Florida flips Tabor; lands 2015 commit

Jalen Tabor was one of the top performers at the Under Armour All-America practices last week. (Photo by Under Armour)

For the second straight year, Florida has flipped a Rivals.com five-star recruit during the week of early enrollment.

One week removed from his commitment to Arizona at the Under Armour All-America Game, cornerback Jalen Tabor (Washington, D.C./Friendship Academy) pulled a shocker Thursday and chose to attend UF instead.

“If You Not A Gator You Gator Bait,” Tabor wrote on his Twitter account.

His flip-flop is similar to that of linebacker Alex Anzalone, who switched from Notre Dame to Florida the day before his early enrollment.

The Gators led for Tabor in the summer and hosted him on an official visit in early December, but the 6-foot-1, 186-pounder named Alabama and Arizona his finalists on Christmas.

Two days after picking the Wildcats, UF junior cornerback Marcus Roberson announced he would forgo his senior season and enter the NFL Draft.

That news, along with the closeness to home and his relationship with Florida coach Will Muschamp and assistant Travaris Robinson, proved to be the difference for the Gators.

UF now has 20 members in its 2014 class and eight enrollees with the addition of Tabor.

Deontai Williams says his recruiting process is shut down. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Now missing from the commitment list is cornerback Chris Lammons, who told ESPN he was backing off his pledge to the Gators, which he made nearly five months ago.

Judging by his tweets Thursday, the decision to reopen his recruitment appears to be the result of Tabor’s flip.

Florida also added the first member of its 2015 class Thursday with the commitment of Jacksonville Trinity Christian safety Deontai Williams.

The 6-foot-1, 181-pounder chose the Gators over Lousiville, North Carolina, Purdue, UCLA and Vanderbilt.

“I grew up a Florida fan,” Williams said. “I bleed orange and blue. So that’s why I committed to Florida.”


  1. Where’s all the Chicken Littles, who claimed that Muschamp was doing a terrible job recruiting? If we continue to pick up these highly rated players, like some think we will, we could have a top 5 class. If it were based on meeting our needs, it would be a top 3 class.

  2. So now Lammons is waivering… We play 3-4 CBs at all times. More if there are injuries. We have 2.5 CBs on the roster (Washington both) and 3 CB commits (Lammons, Tabor and Dawson). There is ample opportunity at UF for all of these guys to play if you are good enough…jeez.

  3. GIGator, I certainly never doubted Muschamp’s ability to get 4 and 5 star kids. The question is are we getting the right 4/5 star kids and what are we doing with them once we get them? The lack of talent, at least on the offensive side of the ball, is startling.

  4. So, does the addition of Tabor…..along with the increasing possibility of Prince committing have any effect on Lane’s decision? With this much talent coming in, does Lane stick to his commitment and become a Gator?

  5. This is because of the loss of JC and Adams. We will be alright Gator Nation. For every negative there is a positive. We may end this with a few surpizes non expect. Hold on to your seats. Good luck and God bless to Mr. Cook and whom ever leaves. No hard feels. We will look forward to coming back with a vengence some time in the future. Our much harder SEC schedule will make us stronger as AUB proved in the title game to FSU and the nation.

  6. I did not expect this. I was hoping the National Champs were going to spank UF in the recruiting wars this year. This “flip ” is making things a little more difficult. I still see the Noles getting Jackson but you have eased the loss with Tabor , no questions. That is about the last Gator flip I want to see. Its FSU time folks.

  7. Go away, Fisher-and take Jameis Rape-ston with you. UF looks good & Michael-what does a defensive recruit have to do with what Ermon does? I was pleasantly surprised and very excited when I got the text alert that Jalen had chosen UF. I am pleased he did but we seem to have a TON of defensive guys (no LB’s I think) and defense isn’t the problem. UF needs offensive guys to come aboard. Anyway seems as if Tabor is a great kid with a great family. Was always impressed with him from the get go regardless where he decided to go but now that he has chosen to follow Haden to UF that’s even better. GO GATORS!!!!

