Recruits react to Pease, Davis firings


Florida coach Will Muschamp fired offensive coordinator Brent Pease and offensive line coach Tim Davis less than 24 hours after Saturday’s 37-7 loss to Florida State.

Pease’s primary recruiting responsibility was the quarterback position, and UF early enrollee Will Grier remains solid according to his father, Chad.

“We think the world of Brent Pease as a coach and a man. It certainly would have been great if Will played for him because of the confidence he had in him and the relationship they had built. That being said, Will has a huge amount of faith and confidence in coach Muschamp. He certainly believes in him, the school and the football program. He’s very excited to be a Gator.”

Three prospects who officially visited UF this weekend weighed in on Pease not returning.

“You gotta do what you gotta do to win and that’s what had to happen to win.” — Florida TE commit C’yontai Lewis

“No impact on me. I already knew it was going to happen. When I talked to coach Muschamp today, he said he wants to have a hurry-up offense and throw it more.” — JUCO WR Eric Lauderdale

“When evaluating my college decision I focus on committing to the school, the tradition and whether or not I feel like I could impact the school. Coaches can come and go and I can’t let that affect my decision.” — Florida State WR commit Ryan Sousa

Here is where the Gators stand with the main offensive linemen on their board following the firing of Davis.

“Coach Davis was the one that offered and recruited me. He was only person I talked to. So when he got fired, I was shocked. I’m still committed to Florida, but I am upset that he’s gone.” — Florida OT commit Dontae Angus

“I chose Florida because it’s a great place to play and has one of the best schools of the country.” — Florida OL/DL commit Taven Bryan

“I’m not changing. I was surprised at first. Coach Muschamp told me coach Davis was a good coach, but he needs to find someone who can be part of an up-tempo offense.” — Florida OG commit Travaris Dorsey

“I feel like it’s a business decision. I don’t want to really comment on someone losing their job because that’s a person’s livelihood. But with us, it’s all good. If he goes there, it wouldn’t hurt me or him.” — Father of OT David Sharpe

“It’s very shocking to me. This will definitely slow things down between us. I really enjoyed talking with coach Davis. He is a very energetic man.” — OG Jordan Sims

Florida OG commit Nolan Kelleher could not be reached for comment, but he had this say after attending Saturday’s game: “I still love the school and don’t want to go anywhere else. I’m still firm on my decision.”


  1. I like Sharpe’s father’s comments. What’s done is done – no need criticizing Davis now that he’s gone. I hope we get great new offensive coaches but I’m glad these recruits aren’t making lifelong decisions based on one assistant coach.

  2. I’m glad that they got rid of pease. I thought he was creative at times but what really started to piss me off about him is that he would go away from key players when they had the hot hand (kelvin Taylor vs Missouri and kelvin Taylor vs South Carolina). If you are an offensive coordinator you cannot afford to do that. On the other hand it’s hard to have the luck the gators have had and try to run with it.

    Tim Davis’s firing was just as well. I don’t think that he was developing players and from what I heard he was a terrible recruiter.

  3. All along I’ve been confident that Muschamp was a great defensive coach that would turn into one of the greatest head coaches of our era as soon as he learned offense. All along I’ve been saying it wasn’t him behind our offense and he’s just relying on his OCs until he learned the offense. Now I’m beginning to question that. Maybe I’m just being paranoid but it really sound like Champ is throwing Pease under the bus and conveniently all of a sudden changing offense to make it look like Pease was the one who wanted to run the ball and he’s wanted to go up tempo and pass all along. Maybe I’m just getting paranoid and crazy but it looks like Muschamp did Pease very wrong.

  4. Yeah, you are paranoid. Don’t make this something that it’s not. A coach at a big time program is less a ‘coach’ and more a CEO. He has to manage the direct reporting guys (coordinators) that actually execute. He also has to assess situations and change/adapt when necessary. I doubt Muschamp lorded over the playbook and called plays like many claim (micromanaging?). However just like any CEO I’m sure he challenged the OC when things started going south. I think it’s the right move to go in another direction with personnel. As far as up-tempo philosophy, I don’t believe speeding things up means abandoning the power-run philosophy. Look at Auburn they’ve successfully implemented the hybrid power run/up tempo style offense and had great results.

  5. Pease is the goat on this one. Dr. Lou always says the first thing to go is the help before the HC loses his job. If he can’t do a 180 then he is gone. I think its a mistake. Now you have to teach a new terminology and system again after 2 years. He could have given them his vote of confidence like Foley did for Champ. It may take time but we will be ok.

  6. Muschamp is one of the best recruiters out there.. I’m pretty sure he’s talked to Cook already. This may actually help us keep Cook. I heard Cook did not like the offense but now that change is coming, he may stick with us now.

  7. We didn’t have the type of players to run an up-tempo offense when Muschamp got here; however, it will fit Driskel’s skills better and the same with Grier. The up-tempo offense is the way things are going and Auburn demonstrated how it can be used to counter the power teams, like Bama. That’s why Saban hates it so much. I like the sound of this. I just wish it could have been kept a secret, but, it’s impossible to keep things under wrap, these days.

    Zach – who are some of the top OC, out there, that run a fast-tempo offense. Sounds like Muschamp may know who he is hiring, if he’s that sure of running that type of offense.

