Contact period: Day 9 notes


Florida’s pursuit of FSU commits continued Friday as receivers coach Joker Phillips was in West Palm Beach to attend the basketball game of Cardinal Newman receiver Travis Rudolph.

The Gators led for the Under Armour All-American in the summer, but he cooled on them during the fall and did not take one of his five official visits to UF.

Phillips has continued to recruit Rudolph since he announced for the Noles earlier this month, but it appears he will be hard to flip.

The Gators went to see two of their top 2015 targets in linebacker Jeff Holland (6-2, 226) and defensive end CeCe Jefferson (6-3, 260).

Jefferson plans to transfer from Glen Saint Mary Baker County to Jacksonville Trinity Christian to play his senior season with Holland, who is teammates with Florida 2015 safety commitment Deontai Williams (6-1, 181).

UF also offered 2015 Palm Beach Gardens linebacker Tevon Coney (6-2, 215). The lifelong Gator fan will be in Gainesville this weekend for Junior Day and is on commitment watch. Some other 2015 recruits expected for the event are Holland and linebacker Roquan Smith, who was visited by Florida last week.


  1. It’s pretty funny how much the coaches are working the 2015 prospects because none of them will be around in 2015, unless losing to UGA for the fourth time in a row and three or maybe four other losses is good enough for Foley to accept Muchamp’s “I can assure you…”

  2. Doug-L, Would you risk money on Muschamp being the coach in 2015? If you are even hesitant, you know the odds are less than 50%,. I know you can bet on most anything in Vegas, but I doubt you can bet on a guy losing his job, but if you could, I feel confident enough that I would wager that Muschamp is not the coach in 2015 and all his assistants will be looking for jobs as well. I hope I’m wrong, but I’d hate to have my fate tied to Driskel becoming a good quarterback.

  3. Ntcrze, yes because it’s great practice for a coach to just give up when things get rough. I mean after 1 bad season all the greatest coaches forget about recruiting because it’s far wiser to just give up and not planning to keep your job. And it’s worthless to just recruit because we all know that when you change coaches it’s always best just to forget about that recruiting class and just not even bother signing anyone that year

  4. Ntcrze – were you saying the same things after the Gators went 11-2 the year before last? The Gators went 11-2 with Driskell as their quarterback. Of course Muschamp and his assistants have to recruit like they will be here in 2015. Sort of a ridiculous comment by you.

  5. I didnt like last year any more than anyone else and things didnt look good when the season ended. Since then, things have begun to fall into place and its looking up! We will be much improved and on our way up so Champ will be around for a while…

  6. wow, the muschamp bashing continues! I am not a muschamp guy, but I am pulling for him. we will be good next year if he will leave roper alone. jd is and is going to be a good qb. we need better line play and looks like we are addressing that. good job Zach on keeping the 411 coming! by far you are the BEST that has done this job!

  7. What a ridiculous comment. And I would take the bet that WM will be coach in 2015. I was as pissed as anyone about last year and would have preferred a change but he is our coach still so we might as well be supportive of him and the team.

    The negativity needs to stop. It’s enough already. I think we will be much improved next year but our record may not reflect this due to our schedule. If he wins 8 games including Georgia I will consider the year a success. Anything more is gravy and anything less is a disappoint especially if we don’t beat Gergia.

    WM is working his ass off and we are pulling in a great recruiting class and setting ourselves up well for 2015. The jury is still out on whether he can be a solid head coach but give him credit for making the staff changes necessary and realizing he needed to change his offensive philosophy. He is still learning how to be a head coach rather than a defensive coordinator so lets see how it plays out and be supportive in the meantime.

  8. @ntcrze,, i agree with you on most of your points and i think that the chump shouldve been fired right after the geo.southern game. with that said, im going to turn the page and see what happens. if he dont turn it around ( which i doubt he does) he is gone. and the gators will be stacked for the next coach. go gators!!

