Contact period: Day 5 notes


Florida coach Will Muschamp was back in Jacksonville on Monday, this time visiting UF commit and Army All-American David Sharpe.

Another offensive tackle, Derrick Kelly of Havana East Gadsden, received an in-home visit from Muschamp.

Kelly took an official to Florida in December and named the Gators in his Top 3, but they are currently trailing FSU and LSU by a wide margin. He is also considering USF.

Defensive tackle Jeremy Patterson and receiver Krenwrick Sanders, Jesup (Ga.) Wayne County teammates and Wisconsin commits, were also seen by Muschamp and four of his assistants — defensive line coach Brad Lawing, receivers coach Joker Phillips, offensive line coach Mike Summers and running backs coach Brian White.

They plan to officially visit UF together this weekend.

Defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin and secondary coach Travaris Robinson had an in-home visit with cornerback commit Quincy Wilson, who will also head to Gainesville this Friday for his official.

In 2015 news, the Gators offered Orlando Olympia dual-threat quarterback Deondre Francois, who trains with former UF and NFL cornerback Keiwan Ratliff and plays on his 7-on-7 team team.


  1. Wonder if there are any current commits flipping to someone else or not going to be able to qualify. It is interesting that we are going after the two Wisconsin commits with all the other recruits that are pending.

  2. James, to me, if we get jackson and prince the rest are icing on the cake. Carter and lauderdale would push us over the top. If that happens, considering last year and the coaching changes, i would say champ and co. have done the best recruiting job in the country. Its alot easier to recruit when you are national champions than coming off worst season in decades. I am proud of the job the gator staff has done

  3. Are all of our commits solid? Seems to be several names added to the recruiting list. I know Jackson is/was wavering. Hopefully he sticks with the good guys! Adoree, Carter, Prince, McKenzie, Lauderdale, Jones, Scott, Worten, Harris, McWilliams, Kelly, Two Wisconsin commits Patterson and Sanders, Cajuste. Can’t sign them all. What do we have 4 or 5 left?

  4. I don’t think they have a shot of getting Carter. I think they have a better shot at Jackson, but still the odds favor him staying closer to home. It sounds as if they have a good shot at getting Prince. Would be very happy with Prince, Lauderdale. McKenzie and Harris.

  5. Don’t be surprised to see Carter pick the Gators. It’s a very good chance carter and autry become a package deal and we’re the only ones with a real shot at both. Carter loves both UGA and UF and UGA hasn’t even started recruiting Autry yet. The gator coaches have shown Autry a lot of love lately and Autry loves Grier. As I understand it I think fsu would be the closest to the gators in turns of mutual interest but they have a lot of ground to pick up. I’m no recruiting guru but this is one place I’m gonna disagree with zach. My crystal ball says both carter and Autry to Florida. You heard it here first. Maybe. Haha

  6. Hey AZ Gator-I like the way u think!!! I for one have been adamant in saying that I think Lo Carter goes with UF. If that’s the case then Autry come with him & makes it a packagedeal. GO GATORS!!!

  7. Arizona and BRGF. Quit dreaming . The National Champs have him sign and sealed. Will be delivered on signing day. Your plan B’ s hopefully will pan out. Couldn’t believe you beat out USF and Cinn, on Porter.

  8. Well, well, well…i see it IS troll season, ha? The idiots have emerged from hiding and are on full display. Snowprint’s ignorance is well documented from past posts. JFish-the jury’s still out on you but you’re running a close second to your good buddy. 11-29-14 at Ron Zook field Gators wiil be stomping on that crimmie logo at midfield after another victory. GO GATORS!!

  9. Funny how the null trolls come here when we talk about recruits. This clearly proves they are worried, as they should be.

    I wonder how embarrassed they must feel knowing they have a rapist as their QB……..heck, they should be embarrassed that they have the police department they have. But, then again, the TPD must be staffed with null PhD’s, since that is all the employment they could get.

