Phillips decommits from Florida

Phillips is close friends with Dalvin Cook, who could also be decommitting from UF soon. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Florida has lost a commitment from a Miami Central player.

And no, it’s not Dalvin Cook.

His teammate, junior receiver Da’Vante Phillips, decommitted from UF on Tuesday according to’s Amy Campbell. He chose the Gators at Friday Night Lights and was the only member of their 2015 class to date.

Phillips told The Sun on Dec. 15 he was still committed to Florida but wanted to see a big change on offense. The 6-foot-1, 189-pounder is the ranked the No. 1 receiver and 18th overall in the ESPN Junior 300.


  1. If so what is the point of Florida letting them basically punk the program on national tv? I don’t get it. This has dragged out too long publicly. It’s not like a last minute switcharoo. The university needs to rethink this for damage control purposes.

  2. A 2015 commit de-commiting is NOT the end of the world guys. Dalvin Cook…IF he de-commits is NOT the end of the world. The Gators have a 100 year football program, and an even longer academic record. I’m not sure why everyone is alway so negative around the program. We’ll all survive, try to enjoy Christmas. Merry Christmas everybody!

  3. I agree. I just don’t like giving the power to punk the program to the recruit at this point. Why die a slow death? That helps nobody if true. We are aiding and abetting to false drama. Let’s either be sure or move on…

  4. We have potential recruits de-commit in the past and we are still the Florida Gators! We need ball players not prima donnas. Their are other recruits out there that want an opportunity to prove themselves and want to work hard, and they are not afraid of the competition. A lot of big name players at big time college football teams never make an NFL team. A lot of players in the NFL come from schools we have never heard of! Recruit ball player! Go Gators!!

  5. No offense to Zach, b/c he puts in a lot of hard work for his reports, as do many others. And, I’m as guilty as most of you at reading this stuff. However, if we all quit following these recruits until they’ve signed the dotted line, they wouldn’t be so full of themselves, and doing everything they can to get national attention. They are teenagers with their chance to gain attention by playing the media about their decisions. Why do we care where they say they are going? It’s never a “commit” until they have signed the paperwork. Why not just say, I really think I”m going to a certain school. Never say you’re committed, b/c you aren’t! We have no one to blame but ourselves for the way the kids act nowadays. It’s really kinda sad.

  6. If we needed more evidence that Cook isn’t coming, this is it. That, and the fact that he made his firm decision BEFORE we have hired an OC. I can’t imagine him doing that. Only Will Grier does that…Thank God for you Will!

    Not sure which is more bothersome, that we may lose Cook AND Lane AND Phillips…or that FSU may get all three in the end.

    Like much of this year, just painful…And I suspect it will be a while before the pain goes away. One kick in the crotch after another.

  7. Cook will be a Gator!!!!!! This is to gamer more attention for cook and to do exactly what he is doing to you all. Also, he wants his chance at attention so don’t worry we will have them both. GO GATORS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  8. This kid was a 2015 commit, he see’s the attention that Cook is getting with his recruitment, the trips, the press. He just may want to hold on to the fact that he may be in the drivers seat and can get all this for himself next year. Stop jumping on and off the wagon, you can hurt yourself. These are “KIDS” that want and maybe even need to be wanted and desired, you guys are too uptight, breathe, breathe, breathe. Life will go on after Mr. Phillips even if he and Mr. Cook departs (I still think Cook and Phillips remain). GO GATORS!!!!

  9. We can live without those guys. We seldom get much but trouble out of anything south of Belle Glade anyway. Those thugs don’t fit a disciplined, SEC type team. Let ’em go where they can be ganstas. We’ll be fine. Stay the course with quality kids.

  10. No wonder UF is hated by so many. Somebody that you wanted to come to your school decides they don’t and suddenly they are “thugs” and aren’t worthy of becoming Gators. To say they needed to see some improvement on an offense that has been in triple digits three years running is not something that should surprise anyone. As far as I know, Jeff Driskel will be the starting quarterback next year and maybe the year after that. There has been no sign yet that he isn’t what he appears to be, a lousy quarterback. If you think he just needs new coaches, you haven’t watched him play. Either you have poise or you don’t. You are either accurate or not. He fails on both counts, a new coach isn’t going to change that. Here’s another clue for you Einsteins out there. Taylor is not a great back, at least not now, he is not quick to the hole and does not have great speed to break a long run. If he was a great back, UF would have won the Georgia Southern game. Lokk at the tape, the holes were there, he’s not quick enough to exploit them. Guess what, he’s not his father. Quit being such poor sports when a recruit says no. When UF has an offense in double digits, maybe recruits will again find UF attractive. Until then, UF only needs to look in the mirror to see why hot shot playmakers are shying away from UF.

  11. So much hate, don’t place all this on the kids. UF is a top 5 football program without a top five head coach. Develop the players you have, make them elite and the young kids will come to UF. Whether you dislike FSU or not , the model that Bobby Bowden used to have works. Let your top players showcase, while integrating true freshmen so that by the end of the season you have created depth and have prepared the freshmen to step into larger roles at a later date.

  12. Does any recruit matter this year? It seems UF’s future rests with Jeff Driskel. There is no alternative. If he plays well, then Muschamp may keep his job. If he doesn’t, UF will be starting over again with a new coach.I don’t see anything more complicated than that. Whatever offensive scheme Roper comes up with will depend on Jeff Driskel. Muschamp has said that Spring practice will be delayed until Driskel is healthy. The sooner he is healthy, the better. You don’t want to go into the fall without Driskel having played in the Spring.

