Contact period: Day 7 notes


One of the most important in-home visits of the contact period for Florida took place Wednesday.

Head coach Will Muschamp, defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin and secondary coach Travaris Robinson spent their night in Immokalee with athlete J.C. Jackson, the only wavering member of their 2014 class.

The Under Armour All-American officially visited UF over the weekend, and his uncle told The Sun his trip to Florida State may not happen now. Florida’s coaches presumably pushed for him to call it off.

Whether or not they did really won’t matter until Jan. 31 rolls around and his plans are known for sure. If Jackson doesn’t take the visit, he’ll stick with UF. If he does, he probably flips back to FSU.

Running backs Brian White went to Tuscaloosa, Ala., see some cousins — Florida tight end commit C’yontai Lewis and Alabama running back commit Bo Scarbrough. The Gators are still trying to get Scarbrough to officially visit this month.

UF checked in on three 2015 recruits who are ranked in the Rivals100, as well as a Rivals250 member who favors the Gators.

WR Dontea Jones, 6-5, 205, Louisville, Miss./Louisville (Florida leads early)
WR Calvin Ridley, 6-1, 175, Coconut Creek, Fla./Monarch
ATH Shawn Burgess-Becker, 6-1, 185, Coconut Creek, Fla./Monarch
OL Drew Richmond, 6-6, 313, Memphis, Tenn./Memphis University School

Florida also handed out offers to a pair of 2016 recruits — receiver Darnell Salomon (6-3, 180, Hialeah Champagnat Catholic) and defensive end Nick Bosa (6-2, 215, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas), the younger brother of Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa.


  1. seems kind of slow considering signing day right around the corner. i realize class is close to full but the zook and meyer days were a bit
    more exciting with recruiting. talking about 2015 recruiting 2 weeks before signing day?

  2. Shariff….I actually think it’s a good thing that it’s fairly quiet just before signing day. Muschamp has most of this class either already enrolled or solid and unwavering in their commitments (other than JC Jackson). The coaches are out and working hard on the few targets that are still out there in order to fill the last 4 spots we have open. Personally, I don’t want to hear a whole lot of confusion right now.

  3. Joey Bosa from Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas is also the son of former Miami Dolphin LB John Bosa. Great blood lines from a top high school program. Marcus Roberson, Cody Riggs, Major Wright, Marcus Gilbert, Dan Wenger, and many other Gators have come from there.
    (as did I, but from a long ago era!). Go Gators.

  4. Shariff, this class is filled with studs on both sides of the ball, and we had a decent haul of skilled position players and LBs last year. This year is clearly about the trenches and a little more depth at WR and CB. Next year will probably be about Safety, LB, QB, and RB and less about the trenches. It happens. I agree with Michael, it’s a good feeling to have things settling down and NOT heating up 2 weeks before NSD.

  5. I would think it is quiet for most teams at this point. Only a few spots remaining to be filled. Most of the uncommitted recruits remaining are deciding on signing day. I would be worried if they were scrambling to sign a bunch of players.

  6. Our coach and staff are zeroing in on maybe five elite, 5-star type guys that would include still uncommitted players and maybe a couple of potential big flips. Then there are those other targets, 3-star guys with big upside. My hunch is we finish with one or two more 5-stars and two to three from the larger group still on the board. It’s turning out be be a quite successful recruiting effort and the early, aggressive outreach for 2015 and ’26 bodes well for the future. It’s great every day being a Florida Gator!

  7. take off the orange and blue glasses-
    the offensive side of the ball is very suspect especially considering Driskel is going to be the starting qb. we are hoping roper does miracles with him but how likely is this? bama and fsu are given losses year. Will muschamp return if he loses 4 or 5? bama/uf on espn2 tonight- the hoops team is in much better shape

  8. It must be a miserable existence for folks like you, Shariff. The glass is half full, brother. See it that way instead of half empty, and I promise you will be a happier person in life. Sure, sometimes the negative turns out to be the truth, but so does the positive. I’m praying for ya. Go Gators!!!

  9. Shariff, if we play defense like we are suppose to and we can start scoring a few points, FSU is not a loss for us this year. Did you watch the NC game? They were pretty much manhandled for most of the game on both sides of the ball and if it werent for a blown kick off coverage, the SEC wins its 8th in a row. I dont fear FSU and bama starts a new QB with alot of new coaching changes….

  10. It’s nice we are spending so much time with Jackson but we really don’t need him. We already have the #5 and #16 corners coming in. He would be a nice “get” But we NEED to work on Carter who is the #1 defensive end in the country.

