Contact period: Week 2 recap


It might be time for Florida fans to move on from running back Dalvin Cook.

Or is it?

UF coach Will Muschamp was scheduled for an in-home visit Sunday, but Cook told reporters after Saturday’s state championship game that his recruitment was shut down and he would not have any more coaches at his house.

However, it was initially reported by Josh Newberg of 247 Sports that Cook met with Florida State’s Tim Brewster the following day and did not host UF despite Muschamp, Travaris Robinson and D.J. Durkin being in South Florida.

Hours later, Luke Stampini of 247 Sports reported that Muschamp & Co. snuck in a late night visit with Cook.

The NCAA announced this week that recruits who signed financial aid agreements cannot have in-person contact with coaches during the dead period (Dec. 16 to Jan. 15), which means Cook will not see any staff until he enrolls early at the school of his choice.

Florida also visited the following commits — quarterback Will Grier, athlete J.C. Jackson, receiver Ryan Sousa, tight ends C’yontai Lewis and Moral Stephens, defensive tackle Khairi Clark and cornerback Quincy Wilson.

Here are some targets who were seen by the staff:

RB Tony James, 5-9, 175, Gainesville, Fla./Gainesville (Oregon commit)
WR Eric Lauderdale, 6-1, 195, Mission Viejo, Calif./Saddleback C.C.
WR Travis Rudolph, 6-1, 188, West Palm Beach, Fla./Cardinal Newman
OL Derrick Kelly, 6-5, 268, Havana, Fla./East Gadsden
OL Jordan Sims, 6-4, 348, Homewood, Ala./Homewood
DT Thomas Holley, 6-4, 300, Brooklyn, N.Y./Abraham Lincoln
DE Lorenzo Carter, 6-5, 235, Norcross, Ga./Norcross
CB Jalen Tabor, 6-1, 186, Washington, D.C./Friendship Academy
DB Jamal Adams, 6-0, 204, Lewisville, Texas/Hebron
ATH Adoree’ Jackson, 5-10, 182, Gardena, Calif./Junipero Serra
2015 QB Dwayne Lawson, 6-5, 205, Tampa, Fla./Hillsborough
2015 OL Jake Fruhmorgen, 6-5, 256, Tampa, Fla./Plant
2015 DT Shy Tuttle, 6-2, 308, Lexington, N.C./North Davidson
2015 DE Byron Cowart, 6-4, 25o, Seffner, Fla./Armwood
2015 LB Adonis Thomas, 6-4, 210, Lawrenceville, Ga./Central Gwinnett
2015 ATH Deon Cain, 6-2, 190, Tampa, Fla./Tampa Tech


  1. I think he would fit in well with U.F. I also think Gainesville would be a good place to get out of the big city and some of the trouble that can come with it. I hope that he grows into good grounded young man wherever he goes. these kids don’t know what an opportunity they have. he will see that the gator nation is everywhere. If you aint a Gator dalvin your Gator bait!!!!

  2. Who knows? While all signs seem to point toward him going somewhere else, perhaps this is all a ruse to try to build suspense. Maybe he realizes that since he made his announcement so early, he gets none of the publicity and attention that these high-end kids get with their nationally-televised hat ceremonies.

  3. Zach-based on his comments I still think he signs with UF. Look-he says he’s not interested in seeing anyone else. He says that he already knows where he wants to go & he’s going where he’s most comfortable with the staff. Haven’t you stated -as well as DC himself-that he’s real comfortable with Coach T-Rob??? That says alot & despite what’s being written, said, & speculated on I think he goes with his original pledge and signs with the gators. GO GATORS!!!

  4. Like Zach said y’all just fooling yourself.I shut my recruiting down,but I will let FSU (assistance) come do a in home visit (assistance).But my recruiting is shut down,I have the head of Gators Nation in town (head coach) but he can’t come by really.Knowing Muschamp was schedule for a in home visit weeks ago.Just decommit already.People need to realize that it won’t hurt if we do not sign a running back this year.But Dalvin is special (REALLY).Taylor,Jones,Lane should get us by till the next recruiting cycle.We are moving to a spread offense (more receiver touches) not the spread option (Auburn).We will be just fine without Mr. Cook.God bless him.GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I agree with bgrf. I think he sticks with florida. His recruitment has been all over the place for a while. Can’t tell where he’ll go from one incident. Gotta look at the whole picture. The whole picture doesn’t look as good as I’d like but I think it still leans toward UF. Especially after we land a new OC… If it’s a good one

  6. wherever this young man land, i wish him the best. but i want to say this we only want guys who want to be in g’ville and want to be part of something special both on and off the field. that uf diploma is gold,,, go gators!

  7. Would love to have him, but as most poster realize we have a “Pretty good ” bunch without him. He could be the piece that takes us to another level in his Sophomore year with Lane and Taylor and he would be a BIG help next year but if he’s gone move on to another GOOD lineman that can help the stable that we already have. GO GATORS!!!!

