UF’s class successful regardless of Cook, Lane


If you’re a college football recruit and make an undramatic decision before signing day, you soon become old news in the eyes of many fans and members of the media.

This time of year, the potential flip-floppers and nationally televised announcements are what people care about.

In this particular recruiting cycle, however, that shouldn’t be at the forefront of the minds in Gator Nation. Rather than fixate on a few undecided or wavering recruits, celebrate the ones already on board.

In addition to running back Dalvin Cook and receiver Ermon Lane, the Gators have also landed their No. 1 targets at quarterback (Will Grier), tight end (DeAndre Goolsby), offensive tackle (David Sharpe) and defensive tackle (Khairi Clark).

Those were the four biggest positional needs this year, and UF met every one with the prospect it wanted most.

The Gators haven’t had an elite quarterback since Tim Tebow, the tight end position disappeared in 2013, consistent play at offensive tackle is still missing and Dominique Easley has yet to be replaced.

Florida has four players coming in at those positions with the potential to end those problems, and their importance cannot be emphasized enough.

Goolsby and Sharpe, who at times seemed like long shots for UF, committed to the coaching staff amid Florida’s losing season. The other two, Clark and Grier, never flinched on their pledges.

These four, along with cornerback Quincy Wilson, are not only solid, but they promote the program on social media. Their stance is shared by the majority of future Gators as well.

Florida has not had one member decommit from its 2014 class despite a 4-8 record and three assistants leaving. That’s pretty remarkable.

Nonetheless, the commitments of Cook and Lane are in question. Cook plans to make a final decision this week on ESPN, while Lane will wait on his until signing day. Athlete J.C. Jackson is another UF verbal who might go elsewhere.

Regardless of their reasons for looking around, they would have done so even if Florida went undefeated this season. They always planned to visit other schools, and uncertainty was inevitable with their recruitments.

Make no mistake, all three are dynamic players that could be difference makers in Gainesville. Missing out on them would be a big blow for the Gators.

But if that happens, it won’t kill Florida’s recruiting class or football team.

UF signed five receivers and two running backs last year, one of whom was named to the SEC All-Freshman Team in Kelvin Taylor. Those two positions just aren’t major needs in this cycle, nor are they an issue on offense.

Moreover, five-star athlete Adoree’ Jackson and junior college receiver Eric Lauderdale are very high Florida, and the coaches continue to pursue more offensive and defensive linemen down the stretch.

The Gators could lose a commit or two and may not finish strong, but their top priorities have already been addressed. That’s what makes a successful recruiting class.


  1. Thanks for putting our current class in perspective, Zach. I believe Driskel was regarded as an elite QB prospect and believe his potential remains very high. Living in NC Triangle I’ve witnessed David Cutcliffe and Kurt Roper’s transformation of four less talented QBs into big producers and believe Jeff is going to thrive with Roper’s tutelage and in a spread.

  2. I agree Gatormac. Driskel still has two years of eligibility remaining with his medical redshirt last year. Roper’s spread offense seems to better suit his skills. The Gator Nation needs to get behind him. Will Grier’s potential is off the charts but it would be better for him to have a couple years to learn the college game before becoming the starter. The future is bright for the Gators!!!

  3. Is Driskel getting a medical redshirt? I haven’t heard that. Regardless, Will Grier has very publicly stated that he expects to redshirt behind Driskel, learn the offense, and bulk up. With our depth issues at QB, not sure if he’ll be able to redshirt, but the fact that he’s 100% Gator AND willing to wait for his opportunity speaks volumes about that kid. Would be good to hit on a similar prospect or transfer next year.

  4. News Flash – Four number 1 targets that will not be here 4 or preferably 5 years will not turn around a program that competes against F$U and Bama that bring in 15-20. In fact it will not compete against the likes of Mizzou that takes lesser recruits and developes them over 4 or 5 years.

    4 and 5 star recruits is not the holy grail – but developing 2 and 3 star recruits over 5 years is – if you can’t recruit in the 15-20 annual range.

    Recruit kids with heart that want to be Gators. They will still be around contributing 3+ years later.

