Playing time available at UF appeals to Prince

Five-star OT Damian Prince sees an opportunity at Florida. (Photo by Under Armour)

Damian Prince doesn’t want to be awaiting the offensive tackle throne in college.

He wants it right away.

“I play like a king,” Prince said, “and I feel like I should go somewhere I can show that. I’m not even considering a school where I’ll have to ride the bench.”

Prince has the size and skill to warrant such statement. Rivals ranks the 6-foot-5, 295-pound five-star prospect No. 2 at his position and 10th overall.

He earned more than three dozen offers during his recruitment but is down to five finalists — Florida, Florida State, Maryland, Miami and South Carolina.

Prince gained interest in the Gators recently after their offensive line struggles in 2013. He has developed a strong relationship with UF coach Will Muschamp, who is personally recruiting him.

“Coach Muschamp is a great coach,” Prince said. “I like the fact that he’s honest. Even though he’s got assistant coaches, he still takes the time to make phone calls to me.

“I think he’s going to hire a great offensive line coach just like he did for offensive coordinator (Kurt Roper). I’ve watched Duke play, and I enjoy their style of offense.”

Prince took official visits in November to Florida State and Maryland, two schools that have been considered his leaders for a while. This month he will take trip to South Carolina (Jan. 17), Florida (Jan. 24) and Miami (Jan. 31) before making his decision on Feb. 14.

Prince insists the Gators have a legit shot at him.

“I wouldn’t go down there if they didn’t,” he said. “They just went 4-8 and they don’t have a coach at my position right now, but yet I’m still going to visit them. That should tell you something.

“But other than this season, they won a lot of games over the years. They’re in the SEC, which is a plus. But I just see an opportunity for me to come in and play as a freshman, and that’s big for me.”


  1. Dub, I agree and hope The Prince realizes, that just because we are weak in that area he does not waltz into a (given) spot. I KNOW Champ has been honest with him and told him if he’s the best at that position then it’s his but until then he has to earn whatever he gets at this University. There are others that are going to make it tough on him trying to waltz in and take a spot, others are looking to be wearing that label of starter also. GO GATORS!!!!

  2. No one’s gonna give you a position, dude. Get down to Gainesville and earn it. That way you’ ll appreciate it more. I’m sure you’d be a nice fit & the nation would love to have you but ya gotta put in the work. GO GATORS!!

  3. ” Right forgot about that. Get so caught up in that day that I forget the world keeps turning after that day. Haha” – Arizona_Gator RIGHT!!! me too man LOL….

    I kind of agree with Gatormac here…Normally, that kind of talk turns me off to a kid, but I get the impression he wants to play ball and motivation and competition aren’t going to be this kid’s problems. If Champ pulls this kid, that’s going to be a LOT of young talent on the line in this class.

  4. This will be our get back at FSU for Cook. Prince will be a Gator! If he truly is looking at opportunity, there’s no better one than UF. He will have a new OC and OL coach, who will be starting with a clean slate. He will not have to compete against older players who have relationships with the coaches.

  5. I really love this young man! I like his confidence, his intelligence, and I think he shows very good signs of great team leadership! All these things we would love to have along with his physical size, strength, and ability! Come to University Of Florida, Mr. Prince! Gator Nation Awaits you! Go Gators!!

  6. I hope he comes to Gainesville, and he should have every right to start day one. The one thing as a Coach you should never do is crush a young kids confidence. Muschamp is notorious for this, did it to Kent taylor, kelvin taylor, and debose. Prince has the confidence you need, and Muschamp wont be involved in the offense anymore. So should be a no brainer for prince, unless he wants to start for a bottom feeder like Maryand.