Kelly has UF in Top 3


Despite landing their top overall target, David Sharpe, and signing junior college transfer Drew Sarvary over the past two weeks, the Gators are still after offensive lineman in the 2014 recruiting cycle.

UF hosted Kelly on the first official visit and set the bar high. (Photo by 247Sports)

Their biggest priority is Derrick Kelly of Havana East Gadsden. The consensus three-star tackle has seen his recruitment blow up since he decommitted from Kentucky on Dec. 3.

Kelly is receiving interest from Alabama and has picked up offers from LSU and Tennessee. Florida, Florida State, South Carolina and South Florida had offered prior to this month.

The 6-foot-5, 295-pounder made an official visit to UF last weekend, the first of his five allotted trips.

“It was a great experience,” Kelly said. “I came to two games this season, but this time I got a chance to see more. I always wanted to get behind the scenes and check out Florida as a team and a school. This visit helped me gain knowledge of what all they have to offer.”

Kelly attended Florida’s annual football banquet and also learned about the criminology program, his desired major.

“Hanging out with everyone at the banquet was probably the best part of the trip,” he said. “I could see coach Will Muschamp is a very family-oriented guy. He just told me to come be a Gator and compete for playing time.

“Another highlight was seeing the academic side of things. I was informed that Florida is No. 12 in the nation in my degree, so that kind of stood out for me. My mom was overwhelmed by that as well.”

Kelly currently has a Top 3 of Florida, Florida State and LSU. He will officially visit the Tigers next month and also mentioned trips to Alabama, South Carolina and South Florida as possibilities.

Kelly plans to make his decision on signing day, and UF appears to be in good shape based on his determining factors.

“I’m looking for a school that’s family oriented, has great academics and gives chance to compete for playing time,” he said.


  1. Hey, Zach! Are you hearing anything about UF and Duke OC Todd Roper? Worked with Eli Manning at Ole Miss, has produced impressive numbers with talent-challenged Duke, develops QBs, and utilizes up-tempo spread. Also, Duke’s bowl date fits Muschamp’s perceived timetable. Just wondering.

  2. Seriously dub, what’s that helping? What problem is that solving? What good is that doing? Why do you think being negative for negativity’s sake helps at all? Stop rooting against the coach and start rooting for your team!! You can’t do both because for Muschamp to be fired the team has to fail. Yeah that;’s being a real good fan, hoping the team fails just because you don’t like the coach! smh

  3. sorry to disappoint zona-gator,,im not a pumper. i have also seen enough to know that chump cant turn it around and foley piss his pants when he extended him, its a money thing, no need to question my passion for the gators i havnt questioned yours. if you want to keep pumping sunshine feel free to do so. me on the other hand will cheer and support my gators inspite of their inept hc,, go gators!

  4. You haven’t answered any of my questions. What good is any of this negativity doing? Regardless of what you want Muschamp ISN’T going anywhere. So why so determined to bad mouth and attack him every chance you get? It does NO good. NONE. Why root for him to fail? What kind of a fan roots for their team to fail? I don’t know about you but I’d rather see him succeed. I’d rather see the Gators win it all than see Muschamp get fired. I don’t know about you but I’d rather my team do well no matter my personal feelings for the coach. Go Gators and Go Muschamp. Turn it around brother!

  5. you see zona,,let me help you understand my position, as i stated above i know chump will be here.. i also stated i would be rooting for my beloved gators. but based on what i have observed chump doesnt get it done. just my opinion. i respect how you feel about the coach, personally i think he is a good human,, but he is not the right coach for uf,, not now, not next year or after, go gators, can be successful and still lose your job,, mack brown on line 2


    get over it, WM is the coach, he will not be fired.
    any negative comments, at this point, is hurtful to UF program.

    If you are for the UF program then quit hurting it.

  7. It is great to see OL considering UF.
    UF is great school and OL do have a chance to start or get playing time next year.
    UF is a school where OL have opportunity to play in 2014.

    Mr Kelly come on to UF & join the family.