UF not in great shape with Cook, other RB recruits


It’s a good thing Florida signed two running backs in the 2013 recruiting cycle.

At this time, it looks like the Gators will have trouble landing one for 2014.

UF’s chances of keeping Dalvin Cook in the class appear to be diminishing with each week that passes.

Five days after calling himself 80 percent committed to Florida, Cook named Florida State his leader in an on-site interview with 247Sports. The Sun has been unable to reach him because he lost his phone.

Cook will no longer be at UF this weekend due to his playoff game with Miami Central on Saturday, and he isn’t scheduled to return to Gainesville despite having two official visits still available.

However, the hometown Hurricanes will receive a visit from him on Dec. 7. He plans to announce his college destination the following weekend at the state championship game.

The contact period begins Dec. 1, so the UF coaches can make two in-home visits with Cook to try and solidify his pledge before his announcement. But anytime a prospect is making a final decision, that’s not a good sign for the school he’s committed to.

Alabama commit Bo Scarbrough (Bradenton IMG Academy) says he isn’t giving the Gators much consideration anymore in his latest update with Rivals.com, and Gainesville running back Tony James told The Sun he would not decommit from Oregon if UF pursues him.

Should Cook end up elsewhere, Florida’s best shot at signing a quality back this year is Rivals250 member Darrel Williams. The Arizona State commit from Marrero (La.) John Ehret was offered by the Gators last week and will unofficially visit Saturday for the Florida State game.


  1. Wow, here we go. Cook looked electric on tape, the kind of playmaker we desperately need, but I guess he’d rather play in an offense that gets the ball to its playmakers and averages 50 points a game instead of one of the worst offenses in the NCAA that literally struggles to get out of its own way. Look for Lane, the only other elite athlete we have committed, to be the next to bail.

  2. This isn’t surprising considering we are talking about an off coordinator change. Whether we like pease or not he is involved with recruiting these kids and if the coaches might leave they will look elsewhere. Has nothing to do with our struggles, almost kids believe they canbe the difference maker. Look at Cook’s tweet how he is shocked to hear we might make a change at coordinator.

  3. The beginning of the rise to fall has started.If you are gonna fire Pease then do so already.The longer he stay the worse it will get,besides Grier i figure Cook to be next important in line,he is that guy.And to lose him to FSU is really bad.Do they not here that these kids are starting to waver,so what do we do start recruit lesser talent,Dalvin Cook or Darrel Williams really.I was for keeping Muschamp and firing Pease,but it is clear as day site that this coach just don’t know how to run a program.Fire Muschamp with Pease.You put it out there now, so recruits know that this guy won’t be back next year.The reason you are losing Cook is his best friend ole good ole Jimbo Fisher ask Cook 1 ques?Do you really want to play in that offense.

  4. The recruits see the writing on the wall, what about Mr. foley? I am just a depressed Gator fan, Cook was such an important prospect, he was a huge part of recruiting for the Gators! How can you let him get away?

  5. Patrick.Pease didn’t & isn’t Cook primary recruiter.T-Rob flip him from Clemson.You never here who’s he recruiting or a recruit talk about this guy.And his purpose for being here is what.Someone please tell me so i’ll having a better understanding as to what Pease job is.Offense don’t move the ball,doesn’t bring in top notch recruits.Someone help me understand.

  6. LOL @ all the fools that were on here talking about how it was “huge” for Florida when this guy “committed”. I tried to tell people then that a “commitment” is never huge because it doesn’t mean crap and they shouldn’t be getting so excited about a child “committing” to play for your team. Looks like it played out just as I said it might. Lesson to those of you who take this stuff to seriously, don’t count on any of these players until they actually sign and expect about half of them not to pan out even if they do sign. Its just the current state of college football.

  7. Here we go. Can’t say that I blame him. Why would any talented offensive player come to Florida right now? I certainly wouldn’t. It will take years to recover from the damage that Foley and his boy-toy Muschump are doing to the Gator program.

  8. Foley is aging and appears to have lost his edge. He acted decisively 10 years ago to get the program back on course. Now he is slow of mind and slow to act. UF’s athletic department needs new blood. Time to put Jeremy out to pasture before his latest bad football HC hire takes the program back to the 1970’s.

  9. The must important commit is Grier – if he was wavering that would be a major problem. If Cook passes on Florida, I think we would survive. I heard we have a pretty good freshman RB named Kelvin Taylor, not to mention Matt Jones and Adam Lane.

    Besides, this is all speculation. I’m confident that Muschamp and T-Rob know a little bit more about recruiting than we do…

  10. I mean if I was in cook position I wouldn’t wana play for Florida. We are HORRIBLE i can’t believe half the recruits haven’t went elsewhere. Its just a shame that we are letting Muschamp run this program into the ground n after Florida st beats the gators by 50 theres no way cook stay with us.