  5. Yes Driskel is getting a medical redshirt. I also see a very bright future for our football program! So, the doom and gloom crap needs to stop! If anything is hurting recruiting it is that! This will be a top recruiting class when the smoke clears! Those on board will be very happy they are. There is an old proverb in the Stock Market Just stick and stay it’s bound to pay! 2014 will be the year of the Gator! Go Gators!!

  6. Good insight. It is interesting that recruiting has turned into a “what have you done for me lately” scenario. Getting solid commitments early is outweighed by which players commit at the last minute. Building a big lead in the first quarter can be just as valuable as a late fourth quarter rally. Granted, it doesn’t produce the kind of media attention that the last minute hat-picking does given the current landscape.

  7. I’m not a Driskel fan but if he is going to be around for two more years I hope he improves greatly on his decision making abilities and in a hurry. Granted with a weak offensive line performance that is hard to do, but some times when he had good protection (rare) he could not make the proper decision. Not many options left if they allow Grier to red shirt. If Drskel is going to be around for two years it would be good for Grier, I dont see the luxury Driskel has been hurt each year. Go Gators!!!!

  8. Recruiting is certainly a marathon not a sprint. Big closes are no more important than big starts. However, fans need to understand one or two classes rarely are program saviors. Sure Urban was able to cone in and load up on some big time stars and turn things around quickly but remember he had a much stronger base of returning talent than what he left for Muschamp. Still that is a rare situation. Typically it takes three to four classes and Champ’s first two classes were busts so last year’s class was his first strong class. We are seeing this season the result of three strong classes for FSU. It takes time to load up on talent and talented depth across the board. Despite the poor record this season, a lot of young guys gained valuable playing time, add in some redshirt a who are ready to step into playing time and another strong class and you have the foundation for a strong future. Don’t hang your hats on one or two recruits who waver or flip, that is the nature of recruiting. Fans have got to see the long term picture. We had a guy who was high risk, high reward in Meyer and it was great for three years but long term it screwed the program worse than scholarship reductions. The staff showed in 2012 that they can coach up talent, now they just have to continue to load up on talent. The key is how well the new OC can get an offense installed and creatively take advantage of his players skill sets. The Gators should be fine recruiting-wise. The main concern is can they create enough offense to compete successfully in the SEC and nationally and lure potential offensive playmakers to want to sign with the Gators.

  9. Gator have had excellent QB’s since Tim Tebow , they just haven’t been developed. My god no way we have this many bad QB’s. at some point you have stop blaming the kids and look at the coaching staff for poor development and poor play calling.

  10. First, the Gators have not had excellent quarterbacks since Tebow. If Driskel doesn’t improve this year, it’s time to face the fact that it’s the players not the coaches. This is Driskel’s last chance to translate potential into production. He will be a senior, even if he gets a medical redshirt to make him technically a junior, there is not any more reason to make excuses for him. If he’s good, he’ll probably turn pro. He has the physical attributes of an NFL quarterback. If he doesn’t improve, it’s time to bench him and end the Driskel experiment. Second, recruits don’t pay attention to what fans say. They’ll make their decision based on something other than what you or I think. Also getting behind Driskel is not going to make him a good quarterback. If the Gators offense doesn’t improve, it’s time to evaluate the “talent” because EVERY coach is not incompetent, the odds are that it’s the players.

  11. Eric, Champs first two classes were not busts. His first one was the weakest and even it finished top 15. His second class was anything but a bust! We had a ton of sophomores making plays all over the field last year which gives me hope for next year. His second class which you call a bust was a top 5 class and was highlighted by the likes of Johnathon Bullard, Dante Fowler, D.J Humpries among others.

  12. All the negativity has to stop. Yes we had an off year which we had over 15 players injuried, which is rare. My cousin is best friends with Malzahn and he himself said in a convo with me that he didn’t see how Muschamp was even being as competitive as he is with the damaging effect of all the injuries. The negative comments and stuff has to stop. It’s hurting recruiting and it makes Gator fans look very disloyal. If I was a recruit and I see a coach has one bad year and everyone is calling for his job, I myself wouldn’t trust the fans. Furthermore it’s easy to be a armchair coach. If you have all the answers apply for the job. If you want to insult or call out players strap on a helmet and go out and practice. I’m sure they’d love to show you a thing or 2.

