Grier shines in limited action at Army Bowl

Quarterback Will Grier, one of seven early enrollees for Florida, throws in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. (Eric Gay/AP)

In Saturday’s U.S. Army All-American Bowl, Florida quarterback commitment Will Grier gave Gator fans a glimpse of what to expect from him in Gainesville.

The 6-foot-2, 187-pounder threw for 109 yards on 4-of-8 passing in limited action for the East team, which lost 28-6 to the West squad.

Grier’s 51-yard bomb in the fourth quarter was the longest play of the game. He evaded the pass rush, rolled to the right and launched a deep ball on the run that landed perfectly in the hands of Clemson receiver commit Demarre Kitt.

Grier also scrambled 10 yards for a first down, executed a hook-and-ladder play that went for 33 yards and completed an 18-yard deep out route to the West 3-yard line that led to the East’s only score.

Florida’s other three commits in the Army Bowl made an impact for the East as well.

Plantation cornerback Chris Lammons had two solo tackles and a pass breakup and returned two punts for 14 yards.

Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna defensive tackle Khairi Clark also made two tackles, while Jacksonville Providence offensive tackle David Sharpe looked good in pass protection and did not give up a sack.


  1. Go Gators. Horrible offensive philosophy. It’s hard enough for these kids (as QB’s) to get in rhythm and you’re going to shuffle in and out each play?? Foolish!! Grier plays more and it’s a much closer game!! Will ran the nice hook n ladder, they sub him out and next kid throws a pick

  2. Adam….

    That “next kid” who threw that INT is a future Georgia QB….Park, He looked horrible in the game. The Gators definitely got the better QB from what I witnessed. But the play calling and approach used by the East OC reminded me of how bad an OC Pease was during games during his tenure at Florida.

  3. Yeah James, thats why Ryan Sousa flipped from FSU to UF and guys like David Sharpe, Moral Stephens among others chose UF over FSU. Because everyone knows it’s better to be a Gator on a bad day than a Nole on a good one! Keep trying, troll! Gator bait!

  4. Zack – With all the coaching changes taking place, are there any potential recruits that the UF staff is talking to? I know we got the OT commit from Louisville over the weekend…any others we can expect or keep an eye on? Thanks for your work last year and we look forward to it continuing in 2014!

  5. Arizona , you know the noles are back.. just look at what is going on and quit whistling as you walk through the cemetery. FSU will win 78 out of the next 10. This is a very painful time for the Gates… more of this to come. Our brethren UGA Dogs will bust you in conference and we will handle the instate beatings.

    Why do you say troll ? this is not a Gator board, this is a Gville Sun board. There is no trolling involved. And remember .. Unconquered.

  6. Hahaha. Destroy a weak Almost Coordinated Conference schedule and 1 Florida team on its worse season in decades with 30 injuries and Nolies think they’re invincible. It’s cute how you think this is going to be the new norm. The Gators will be back very soon and FSWho will just have to settle for 2nd best in the state again.

  7. Fisher- Unconquered? Who? You? What a pathetic attempt to align yourself with a nation of native peoples who persevered in the face of brutality and hardship in an effort to preserve their dying culture. The Seminole nation arose out of the remnants of several persecuted tribes and had to fight their way to reach and hide in the Everglades to accomplish that much while the rest of their people were carted off to Oklahoma. To appropriate their ‘unconquered’ maxim for your own use in posting about a football team, off all things, is beyond stupid and reeks of Bobby Bowden’s shameful attempt to appropriate “Let’s Roll” for his own use after the Flight 93 crash of 9/11. No wonder everybody hates you guys. Even when your football team is good you have no class at all. Punk.
    Go Gators. Win or lose.

  8. With the stability of the Noles coaching staff, the new indoor facility, an incredible teaching and recruiting staff… really the Gates are not even # 3 anymore. UCF has kind of taken over. Maybe you can apply in the old big east conference so you can have a shot to win that. You couldn’t win the ACC , not wit Miami , V Tech , Clemson or the Noles in it. Bad time to be a Gator..

    THe FSU staff is the best recruiting staff in America, as evidence of flipping DC , Jackson , and Emron.. That had to hurt. We are at the point where we we have turn kids down.

  9. Best recruiting staff in the nation?? Ha no way! It’s easy to recruit when you’re winning! Try recruiting a top ten class while you go 4-8! That’s what our staff has done and we keep getting more and more recruits. Must hurt to have guys like David Sharpe, Duke Dawson, Moral Stephens, and Adoree Jackson completely shut you down in favor of a 4-8 team! Oooh sore subject? Even with the 30 injures, the gators are probably a 9-3 team in the ACC. Miami and FSU got us this year I’ll admit but VT?? You’re putting VT as one of your trong teams?? VT is terrible! ACC is terrible! Have fun facing actual competition for the first time this year!

