Jackson solid to Florida, uncle says

J.C. Jackson has been committed to Florida for more than seven months. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

For the past few months, the actions of Immokalee athlete J.C. Jackson have suggested his commitment to Florida is one that won’t last.

He has taken four trips to Miami, scheduled an official visit to Florida State and been unwilling to discuss the status of his UF pledge at times.

However, one of his family members says he intends to sign with the Gators.

Jackson’s uncle, Duke Rice, called The Sun this weekend to let it be known where his nephew stands with his recruitment.

“J.C. is ready to shut it down,” Rice said. “He’s tired of the process and all these interviews. His mind is made up on Florida. He doesn’t want to go to Miami or Florida State. He wants to go to Florida. He told me that.”

Since the decommitments of Dalvin Cook and Ermon Lane, Jackson has been expected to follow suit because of his previous comments that he would like to play with them in college.

But their decisions will not influence him, according to Rice.

“He called me the other day,” Rice said, “and told me, ‘I don’t care what they do. That’s them. I’m my own man.’

“So he’s going to do what’s best for him. I know that he’s never been a follower his whole life.”

The Under Armour All-American still plans to visit to FSU this month with his uncle, but Rice insists the trip isn’t an indication of Jackson wavering.

“He’s a kid and just wants to enjoy himself,” Rice said. “It’s a free visit to go have fun for a weekend. He also went (on official visits) to Miami and Minnesota, and he isn’t going to those schools. He wants to go to Florida. That’s where his heart is.”


  1. I figured he might stick around for the Gators, as he had not decommitted in step with Cook and Lane, had not been posing for camera shot teases, and perhaps has needed time to sort out what he thinks and feels is best for him. It sounds like his uncle is a strong man in his life, too. As much as our Gators struggled through a miserable 2013 season, from the wider perspective stands ahead of Miami’s and can compete virtually any year against FSU.

  2. James had a typical FSU inferiority complex response – since Florida is much stronger university academically and overall, he calls it a nerd school. Do you say that about your ACC friends at Duke and Wake Forest? I’m sure many FSU recruits bypass Florida because they know they can’t handle the academics.

  3. Zach…..

    Last week you (or another Florida recruiting site) posted that Lane’s mom……not his uncle…..was quoted as saying….”He (Lane) better not de-commit.” Well…he did and not a peep out of mom since. We will see. But I think Lemmons de-committing probably helped with Jackson sticking at this point. Let’s see what an Adoree Jackson commit does?????

  4. Jamesfisher. Unlike alot of other gator fans on this site, i dont mind your comments. Your team won, and now you get to talk trash for a year. Thats just part of the fun of college football, being able to talk smack to your friends. You gusr earned that right and i know i have to take it, or it wouldnt be fair to dish it out next year. Which finally brings me to my point, i will take your good natured ribbing that, as a gator fan, i have coming, i just ask that, when the tables have turned, you continue to post on this site so we may continue our friendly rivalry.

  5. Does it matter? I see UF has been ahead of FSU in recruiting overall for most years in the recent past. Next year, UF will probably start Jeff Driskel, how do you think that’s gonna turn out? Oh, I forgot, the newest medicine man is in town to replace those bad medicine men, he has the cure for Jeff Driskel. Let’s see…

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  7. James Fisher, the inferiority complex is strong with you FSU fans. Not getting accepted into UF really burns you up inside doesn’t it? You guys will always be the kid brother/safety school/clown college, remember that.

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  9. James Fisher and snowprint: It really speaks to the dominance of a football team when rival fans troll their website “even after winning a national championship”. I don’t hate FSU as much as some folks around here do but actions like these by you people are the reason FSU fanbase will likely never win our respect even after you beat us on the field. I would suggest you to act classy but I know you can’t…one can only think as high as the quality of education one receives. Please don’t let my comments stop you though – I for one enjoy them…it shows how dominant we are in your thoughts even after a losing season.

  10. Well done MJ, solid points. To prove your point yes UF is on my mind every day. It does appear however the Noles are also on the minds of,Gators…also I am not sure when UF fans have ever been accused of being classy , but I regress.

  11. Snowprint, J-Fish, & my 2 obnoxious brothers are precisely the reason why I will never EVER root for free shoes u!!! All tne years Florida was dominating the SEC as well as the ACC(all crap conference) y’all were wallowing in mediocrity. Thats why they chose the acc-the path of least resistance to the championship every year. JC knows where the REAL competition is and where the most competitive players are. Not Duke’s stadium, terps field, or tar heel field. He wants to play tiger stadium, legion field, and jordan-hare, all while running out of the tunnel@ The Swamp!! GO GATORS!!!

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  13. He doesn’t want to feel like his decision was influenced by anyone but himself. He asked his Uncle to talk so he would not have to. The young man is coming to Tallahassee. The Noles will provide his best opportunity to make it to the NFL. FACT. UF is a great school, formerly with a great football team, but unfortunately the current state of the program is not beneficial for elite athletes. That cannot be denied.

  14. Nah man…FSU is not on my mind. I love Gator football and follow their recruiting but never once have I been on any Seminole or Tally website. You do a good job at getting a reaction out of others and some of the replies are funny but is this a good use of your valuable time…being a petty troll?

