Cook signs three financial aid agreements


The recruiting saga of Dalvin Cook took another interesting turn Wednesday as the Florida commitment told he has signed financial aid agreements with Florida State and Miami.

On Thursday, Cook signed one with UF as well.

The grant-in-aid agreement, adopted by the NCAA in October, allows Division I schools to sign early enrollees such as Cook to scholarship papers.

The agreement gives Cook a guaranteed scholarship and, more importantly, unlimited contact with coaches. Schools can also acknowledge the signee publicly, which Miami has done.

However, a financial aid agreement does not bind a prospect to a school like a letter of intent, and midyear graduates can sign multiple agreements.

Last week Cook called Florida State his leader and scheduled an official visit with the Hurricanes, and these latest developments are another sign of just how shaky his pledge is with the Gators. He still claims to be committed to Florida, which The Sun reported Tuesday, but his recent actions suggest otherwise.

The Under Armour All-American plans to make a final decision Dec. 14 at the Class 6A state championship game.


  1. Cook at this point is on the open market, which is fine. He should consider the benefit of playing in the SEC, however Major exposure and a true test of your NFL worthiness. I hope he chooses UF, but if not the Gators have some pretty good back right now with Kelvin Taylor, Matt Jones and Adam Lane and Mack Brown (but I think he is a senior).

    Go Gators!

  2. Cook flipping to any school would be disappointing for the Gators. He seemed like one of the strongest commits not too long ago but thats just how recruiting goes. Cook would help with the new up-tempo spread scheme because of his tremendous speed. Hope he realizes his opportunity at UF and stays on board. Go Gators!!

  3. CMON DALVIN!!! You’ve been one of the staples of the 2014 class. It would speak volumes if you continue to be a man of your word & stick with your original pledge & stay with Florida. Trust me-it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made. It seems rocky now but honor what you told Coach Muschamp & Coach TRob. They need you & you would be a great fit!! They’re counting on you!!! Dont let the noise distract you!! GO GATORS!!!

  4. UM is the best place for him. Family and friends are all there. A 4-8 football team with no OC is def not the place for him. Ultimately it will come down to fsu and um, and I think his friends and family will be the common denominator. Go canes

  5. Jones may not even be available till mid season next year if at all. Cook is needed in this class big time. Brown is servicable, Taylor has a ways to go but doesn’t have the speed Cook possesses, A. Lane needs time to develop but is needs an opportunity to show what he can do on the field. Going to the spread run game makes Cook a must get.

  6. As much as I would like to have him stick to his commitment. If he wants to go somewhere else due to one bad year. I say let him go. We need people that want to be at Florida and seems as if he doesn’t want to be there. But I really don’t see him getting to the field sooner with FSU or Miami. I believe his best shit at early playing time is with the Gators.

  7. I disagree J. I’d like to have Dalvin, but if there’s one position I’m not worried about it’s running back. I really doubt Jones will be out until mid season next year. We lost him mid season this year, so he has plenty of time to heal, unless he tries to do so much and aggravates it. Easley got injured against FSU last game of the season 2 years ago, then Powell went down in spring game both to ACL tears. Easley was back for the start o the season and Powell would’ve been back early mid season had he not aggravated it. So we will in all likelihood have Jones. Taylor is really turning it on and he’s gonna be a real stud for us next year. lane has had a year to develop and he was already one of the hardest players on the team to tackle before that. Herndon may not see the field much, but he’s really impressed me and he’s had a high ypc average in his limited carries. Brown is that steady dependable back, not flashy, but he’ll get ya those 2 to 3 yards you need every time. Then we have Showers who will be in his 2nd year since transitioning to O so he should have a better grip of the position and be that fast big play guy that Cook was supposed to be. Then we’ve also got Debose we can put in that “Percy Harvin role” to take handoffs as well as catch the ball. And finally depending on how he’s come along there’s Alvin Bailey to take over the Wildcat. The position I’m most worried about is line which makes Sharpe the most important and all signs seem to point to him joining the good guys.

  8. Hey Rip26-go back to ur cane sights. Your team got lucky & beat a turnover machine called Driskel that day in that cavernous dump that only sold out when the TRUE team came to town. Nice showing on national TV against that team from up north btw. Florida is the best place for DC to succeed. I think he fits in nicely with what’s going on at UF & all of the pieces will be in place for a really nice run in 2014. GO GATORS!!!

  9. IMO being offered by UF is the highest honor a Florida kid can receive! If cook doesn’t realize this, I say let him go. Its his loss, not ours! He is a good back. He is a VERY good back, but no one is as good as this kid thinks he is! Good

  10. In recruiting, there is often no clear-cut favorite, and a small factor could tilt the balance. Even if Cook is leaving, a good OC plus a good OL coach may change his mind again.

    For a program like UF, you don’t want recruits to commit mainly because of the playing time. That would tell your program is not in a very good shape. Playing time will always be a big factor in making the decision, but you want recruits to come thinking first that they would have a good opportunity to play in championship games and to be developed to the next level. This is why a great program can always have a great recruiting class (as people would say “the rich get richer”).

