t wait to see them running back, like a bunch of rats. It’s going to be better when the NCAA opens and official investigation. Seems like that Professor, that wrote the article about widespread academic cheating, isn’t backing off his comments. 🙂

  17. He made a good decision. An athlete can get a good education and a pro career playing for Florida… not the case at F$U.

    FSU does not provide academics to athletes. Athletics is foremost at the expense of academics. To support this claim, according to the NCAA FSU is close to losing NCAA athletic scholarships because their football team graduation rate is so low.

    Beginning in 2012, the NCAA requires all teams to have a rolling, multi-year academic progress rate (APR) rating of 930 or better in order to compete in their sport. Previously the APR was 900. FSU posted a 2008-09 APR of 927 and only raised it to 932 in 09-10, the same APR as 07-08. They have dropped almost every year since the 2004-05 season.

    NCAA APR: Check web1.ncaa.org/maps/aprRelease.jsp

    Florida had APR ratings of 963 in 2007-08, a 971 in 08-09 and a 976 in 09-10. To contrast with the ACC’s best, Duke had an APR of 980 in 2007-08, a 983 in 08-09 and a 986 in 09-10. Vanderbilt, the best in the SEC, had an APR of 969 in 2007-08, a 975 in 08-09 and a 977 in 09-10. Florida has always been in the top 20% in the country.. Texas, with lower academic requirements than the SEC or ACC, posted an APR of 939 in 2007-08, a 947 in 08-09 and a 941 in 09-10.
    Florida in 2009-2010 was ranked 34th of 244 while FSU has slipped to 175 of 244 in Div 1(latest available data).

    No academics, no booster support, no fans in the seats… Why would an athlete want to go to FSU?

  18. We didn’t do the strutting etc. when we won 3 National Championships or in any event it was rare because we don’t do that at Florida! We are not Miami – thank God but Miami doesn’t do it anymore anyway!!! It’s comes from the parents – if the parents allow it the kids will do it – it’s that simple!!! Hopefully, if he signs they will coach it out of him and tell him your in college now and this is not the Florida way!!! And besides that it’s taunting and a 15 yard penalty.

  19. Agree he needs to head straight to the weight room. His highlights are impressive but he seems to always be taunting the DB’s. Like the confidence but I suspect the competition in college will change that behavior.

  20. I really think Worton is going to be a star. I would be willing to wager he will be a high draft pick one day, probably first round. Ive seen a lot of high school boys playing ball in the last few years and he is certainly one of the most impressive Ive had the chance to analyze.

  21. Comical some of the idiotic comments from semis.
    They originally offered and accepted his commitment but now “he probably wouldn’t see the field anyway” or “He would have never gotten on the field at FSU”

    Ignorant comments from fans who simply do not know much about college football.