  9. I am of the “wait and see” variety with regards to ‘Champ coaching in 2015. I think this year will be telling. At least the recruiting is going well. Hoping for 8 or 9 wins (and yes, I would bet on this). With regards to Foley being a terrible AD for hiring ‘Champ, y’all seriously need to check yourselves. WM was considered a hot commodity at the time. Moreover, Foley is the Athletics Director, which includes all sports. Look at UF athletics. We are near, or at the top, in nearly every sport. Foley is looking pretty good to me as an alum and donor.

  10. michael this is his 4th year coming up. He needs to produce better results. Losing to ga southern is ridiculous- i dont care who was injured. this guy zach should be writing blogs on coaching not recruiting. zook was an amazing recruiter but a horrible coach

  11. 2013 team crashed and burned, wiped out by injuries and lack of playmakers and depth. It’s history. What we see now is a hungry head coach who has forthrightly altered his staff, changed direction of his offensive philosophy, and is turning a Herculean effort into a terrific recruiting success. Plus he’s laying the foundation for two more stellar classes. I have no issues re: Will Muschamp. Nor any worries about Florida’s QBs for 2014. Jeff Driskel is ideally suited for the spread and Will Grier will fit well, too. Kurt Roper will figure it out. Meantime, people with simplistic approaches cling to their anger that the Gators had a terrible year. They spend their time looking at their rearview mirrors instead of looking ahead.

  12. I propose a truce between the Muschamp believers and the Muschamp haters. Can we all just agree to wait and see what this team gives us in 2014 and just focus on the recruiting class for now? I know only point in recruiting is on field success but to be honest no one knows what this team is going to look like next year. Most of the players we get this year will be back 2015 regardless of whether Muschamp is still coach or not so let’s just focus on the recruiting aspect: who we want, who we think we’re gonna get, who we need, etc etc

  13. Shariff, I agree with you that this past year was unacceptable especially the G. Southern loss and I even said I thought he should be let go. All I am saying is that since the decision has been made to keep him, we should support him and the team moving forward. We should at least acknowledge that he has done a great job recruiting despite a 4-8 record and made the necessary staff changes. As long as he is the coach he has an obligation to recruit 2015 kids so Zach should and is reporting on it. The jury is most definately still out on WM but he is doing what he should on the recruiting front and we will be better off because of it regardless if he is the coach beyond next year (which if I had to bet as you asked, I would bet that he is).

  14. We will see if Driskel improves, the season hinges on him. WE won’t have any idea if that happens for a long time though. UF has three terrible teams to start the season. If Driskel isn’t up to speed by the fourth game, he should be benched and never see the field again, at least as a Gator. I just think talking about seeing this or that 2015 recruit is pointless until the product on the field is improved. It’s great to talk about 2014 prospects, but 2015 guys, well even if they commit now, it’s kind of meaningless with the future of this staff a big question mark. The top two things the preseason magazines will talk about is the burning seat Muschamp occupies and , as always, can anyone play quarterback at UF with any proficiency? A lot of things must improve with this team, one of the biggest that no one talks about is the defense. One reason they ranked high in some statistics but never stopped anyone was they failed to force turnovers. That needs to change. It’s something that can be learned and I know some players are willing to learn. Cody Riggs, for example, learned how to tackle properly after being tossed in the Missouri game, he didn’t lead with his helmet the rest of the season.

  15. Snowprint what you’re missing is this is a recruiting blog. The point of this is to talk recruiting. If things are happening in the recruiting world regardless of the coaching situation it is Zach’s job to report on it. If Muschamp vets fired then zach will have the job to report on how that affects recruiting. If not then zach doesn’t have to catch us up on a year’s recruiting because he thought a coach may or may not get fired. In the words of Nick Fury, “until such a time the world ends, we will acts as if it intends to spin on.” Until such a time Muschamp is fired we will act as if he will stay. No need to jump further down the road than we can see. Deal with things as they pop up not as you think they might pop up

  16. Great reporting Zach! I always enjoy reading your recruiting insight. All of the negative people need to get a life and stop posting here. This is a blog intended for actual Gator fans. Snow punk is obviously a Indian troll because he is ALWAYS negative. He is quick to blame a QB that went 11-2 a year before, you can’t have it both ways. Snowpunk, your SOW just went through a decade of mediocre football so save it. At least our school didn’t have to pay off any victims caused by our “terrible” QB.

