Contact period: Day 12 notes


Florida coaches hit the Tampa area Monday to visit with their latest commit and some targets from the class of 2015.

Will Muschamp stopped by Jefferson to see athlete Deiondre Porter, who flipped to the Gators last Monday after an officially visiting UF.

Florida also went to the schools of three 2015 Rivals100 members — Seffner Armwood defensive end Byron Cowart (6-4, 250), Tarpon Springs East Lake receiver George Campbell (6-3, 183) and Tampa Sickles running back Ray-Ray McCloud (5-10, 172).

Cowart has the Gators leading early on, Campbell recently reopened his recruitment and McCloud lists UF as one of his top schools.

Justin Hilliard of Cininnati (Ohio) St. Xavier received a visit from Florida. The 6-foot-2, 225-pounder is ranked the No. 1 inside linebacker by Rivals for 2015.

The Gators offered 2015 Montverde offensive tackle Abdul Bello (6-6, 300), who attended the UF-FSU game in November.

Speaking of Florida State, Muschamp conducted his in-home visit with Seminoles commit C.J. Worton on Monday night. The South Dade Homestead receiver plans to speak with The Sun this week about that meeting as well as his official visit to Florida over the weekend.

On Sunday, UF commits C’yontai Lewis and Justus Reed were seen by the Gators.


  1. biggest news in gator nation this week is #3 ranking in hoops and if Chris Walker is cleared in next few days I think signing day next week will be an afterthought. hope the gville sun brings in some hoop writers- Kevin Brockway is the only guy now.

    • Shariff,
      This is a UF football recruiting blog. The content on here is and will continue to be about that. It doesn’t matter if signing day is weeks or months away. If you want to read about UF basketball, click on the handful of stories on our home page or go to Kevin Brockway’s blog.

  2. Thanks, Zach, for your persistency in getting news and disseminating the information come hell or high water. Looking like we might close with Prince, J.C Jackson, McWilliams, Worten… who else? Hoping for those and Adoree Jackson and either Teron Harris or Isaiah McKenzie. Georgia’s hiring of Tracy Rocker as DL coach may have wrapped up Lotenzo Carter for them. Where do you think we stand, what’s the buzz with the guys above?

  3. What about qualifying? Is there anyone other than Angus that is questionable? I know UF is trying to get flips from other schools, is there anyone other than J.C. Jackson that another school(s) are still trying hard to flip from the Gators?

  4. the great thing Meyer did was have a great bond with Billy D. It no doubt helped the football recruiting. Muschamp doesnt seem to have that rapport with Donovan. The way hoops is looking David Sharpe may have had a role next year in hoops (need inside guys)which he said he wanted throughout the recruiting cycle. Not sure Muschamp was wanting that.

  5. Even if Muschamp and Donovan were bosom buddies, it wouldn’t mean that 2-way athletes would suddenly be able to play and contribute for an elite basketball program like Florida.

    The commitment required to excel in each sport has only grown, and it’s never been easy, even in the days when Charlie Ward and Donovan McNabb did it…

  6. Shariff, when was the last time a football player had any impact on Billy’s program? Even Cornelius Ingram barely played. We don’t want Sharpe dorking around on the hardwood anyway. We need him on the grass.

  7. I do remember being outside the O-Dome a few years back and Joe Cohen along with his football buddies walking by talking trash about the hoops program- Zook had a bit of lack of control over the players unlike Meyer but there has always been this big dichotomy between the two programs

  8. Agree Driskel is the key to next year. Recruiting is great but unless Driskel improves drastically this all means nothing and Muschamp will be gone in less than a year from now. Chris Walker is the big news for the week, and I can never remember such a quiet recruiting time before signing day- guess that’s why season tickets are readily available- everyone likes a winner.

  9. Any idea of when we will know if Adoree Jackson is visiting. Long shot to get him to go so far away from home, but I remain hopeful. Will be very happy if we get one of the big three – Carter, Jackson or Prince.

  10. Man, what would we do without Zach! We really appreciate all that your doing here and wish we could somehow keep you around but I know someone with your talent will be sought out for a higher position soon. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy your articles!!