  8. By the way Team, I live in South Carolina and have never seen Tony Jones play. I think I may know his father, if its the same guy he was a Police capt. when I was there, but my point is is he that good of a running back and if so why haven’t we been able to keep him in Gainesville? Did he just want to get as far away from Gainesville as possible or we didn’t really try to recruit hi earlier? Give me some feedback on this one! GO GATORS!!!!

  9. I believe Tony James was not highly recruited by the Gators because of Cook’s commitment (which obviously meant less to him than it meant to the Gator coaching staff….one honored it and one obviously has not so much). Tony James fits the spread offense better than the pro style offense and therefore also the lack of interest. The switch to the spread and whomever the Gators hire as the OC….might get James interested in staying home….that is if his grades are good enough to get him into Florida.

  10. If Robbie Andreu’s report is correct and UF is blocking Murphy from transferring to Louisville or Boston College, UF may as well say adios to anyone that learns of this. As far as I know, UF doesn’t play either one and they are not in the same conference. If UF treats a graduate that was at UF for four years this way, what does that say to someone contemplating going to UF? To do that to one of your own is petty and childish and there’s absolutely no excuse for it. Maybe Andrue is wrong, if not, there is something terribly wrong with the athletic administration at UF. It’s shameful and I can think of no justification for acting so badly to someone who is supposedly part of your family. Isn’t Murphy an aluma and has he done anything to deserve being treated like this?

  11. Snow print,
    I read earlier that Murphy was granted release and would not be blocked. Doesn’t make any sense to punish the kid. I can’t believe that they would. More worrisome to me is that they had him playing through that injury. But who knows, maybe he played it down to get his playing time. We never seem to get the whole story.
    Cook’s attitude doesn’t make me think he is a “team” guy. But I guess we will see. Who knows the pressure these kids go through. I just hope Muschamp can keep most of this class intact and then actually DEVELOP some talent. Lack of development has been appalling.

  12. I can only hope that Andreu is wrong. I’d even worry about the most gung-ho recruit UF has, Grier, if he learns that is how a quarterback is treated. It can’t be true because it makes no sense, there is absolutely nothing to gain from blocking Murphy if he chooses a school you aren’t playing in another conference. I have no idea what could be gained from doing so.

  13. I will be really P.O.ed if they restrict Murphy from going to Louisville or BC. He’s been a team player and model Gator for years. Hopefully that’ shuster a rumor. Let the kid go play his final year where he wants. I don’t blame Cook for holding off on his decision until we hire an OC, but am tired of his games. On a side note, is Jordan Sims really 6-4 and 348?!?! Lord have mercy that’s a big kid!!

  14. can’t stand kids who say they are committed to a school then just toy with them.. you are either a GATOR or not… either way we’ll be fine at the RB position with the talent we have.. we just need to land a top RB in next years class.. Derek Tyson just tweeted that he thinks Cook will stick with UF so who knows what will happen.

  15. Regarding Murphy, why would we block him going to Louisville when we don’t play them…and it’s where Silberman is transferring? And, regarding Cook, He’s signed financial aid agreements with UF, halfassu and SCum. Ok, what does that tell you? Simply that he’s keeping his options open. He’s already committed to UF, so why does he even need an in-home visit with Muschamp? Best case scenario, he honors his commitment. Worst case scenario, he signs with one of two Tee-he-he, uh, A-he-he schools and never knows just how good he is because he’s not competing with the best of the best… Either way, we still have a good stable of RB’s in the house.

  16. Really? I swear some of you grown folks are worse than the HS recruits… stop bashing Cook for possibly changing his mind. Either you’re a Gator or Gator bait! Funny how when Muschamp flips a recruit from another school, he and the recruit are making a great decision, but Muschamp and the kid are garbage when it doesn’t work out that way. One player won’t make or break us long-term… let it go already. Good luck Mr. Dalvin, either way.

  17. Really? I swear some of us grown folks are worse than the HS recruits… stop bashing Cook for possibly changing his mind. Either you’re a Gator or Gator bait! Funny how when Muschamp flips a recruit from another school, he and the recruit are making a great decision, but Muschamp and the kid are garbage when it doesn’t work out that way. One player won’t make or break us long-term… let it go already. Good luck Mr. Dalvin, either way.

  18. From the very beginning most felt holding on to Cook (a SOFLA superstar) would be ‘difficult’ at best. The status of his recruitment in the 11th hour is to be expected IMO. We are in it and have a great chance, so let’s just enjoy the ride – besides; he knows where his heart is… this is recruiting and exciting to watch! There are several recruits on the fence due to the OC announcement that can’t come soon enough! Tyler Murphy is a great Gator in my mind. He sacrificed and endured the ride FOR YEARS when I/some wondered why he hadn’t left already. He humbled himself, helped the QBs and defense prepare week after week and from all accounts was a great teammate. When we/Muschamp/Pease needed a savior, he comforted us…I know I am grateful. Tyler, in reference to your forewarning statement earlier in the season, I think Muschamp and the rest of us ‘see you’ now. Good luck, congrats on the degree and thank you from all of us. Go Gators!

  19. Chalk one up for the good guys. Louisville’s site says UF vehemently denies blocking Murphy from transferring anywhere. How these rumors get started is strange. It never made sense to me since Murphy was a guy who gave his all to UF.