  11. The defense needs to improve. They were only good in statistics last year. They never stopped anyone when it counted. To blame the offense is not right, it was the whole team that was lousy. The Gators would score to gain momentum and the defense would always let the other team march right down the field to score. They never made a game changing play, like when Hargreaves dropped an interception that could have been returned for a touchdown against Vanderbilt. If he had done so, UF may have won.But if you think the defense was fine, you are in league with the head coach who threw the offense under the bus after the Georgia Southern game after the defense did exactly what I mentioned above. Like an alcoholic, you must first recognize there is a problem before you can enact a cure. There are good players on the defense, but they must play like it. Morrison needs to realize he was terrible last year and be mad about it. Fowler must be more consistent and not blow his assignment like he did against UGA, that allowed Gurley to take a dump off pass for a score. If you work since the summer to stop Georgia Southern, like Durkin said they did, you need to look like you learned something. Nothing is a given for this team, it’s silly to think anything is set except for a couple of guys like Hargreaves and Fowler.

  12. There are no given wins or losses. Not in the sec. And especially not with next year’s gator team. We have no clue what we have yet. I like to be positive and think we’ll turn it around next year but I don’t know that yet. It all depends on what the coaches do with this team and how the players respond. We could literally be anything next year. We could be national champions. We could be an average 8-4. We could be 3-9. 0-12 isn’t likely but heck even that’s a possibility. Point is don’t give up on next year before it starts. A lot of very bad pieces had to all fall in the wrong place to make us as bad as we were. As gator863 said we went 11-2 without much offense. This next team will probably have just as good a defense as that team and will have much more offensive talent than that team. Like I said it all comes down to what the coaches are able to do with that talent and how the players respond. And how healthy we are

  13. I know its up in the air as far as what we will do on offense but I have a much better feeling with Roper and his enthusiasm and gameplan then I have had for the past few years. We have done a good job recruiting and it sounds like players are excited about the coaching changes. Its going to be a learning curve year but I think we beat our rivals this year….we will be back and it will be soon.

  14. Arizona-Gator, I agree with you for a change, you are being realistic when you say we have no idea what this year’s team will be like. UF has done a great job recruiting defensive players this year and since Muschamp must know this is a do or die year, some, like Tabor, Willis, and Holley should be thrown into the mix immediately. There have been rumors that Bostwick was very good last year, why he didn’t play is beyond me, the line needed help after Easley went down. I’ll believe the offense is better when I see them actually perform against a real team. Is it true that UF is not playing Tennessee the third game, they’ve played a couple of directional teams for years and then played the Vols, is that not the case this year?

  15. Numbers wise the Gators have done well recruiting offense. Last year they recruited backs and receivers. This year tight ends, offensive lineman and hopefully the next great Gator quarterback. Better coaching, staying healthier and player improvement will hopefully lead to a lot better play on offense. The offense playing better would be a big help to the defense.

  16. So we won’t have any idea if the team is improved until the fourth game now? Kentucky is terrible and as Joker Phillips knows is a coaches graveyard, I still don’t understand Stoops wanting that job, it certainly was serendipitous for FSU because his defensive philosophy didn’t attack like they do now. Is this now how the Gator’s schedule will be in the future, three easy wins at the beginning of the season instead of two, Tennessee will get better if they find a coach, as has been the case for a long time now?

  17. Muschamp=Unknown.

    Get ready for a great yr of 7-5 or 8-4, or a really bad yr like 4-8 or 5-7. It’s like the ’80’s all over again with Muschamp at the helm.

    Until the light turns on for Chump, and he realizes that Offense is part of a football team, we will always be mediocre at best.

    Question-who was the last UF football coach to lose four in a row to GA?

  18. One other question. Will it also be Alabama’s first game against a good team? If so, it sets up to be real interesting in that it will be the first time Jacob Coker will be playing against a good team when it’s not garbage time. If you don’t know, he was FSU’s backup quarterback who supposedly was in a battle with Winston. If that was true, he will be Alabama’s quarterback. It’s amazing, you think Alabama may struggle with a new quarterback and they just have one given to them on a silver platter.

  19. G8r, I’m sure it was Charlie Pell or Doug Dickey. Before Spurrier, Georgia had a coach named Vince Dooley who kept his job in large part because of his ability to beat the Gators. It will be interesting to see if Muschamp survives losing to Georgia this year, if they lose. I can hear him now; “I can assure you…” He loves using that phrase, it’s beginning to get old don’t you think?