  11. Read on a west coast (USC) recruiting site where Adoree Jackson said his announcement will surprise everyone. Considering that USC, Florida, and UCLA are all his predicted destinations at the moment……seems to me therefore that it will be an announcement for either Tennessee or Oklahoma for Adoree. I just don’t get the vibe that he is coming to Gainesville like Zack from all I have read. But, maybe there is just a lot of intended misinformation out there. Between Carter and Adoree….they sure are having a lot of fun with the recruiting process. But if he does not come to Gainesville on the 31st with his mother, forget the Gators having any chance with him, I believe.

    By the way, the Vols might have a class of between 40 and 50 this year (slight exaggeration). They may be becoming a clone of Alabama for over signing and releasing. Bama is predicted to go 5 to 8 over the 85 man limit signing day….with no longer wanted players released and/or “transferred” to follow. Got to love Saban.

  12. Tampa, If grammer and spelling are what’s important to you, maybe you should be on a different web sight. I have a lot of inside info that you may or may not want to here but a lot of people want to here truth and the other sometimes makes you not as popular and if it means I sniff something so be it.

  13. Gator Guy, from what I’ve heard about any surprise flips that may be an unfounded rumor… we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m definitely not liking hearing that Cody Riggs may transfer. I hope it’s not true.

  14. Gator Todd, I haven’t heard that rumor, but why would he transfer?? He’s getting plenty of playing time and to have to start over someplace else, seems to be a setback (for him). Where did you get that rumor? PEOPLE as Long as you engage Shariff and others like him they will continue to post.
    NO RESPONSE and he either changes his approach or completely go away. You are just feeding the BEAST! GO GATORS!!!!

  15. zack- you shoudnt allow people to post under other’s names-
    not the proper way to run a blog- not expecting this to be run like a fortune 500 company but there should be some moderating to get rid of the fake posters-

  16. To me, there is way too much emphasis on stars and rankings. If the coach is happy with his class, I don’t care if it’s ranked #1 or #50. This is why Zack’s column is so great. He gives the rankings, but he doesn’t judge the players based on them. Instead, he gives us a sense of the player himself, as a person, and what the coaches like about him. To me, that’s the good stuff. Keep up the good work Zack!
    Oh, and Shariff, we all love the basketball team, but there is a time and a place. This place is for football recruiting. Also, I doubt Zack needs any pointers on moderating. This board is normally very respectful and agreeable, even though the subject matter can often be volatile. So get off his back.

  17. Shariff,
    The “time’ may be now, but the “place” is not in the recruiting blog. In a nutshell, that is exactly what Zach told you above so give it a rest. Talk about recruiting, quit complaining about everything, and you might just get an inkling of respect around here.

  18. Creek Gator, why bite off the head of the messenger. It’s true that there is a rumor that Cody Riggs is leaving. Sorry you didn’t get the message. Whether it happens or not, who knows. Mentioning it is not going to sway a guy to leave if he wants to stay. It would be another blow because if he leaves, Hargreaves will be the only guy with significant experience in the secondary. Riggs is not an All-Star but he is a returning starter that didn’t play horribly, if fact he was one of the more reliable guys on the Gator’s defense. What is most damaging, if the rumor is true, is that he’s a senior and that is where you look for leadership. The lack of leadership is one of the main reasons the defense failed to stop anyone last season when it would have made a difference between winning and losing.

  19. One more thing, Worton decommitted from FSU. He’s a very good player and perhaps the Gators are the leader for him now. Maybe he’ll imitate Porter and commit to UF right away. It’s impressive to possibly get another receiver from FSU, to go along with Sousa. It may mean that FSU is feeling confident about Lane and Dupre. Either way, Worton would be a very good pick up for the Gators. I don’t know if anyone else is in the running.

  20. McKenzie is done just forget it. They have 4 or 5 left….Worton is a lock. They need one of the Jacksons probably going to be JC. Harris is staying at FSU, because Winston is gone after this year. The only “big name” out there that the Gators corral is probably Prince. I like Williams flipping from Mizzou. I think maybe one more flip although likely a 3 star. For the Gators to squeeze into the top 10 recruiting classes is already a huge accomplishment. Go back the last 10 years and see how many 4-8 teams have done that. People will be disappointed by the way they close out, but they shouldn’t be. Nice work by the staff!

  21. Muschamp really is the face of our program. When that dude is angry and depressed usually that mirrors the state of GGator Nation. I’ve been pleased the last few weeks’ developments and the smile on Champ’s face echoes that sentiment.

    Go Gata