Tabor earns fifth star in final ESPN300 rankings

Jalen Tabor enrolled early at Florida on Monday. (Photo by Under Armour)

ESPN released its final 2014 recruiting rankings Tuesday, and Jalen Tabor earned his fifth star after his impressive showing at the Under Armour All-America Game and practices.

Tabor, Florida’s ninth and last early enrollee, was recognized by several scouts as the best cornerback that week.

UF coach Will Muschamp said Monday that Tabor has “a lot of length and athleticism on the top, and he can finish some plays.”

The 6-foot-1, 188-pounder is expected to compete for the starting job opposite Vernon Hargreaves III this spring.

Tabor is now a five-star recruit on ESPN, Rivals and 247Sports, and those three sites have him as Florida’s highest-ranked commitment.

He’s currently the top rated four-star prospect on Scout.

Tabor is already enjoying his time in Gainesville:


  1. Not a bad combo of Hargreaves, Poole, Tabor, Riggs, and Neal/Maye in the Gators starting defensive backfield for 2014…..with Dawson…..and hopefully….J.C. Jackson and Adoree Jackson as new arrivals in waiting.

  2. Our secondary is gonna be killer! I hope Muschamp and co are in the ears of Carter, Jefferson, etc about how much easier it will be to rack up sacks when VH3, Tabor, Wilson, Dawson, Jackson, Poole, Riggs, Neal, Harris, Washington, etc etc locking down the receivers and giving them all day! Can’t wait to ee this secondary in action!

  3. Love the optimism but can’t get on board yet with our D being so great for 2 main reasons. Most importantly we do not have any proven DT’s on the roster. The guys we have seen play are not frontline SEC DT’s. Maybe Bostwick and Brantley will be. Secondly our safety play was horrendous last year. And jf I need to mention a third our LB play when healthy this past year was atrocious. So on the positive side there is really no where to go but up, but without excellent DT play the defense can’t be suffocating.

  4. Lew, even with all the injuries we had like the number 2 defense in the SEC. That’s pretty dang good. Our defense has been up with the elite in the nation since Muschamp has been here, so as long as he’s here I’m certain our D will be top notch. Thirdly I have no clue what linebackers you were watching. First of all I don’t think we really had them all healthy enough to make a judgement on their play. 2nd of all I wouldn’t call them anywhere near atrocious. When our linebacking corps was healthy we had a pretty darn good group. Our D will be fine, more than fine our D will be elite. It’s the offense that’s the question

  5. Lew, Before we had that 08 defense we had to struggle through 07. I believe last year will be really good for us moving forward. I am 100% behind Brantley and Orr. I think they only have to be average for our line to be very productive with who we have at the ends. Our backers will definitely be better, I really have high hopes for Davis and McMillan and I think Morrison if healthy has a great year.

  6. This 2014 class is shaping up to be much better than believed a month or so ago, or even a couple of weeks ago. Great news, hope we maintain through signing day. Personally, as a true freshman, I though Hargreaves was by far our best cover corner, and if we can get a talented and smart corner on the other side, we will be fine at that position. We should be able to field a solid defensive backfield next year. LB play was spotty this past season, and DT was average. Offensively, there is no place to go but up, and I’m sure we will be much improved in 2014. I think Muschamp has realized that his offensive philosophy has hampered this team. It is up to the coaches to evaluate the players, and adapt the offense and defense to capitalize on their strengths and athleticism. Hopefully, that’s what we will see in 2014. If so, despite a brutal schedule, we should surprise some SEC teams and still a few games we’re not expected to win.

  7. As Spurrier said; “Statistics are for losers.” The defense was good but not great last year. Except for Toledo, they never played great against a winning team. It started at Miami when they gave up the long bomb that gave Miami momentum they never relinquished. The defense never made a play to keep momentum after the offense scored. I don’t need to remind everyone that the defense never made a stop when it was needed or made a game changing play. The closest they came was in the game at Georgia, but even then it was more of a case of their tight end making a bone headed play than the defense forcing anything, and, of course, the defense allowed Georgia to run out the clock to end any chance of winning. As for linebacker, I saw them play, and the supposed best of the bunch, Morrison, was lousy.

  8. Snow print this was a positive article for us Gator fans…c’mon please take ur trolling back under a bridge….preferably one that has a lot of deep deep water!!! Let us Gator fans read & njoy! Go Gators!

  9. Last season the defense was in a tough spot almost all year. Hate to say it, but it comes back to the offense too. If the offense is even close to league AVERAGE, the defense gets more rest and plays better. Think how much better our defense was two years ago when they were playing with a lead! The hope is that Roper gives us an offense that gives our D a few leads. Then with this secondary locking down wrs our linemen should be able to get after the QB and either get sacks or force turnovers! I am excited.

  10. It’s positive that Tabor is coming. I just have to call out comments that don’t reflect reality, to say that the defense last year was fine is not correct. There are some very good players that can be built upon to see an improvement next year. Tabor could be one, to go along with guys like Hargreaves, Fowler, and Bullard. Perhaps Morrison suffered from the dreaded sophomore slump and will be better next year. Again, there’s a chance the Gators can improve on defense and make a stop when needed. I don’t care what the statistics say, just don’t falter like they did at South Carolina, for example, when the Gators were primed for victory and let them run out from their own goal line for fifty or so yards. Auburn was a poor statistical defense, but they did come up big at the end of a lot of games. I just think the whole point is to win, not be able to spout that you were the second best defense in the SEC because of the yards given up.