  10. Please stop using injuries as an excuse, they contributed but they’re not the reason the Gators were horrible. There is no leadership on the team and there hasn’t been a competent quarterback since Tebow left. Another clue for you injury pumpers, Oklahoma had a lot of injuries as well and didn’t fall apart. I guess ‘next man up’ means something in Norman that isn’t understood in Gainesville.

  11. I never said injuries were the only reason we were as bad as we were. But if you don’t think 30 injuries had a big effect, then you just don’t know anything about football. The only thing I said about injuries was that even with the injuries we’re probably a 9-3 team in the ACC. So no need for the dumb negativity. Haven’t you learned people are tired of that crap? Go whine somewhere else!

  12. Tampa Gator, I live in Goose Creek South Carolina where Park plays at Stratford High School, I watched him play (to me , he’s not as good as they say he is) against the Goose Greek “GATORS” and he was not that good. He has the look, but the performance was not there. So yes, we did get the BEST of that deal. GO GATORS!!!!

  13. Well GATOR NATION, I see it’s time for us to stop crying in our soup now the hurt should have worn off by now. we have a full coaching staff and let’s hope it’s a good one. Champ has stated that we will be employing the CORRECT offensive strategy for the type (excellent) players that we have and/or getting. It’s past and now we can look forward to the future, we will not win arguments with those guys or girls from the weaker conference this year, it’s their turn and they should enjoy it, its been a LONG time coming and it will probably last for about two year (of being competitive). Let us move forward with good spirits, after tonight’s game be a powerful “Nation” ONCE AGAIN! GO GATORS!!!!

  14. dude you snuck by in the bcd title game but it was a good game….. we really don’t need guys like dalvin cook we need him like we need that cornerback that you guys dismissed that you got to flip from uf REID he was worthless. like timmy jernigan was today

  15. Fisher, You guy have THREE teams (really) two that can play consistently on a national level, and you know who they are. Maybe you don’t remember, but about 3 to 5 years before the two Florida teams entered the inferior league, they were offer the opportunity TWICE to join the REAL football conference. They both declined, and you know the reson for that as well, they wanted to go where they could dominate, and they did for a short period (just like this season) I see the Noles were smart enough to pattern its team “LIKE” an SEC squad. GO GATORS!!!!

  16. So Creek Gator , what is the problem ?? FSU and the ACC are showing that the ACC has caught up with the SEC. Clemson over Big 10 OSU and the FSU coming through like the champions they are. We are back at the point where FSU was in the 80’s. Unfortunately for you so is the Gators. You know things will change again in another 10 -12 years after UF has gone through about 4-5 coaches. UF is never stable in its coaching staff while the Noles continue with consistent stability. 3 National Champs and going for 4 next year. Little brother has grown up..PLease don’t refer to the ACC as an inferior league .

  17. James I see you concur with my point that the inferior league only have two consistently high level teams. When you were trying to make (some) point, those were the ONLY two teams that YOU could mention and keep your argument legit. So thanks for making my point, in your own words. On your other argument, it would be better to stick to the present. Remember we already had three NC’s when you were battling to get your third. Another comment YOU made was “little brother has grown up”, that is an admission that YOU recognize that you are Inferior. Two victories, FSU and Clemson can not make your league come up to 7 straight National Championships. THINK before you write, I will not respond to any other posts because I’m moving ahead, anything after last night is history and none of us knows what the future will bring. GO GATORS!!!!

  18. It’s cute when people talk about things they have no clue about. The SEC went 7-3 in bowls whereas the ACC went 5-6. Head up the SEC went 2-1 vs ACC. In the regular season the SEC went 9-5 vs the other Big 5 conferences whereas the ACC went 4-9. Head up in regular season the SEC went 5-3 vs ACC. See those are what we call facts, In no way shape or form can you bring actual facts to the table to make the ACC look better than the SEC. So go home and watch some more football. You might learn something.

  19. James, you can take the wins this year but to say the ACC is better than the SEC is just plain idiotic. The gators faced 3 top 15 teams in consecutive weeks… You can’t say that about the ACC. Thurs is also why the SEC consistently has about 7 teams in the top 25 where as the ACC.. two maybe three with the exception going to duke that had a once in a life time season. With our new OC and bbq talent coming in with all our injured guys healthy, the gators will be back next year, you wait and see. Go Gators!

  20. All I can to the FSU fans is enjoy it it will be the last one you get for next 15 years & for those of you that can’t admit it AU lost the game by stupid mistakes. If you watched the game and have any sense you know what I’m talking about! For all you Gator haters that wanna keep bragging because y’all beat is great so did 8 other teams and if FSU played in the SEC they’d have at least 2 losses this season. I am aware “ifs and buts” don’t win games with that being said GATORNATION looks forward to playing the defending champs next year and we are gonna have a chip on our shoulder so watch out!!! GO GATORS!!!!