  8. This is awesome….James, I have been reading these comments on this sire for a while now, and notice that you always manage to toote your horn about FSU….why do you do that man? I am being serious, why? You always manage to put in your 2 cents, folks are nice, that they don’t smack you….please do your best to spend your time elsewhere… I think it would be the best….Happy New Year!

  9. I like being on here with my dear Gator Fans. You guys are wonderful. I like the fact you stay involved with recruiting , although somewhat delusional. So unless I am kicked off ,which they can do , I am here baby. If Tabor has not enrolled I wonder if Jimbo might go in there and flip him to the National Champs. Thanks for having me on here BRGF. Are you kin to the Robertson’s in West Monroe.?

  10. No, bruh Fisher-I’m originally from Panama City, FL. Been here in the Red Stick since college but my allegiance lies with my beloved Gators. My friends here have tried to get me to be an lsu fan-FAT CHANCE of that ever happening!! They’re the worst fans ever!! Keep up the good work, Champ & work ’em silly, Gators!! GO GATORS!!!

  11. It is really telling when UF fans are getting satisfaction from Auburn playing FSU close. Guess what, they lost and their performance doesn’t change anything about the Gators. UF, in aggregate, has recruited better than any team they played last year. There’s the injury excuse, but that didn’t stop Oklahoma, Georgia, and Georgia Southern from either kicking the Gator’s ass or having a good year. So it’s nice to get Tabor, but remember your fate is tied to Jeff Driskel next year.

  12. James, do gator fans troll your sites? I seriously doubt it. Congrats on your win, but get a life, go back to your fellow fans who slip girls “mickeys” when they’re not looking. Its great to be a gator. Best school in the state with one bad year. Big deal, we’ll be fine. We’ll get the guys who recognize that and want to be here.

  13. No harm no foul. It’s all good this way, may man! We’re crazy but not cuh-RAAYYYZEEEE like the lsu folk. Anyway-great posts, keep ’em coming & look forward to the matchup at Ron Zook field in Tallahassee on 11/28. GO GATORS!!!!

  14. James, your comments are about as interesting as the mind-numbingly dumb FSU Chant which FSU fans insist on inflicting on the world non-stop all game long. Is it really beyond FSU fans to make up any other cheer to add some diversity and creativity? BTW, FSU won the game but certainly didn’t beat Auburn, which is a testament to SEC superiority, so who’s delusional now?

  15. That’s what I was hoping you meant, Michael. Being the astute Gator fan that you are I’d expect nothing less (lol). Looks like Champ’s bringin’ em in late like last year. Closing strong is always a good thing! I’m sure this can’t help but to keep Lane in the fold. GO GATORS!!!

  16. TCZZ….I would like the same, but I just don’t think there are many left on the board. We signed 5 WR’s last year and already have our top WR and top TE committed this year. LB and DB’s are looking pretty stocked (as far as numbers are concerned). We need a couple more OL, so this chatter about 5* Damien Prince is good to hear. I know they’re looking for another QB, but I am leery of that. That’s how Tyler Murphy got here…signing a QB for the sake of signing a QB.

  17. Yep Muschamp has no clue what he’s doing recruiting. This team is just a total loss and everyone is jumping ship. We’ve got no talent coming in next year! Smh This recruiting class looks great and next year the Gators are coming roaring back! Year of the Gator my friends!

  18. Nobody is saying that Champ cant recruit (even though the vast majority of our recruits came from Joker and TRob). Champs ego threw a monkey wrench in UF’s dominates, because he wanted to dictate the offense, and play to the players weaknesses instead of their strengths. Plus he cant develop talent if it can save his life. When the gators start winning next year, I will only praise the players and coordinators.

  19. More negative nellies! Bug of Jay! when the Gators start winning next year I don’t want to hear a word from you! Because you’re part of what holds us back! So you can just keep any praise to yourself!