  10. “The Lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of a sheep.” Seeing how concerned the Noles are with us I’d say it’s pretty obvious who’s the lion. This is why I don’t even respond to those idiot. They can keep wasting their time. I prefer to have sensible grown up conversation.

  11. I’m guessing we get Prince and Harris. I would rate Carter a little better than 50% leaning our way. Remember that his family has taken his interest in UF very seriously, and I haven’t gotten an impression that he’s necessarily nuts about UGA. After those guys I’d hope for another fleet receiver and if Adoree Jackson signs with us along with the aforementioned we’ll be high fivin’ for days.

  12. I have no idea why people think Harris is coming. It’s hard to imagine UF getting someone committed to FSU that FSU really wants this year. I think FSU really wants Harris so I doubt he comes to UF. Only a couple of more weeks to know for sure. It’s just hard for me to believe that someone would come to UF with the offense being as bad as it has been for years. I don’t think Roper is a miracle worker. Sousa is one thing, Harris is quite another. I could be wrong, but it seems like FSU owns the state this year and the only way to stop that from becoming a trend is to field a winning team that plays for some kind of championship.

  13. Does anyone know if our track is talking or visiting with Jackson? is he even allowed to, does track have a recruiting period? from what i understand, being on the track team is a part of Jacksons decision. having the track and field coach of the year, and jeff demps success playing both sports, it seems like we may be missing out on a major selling point.. But i am clueless on how we are selling ourselves as a program he can excel in football and track. Anyone know?

  14. Snowprint you obviously don’t pay attention then. We’ve gotten plenty of people this class that FSU wanted. David Sharpe was one of them that FSU really wanted and where is he coming? Adoree Jackson may or may not come here, but we’re a finalist and FSU, despite really wanting him, is not. It’s literally just plain stupid to say we can’t get someone just because FSU wants them. Recruiting is a lot more than just who did better in one year. Wow. Just wow.

  15. I said FSU owns the state, silly rabbit. I also don’t think FSU or Georgia were that interested in Sharpe.I think he wasn’t that high on their list. This might be because they never thought they had a chance with him since he was a Gator fan. We’ll know a few years from now which evaluation was more dead on. It’s very hard to project offensive linemen, in fact it’s probably the toughest position to predict future ability. By the way, you’d always rather have a kid from Florida, if you consider them comparable, than a kid from out of state. The Gators have some linebackers that fit the latter category, we’ll see if they pan out since it looks like they’ll be shut out this year at that position.

  16. We’re shut out this year at that position because we got 4 studs last year so not much playing time available at that position. Oh well if the backers in this class are scared of competition you can have this. FSU doesn’t own crap! When UF and FSU battle over a recruit UF wins most battles. Heck we’re right there with you in recruiting with less schollies available and after a 4-8 season. That says more than I ever could. “A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of the lamb.” So why are “the mighty Noles concerned about the Gator recuiting blogs. Because you’re the sheep. We run this state.

  17. Snowprint – you’re the yellow print someone left in the snow – that’s all you are. You know little about college football or recruiting. That’s why you, suddenly, popped up, after your Nolios benefited from a soft schedule and a young HC, who should have kept his foot on Fisher’s throat. For example, you claim that FSU wasn’t interested in Sharpe. If that’s true, you have verified that your HC is an idiot. I believe Jimbo is an idiot; however, I don’t think he’s stupid enough to not want Sharpe. It’s your ignorance that shines through in this case.

    So, spare us of all of your assumptions and/or flat out lies. Find yourself a support group from bone-headed trolls and put your time to better use.

  18. Where the heck did that come from Jax? If you ask me the worse representation of Gator nation is a guy who randomly comes out of nowhete, doesn’t comment about the team or any of the articles, and just takes a che asp shot and run on another fan. Look in the mirror bub

  19. Uh huh. Keep telling yourself whatever you want. You just keep up whatever this personal vendetta is you’ve developed and I’m sure everyone will just assume your a great gator and a mature guy. Haha good luck son