  13. Guys-there’s one guy in the fold already that I think everyone has forgotten about that I think will DEFINITELY be a difference maker next year. Caleb Brantley. Remember that guy??!!? He was basically in the same boat as DC is this year. I think he will be the X Factor on defense to go along with Fowler, Bullard, & VH3. Future looks bright but as I’ve constantly stated I think both guys stick with UF. GO GATORS!!

  14. Clinton, Negative comments are warranted when you only win four games. Like the song goes; “I never promised you a rose garden.” To think negative comments from fans affect recruits is silly. They listen to their peers, not you or I. For the coaches to be feeling heat is part of the job, they know that unless you win you’re probably not going to keep your job. After losing to Georgia Southern who were more injured than the Gators it is reasonable to question Muschamp’s ability. I don’t know what you expect. To think that everything is fine and dandy is not rational. Those rose-colored glasses can’t prevent the odor from last season seeping in. This will continue until the Gators win a game against someone with a winning record not named Toledo. Sit back and suffer like everyone else.

  15. Snowprint do you not think they notice the atmosphere around the team? It doesn’t take a psychic to see all the negativity (see roger^) and it does affect how people view our program. Hint hint recruits peers. Some of the people are acting like spoiled kids who have all the complaints in the world: our class isn’t number 1, Muschamp can’t coach blah blah blah. It’s old and that is what we are trying to say. He just went 11-2 and missed the championship by one game and we are complaining because he didn’t win with out second string offense plus a THIRD string FR quarterback? This is rediculous. I don’t care what happened last year. Yes we need to improve (stay healthy) but I support this team AND the coach because I love the UF. So either cheer for the team or make the switch to FSU/UM because we are on the way up and I for one am tired of people bringing us down! Go Gators

  16. Hey, Baton Riuge, I’m with you about Lane and Cook sticking. We’ve had loads of posturing, which is characteristic of lots of recruits as we near the recruitment finishing line. And if we lose a couple, given our momentum since announcing Kurt Roper’s coming on board, it looks as though we may land a couple of guys who were off our radar two weeks ago. We have fielded such a young team — about 11 scholarship seniors last year and ten in ’13, it belies Muschamp’s significant rebuilding challenge. Those really young guys from ’12 and ’13 will be savvy this fall.

  17. Florida’s defense has the players and potential to be a force in the league if the offense can keep them off the field in 2014. I believe it is great news to have an established quarterback coach coming in as the OC. The leash must be taken off Driskel so he can use his legs, which appears to be the plan for now. With a coached up QB, K. Taylor a year older and a healthy O-line, the Gators have a chance to be pretty good.

  18. I think Cook and Lane flip to FSU. They are the team riding high and in the spotlight at the moment and want to play with the HT winner Winston. With that said, just as the past 3-4 years we will have another class with elite prospects on D but only average prospects on O.. The only difference this year is we got an Elite O line prospect in David Sharpe. WHat big names has UF landed on O past few yrs? Humphries was elite O line guy but kicked off team, D. Robinson was close to an elite WR and is having issues and may be a bust, That #1 TE we got 2 years ago transferred, etc. Best Offensive prospect UF has landed past couple years is Kelvin Taylor and i know he is only a freshman but he does not appear to be as good as his father on the collegiate level. Todd Gurley was much better as a freshman. Hopefully an improved O line, a better coached up Driskel in a system that utilizes his athletic ability will help. Hopefully Matt Jones comes back and looks like he did as a freshman. Also, hopefully Joker can get the WRs going. Im personally glad Burton (a wildcat QB turned WR) and Patton (too short 5,9″) are gone. We need taller receivers who can get some jump balls in the endzone, look at what Mizzou has done with their WRs all like 6’3″ or taller. Dunbar has been proven to be dependable so im glad hes back for S. season, Debose hopefully will finally after 5 years will be somebody and if not will atleast be deadly in the kick return game, and hopefully Fulwood and Robinson can be threats.