  17. you gotta love the people who are saying of course Roper will be the guy to change things around. Last year at this time not one person would have ever known who this guy even is. We can only hope Driskel
    improves, otherwise a new coach and staff will be brought in

  18. Can we not hear about rudolph anymore, because apparently he is committed to noles. Inless he is going to do a dalvin cook 2.0, then why waste time discussing him when theirare stronger canindates on the trail who will most llikely be gator

  19. @ DUB, I tend to agree about Muschamp. I firmly believe it was a mistake to retain him but I also believe that it’s time to focus on recruiting and stocking for the future. Our rivals can smack talk here posing as Gators all they want, but Uf has had the #5 and #4 concensus clases the last two years and the cuppoards is hardly bare, and I firmly believe we’re going to bring in a top 5 class again this year, no lower than #7… and as long as you’re in the top 5 or near it, you’re doing well every year.

    That said, I eased off on Muschamp when I heard some interesting stuff from a source at UF last Tuesday night after Muschamp had visited my home town of Quincy to visit a recruit at East Gadsden, and it was something I found very positive. Needless to say, it was that Muschamp is going to hand over the O entirely to Roper when I firmply believes it might be more of the same we’ve seen the last two years, so even though I had my reservations, I’m going to look at next season with a modicum of hope that this O will finally get on track.

  20. Some of you people need to grow up. Try being a little more mature. Muschamp will be successful. None of you follow college football or recruiting like I do. I put my blood and sweat in to this stuff and posting about it on the internet. I have seen coaches have bad years before and come back to have good careers. Even Spurrier and Meyer had disappointing third seasons at Florida. Not as disappointing as Muschamp’s but they did not have the injuries Muschamp had. All of you nay sayers need to go educate yourself and then maybe you can have intelligent conversations like I do.

  21. Arizona, the hypocrisy of your statement is enough to make even the most novice football fan laugh at your own immaturity.

    Who appointed you the thought police of this board btw? All you do is stalk around here and attack anyone who doesn’t toe your line. Like I told you a while back in another thread here… if you want to accept mediocrity like a good little silent lamb, then go ahead.

    People will speak their minds, but what I noticed is that several others, like myself, are trying to let go of their apprehension about Muschamp and then you chime in to piss in their Wheaties anyway.

    Shove your pompous sanctimony where the sun don’t shine and get off everyones’ backs about having an opinion that differs from you.

    You are not the board’s moderator.

  22. And BATON ROUGE, the same goes for you.

    You sound almost like an alias of Arizona’s considering how you practically mimic him, not to mention show up right after his post to throw yourt support to him. What, you don’t think most here can’t figure out that people can register more than one screen-name here? LOL!

    I would like to see you PROVE those who are apprehensive of Muschamp’s retention are “haters”. How are you more of a fan than any of them btw?

    Does mommy and daddy know you have defeated their child block features on the computer too? Bed time little boy…

