UF commits, targets like experience of Summers

Mike Summers comes to UF with 34 years of coaching experience. (Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports)

Florida coach Will Muschamp completed his staff Monday with the hire of Mike Summers as offensive line coach, a position he has held for the past 11 years.

The 57-year-old Summers spent 2013 at Southern Cal and served under current UF receivers coach Joker Phillips when he was head coach at Kentucky.

Prior to that, he worked with Bobby Petrino for seven years in college (Arkansas, Louisville) and the NFL (Atlanta). Summers had more than 20 years of coaching experience before his time with Petrino.

Two of Florida’s commitments were happy with the hire of Summers.

“It’s great that someone is coming in with experience. Hopefully he’s a great guy I can build a relationship with,” said offensive tackle David Sharpe of Jacksonville Providence.

Another Jacksonville pledge, Raines guard Travaris Dorsey, is looking forward to meeting Summers during the contact period, which begins Jan. 16.

“I don’t know him,” Dorsey said, “but he sounds like a great coach and I’m ready to work with him. Coach Muschamp told me (Summers) is going to come to my school as soon as he can.”

Also excited about the Summers news is five-star recruit Damian Prince of District Heights (Md.) Bishop McNamara.

The Gators’ No. 1 remaining target tweeted “UF got Mike Summers” with smiley faces. Prince also called him “the king” and told one of his Twitter followers that he loved the hire. The Under Armour All-American officially visits Florida on Jan. 24.

Apoka’s Martez Ivey, one of top offensive tackles in the 2015 class, was recruited by Summers at USC and thinks he’ll help out the Gators.

“He knows what he’s doing,” Ivey said of Summers, “and he’s going to coach up that offensive line.”


  1. I think coach Summers will be the “IT” factor we needed and have lacked for the past 3 – 4 years with the O-line. We will now see some 5 Star talent landed here at THE UF. If we employ the correct scheme on offense now , we are back on top in two years tops. We have the talent to shake up the EAST next year, I know the talent should be there now let’s coach them up. I will say this from pure emotions, we are on the road back with the two hires. The O-line was maybe our biggest problem, Summer is the solution to that. We shall rise and very soon, it should never happen again being treated like the “RED HEADED STEP CHILD”. GO GATORS!!!!

  2. Florida State had an awesome year in every way, beating everyone badly, but only taking in one highly ranked team. Caught our Gators with our depth chart shredded, our very green third-team QB and playing a too small walk-on linebacker. With a healthy team, we belted them a year before. Watching the national championship game, seeing a really good SEC team dominating, raises a a question of just how great these Noles actually are. Still early in second quarter, but this game surely calls to mind the Florida versus Ohio State title game, doesn’t it? I think the Gators roar back and even catch FSU this coming year and next.

  3. Just remember that Dean Smith was “hung in effigy”–a dummy dressed to look like the young, future Hall of Fame basketball coach — when he was in about his third year at North Carolina. In his second year at Duke Coach K held on to his job because the athletic director stuck by his young guy amid demands Mike be fired. Jeremy Foley has endured the development of another youthful coach named Bill Donovan. I think this is why Jeremy has a lot of confidence in Will Muschamp. Watch our Gators turn it around in 2014. “He-e-e-re come the Gators!”

  4. Before every one touts FSU and how fare ahead they are in talent, Auburn (SEC) 21 and FSU (ACC) 10 at the half. They may turn it around in the second half but… That is why they play the game! Go SEC and the Gators!

  5. Auburn let a lot of people down today, Iwouldn’t say they choked but they didn’t continue to play full speed ahead in the second half. For some reason they play a step behind and never regained their intensity and focus, especially the defense and the o-line. OK let’s move forward, congrats to the Noles, they held up the acc (two team) league. GO GATORS!!!!

  6. Well, there may be talent, but there is no proof of that. This is the last chance for all this ‘talent’ to show if it’s real or not. If UF is again lousy on offense, it’s time to point the finger at the players, not the coaches. It doesn’t make sense for them to be successful everywhere except Gainesville unless it’s the clay they have to work with. You can blame injuries, but good teams overcome them. Look at Oklahoma. Look at Georgia, they were not great, but they were not pathetic. The biggest problem is leadership, I think Easley was the only one last year. Usually you look to your seniors, who is going to become a leader this year?