  19. first – thanks to Zach for your positive approach, telling us what is good.
    gee i thought the last 2 recruiting classes were good!
    We keep reading that HC WM is at fault for offense.
    My memory is that UF has had a problem on offense for 4 years, ever sense Mullin left for Miss St. The Adazio yr lost harvin to NFL (A huge loss) but pretty much had NC type offense returning. The offense played not to loss all year, until Bama showed them that was a poor approach. With that team returning so many players it could have gone no huddle / up tempo / etc. That offense did not grow and that was a shame. I thought Weiss hire was good, but he was a complete failure. Peace also looked like he had potential to be good OC. He repeatedly said WM did not keep him from doing his job. He said the offense was his responsibility and that he had complete authority to do his job. The offensive line has been poor for 3 years and that seems to be the common denominator. So getting the OL productive would seem to be job #1.
    I believe WM will be a very good coach, but it will take 2 more years to be SEC east champs again.

  20. continued-
    6-6 will be reasonable record for next year 2014.
    UF plays Bama, LSU, FSU, Missouri, Ga, So Car, improved tenn & vandy.
    So any wins over 6 would be a plus. Next years team will be much better but record probably show it. Our next window to win SEC east is 2015.
    2013 was a disappointment when considering what could have been.
    If Floyd, Elam, Jenkins, Reed had stayed and no one got injured I believe that team would be playing for NC.

    What if?

    That is college football, one thing you can count on is that you never know how the ball will bounce.

  21. JW, that’s crazy talk.
    Lane and Cook won’t play with Winston, he’s gone after next year. FSU is loaded at both RB and WR, neither one will see the field much next year, so they will have the opportunity to watch Winston from the sidelines. Both can see they can get much earlier playing time at UF, plus play in the SEC, which is a draw to a lot of kids. They see how NFL-ready SEC players are, and part of that is from playing against other SEC NFL-ready players. We might lose them, you can’t ever tell with kids, but it won’t be because of Winston.

  22. @Buck:
    UF could surprise you next year. The defense was good this year before injuries destroyed it, lots of young guys are returning and we should have decent depth across the board.
    Roper is the X factor. I don’t think he can turn awful to excellent in less than 3 years, but he might be able to turn awful into mediocre next year.
    If the defense comes back strong next year, and the offense can get up into the 60’s, UF could win 8-9 games. LSU, Mizzou, and South Carolina come to our house with new QB’s next year, and Ga is a neutral site game with a new QB as well. Tenn and Vandy are winnable, we still play Kentucky, and we should get at least 3 OOC wins. Bama will be tough, but FSU I think we can punch in the mouth and do to them what we did last year. A healthy UF beats them this year.

  23. Zach is right. We can’t get hung up on Cook and Lane. We’ve had very good classes the last few years and this one won’t be any different. If Lane and Cook leave all that means is we’ll have to beat them somewhere else! Go Gators!

  24. If UF goes 6-6 next year – we’ll be looking for a new ball coach. In fact 4 losses might show him the door. Pity – but that is the situation.

    Muschamp will care less about developing and more about winning next year. The biggest problem will be the offensive line, and developing a vertical passing game.

    Roper better be good (and if he is – he’ll have his own team within 2 years).

  25. The class can definitely be successful by simply filling needs especially at OL, but there’s really no way to positively spin the loss — should it happen — of two key recruits who are top of their class by position, especially when their loss will directly benefit a key opponent for several years to come. Neither of these guys would save next year though — Muschamp and Roper are going to have to win the players they already have.
    @Steve — there’s a lot of truth in what you say, but I can quote you a laundry list of 3-star players that Muschamp signed who supposedly wanted to be Gators but who have since left the team: Trevon Young, Max Staver, Quinteze Williams, JaFar Mann, Rhaheim Ledbetter, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. So just because someone is a 3-star doesn’t mean anything in terms of desire. You want lots of 4- and 5-stars because attrition and injuries happen, and the more you have the more you have left. It’s playing the odds. Missouri this year was a great story but it’s an exception, not the rule.
    Muschamp’s classes have actually been very highly rated — at the time they were signed. But, continuing with the point above, there are only 9 of 19 remaining from the 2011 class and about 16 of 23 from the 2012 class. That’s a loss of more than one in three players from those first two classes, which fortunately drops to only one in four when you add in last year’s class.