  20. Adoree listed his finalists and FSU wasn’t one so I doubt he goes there. Right now, I think its a race between UF, LSU, and USC for his services. He wants to play offense and defense, as well as go to the 2016 Olympics as a jumper. We had Jeff Demps playing both sports and winning in both and we just had the gold and silver medalists in the long jump and bronze in triple jump with Christian Taylor and Will Claye, both UF alums, at the 2012 Olympics. Track is major for Adoree and who better than the gators who are going for the 3-peat in outdoor this year and have won the indoor championship 3 of the last 4 year’s? Great landing Tabor tho!! Need all the help we can get. Would be nice to close with Jackson, Carter, McKenzie, and Jeff Jones while also keeping Lane as well

  21. Yep, heard all this “I;m a Gator” stuff from commits who were over a year out and never watched them sign that dotted line for UF.

    Glad he’s committed and all, but when his LOI is faxed in, I don’t hold any of these kids to their words any more. Recruiting has turned into an absolute circus over the last dozen years or so because these kids play sooo many mind games.

  22. My apologies, I thought by the article heading this was only one commit foir the 2015 class. Forgive a guy who’s bone tired today.

    I am now doing the Snoopy Dance in recruiting ecstacy Heaven. 😉

  23. Let them “troll” there isn’t anything going on with their teams so they have to come to this site. If lane leaves so be it, if anything Gator “fans” will be the reason (have you seem some of the twitter comments?). It’s pathetic what some people are saying to this kid from both sides… I’m pumped about Tabor as he KILLED it at the UA game and if lammons doesn’t want to compete than he should go. We are stacked on defense and Adoree would be a huge team boost. Fisher keep riding the “we’re back” train till we crash your party next year! This year can’t come soon enough and I can’t wait for Driskel to light it up in the new system! And for those of you who say Muschamp can’t developed players smh the guy just went 11-2 when we were a so-so team. With a healthy team next year the sky is the limit. Go Gators

  24. Jay…..

    Will Muschamp is the capable captain of the Florida Gators ship. You are welcome to go ahead and jump off it if you like. No one will mind, and no one cares who you praise or do not praise in the future. Go Gators.

  25. K’s Gator… just a little info for you though about our “new system”. There isn’t one. We are using the same terminology and playbook per Muschamp. This will be the same offense we iunstalled when Weis got here only tweeked by Roper like it was by Pease. Our kids on O are not going to learn a “new” offensive” playbook or system.

    Muschamp simply isn’t going to relinquish enough autonamy to an OC and ever let him do his job thoroughly. he handcuffed Pease and Weis took another job because he tried the same with him. Roper may change some aspects of down and distance play-calling, formation,s snap-count, etc, but the offense will be the same and there is ZERO doubt in my mind that Muschamp will meddle in it from the first game of the season to the last… unfortunately.

  26. TAMPA… “capable”? Really? You’re going to say that about Muschamp after we just lost 7 games in a row, one being to FCS team Ga. Soiuthern?

    Sorry my friend, but that;s reeeeaaaally stretching it. 😉


  28. And Gator Todd is back to being the whining conspiracist. Really Gator Todd and I’m sure this came straight from the mouth of a UF assistant who just so happen’s to be you mom’s cousin’s wife’s uncle’s grandson’s best friend’s dog’s veterinarian’s son’s imaginary friend. Seriously you’re crap is obviously a poor troll’s attempt to attack a man you have a personal vendetta against. We tried to run a pro system under Muschamp. According to all RELIABLE reports we are now installing a SPREAD system. That’s not just a tweak. That’s very different. So seriously just bug off. Your dumb negativity is only doing harm. Some “fan”. More interested in your own selfish vendetta than the team. Gator nation is tired of it. It’s time for the actual fans to back this team and root for their success, not pray for the coach to fail!

  29. Gator Jam. Right now despite being a 4-8 team we have a consensus top 10 class, and just so you know that Db we just got was a 5 star (translation REALLY GOOD) recruit who was pursued by ALabama among others. Yeah really terrible job recruiting there! SMh Grow up and get a life you troll! Like I told Gator Todd Gator Nation is getting tired of these “fans” riding the negativity train.Muschamp is gonna be our coach next year and no amount of whining or raging is gonna change that. It’s time to SUPPORT YOUR TEAM! You can’t support your team while rooting against the coach. For him to fail the team has to fail. So if you’re an actual fan, put your selfish petty personal vendettas aside and SUPPORT YOUR TEAM, players AND coaches! Lets go Gator nation!