  11. UF is at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to Cook. Not only are they a terrible team now, but they have no offensive coordinator to let the kid know what kind of offense will be run. Since Muschamp will not choose one until after the bowl games, an early enrollee like Cook is going to make his decision well before that occurs. If you believe that is logical, then UF has no chance for Cook.

  12. Thank you for your prognostication into the future, snowprint. Now please tell us when the world will end, when will world hunger cease, and when will the second coming happen…..geeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh……..GO GATORS!!!

  13. Snowprint, it doesn’t work that way, and these recruits are so much more in the know from the coaches telling them than we fans are.

    Muschamp probably already knows who the new OC is, and if he does, so does Cook.

  14. I don’t think that is the case, because if what you say is true, it would be pretty stupid to not have the new coaches out recruiting now, especially with the dead period only ten days away. This season, with their only win over a team with a winning record being Toledo, tells me that your a little too optimistic about Muschamp’s skills.

  15. This is groundbreaking news! Some kid who may never pan out is playing the system. Adults from around the nation should pay extra close attention to him like he is a proven college football gamebreaker. Because he is a somewhat highly rated high school player, Im certain he is a “must get” and we all should follow him closely on twitter, facebook, myspace, or whatever other media he uses to draw attention to himself.

  16. snowprint – you know its bad when you look at FSU’s schedule and a team that went 4-8 is UNARGUABLY the 3rd best team they faced all year. And they faced them at about 40% strength. Says a lot about they ACC and its not the players fault. They faced ZERO competition. Less than EVEN Ohio State as the ole ball coach pointed out. Recruits are smarter than to listen to your drivel. They want the best. Even in accomplishing a taste of legitimacy FSU wont get it not facing Bama. They might as well face N.Illinois again!!

  17. VC Gator-SPOT ON my man!! Couldn’t have said it better myself. I truly believe that at full strength NO WAY the semis beat UF-not with that woman beater/assaulter of women (allegedly) at the helm but i digress. I hope that it rains this weekend in Charlotte where the dookies should have a distinct home field advantage. I sincerely hope that they play the game of their lives b/c nothing would be better than ruining their season. Aside from getting beaten in the NC game that would be great. Lets continue to be positive for the Gators & look forward to a promising 2014 recruiting cycle & season. GO GATORS!!!!

  18. LT> maybe he is having second thoughts coming to a 4-8 team with no OC? ….. VC> You can only play who is on the schedule, sounds like sour grapes …. BRGF> They beat us either way, just a closer game….thats a low rent comment on fsu qb, esp with ex player racists and murderer (allegedly) in the family tree.

  19. Low rent comment?!?! WTH?!?! So are you with us or against us, GG??? I despise the semi’s & everything they stand for, about as much as I despise lsu. If there ever was a game b/w the two I’d have to grit my teeth & go for the tygahs. I could care less about Winston-sounds to me like you’re excusing what he did (or didn’t do, allegedly). As for 81-that’s a totally different matter & dude was wrong for what he did. At any rate-GO GATORS!!!!

  20. @Gator Todd… I just want to say you sure seem to act like you know the ins and out of how everything works in every one of your posts. Quit acting like you know so much! Your the same guy blasting Clay Helton on Facebook yet you were all on the Pease bandwagon when they hired him! And don’t blame the O all on Muschamp because even with a run dominated offense his play calling was atrocious (i.e. Options to the short side and Wildcat over and over with negative yards inside the 20!). Clay Helton took a crappy Memphis team with no talent to the 26h best O in the nation and that’s worth noting no matter who they played. Not only that, when given freedom of play calling after Kiffin was canned their offense took off at USC. Pease got credit for a Chris Peterson coached team that Pease was only the coordinator for during 1 season. How about you just stick to taking selfies with a 25lb weight in your hand looking like an over weight D-Bag who still thinks wearing workout gloves and not smiling at the camera looks cool and intimidating…

  21. BRGF> I hate then too, not excusing anything he might have done but they dropped the charges so I guess we’ll have to live with this guy at least 1 more year. Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black will all the players urban brought in and the trouble they got in (“time to die bitch”), CR, AH and so on.
    KT> “looking like an over weight D-Bag…” brutal man.

  22. HAHA!! Touche’ GG!! Ol Urban Cryer did bring in some questionable kids but more than balanced them out with great ones, enough so to claim 2 NC’s. Even though he left the program in shambles you have to give it to him b/c he did a helluva job. I long for the days when a 51-21 beatdown of lsu, a 65-0 drubbing of Kentucky, & smackdowns of fsu were the norm. Not to mention the annual beatdowns of the vols & the dawgs. Oh how I miss the Tebow-Harvin-Hernandez dynamic of years past! GO GATORS!!!

  23. Yea, those days seem too far in the distance. Don’t know who to be pissed at, Meyer or Muschamp? Think its a combo effect that took us down. His last class and WM’s first. Throw in all the injuries and were at 4-8 and looking up at Vandy.
    Hate to say it but just hand the NC over to fsu, it’s their year no matter who they play.

  24. As a certain college gameday host so famously says ‘Not so fast my friend!”. I have faith in the Dookies (albeit little) as well as the Auburn miracles. I think Auburn would beat ’em. Whoever winds up playing them I’m that team’s #1 fan for a day!! GO GATORS!!!