  26. Yeah, keep telling yourself that losing Cook and Lane out of this class won’t hurt it, and then watch these two players beat us while playing for another team.

    Who watched Lousiville DESTROY a Miami team that shut down our run-game? We better hope Strong is still available next year and doesn’t jump for Texas because with the toxic atmosphere in our locker room I predict now Muschamp will have no control over his own team next season and will once again handcuff the new OC.

  27. @ BUCK, You have already conceded 6 loses without even playing a down. I don’t like what has happened to this team, and I don’t think they are as bad as the record shows. I’m not as delirious as Ksgator, but i REALLY don’t think they will be that bad “IF” the offense is coached up this coming year. The talent is there and the ability to win more than 6 games is there. I hope our COACHING staff is better than 6 wins next year. If we CAN”T compete with SEC teams with the coaching staff we have, they should go. Some of the posters say that we need this many years or that many years, we have talent (except in O-Line). we should expect to compete with what we have or none of the recruiting classes were as good as anyone says they were. Just my opinion (negative or not). GO GATORS!!!!

  28. It all starts with QB. Driskel was the number one guy, then the next year it was Winston. UF was a year late. Before that Brantley was the man. It is against the odds that UF will again get a bust in Grier, while not as highly rated as Driskel or Brantley, he is considered elite. If Grier pans out, the offense will be better. It’s highly improbable that UF can have three touted QB’s in a row flame out, so this class will be successful if Grier signs and does not bomb like the previous QB’s since Tebow.

  29. Gator Todd, I know both of those guy’s are needed and would be a GREAT addition to this team, but if they decide to leave we will have to adjust and hope that the remainder of the class will be of help. To me too many people are looking through ROSE colored glasses as someone mentioned earlier, and they take offense when others don’t see things their way and want you to go and be FSU /UM fans. They don’t respect your opinion if it’s not of their own (NEGATIVE or NOT). I don’t know what the locker room is like or if Muschamp have lost it or not, but with the defections with some players that expected to get playing time next year, it appears something is not quite right. Again, just MY opinion. GO GATORS!!!!

  30. Too much negativity and worry from Gator fans. Let me tell you guys a secret: Nobody knows how this team is going to be next year. It could literally go either way from 3-9 to 14-0 National Champs. It’s just a big mystery. It’s not like we have no talent and no good coaches and we’ve got several years to rebuild. There were a lot of things that went wrong that led to us being that bad last year. And they could happen again and we could be even worse. OR Roper could be the solution for our offense and we could not have 50 injuries and things could start to fall into place and we could be a really dangerous team. But there’s no way to know right now. BUT what I do no is no 1 or 2 players will make or break this team. Cook and Lane are great players who could come in and help right away no doubt, but they aren’t the be all end all. They will NOT win National championships by themselves, and we will NOT lose every game just because they decommitted. UF will be just fine with or without them. Let’s hope they choose the good guys, but not panic is they decide not to. Go Gators

  31. CREEK, I know through several people what it’s like in that locker room, and it aint pretty. Muschamp playing more of the playesr he recruited than Meyer’s recruits, obsessively meddling in the offense, and toning and slowing it down and eliminating any chance of utilizing any of Murphy’s abilities (LSU, and just as I predicted would happen),Tyler Murphy phoning Muschamp to talk to him about what to do with his decision to either stay or go and Champ not even bothering to call him back and Murphy then leaving, reports of Muschamp’s temper tantrums on the sidelines hurting us with SEC refs, and players who have lost every bit of faith and trust in the HBC. These kids won’t play for him.

  32. You see, a lot of these Gator fans who go around and tell those who point out the ugly truth are just “poor Gator fans” or a lot many others of them think that everything will be better with just a couple of staff changes.

    Aint gonna happen. We’ve done the staff changes before and it didn’t work then. Some people cannot fathom that there are people who actually KNOW what’s going on inside the program. I’m not the only one either. My sources are right out of the mouths of the family members of some of the football players themselves.

    Simply stated, Muschamp has no self control or discipline. This is a team that has been divided into little cliques who play for each other and certainly do not trust the HBC, and Foley knows this all to well and still didn’t pull the trigger on Muschamp because of his massive ego.