  20. He is just a youg kid with alot on his plate give the kid a break. Florida is in bad shape and are going to lose alot of players “except it”. We don’t have a offensive cordinator or a line coach. So you can’t blame a kid for weighing his options. THE KID IS A RUNNER FLORIDA WANTS TO PASS WITH DRISKEL they need to adopt a run first pass second mentallity then backs such ass Cook wont mind coming here to play. IN MY OPINON Driskel is not going to take us to the PROMISE LAND. The gators always look past local talent instead of recruiting from inside out. Gators can have talent right under their nose ALACHUA COUNTY AND SURROuNDING AREAS and LOOK RIGHT PAST THEM and let them get away and become STARS. Seem like to me RECRUIT LOCAL KIDS YOU WON’T HAVE PLAYERS TAKING OFF ON YOU SO MUCH. Just like they did in MIAMI back in the day GATORS SAY THIS KID IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM LOCAL KID HE AND HIS FAMILY HAVE BEEN GATOR FANS ALL THEIR LIFE AND TO BE HONEST THE GATORS OFF. AND DEF. LOOK LIKE CRAP! Check this kid out this LOCAL kid has the grades and is a player for sure he has the IT FACTOR you tell me who is doing the scoutting for the Gators THINK DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS check this kid out SIMPLY NO BRAINER:

  21. I like him Barry Johnson, I like him a lot. I’d get him down around 240-245 and let him play MLB. He is definitely a HAMMER and not a NAIL! Unfortunately with our young LBs and offense on life support, the LB position is not a high priority. He reminds me of #2 Preston Brown at Louisville…I’d get his video to their staff. Good Luck. Go Gators!

  22. This kid is pretty versatile and has pretty goo instincts. They must have played him in 5 – 6 positions. He’s right there from Eastside and I never heard mention of him. I have to agree he looks pretty good, may not be a four or five star on paper but hes worth giving a shot. He appears to enjoy the game and have fun at it, he moves to get himself in position to make plays. GO GATORS!!!!

  23. Barry,

    Thanks for sharing your son’s highlights, but don’t be so sour that Florida didn’t offer someone who runs a 5.46 40-yard dash… That’s a bit slower than the average time for 6’5 300+ Offensive Tackle prospects. Be realistic and try to get teams like Bethune Cookman to give your boy a look…

  24. Judging from his size/weight, I’d say he was not in the best shape when he was tested. In the right program and with the right attitude he can get his body fat down, strength up and speed right easily. We wouldn’t have him cover much anyways. Brandon Spikes didn’t run much faster than that at the NFL combine and he’s doing well as a run stopper. SpellingB I respect your opinion but I believe he’s ready…he’s got size, heart, aggression and grades – what’s not to like? Barry did he attend any camps over the past couple years? Also, what offers does he have? You guys might want to play it slow and see what happens as we are now into the “choosing season” – his recruitment may all of a sudden heat up. JUCO/Transfer is an alternative route that could land him where he wants to be rather than settling now…just a thought. Go Gators!

  25. SpellingB, I think you should look beyond Barry being his father and look at the KIDS potential. I agree with TCZZ, a GOOD college program can actually make this kid a beast. He knows what the expectations are at UF on defense and I’m sure, given the chance he would rise to the occasion and serve the university and himself well. He’s not what Powell was coming out of school, as far as physically and speed but look, Powell took quit a while to come around (injuries aside). I think there could be a place for him if we can figure out how to get him in the program with the scholarship situation. Actually it has opened up, but we NEED offensive help more. GO GATORS!!!!

  26. Snowprint – You wonder how rumors get out there? LOL. Read your comments and you will see how. Next time, do like most and wait until the facts come out. You will look much wiser, if you practice a little patience.

  27. Most Gator fans are excited about the possibility of getting Cook. There are a few who say it’s no big deal if we don’t. True, we will survive; however, he is going to be special and special helps any team. I, based on my contacts, believe he’s signing with UF. He sees the chance to help put UF’s offense back on the map. He’s a good kid, as well and I believe he honors his commitment.

  28. Please do not hate on a kid who does not commit to UF. A kid needs to go to a College where he feels he will be most successful! UF has a lot to offer, but not as much on the football field as we have had in the past. Many UF fans do not know if we continue to slide or flourish. I know a lot of coaches are using this downslide to the advantage of their programs. The kids who take a chance with UF are going to have to believe we will be back on top and the new scheme will fit their attributes in order to help them and the team attain both goals. I believe every kid who chooses UF will be a special type of person who will make a difference at UF. I only want the kids who really want to be a FLorida Gator!

  29. Looks as though we are seeking o-line help. I don’t know the kid but we got out there quickly and started filling the gaps. I hope he as well as others are willing to get in the mix immediately and PERFORM at the level it takes to get the program back to awesomeness. Once they get on campus make each one of them spend a day with VH3, so they will have some idea what kind of commitment it take to be a STAR at this level. He is a shining example of being a committed GATOR, that “hit the ground running”. GO GATORS!!!!