  23. Yeah Gator Todd why don’t you try using that little thing god put in your head called a brain. Obviously some of the comments aren’t my doing especially since all of a sudden I seen to have developed multiple personalities mysteriously since Jax Gator has joined on and started his vendetta against me. I do NOT think I’m smarter than everyone. I have admitted time and again that I don’t know and especially with this upcoming season I don’t believe anyone can possibly know what we’re gonna look like. I do NOT believe I know more about recruiting than zach or that I follow it closer than he. I disagree with him on 1 single thing. I have seen enough on zach to completely trust that he knows what he’s talking about. The only stuff I know about recruiting comes from him. I trust him enough where I pretty much just follow him and believe his opinions. As to stalking around attacking anyone that’s a complete lie. I do have problems with people like YOU (though you seem to have learned now) who decide to stop being a fan to hope the coach fails and bash players who have worked harder for the university than you ever have. It bothers me so I’m not afraid or ashamed to let people like you know that they’re being a terrible fan when they completely ignore the article in their comment and just decide to randomly attack players or coaches. I have disagreed with plenty of good fans and had quite nice debates. Most of my comments (when I’m not having to reply to someone like you who loves to attack the person you’re debating instead of the argument) are about how great this class looks, who I think we have a good chance with, who I wish we’d get, saying the news in the article sounds good, etc etc. As for me and bgrf being the same person that’s easily the most ignorant thing you’ve ever said. I have disagreed with bgrf as he has with me. I’d love to see you try to point out one time where he replied immediately after me other than the one above where the Arizona_Gator was Jax not me and I think the bgrf might have been Jax though it might have been bgrf replying to an earlier comment that actually was me. Also we have different writing styles (like I and the fake Arizona_Gator have different styles so you should be as sale to try to think and know that’s a fake!).

  24. Give us an offense in the top 50 and a solid defense like we had in 2011 and the first half of 2012 and UF is going to be in the hunt for the SECCG. As Champ continues to stockpile talent, the sky is the limit.

  25. Hey Gator Todd or whatever the hell ur name is-this is me, the BRGF. I dont need AZ Gator or anyone else to formulate my opinions and/or thoughts. I’m sure he is a big boy and can do the same. The thing with us dingbat is that we’re passionate about our Gators. Negative Nancy’s like yourself, snowpunk, & jfish have nothing better to do. Time you expanded your horizons farther than your moms basement. GO GATORS!!

  26. Arizona Gator is The idiot TJ that used to post on here. He got in to it with several posters and got embarrassed, made up the Arizona Gator username to come support himself in the argument (and that was later admitted to so thats not just my opinion) and when Zach deleted that entire feud, TJ has never been heard from again (coincidence?) and Arizona Gator is running his mouth on just about every article and feuding with poster and telling them to “grow up” and to be “mature” just like TJ did. He is pathetic.

  27. I agree to a truce on Champ. We need to do what is best for the program. I am with those of you who claim last year was unacceptable- no excuses. I am encouraged with the coaching hires- OC and O line. These recruits are addressing our biggest needs- O line and WR. It would be nice to see another WR or two on there to stretch the field. Besides, the most appealing replacement coach has already signed with Texas.

  28. Hey, Jax Gator

    There is no doubt that arizona gator is T.J. I remember how he ranted for days and days. He called everyone every name in the book. He went off the deep end and used arizona gator and a couple more names to schizophrenically defend himself. It was nuts. I posted a time or two but he was totally illogical so I let it go. He kept on making himself look crazy until it was all removed from the website. I remember it was someone saying that Marcus Roberson shouldnt go pro that sent him off the deep end. It was a little disturbing.

  29. Speaking of conspiracy theories does anyone else find it odd that the day immediately after myself and LT and I have a heated argument that all of a sudden Jax Gator comes completely out of nowhere to do nothing but attack me. Then after Jax has tried and failed to bait me and no one took his side that all of a sudden more people I’ve never seen on this site (Sea Hag, Dan, DPG) all come out of nowhere to say the same exact thing and all within a fairly close time frame? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence though. Haha whatever floats your boat I guess. I’m not gonna rise to your useless taunts and I’m not going away. Have fun trying though.

  30. Hey Arizona/TJ, Im a little disappointed you dont remember me. I repeatedly tried to get people to ignore you when you had one of your meltdowns a few weeks ago. Of coarse, you just started name calling even though I never said anything about you, just for people to ignore you. It looks like you get in to enough arguments on here that you wouldnt remember little ol’ me anyways.