    We’ve got an ugly mess in Gainesville right now and it truly worries me that we’ve possibly let Charlie Strong or James Franklin get other jobs when we could have grabbed them.

  33. Gator Todd, I’ve read more than my fair share of people with “inside information” on this page just like you who claim to know everything and actually know nothing. It sounds to me like you want to impress some people and also “win the argument” by claiming you have some all powerful information. Meanwhile people who it’s actually THEIR JOB to personally know people inside the program don’t agree with you at all. Just quit wasting our time. No one knows what next season will hold for us and your negativity isn’t helping anything at all. What do you hope to accomplish? Gain enough people to your side and all of a sudden Muschamp and Foley are out of a job then all of a sudden Bear Bryant resurrects from the grave to lead our program back to the promised land? Let me tell you a secret: AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. Even if you’re right, Muschamp will still be our coach next year and Driskel will still compete for and probably wi the starting QB job next year. Might as well sit back, breathe, relax, and enjoy the ride.

  34. I mean Gator fans love to say we’re the best fans and the world and all that, but what are we doing when the chips are down and it counts? Too many fans are jumping ship! It’s sad. It’s ok to be upset with a 4-8 season. Heck if you’re not upset I gotta wonder what’s wrong with you? It’s perfectly fine to want the best and not want coaches you don’t think are good. But right now nothing’s changing. Right now is the time for fans to be fans. Right now is the time for fans to get behind their team and SUPPORT them, not tear them down with every comment! Because the negativity is not going to change anything right. Now next year i we see more of what we saw last year and start racking up loss after loss I’ll be right there with you calling for Muschamp’s head. But right now is not the time for that. Right now is the time to be a FAN. LOVE and SUPPORT your team. Time to prove what we love to claim as being the number 1 fan base. Time to get behind our players AND coaches.

  35. I wonder if things will change next year. Just an observation from the last game. UF had the ball and Muschamp called a timeout. Nothing unusual about that, but he stood beside the ref and waited until the clock had almost run out to call it. This wasn’t near the end of the half and I’m pretty certain UF was trailing. If you are behind, why are you milking the clock? I just wonder if it’s in his DNA to not go fast. Is he obsessive about protecting the defense and wants them to get as much rest as possible. I just thought it was very strange to not want as much time as possible if you’re losing.

  36. I too don’t have much faith in Mushchamp, but its time to move on. He will either be successful this year or he will be gone. That’s obvious. So lets cross our fingers, hope Roper does a great job and try to be optimistic. We’ll know, starting with the Bama game, how the rest of the season goes. Go Gators !

  37. Just thought I’d share this. I’ve been skeptical about Cook’s chances of sticking with Florida, but I just read something that changes my mind. Adoree Jackson, when talking about his recruitment, mentioned that Gator commits were recruiting him toward the Gators. Among the Gator commits recruiting him: Dalvin Cook. Now Cook made it clear that he already knows where he committed and he’s shutting down his recruitment. So why would Cook be recruiting a great player to a school he’s not even going to? He wouldn’t No one would go that far to throw people off and surprise flip. It wouldn’t make sense. Ladies and gentlemen, Dalvin Cook if Gainesville bound. You made the right decision man!

  38. As the season fades into the rear-view mirror and the blame game boards are put away it seems the simple adage — ‘line of scrimmage league’ still rules the day. No QB can run through progressions and no RB can run through creases without an effective O-Line. Our O-line was off-balance all year and it killed us. Our D-line was stout though it got dialed down from an ’11’ to about a ‘6’ when we lost Easley. The good news is we didn’t burn any red-shirts in 2013. Having Cook and Lane would be great and if we don’t get them I believe we can still be great as long as we stabilize both lines in 2014.

    Happy New Year everybody!

  39. ARIZONA, you’re the perfect example of what I was talking about… people who think NO ONE can have any idea what’s going on inside of our football program. Even though I get where you’re coming from, don’t put words in my mouth either. I didn’t say I “knew everything”, but I DO know this stuff without a doubt. Have for years. Have close friends who’ve worked for UF and the UAA for decades as a matter of fact. I’ve posted things I’ve heard from inside here over the years and every time they came to fruition and NOT ONCE have I been inaccurate… NOT ONCE.