  30. Only one service rates Tabor a 5*. The ESPN scouting report is that he lacks elite speed and isn’t great in man-to-man coverage (you wouldn’t want to leave him on an island like Champ likes to do). They say he ultimately may be better suited at safety. Hopefully the coaches are selling that to Jackson, i.e., that there is room for him at the other corner. Jackson’s scouting report indicates he would make a much better shutdown corner.

  31. @ Michael…glad you agree; with the new offense philosophy, OC and OL coaches we have to start a brand new search for game changers – the way we have for OL. If a kid EVER indicated the slightest interest in UF, I’d reach out to him again. NSD is fast approaching and recruits (even the committed ones) are second guessing and wanting to cover all bases before officially locking in. We need some quickness on offense and the return game…I don’t see much with the guys we have currently. T. Murphy was brought in by Urban to run spread, the change to pro-style should have been his prompt to exit. We once again have recruiting momentum as we have had throughout Muschamp’s run; developing and powering forward has been our achilles… “Oh what a new day!” LUV UF!

  32. G Todd I’m not sure where you get your facts. If I was playing with a 2nd-3rd string qb and a back up offense I would suck in the SEC as well. Side note our KICKERS lost a couple of those games (when it rains it pours). I’m not happy with what happened with GS but damn quit acting like it was all on Muschamp. We had one, ONE bad season and this is how we act? I must be crazy but I’m stoked to root for Muschamp next year! He has all the passion you can have for the game, he took us one game from the championship, and HE CARES about the kids he brings in. (More than most fans sadly) That is a good man we have a coach and he does a hell of a job. Try to be more positive OUR team needs the fans behind them. Not standing on their throats.

  33. I haven’t heard from anyone about Muschamp handcuffing the OC with the play calls. Weis was a pro-style OC but the weapons we had didn’t fit that offense. Pease was never the real playcaller at Boise. That was Petersen. Whats crazy is that when we went 11-2 with a healthy driskel and a capable running back we played well in our pro-style offense. But when we lose driskel against Tennessee, Murphy, who was playing well up until the LSU game when he got hurt, and are down to a RS Fr who barely gets practice time, your team will struggle. I still say that the Driskel loss was hurtful but the loss of Easley was the worst of them all. Dude was playing like he was gonna win defensive player of the year in college football and be a top-10 pick. Also the swag and leadership he brought to the team is something you can’t coach. Yes Muschamp has his say in the offensive gameplan but by no stretch did he handcuff the OC. When your down to a RS Fr Qb, a RB who is just thrown in the fire, your most consistent receiver is a 5’9″ 170 lb player, NO TE to even help in anyway possible, and an OL that was just woeful all year, the offense will struggle. At the end of the year, the defense just became worn.down. And let’s not even start on special teams. Look, the GA Southern loss was unacceptable by all accounts. But don’t try to place blame on Muschamp for all that happened. I thinkwe needed to experience this season so that these players could see that nothing will be handed to you. You have to work to get what you want. This defense will be great again, especially withmorrison, who I believe will turn things around and play like an AA next year. Fowler, Bullard, VH3 will have this defense ready to go. Let’s see what Roper can do. He has the reigns and will do great things IMO. He will get these kids playing great football and we will once again be a force to be reckoned with in college football. Gator for Life!!!

  34. I fully agree with TigerCat ZeroZero, though I’m thrilled about the surprising (defensive)addition. We NEED more “Offensive difference Makers”. Sure we have plenty on hand and coming back, but they haven’t product at the expected level yet. I thought the haul of Offensive Skill players last year was great but few of them hit the field or got playing time. I understand Great Defensive players wanting to come here, because they know that everyone respect the GATOR “D”. We need to develop that persona on the other side of the Ball. GO GATORS!!!!

  35. Isay, let’s all Give the ole Muschamp question a rest. If he’s here now he will be here until the end of next season ( at the least), so it’s a dead arguement. We have NEVER been short of CAPABLE troups, we always have great players. Sometimes not enough in the right positions. The recruiting has never been a BIG question. Champ says he will be putting in the PROPER SCHEME for the Talent this STATE is KNOWN for and that we have, so I say LET’s take himat his word and let the story develop on it’s own. GO GATORS!!!!