  15. GoGatorJ-

    ‘JF should have took the Texas job.’

    UF education is elite.

    You guys had the most talented 4-8 team in the history of college football. As a Florida native I am so proud. I hope you guys make a bowl this year. College Football needs an adept Gator team.

  16. Even after winning a national championship, James Fisher comes on our board and freely admits, “yes UF is on my mind every day.” We knew that already, dunce…We know the University of Florida and Gator athletics is totally inside the heads of you pathetic little noles…..On top of that, you don’t even know the name of (btw, it was a great decision by your coaching staff to turn Karlos, not) Carlos Williams into a RB. Dude, you’re not just a nole troll, you’re a nole troll with a hole….where your brain should be. What a pathetic excuse for a “fan” you are….lol

  17. Wait, is this his uncle on his mother’s side, father’s side or an anonymous uncle? Can never tell what most of these kids are going to do until they sign. Hope he does what’s best for him whether it’s what everyone else wants or not.

  18. Heidro are u james fisher’s second screen name? Yet another fsu troll talking as though the criminoles have won the last 10 national titles in a row. Ur a dooche like the rest and fsu is the best place for anyone to be able to read @ a 4th grade level and have an illegitament child before flunking out. Oh besides that here is your FACT noone on this site cares that cook and lane are gone you can have them we will finish with a better class, and you fisher and snowprint will each have a thumb up ur ass. U act like UF has been 4-8 for years not the case another stupid ass like the other 2 dicks on here.

  19. I hope the Uncle is telling the truth, but words mean nothing today. This could all be won and lost in 1 visit. DC and Lane will probly text/pester/recruit him until he either just shuts them up or caves. Until he signs that UF LoI im not getting any hopes up

  20. Hey Zach,

    Great articles, keep them coming! Is there anyway you can keep trolls like James Fisher off the comments so that they dont turn into mindless arguing. I miss the days when the comments were actually used to talk about recruiting.

  21. He most likely is not going to fsu. They have room for 30 commits and currently have 29 not counting ermon lane. They don’t have room, and if they freed up a spot it would probably be for a much higher rated recruit that flipped.

  22. Zach, is it posible for you to set up a site where Snowprint, James Fisher, FSU and all the Gator fans that WANT to do verbal battle with then can go in PRIVATE? I really can understand The troller’s need to express themselves after such a long DRY spell, what I don’t understand is Good GATOR Fan verbally sparring with them everyday. As long as someone responds to them they will continue. We can not concentrate on the good information that you bring to us. If there is a site that you can set up please make the announcement so they will know where to go. GO GATORS!!!!

  23. So, it is true that I did not graduate high school. I figured it would come out eventually, but I am still pursuing my GED. But that has nothing to do with FSU being the best team on the planet and dominating the toughest conference in all of sports.

  24. Schools always make room for highly rated recruits. We will see about Jackson. Mr. Uncle, if he’s “shutting it down”, why is he visiting Talllycrappy? If he’s his” own man”, why doesn’t he call Zack HIMSELF and say that he is firm to UF and just visiting F$U for fun?

  25. LOL J FISHER… fsu beats the weakest SEC title contender in 8 years in the last 13 seconds of the game after AU had totally taken their foot off the gas the entire second half, and you call that “domination” over an entire conference? LMAO!

    PLAY… AN… SEC… SCHEDULE and then talk. LOL Oh wait, Bobby and fsu was too afraid to.

  26. “Er, Dalvin and Carlos more than enough run game. Plus OL line still in tact. Best online in the country.”
    by James Fisher

    We saw how easy the “best OL in the country” handle an average SEC defense in the NC game. Best in the weak pathetic ACC conference maybe…LOL

  27. Steve,
    As I was reading “UNCLES” comments I was wondering the same thing. If he’s shut down , then no more anything because “I’m tire of the recruitment process”. But you know when you become “BIG TIME”, you have “PEOPLE” and my “PEOPLE” speak for me. “have your people contact my people and we’ll do lunch” I guess it that type thing now! GO GATORS!!!!

  28. FSU was manhandled for 3 1/2 quarters on both lines of scrimmage and were held to 13 points deep into the 4th qtr. If it werent for a blown kickoff coverage, the SEC wins its 8th NC. While the final score is all that matters, these facts should not be ignored. The pretty boy heisman qb was shut down and frustrated for the most part. The majority of FSU fans were calling for Jimbos head for 3qtrs of that game and cussing their rapist at the same time…..enjoy your win.

  29. He’ll be in tally, this kid is just playing the game. He’s visiting tally and he will follow due to peer pressure from cook and lane. I hope he’s smart enough to realize he has the best shot of starting at UF…..And besides cook and lane will find it very difficult watching Jamies play his last year from the sideline.

  30. Though I hate those Tigers with all my heart it is not fair to say they were/are As weak team…they beat Bama and won the west, beat the east champs and nearly won the national championship. The just lost their focus at the last and FSU took advantage of their breaks..two very good teams. Next year? We will see. Bad luck in Gatorville can not last forever. The Gators kicked their butts before and the Gators will kick their butts again. Go Gators.