    That said, it’s funny how some Gator fans just toe the line and never question anything and then think that’s makes them more classy or loyal than other Gators. Whatever. I stand firmly by what I’ve posted here because it’s true.

    Believe it or not if you wish, but don’t question my character.

  40. And one more thing ARIZONA, I DO support my team. I pay the booster dues, I attend the games, I buy the merch, and I support the players and the university, but I do not support our HBC because he is a man of not only questionable character, but a man who is quickly driving our football program into mediocrity, and Jeremy Foley has allowed him to… and our players deserve better than this.

    Tyler Murphy certainly did too, but Muschamp’s inability to reign in his own temper caused us to lose a valuable back-up that many players on the team liked and supported more than Driskel. That’s right out of some of the players’ mouths too.

    That doesn’t make you any better or any more loyal than any other Gator around.

  41. You’re blaming WM temper on losing Tyler Murphy??? Not the fac that he only has one year left to play and he’ll be competing against Driskel and Grier. Let alone the fact that he was less than stellar in his performances…. That right there negates everythin you said to me… The kid wants to play… It wouldn’t have happened here

  42. Who would be scared of competing with Driskel and Grier? Driskel has not showed he can play well with any consistency since he has been in Gainesville. He can make a great play and then a bonehead one on the next. Grier is a high school quarterback, there is no way to know if he is any good at the college level. I think a 5th year senior beats out a true freshman nine times out of ten. I think he left for other reasons than what the Gators have at quarterback. It could be that he knows that Muschamp has a man-crush on Driskel and that blinds him to Driskel’s poor performance.

  43. Gator Todd, Where there’s smoke there’s fire. I’m not claiming to be anyone important. But if you are correct, it would explain a few things and Tyler Murphy would be one of them. Plus the other guys that were going to have significant playing time next year lke Silberman that have bolted. I told you a couple days ago that if you had an opinion that was not middle of the line, it would be considered as “NEGATIVE” and you would be “BANNED” as a
    Gator fan or you are not a good gator fan, so I guess you are off to FSU / UM. I personnally hate to see you go but I think ARIZONA and a few others may have submitted your name. I know and everyone can see Champ doesn’t have much self control when millions of people are watching, so I’m sure he is a beast in the locker room. JUST MY OPINION (NEGATIVE of not) GOGATORS!!!!

  44. Uh huh. And I’m sure it’s right out of the players mouths that Muschamp punches children and Driskel is so clumsy he trips over his own feet. As I’ve said before there are people who its ttheir job to personally know and talk to people inside the program. Am I to believe you know more than them? That you have better connections than them? Sorry I’m not gonna believe that. Look like I said it’s OK to be upset with a 4-8 season. It’s perfectly fine to want the best coach for the program and want to get rid of a coach that’s not going to get the job done. But now is not the time for complaining and negativity. No matter how much you complain or rage against Muschamp he WILL be our coach next year. You’re not going to change that. So what good is it doing? None. It’s only doing harm. Now is the time for Gator fans to pull together and love and support our team, players AND coaches. And let me tell you this don’t even try that I support the players not the coach crap because that’s impossible. If you don’t support the coach you’re rooting for him to fail and for that to happen the team as a whole must fail which means you’re rooting for the team to fail. Fans do NOT root for the team to fail. Now is the time for fans to jump off the negativity train and support our Gators and prove that we’re the best fans in the world. Then after the season starts if Muschamp fails and everything goes wrong you can sit on your high horse and give the I told you sos and I’ll be right with you calling for his head. But it’s not that time yet. It’s time to stop turning every positive article into a Muschamp and Driskel bash session and start SUPPORTING YOUR TEAM. Your whole team.

  45. Arizona_Gator, I agree with everything you are saying, I hope Gator Nation will see the wisdom of what you are saying. My Christmas wish for the Gators is a new O line coach who is a real beast, who along with the strength coaches, will develop the o linemen into real beasts with more strength and aggressiveness. I hope Muschamp and Foley will really evaluate the weight and strength program and make changes if it is needed. GoGators.