  36. I think we have playmakers in place. With this new scheme I think that it will showcase the talent that we have on offense. D. Robinson, Fulwood, Bailey, C. Thompson, Q. Dunbar, K. Taylor, M. Jones, These guys are playmakers and I think that the new offense will showcase their skills more than the run run pass philosophy we have had the pass 2 years. The spread will hopefully help Driskel as well as he was brought in to be a spread QB and came from a spread offense in HS.

  37. Lets start recruiting players that actually want to be a Gator instead of these flipfloping jokers that are only using college as a platform to try to get to the NFL! Bottom line, there are a lot of potential great players that would love to be Gators if only given the chance and would be loyal to our program like Tim Tebow was. All you have to do, is look a little harder, and go after these kids that will give the university 100% instead of use us for their own agenda!!!!

  38. Dear Mr. Tabor, you have an excellent role model in onother Maryland Lad, Mr. JOE HADEN. Joe came here, soaked up whatever knowledge necessary and went to work. pretty much like VH3 has done. The opportunity is there but hopefully Champ have schooled you on the ART of working to be the best and its Performance that counts in this league and especially on this team. You can be a star in this league if you go above and beyond in putting forth “EFFORT”. That’s what will get you to the “promise land” here in the GATOR NATION. “Welcome Aboard”!! GO GATORS!!!!

  39. ARIZONA, and I will respond to you like I have before… guys like you always think you have the market cornered on fan class an loyalty and that no one else should EVER speak out against the machine. Your ilk patrol Gator message boardsand try to silence anyone who isn’t a mindless, toe-the line automaton.

    If you don’t like what I say here, then don’t read it. I have absolutely nothing to prove to you. That said, I have rarely, if ever, suppled information or commentary here that has been inaccurate. Notice how the Sun’s sportswriters don’t refute anything I say here? It’s because they can’t in any good conscience.

    Btw, I was there when we were losing seben games in a row, with the season tickets my family purchases, in the new Gator gear I buy every year, spending hundreds of dollars every trip to Gainesville on parking, hotels, food, and tailgaiting.

    Where the fuck were you at? On your sofa in a ten year old Gator tee? Probably.

  40. BRUTAL Gator Todd, BRUTAL!! But I fully understand your position but there are posters here that don’t think anyone should have an opinion if it doesn’t match theirs. THE WORLD is Diverse, therefore people and their opinions will also be diverse. You are correct, people know how you think from these blogs, so when they see your name skip over that comment because they know they will likely not like what is being said. GO GATORS!!!!

  41. Really? Profanity and holier than thou approach because you have more money than a college student who lives all the way across the country?? Like that makes you better than me. Get a life. You’re not better than anybody. With your terrible attitude I’d say you’re probably the worst! What upset because Gator nation is letting you know we’re tired of your negative BS? I’m not a blind sheep and never have been. I speak out against what I feel should be spoken out against. Heck I was right there saying fire Muschamp. I still thought he’d be a good coach one day but I thought no coach should survive a loss to GaSo. And I made my opinion known. But you know what he wasn’t fired. And I’ve got enough common sense to know by now he’s not gonna be fired and if he was it would only do harm. I’m also actually smart enough to know that if you’re not going to affect change, then negativity will only hurt the program. I actually have enough common sense to know that the best thing for this team is to support Muschamp and for him to succeed. Because if he succeeds the team succeeds. I love the team enough that I’d rather see it succeed than see my myself be right about a coach. I’m not pompous or arrogant enough to think that my money makes me better than anyone else or gives me some mystic insight on everything. We don’t know everything that’s going on. So you all you do is wallow in your self pity and try to drag all the fans and whole team in with you. Well its not gonna happen. Gator nation is tired of your crap and we’re not gonna let you drag the whole team to your level. So grow up and go learn what the true definition of a fan is. Learn how to SUPPORTING YOUR DAMN TEAM!!!

  42. George: I would not call what James Fisher is doing trolling. He’s not talking smack; he’s commenting in a polite and respectful manner.