  7. I doubt noles rule for more than 2 years, gators will be alot better next year and this noles team isn’t better than the 08 team which had percy harvin, tim tebow and that nasty defense. I hope fsu is undefeated when gators come to town next year.

  8. If UF can get rid of Muschamp we might be able to compete. Until then, we’ll be a bottom feeder, and he’ll still be challenging fans to, “come on down here”, like he did at the GA game this past season. Foley should try and get GA Southern to pay us to go play at their stadium. Heck, it might even boost UF’s athletic revenue

  9. All you Gator fans better get a grip , especially you Arizona. You know why Auburn could not do anything in the second half. It is called coaching and 1st level ACC talent. UF is lucky they don’t play in the ACC or their scores would be worse than this year.

    South Ridge Percy and Tebow don’t live their anymore. Live in the present dude.. This thing is getting ready to get ugly for years.

    Shariff, please don’t go name calling to the National Championship coach. I thought Gator fans were supposed to be classy.. LOL !!!

  10. James you’re joking right? You guys might be good next year but that’s a big maybe. Your D got shredded all game long, Winston looked lost and your O line was suspect You lose Benjamin next year. (He was your saving grace this year) Florida will be completely healthy and rested on offense. New coaches and new drive. You had your fun this year but that was it!

  11. I find it funny how Rape-SU, aka, Forced Sex University, just won their national title last night and their fans are over here on a UF internet board talking down UF.

    These are “nolie” fans who really aren’t, but bandwagon examples who are nothing more than flaming troll bait at best. They couldn’t even name their team’s starting Ol without having to look it up. LOL

    fsu’s OL, as I predicted, got manhandled by AU’s very good DL and Winston was stumped for most of the night. fsu got exposed by a pretty good AU team, which, btw, is one of the youngest teams in the SEc this year, so probably the weakest SEC title contender in the last 8 years.

    Congrats to fsu on their win last night, but just like I predicted with A&M’s Johnny Manziel last year, Winston won’t be sneaking up on anyone next year, and fsu will be losing Jernigan, several more on D, three OL, and possibly all three of their top WR’s to the draft.

    THIS is why I despise fsu so much, because even after rationalizing the rape of an fsu co-ed so their fans could root for their rapist QB without any moral qualms,and after playing the nation’s 67th strength of schedule and relying on some lucky losses to get to the NC game in the first place, they can’t even act like winners when they do win, they have to come to a rival’s board and talk sh*t.


  12. I agree Todd. Shows that even when we’re 4-8 and they’re national champions we’re STILL more relevant than them! Haha I love it! Also James you should probably go watch some more football. If you really think Pitt, BC, Maryland, Clemson, NC State, Miami, Wake, Syracuse, and Duke are anywhere near as good as UT, UK, Arkansas, LSU, Missouri, UGA, Vandy, and SC you don’t know ANYTHING about football! Seriously congrats to FSU on winning the National title, yall were the best team and you deserved it, but the ACC SUCKS. FSU had the WORST strength of schedule of any team playing the the title game in the last 10 years and the ACC went 5-6 in bowl games whereas the SEC went 7-3! FSU and Clemson are the only teams worth anything in the ACC. UK and Vandy are bottom of the barrel in the SEC but if they played in the ACC they’d be in the top tier. Come on man, stop trolling Gator discussions and start watching football. You have a lot of catching up to do!

  13. I’ve lived in Tallahassee for 30 years and have watched the noles as they win a conference championship or even a national championship and the first thing they do is compare themselves to UF (especially if they win in a year where we’re down). We are so far inside their heads it’s pathetic; in fact, we could probably order lunch for them…lol.

  14. Snowprint you couldn’t be more wrong. If we don’t get it together this year it’s not time to point the finger at the players. It’s time to point the finger atMuschamp. We’ve had great recruiting classes and we’ve got talented players. If we can’t do it it’s because the coaches aren’t developing the players right which means Muschamp needs to go. Now I’m not trying to be negative at all because I feel it’s time to stop being negative and jumping all over Muschamp and Driskel and it’s time to support our team> I have no doubt Muschamp will be a great coach and with coaches Roper and Summers next year will be a great year. I can’t wait to see what we can do next year. But when you’e pulled in the kind of classes we have then it’s on the coaches to develop it. I have faith they will. Go Gators!