  8. IMO Will Grier is our biggest get and this is the right move on Muschamp’s part. It could/will redirect the attention of recruits like Cook who like the UF brand, but were turned off by our “Stall Ball”offense. Doing it this way vs in the home of individual recruits makes more sense, even though I too would bet we’ve already attempted to contact Cook and probably failed. The OC hire will have a big influence…the right guy will prove Will is not just blowing smoke which I don’t think he is because he’s publicly fighting for his job. If Muschamp was referring to having an open and up tempo offense when he said ‘we’re not very far off’ then I’d agree. At this point we are going to take some bumps regardless to which direction we take so we should all know that going in. Go Gators!

  9. Muschamp still wants ball control but he wants the explosive plays and creativity. He wants to speed up the tempo a little but not go to an all out no-huddle, spread offense. He wants to model after Alabama. A physical offensive line who can also protect the QB, a QB who can read the defense, go through progressions, be smart with the football, a stable of running backs with a blend of power and speed, receivers who can make big plays when the ball is in their hands, and a TE who is reliable when his number is called in the passing game. BAMA’s offense isn’t all ball control and slow, but that’s what it is based on. Use the run and pass to set up each other. Give the defense something to look forward to when they step on the field. And please find a kicker!!!!!

  10. @ codyallen: We do need a reliable kicker to come thru and I think 1 will…its tough when you get very few kicks and ALL have so much riding on them because your offense rarely scores TDs. That all changes when you put points on the board and confidence is in the air of the collective team. SO, IMO you need a QB 1st to move the chains, setup the field position and give your team/kicker that needed confidence. Obviously we will be better next season, but ‘better’ should not be the goal. To get where we want to be, we have to have reliable depth at each position. Go Gators!

  11. We will never really know if Pease or WC was the offensive culprit, but if Pease did call all the plays, why was the CEO not telling him to do things differently as the mantra seems to be now. Pease had to go for the good of the program and school, but I feel he’s been made a scapegoat….he can’t speak out, no head coach would hire a “whistleblower”.

  12. I think Coach Muschamp wants to win and he knows who and what the program needs! With only fifteen scholarships available this year we can’t fix everything, but we have a lot of recruits from last year who will have the opportunity to step, some have seen playing time. The recruits coming this year have an opportunity to do some great things if they work hard! Go Gators!!!

  13. Offensive linemen. Get some more offensive linemen who are strong and athletic…..please…..and a coach that can coach them up. Davis could not do that from all appearances. Grier can’t throw the ball down the field in the future while being knocked repeatedly backwards onto the ground.

  14. I believe this class will hold together just fine. I’m sure we’ll lose a few and pick up a few in the end. I’m still perplexed by all the ‘scapegoat’ talk that’s out there. If a guy’s performance has been trending down over the last 24 months (Pease) why would you perpetuate that mistake by keeping him around? If Muschamp hangs onto him he’d be branded a stubborn fool. If this is Pease’s offense and he’s been calling the plays, he has to answer for this mess. Firing him doesn’t make him a ‘scapegoat’ but rather makes him accountable.

    Somebody call me out here if I’m off base. I’m all for shortening the leash on Muschamp, but geez, I would be more concerned if he DIDN’T make a change.

  15. Delray, they just want Muschamp fired so they want to paint him in as bad a light as possible. Now I’ll admit I was on the bandwagon to fire Muschamp because, while I believe he’ll be an amazing head coach, I just think he has too much to learn and we don’t have the time to wait. But as far as Muschamp micro managing the offense and stubbornly putting in his offense no matter what the OC wants to do just doesn’t hold water or make sense. Look at Muschamp’s interviews and it’s clear he knows a LOT more about the defensive game plan and scheme than he knows about the offensive game plan and scheme. Also if he was so stubborn about making his offense work why is he so willing to change it and admit that the philosophy needs to change? Like I said earlier I wanted him gone too but let’s not let our wanting to win turn into hate of a man that blinds us of common sense. Remember sometimes not getting what you want can be the biggest blessing. If Muschamp turns things around for us and is still here when he becomes that amazing coach I know he will then we will be truly blessed. Just keep calm, trust one of the best ADS of our age, and let’s see what happens.

  16. Know what’s sad about this? Muschamp will bring in yet his third OC while he’s been here and will micro-manage him and make him the run the same, plodding, self-defeating offense we’ve run the last two years.

    Nothing will change with Muschamp. Watch the spring game and you’ll see what I mean.

  17. Hurry up offense, are you kidding me …that’s a 180 from from 3 yards in a cloud of dust we had to endure the past 2 years.

    On the down side he has made 2 bad OC hires so far, we can’t afford a third but anything is an improvement!

  18. I agree with the Ed O hire! Dude is a Louisiana native & could help recruit here. I believe they need to have the OC in place before the weekend is up. Champ will not bomb on this because this is his last chance or he’s out. GO GATORS!!!

  19. @Todd – So what exactly does ‘micromanage’ mean? I think I posted once before about this throw-away phrase. If you think Muschamp has his own playbook, nomenclature, formations, etc and offers an established OC $1m a year to run his playbook, I have to respectfully say you are probably wrong. If you believe that he occasionally over rules an ‘aggressive’ play call when we are in an extremely vulnerable situation, I would agree with you. If the latter example is what you call ‘micromanaging’ then I think you are over using the term. As far as the former circumstance, that would only exist in SOS’s camp and maybe Gus Malzhan’s.