  46. Recruiting has NOT been the issue here. Fla. Has had top 10 classes the past several yrs, and what has our overall record been? We have be ome mediocre at BEST. Non developement frm the coaching staff IS AND HAS BEEN the problem!!!

  47. I do not mind Cook leaving for FSU. I do highly dislike the manner in which he did it. Nothing classy about his Gator chomp at UR, knowing he was going to be a Nole. Also saying he like the coaches who were not all over him (hinting the Gator coaches)…and then saying on ESPN that the Noles coaches being all over him was one of the reasons for the switch. Have fun at Free Shoes U…..Mr. Cook…..and I would guess you will be taking Lane with you.

  48. dub,,,,

    “Sell”…….no one is having a sale other than Walmart. And I seriously doubt Lane “sticks.” But their defection will open the door for other recruits and the Gators will end up with a great class…..with or without Lane.

  49. @tampa gator, wouldve love to have cook,, but in my opinion lane is the game changer,, we have kt2 which will tote the rock, but we need that homerun threat. i really wish cook well, dont think he will be satisfied at fsu, hopefully lane dont follow him.

  50. Just saw the announcement and I’m just sick! He announced he was attending the University of Florida State. Wow. Speechless. There’s still a slight chance he comes back but the concern now is if others follow him.. GO GATORS!!

  51. Has ANYONE heard or read anything from a recruit, committed, prospect or flipper that has stated that came to Florida, flipped from Florida or is NOT considering Florid because the GATOR NATION makes NEGATIVE comments on Blogs about the coach, program or players?? Kids have made various comments as to why they chose one school or program over another (some very wacky), but none that I have witnessed have ever used negative comments on blogs as the reason they chose or didn’t choose a school. So all of you SUPER GATOR FANS that only see in pink or Rose, stop dogging people for comments that are not like your own. When it gets to be deciding factors in anyone’s decision, then we should look at it and say “that’s it, NO more. People are venting and rightfully so. I would love to see the program turn around NEXT YEAR and I really believe it will, we have talent in the fold and more coming, let’s get them COACHED UP and get back on track! GO GATORS!!!!

  52. 2014… How quickly can Kurt Roper implement his offense? That Duke offense was precise with timing, varied, and marked by aggressive, excellent play calling. There’s been significant player development and progression in Durham. We may have an improving team on offense this year, and if we can get to about 425 yards and 30-points a game our guys will win a bunch of games in ’14 and set the stage for a huge year in 2015. After watchingDuke last night compile 660 yards and scoring 48 points without a single stop by the Duke defense that gave the O field position and without forcing one turnover, I’m really happy that Coach Roper on this New Year’s Day is a Florida Gator. I am far more pleased we’ve recruited Kurt Roper to UF than I am disappointed in getting shafter by an 18-year old high school senior. Things are looking up. Happy New Year, fellow Gators!

  53. Trying to put a positive spin on an average/below average class and losing 2 offensive players UF sorely needs. Face it Muschamp is not a great recruiter and worse he isn’t a good evaluator of talent. For every guy he has gotten who are players there are 3 that are complete busts.

  54. Lizardgrad89 – Guess it wasnt crazy talk i was speaking now was it? I told you Cook would flip and Lane will follow… trust me. Also, look for J.C Jackson to follow them if he can get an offer from FSU. I will admit losing cook hurts but not as much as losing Lane… we have RBs but do not have that elite WR on the roster that Lane could be. That Minn. commit Jones looks like he will compliment our back feild nicely so hopfeully we can flip him. I know these are kids and they change their minds with the wind but the way Cook trolled UF by doing Gator chomps etc days leading up to his flip is trashy. Basically tryng to make UF coaches think he is staying making UF waste more time not offering another RB. If Lane cant make his own decisions and wants to ride Cooks jock to FSU and hold his hand then he needs to announce now.. dont do that “85%” commited crap just like Cook did. Be a man.

  55. I agree our defense will be good, and our offense will be good. But we are still missing that Elite playmaker that every team has. Big plays concern me but I think getting driskel back into the read option game will work wonders for play action.