  11. Chump needs to go get some Offensive five star recruits. Once Chump learns that there is offense as well as defense, he might start getting it. Problem is, UF can’t wait on him to figure it all out.

    Next HC needs to be an offensive minded guy.

  12. Just saw where we flipped a DT from Penn state. Offense too will be just fine with the addition of the OL people coming in. So to all the Nay sayers please pull up your Nole flags and remember to turn off the lights when you leave.

  13. Hey Gator in MD , there was nothing wrong what snowprint said. It was the truth. Gator fans do not want the truth . He is not a troll. I am a troll but not snowprint.Well I am not a troll because I tell you where Im from.
    You jump on your own fans for disagreeing with the smallist item

    You guys eat your own. Also G8R nice way to support your Head Coach. Just a classy and loyal fan base . Geeze

  14. Keep those Defensive players rolling in. Eventually, we won’t have any room in the 2014 class for offensive players. We can just play with Chump’s defense both ways. That’s the way he thinks anyway, and that’s why he’s going to be out of a HC job before you know it.

    We need some offensive playmakers like a Percy Harvin

  15. Snowprint I don’t know what games you watch but obviously it’s not our Gators team. Otherwise maybe you’d actually be right! Our defense had 2 main problems last year: Injuries and offense not giving them any rest. When you lose guys like Dom and pretty much your whole linebacking corps it’s gonna hurt.And all year I watched our defense play pretty darn good football, stay on the field all game and wear out. Even through all the adversity we STILL had one of the top defenses. If there’s anything Muschamp is good at (and there’s a lot) it’s defense. If there’s one thing I’m not worried about at all it’s defense.

  16. G8R here we go again with another ignorant shortsighted “Gator”. I admit Muschamp hasn’t been good on offense and he still has to learn it, but Kurt Roper could be the solution to that. In every other area he’s been a great coach. Get the offense fixed and we’re a crazy dangerous title contender. I don’t get how fans don’t see that! It’s so obvious that our team only lacks in one area. I agree he needs to be held accountable for that failure and needs to fix it NOW, but I’m so tired of fans acting like he’s an idiot and doesn’t know anything about coaching. Overall he’s a good coach that just needs more experience. If there’s anything Foley can learn from this it’s to hire coaches with head coaching experience. I’m gonna laugh when all these fans are stunned silent when Muschamp becomes one of the top 3 coaches of our era. Anyways onto this recruiting class you obviously know nothing about. Yes our D is good and we don’t need help there as much as on O, but if you want our D to remain top notch you don’t turn away top recruits like Holley and Tabor. The fact that you make that like it’s a bad thing shows some pretty pathetic fandom. He has met all of our offensive needs already in Will Grier, David Sharpe, Drew Sarvary, Nolan Kelleher, Kavaris Harkless, Travaris Dorsey, Deandre Goolsbey, Moral Stephens, Cyontai Lewis, Brandon Powell, and Ryan Sousa. And we’re in good shape for plenty of other great recruits such as Eric Lauderdale, Adoree Jackson, Damian Prince, Isaiah Mckenzie, Jeff Jones, Derrell Scott, Myles Autry, etc. The fact that you think this class is so bad makes me extremely happy that Muschamp is our coach instead of you.
    Our offense was lacking in 2 big areas last year: O line and tight end. Muschamp met those needs with 5 (maybe 6 if we get Prince) big guys who could come help right away and 3 great tight end recruits. Heck wanna know all I need to know about the emphasis Muschamp is putting on offense? Moral Stephens. Muschamp recruited a big bodied wide receiver to come play tight end. Obviously that means he’s interested in getting the tight ends to be playmakers in the passing game aka he’s interested in getting the passing game going!! We already have plenty of wide receivers and running backs. We’re pretty loaded there. Now we just need to DEVELOP the talent we area have, actually block for them, and have the proper play calling to utilize that talent. It really irritates me when Gator “fans” ignore everything good that’s going on just to attack their own team! If you’re this insistent on attacking your own team I’d argue you’re not a Gator at all. Either support your team or stop pretending you’re a Gator

  17. Gator brothers, please start ignoring the two FSU jackasses, snowprint (ah, that’s such a pretty name) and jackmeoff fisher. Just ignore them and take their pleasure of surfing our site and emotionally hijacking some of you. Eventually they will go away. Wonder where they have been the last 10 years, typical fair weather FSU fans. The Gators are going to be fine in 2014. Excited about our new players and what the new OC bring to the table. Go Gators!

  18. FSWHO ? Wow, you are not very polite. Florida appears to be doing a pretty good job, and by securing Holley most impressive. I think he is a raw youngster however and might contribute his Junior year. I think Lo Carter will be the next battle and it appears it is a Nole- Dawg battle. Hate fighting with our cousins over a player. We both have one common goal each year. FSU and Dawg fans exhibit both class and humility.

  19. This Fisher clown is the same guy Jack that used to hang around here a few years back. He shows up when the criminoles win one, which isnt very often, but he is unable to contain himself. Its similar to the teams that arent used to winning and then when they do they tear down their goal posts. We have dominated the clowns out west for so long that even when they win its not enough for them to enjoy. Oh well, once we regroup we will re own them once again and he will disappear again. Until then we will just have to endure…