  11. The coaches need and will do what they can in this situation, but what do you say to an offensive recruit that is considering or wavering on UF right now? Obviously you cant sell the offense but I think Cook, and other recruits, should consider the fact that this offense and team is completely different than what it was at the beginning of the year and what it could have matured into. Injuries and the annual tough schedule were too much to overcome with little depth and experience and talent at skills positions. Recruiting is such an important but unpredictable part of college football where nothing is guaranteed even if it seems like it. This situation with Cook is simply another young recruit being drawn towards what other schools are doing and telling them. It is easy to recruit against the UF offense right now but maybe Cook will realize that his talent along with the guys that are committed can turn the Gators offense around. Florida will always have a good defense and always compete against the best in the SEC but just needs an explosive offense. Muschamp has openly stated his desire to score and air it like other teams but they just dont have the players to do that right now. Pease gets all the blame for the offense but you cant just call plays that the fans want to see if you dont have the personnel to execute them. The coaches are still trying to get the guys in that they need to run the type of offense they want and it takes time to do that. Recruiting is a tough task because of all the variables that are involved. Coaches have to worry about selling their program and then worry about other schools, family members, and friends altering decisions. Hopefully Cook and others want to be in on building this offense instead of going with what seems like the better option.

  12. Zach, this article reeks of negativity. From what we’ve read & heard-from Quincy Wilson himself-is that Dalvin is coming to UF. Like some have said, everyone is in his ear about going elsewhere. All it takes is a good showing Saturday and an immediate followup by the staff & Mr. Cook is in. I for one want to believe that the young man is naturally confused & curious. He has saiid that he thinks he could help immediately and I believe him. Just becauss he doesn’t answer a call or whatever doesn’t mean he’s not interested. Lets stick with him thru the end . Hes been a quality young man & I think in the end he becomes a Gator!! GO GATORS!!!!

  13. Florida really needs to play 4 quarters of inspired football this Saturday. Against Georgia we managed 1 quarter and 3 quarters against South Carolina.

    Since many top recruits will be at the game, we at least need to play like we want to win.

  14. All doom and gloom here but it seems most are missing an important element – We found a RB in Taylor, a true freshman. That puts these guys as backups to Taylor. They both want and think they can get a shot at starting. And sure, our poor field performance is killer, but I suspect that just adds to the Taylor is the Starter and a true freshman element.

  15. The best recruits have seen what’s going on in Gainesville. Coach Muschamp is throttling the offensive coordinator instead of allowing him to do his job. Muschamp’s O philosophy of run, run, run without any development of a sophisticated passing game has soured all the good recruits. Anyone who wants prof just needs to search Pease’s record at Boise State and the passing records Kellen Moore set there under Pease. Muschamp will blame everyone but himself however in reality Muschamp is the problem at UF. There will be a flood or recruits abandoning UF as long as Muschamp is the coach. Mark my words.

  16. Me again guys & girls. Look-I really REALLY feel as though Cook is coming. Lets look at it from his point of view. Offense is struggling, not enough creativity except for a few sparks against SC, & no real passing game. Factor in the O-line injuries & the QB injuries and you have a season like this. Look at all of the possibilities NEXT year for him to come in early, get a grip of the offense, & BAM! Hes in there. I think that he will be an immediate impact player because of his explosiveness. I think he sticks with UF and will learn to be very happy that he did. His fellas will be the final sticking point. I mean they have all been very tight in this recruiting process & they will be sure to bring him along. GO GATORS!!!

  17. No he won’t be a backup. No reason he can’t play at least 10-15 snaps/carries per game. That way you don’t wear the guys down. You know it takes at least 3-4 backs anyway to succeed in the league these days. It will be proven throughout the season that you need a stable of good backs. GO GATORS!!!

  18. Wow, now WM is losing recruits! Wait we just lost to GSU… Who would want to come to UF now? Early playing time, yeah that has gone over real well with our players. Wait til you hear about the transfers. All because of a lousy leg humping coach.

  19. I was very concerned a few months ago when Cook visited Texas, but not now. Recruiting is not that important right now under current coaching staff.

    Just look at the screen shot that shows Gator players were blocking each other! I thought it was a Photoshop product by rival fan until today. And the coach and players laughed it off. This is not funny, no matter how humorous you are!

  20. Some of the negative posts on this board are getting out of line and obsessive. Nobody is happy with the season we’re having, but please consider how your comments might be affecting the players, coaches and their families, and recruits. If you think the personal attacks are helping the University of Florida football program, you are wrong. Please consider your potential audience. Have a great Thanksgiving! Go Gators!

  21. Agree EP. Can you imagine Saban or Meyer yucking it up when two of their players are caught on camera blocking each other? The reason we are losing is because this coaching staff is willing to accept losing. Meyer and Saban have such high winning percentages because they will not accept defeat. Our coaching staff? We lose to a mediocre 1-AA team, look like fools, and tell jokes about it.

  22. Back next year……Matt Jones, Kelvin Taylor, Mack Brown, and Adam Lane. Now, if Will Grier or several of the OL recruits change their minds, the Gators are in real trouble for this class. One thing Will Muschamp can do…..is recruit. That is one thing I have confidence in him about. If Cook wants to play in the ACC instead of the SEC, more power to him. And if he wants to play in the Doak instead of THE SWAMP, more power to him. And if he wants a Free Shoes U degree instead of a U of F degree, more power to him. I would say those are three not so good decisions. Yes, FSU is having a great year…..it is about time don’t you think. Florida will be back and competing at a high level soon…..with or without Mr. Cook. It all depends on what decisions are made about the offensive coaching staff and the offensive scheme for 2014……and not if Mr. Cook comes to Florida or goes to Free Shoes U.