    I would define what ntcrze posted as being more in the trolling mode: “It is really telling when UF fans are getting satisfaction from Auburn playing FSU close. Guess what, they lost and their performance doesn’t change anything about the Gators.”

    Just my $0.02…


  43. Gator Todd: “That said, I have rarely, if ever, suppled information or commentary here that has been inaccurate. Notice how the Sun’s sportswriters don’t refute anything I say here? It’s because they can’t in any good conscience.”
    Seriously? I am sure that’s what the Sun sportswriters do; scan the message board just waiting for your pearls of wisdom.

  44. Arizona_Gator!!!! Muschamp is a chump. He has failed as a HC and will continue to do so as long as he is the HC. I’m just waiting for his eventual firing within the next 2 years. I am so glad though that my differing opinion of his abilities pisses you off…lol. You punk…

  45. Gator jam , nole fans disagree. We believe Coach champ should be given plenty of time to implement his style and acquire his players.please stay off Az Gator. This guy knows football. I wonder if AZ is one of the coaches.

  46. Oops get on to you for profanity then come back with my own. My apologies. I meant to say darn> I think I got autocorrected, but anyways apologies for the slip up.

    Gatorjame. And what good would that do. Would you rather have your team go bowless another two years or would you rather have Muschamp succeed? Because for Muschamp to get fired, the team must fail. I’d rather see my team succeed than see any coach I don’t like get fired. Oh and I’m still laughing that you have nothing to argue what I said about Tabor being a big highly sought after recruit. Realize your comments about only out recruiting the likes of Vandy turned out to be so very wrong? TRUE Gator for life! I SUPPORT the Gators AND coaches! I ACTUALLY want this team to succeed! GO GATORS!

  47. We will be back in 2014 and beyond!! I think we are going to have a great recruiting class. We don’t need any criminals on our team like FSU gets every year. If you are not a Gator you are Gator Bait!! GO GATORS!!

  48. I have followed Jalen since the 8th grade up here in the DC/Maryland area. I also work with one of his high school coaches. Jalen’s reputation developed as a 7th and 8th grade Rivals and Nike SPARK combine phenom. He excelled at drills and things players do in shorts. The Vols offered him before he entered high school, which only stoked his ratings.

    He has size, mostly height. He is about 6’2, which is good size for a corner. Jalen’s biggest question mark is his speed. Jalen was going into the 9th grade running near 5.0. He may have picked up speed, I am sure he has. But I am pretty sure he hasn’t gotten down into the 4.5 area you would like for an SEC DB competing on a NCAA Final Four caliber defense.

    Jalen has refused to run 40s at the camps and combines. That leave me suspect on how much he improved his very pedestrian speed. On the field he gives big cushions so as to not get beat deep. That is how he mitigates his speed issues. These programs up here don’t run spread offenses. They have Neanderthal coaches who run a bunch of wing T stuff. So Jalen don’t go up against a lot of passers. That big cushion is going to be a problem in the SEC.

    I watched Joe Haden in high school. I can tell you the difference in athletic ability, physicality, body development, speed, and football IQ are very far apart between Joe and Jalen. Joe was a 3 star guy. Joe was explosive, very quick, and very athletic. He was a playmaker. He played more competitive teams and he was in the state playoffs for two years, playing the best of the best. Jalen’s team didn’t play in a real state tournament.

    I will tell you Jalen is very full of himself for a guy. He is very self-hyped. He has the Honey Badger hair. He has a large superman tattoo on his chest. I don’t think he is all he thinks he is. Do not be surprised if he struggles before he becomes a productive player. He is not in the same league as VHIII. He may end up playing safety, but I questing his ability to come down the slot and drop the hammer on SEC backs. He is not a heavy hitter. This scouting report is really accurate.


  49. Don’t know what Jalen Tabor you’re watching, but I just watched tape of him playing right on the line of scrimmage and running stride for stride with the receivers. In fact after watching his tape I’d say one of his strengths is his closing speed when the ball is in the air. Also they had him returning punts. You don’t have guys returning punts if they’re not fast.