  13. The choice to go to FSU is a bad choice. I’ve seen it many times when a team does well one year and struggles the next. Look at us and TAM last year and not quite the same this year. So in all likelyhood FSU will not do as well next year. Its normal for these kids to be short sighted and are not able see how valuable it is to play in the SEC and the exposure they would get if they do well. If you do well at Florida (ala Hargraves, Fowler, Bullard ..) you will be on display by all the pros because of the competition. The mature kids are the ones who really understand this and have studied this. They are the kids we want and need. Will Greer is case in point.

  14. The kid is 16 years old – do you think he is really visualizing where he will be in 2 years? When I was his age I couldn’t see beyond the following weekend. Give the kid a break and step off the ledge people.

  15. First off, why would Driskell not be ready for spring ball? His injury occurred decades ago it seems. Second, does anyone really think Jeff Driskell is going to lead this team to the promised land? Those who do not learn from John Brantley, I mean history, are doomed to repeat it.

  16. There are more players out then Driskell, that is why spring practice is being delayed. No line no scrimmage!

    As to the kids punking us, would you rather they pull the offer and not give the coaches a chance to flip them back? Fisher may go to Texas, where does Cook go then?

  17. Jimbo going to Texas? That would be good for UF at this point as we need some outside help to get over the hump.
    After we beat them last year, fsu fans we ready to fire him, now he’s a genius. With Saban out of the picture, guess he and auburn coach are frontrunners.
    Lets dont trash these kids wavering, what do you expect after 4-8 and no offense? Nothing solid till nsd anyway.

  18. Ed, you really think that Spring practice is being delayed for anyone other than Driskel? I doubt that. He is still not healed from his injury, otherwise there’d be no reason to delay Spring practice. Since Muschamp doesn’t tell anyone about injuries, him saying that Spring practice may be delayed is a worrisome sign. If Driskel isn’t healthy, it’s Morningweg or a true freshman.

  19. Really, you want to fire the best AD in the country because of one bad season plagued by injuries? As I recall, Gator fans were praising WM one year ago after going 11-1 during the regular season; and do you Gator fans recall the support given to last years team in the form of ticket sales to the Sugar Bowl? Given the poor attitudes and support Gator fans show for their team, it’s a wonder anyone would want to come coach this program.

  20. The best AD in the country? I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion. I don’t think hiring Ron Zook(now working at a bank in Ocala), and Will Muschamp in your main revenue generating sports hardly qualify UF’s AD to be the, “best AD in the country”. I don’t think anybody was praising WM last season. I think we all realize that he won a few games that he should have probably lost, and that he had some great talent leftover from Urban’s recruiting days.

    And, if you are wondering why I didn’t link Foley to Urban, that’s not a direct hire since Machen already had the connection with Urban from Utah.

    Keep in mind that Ron Zook lost to Miss. State, and was fired summarily. Muschamp lost to GA Southern, and is now on his third off. coord. in four seasons. Logic says something is wrong with this picture.

  21. Oh yes, MJ, because an AD’s ONLY job is to fire football coaches! In fact the full position title is Athletic Director of Only Hiring Football Coaches. Get real man! Foley is THE reason many of our sports are doing so well including Basketball, Baseball, and Track and Field. Foley has done more for this University’s athletics than anyone else in this University’s history. He is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best AD IN THE COUNTRY!

    Now I will say I do believe that Muschamp should’ve been fired. I don’t think any coach should be able to come back from losses like those to Vandy and Ga Southern. But having saying that I also have no doubt Muschamp will become one of the best coaches of our era. He is a defensive genius, an excellent recruiter, great motivator, inspires loyalty from his players, and etc. The only thing he seems to be missing is offense. If this teaches us anything it’s just to maybe not hire anyone without head coaching experience again. But if you’re wondering why Foley didn’t fire Muschamp it’s because he KNOWS that Muschamp WILL be one of the best coaches of our era and would rather not lose him so soon especially 1 year after an 11-2 season. Zook was never going to become a great coach, as evidenced by his later years. Also, firing a coach 1 year after an 11 win season doesn’t look good to other potential coaches. What coach wants to go where they could suddenly be fired because of the wrong injuries at the wrong time. Now you know and I know that last year’s failures were more than just injuries, but potential coaches will see it as a rash reaction to something outside of the coach’s control. So Gator fans, get a grip, chill out, calm down, and relax. We will be just fine. Even as soon as next year we will probably be just fine. It does us no good to complain about Will and Jeremy now just to be negative. So just enjoy the ride and try a little optimism.

  22. besides Muschamp has some classic facial expressions on the sidelines of games and he goes after the refs when they blow a call ie Auburn last year and we need to overcome the adversity on the field(halftime of LSU)

  23. Muschamp will be fine! A blind man can see that losing your QBs, OL, Jones, Easley, Morrison, Roberson, even Burton is the biggest factor in this disaster of a season. Would FSU be in the NC game if they lose Jameis, Freeman, Benjamin, etc. (and if they played in the SEC)?

    Some of you will end up with a coronary before NSD if you don’t slow down with the hate for Muschamp. Dude is the coach, let it go. If the O can score even a little better, we win 9-10 games. Especially with all the SEC QB’s leaving for the NFL.

  24. BTW I hope and believe Cook will be a Gator. But next season hinges on the development of Driskel and Grier, not if Cook is the 3rd string RB next year. I see that Cook can ball but it’s not a given that he beats out Lane, Brown, Taylor or Jones for PT when he arrives. His work is cut out for him, I hope he doesn’t have it twisted!

    Same with Phillips… Go Gators!