  23. How can some of you ‘fans’ that have quit on the Gators get so riled up at the prospect of a ‘commitment’ maybe quitting on the Gators, too? Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite? Of course it does.
    If you no longer support the Gators that’s your prerogative, but going online and insulting the players and coaches only harms the program you claim to love. That makes you not just a hypocrite, but a fool, too.
    Go Gators. Win or lose.

  24. EP is right. There’s video of us blocking each other somewhere. And it speaks volumes, frankly. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that actually happen in a game, and this is a Division 1 program. In the SEC. If I’m a recruit, I’m thinking “why would I want to be coached by guys who have that happen under their watch?” I mean, how does that happen? Did they have their eyes closed? It’s like hitting a baseball and running to third base. But, Cook is no shock, and frankly, we have Taylor for two more years anyway so this isn’t the end of the world. Right now we have much bigger issues than recruits. Heck, we can’t get guys who are in uniform TODAY to play.

  25. If I were being recruited by Florida Gators,I would be proud to be a Florida Gator! I would want the opportunity to bring the Gator football program to Championship level! Hats off to the recruits who honor their commitment and help our program! The sky is the limit for our recruits because they can make it happen! I say to all of our recruits, hang with us and become part of something great! A Florida Gator! To all the naysayers, find another football program to pull for!

  26. Tampa Gator-I think Cook can come in here & beat out Brown for playing time. Dude just doesn’t have the burst that you need in the open field. Big time heart & drive but not the speed that’s needed. Cook will come in with Grier, Lane, & Wilson to form a formidable trio for the future. Blocking each other aside, I think UF is in great shape for most if not all of the current commits. GO GATORS!!!!

  27. Hate to agree with SJ210, but he’s right.

    There’s already plenty of dissention in the UF locker rooms, WR Demarcus Robinson was suspended for the season for speaking out about how this offense has basically benched him after being promised a WR friendly system by Muschamp, and as I predicted some time ago, these recruits we have committed have now begun to defect.

    I could say I’m disappointed in Cook just wanting to go where the wins are, but really… can anyone here really blame him? Muschamp’s grandiose promises of “electric” Gator offenses are falling on deaf ears now, but hey, maybe another year and of this disaster of a HBC will help!


  28. BRGF, while I applaud and respect your optimism, I think you’re sadly mistaken. Cook can see that Taylor is in front of him, barring injury, for at least the next two years. Why would he want to go anywhere that’s struggling for wins and ride the bench?
    It’s one thing to share carries when you’re winning ball games and everything’s peachy, but to come in, basically be guaranteed you’re not the primary ball carrier, AND get your behind kicked by 50% of the conference? Why would anyone want to subject themselves to that?
    I’m not trying to be negative – just realistic. I assume we’ll have a new offensive coordinator next season, which makes four in five years. The kids will all be learning a new system, which means a learning curve…AGAIN.
    Why exactly did we give Pease a raise this past off-season? Can someone remind me?

  29. If I were Foley I’d go after Jon Gruden or at least make him tell me no. If he folds then go after Baylor’s OC or Clemson’s OC. Those offenses are exciting to say the least. Thanks Shelby-just trying to keep it positive my man…GO GATORS!!!!

  30. If Cook goes elsewhere, I think it’s weak to say that he was afraid of Taylor’s potential. There are legitimate reasons for him to reconsider his commitment. The offense has been terrible for three years, and for all of Muschamp’s ludicrous coachspeak, there is no reason to think it will improve. That’s not being negative, it’s just reality. A kid should be clear-eyed about his recruitment. The truth is that there are serious problems with UF’s offense, and scant optimism to think that Muschamp can get it fixed. Don’t knock Cook, or any other recruit, if they have second thoughts.

  31. Wake up folks, your delusions of grandeur are worrisome. Taylor doesn’t scare anyone off, he doesn’t have great speed and is not an elite back. At least not now in his career. If he was explosive, he would have shown it against Georgia Southern, don’t you think a great back, like the two at UGA, would have busted off a long one with the opportunities Taylor had? Cook has opportunity at UF to be the guy. I don’t know what he expects to do at FSU, they have three juniors there that are all studs, with a couple of burners that, Green and Pender, that can’t get past them. Then you include Whitfield, who may be the fastest player in college football…well, you get the picture, Cook is needed in Gainesville. If the young man studies the depth chart, UF will get him.

  32. With no accountability the trolls (non Gators) can post anything. Who kicked FSU’s butt last year in Joke Shambles? When we get our QBs back we’ll be fine. HS level QBs can’t win in the SEC with a great OC let alone Brent Pease. hope we get Cook because he seems like a perfect compliment to Taylor but if not we will have a decent stable of backs already on campus.

  33. Yes, let’s live out last year. I’m sure your favorite song is “Glory Days”. I see the Gators future is going to grim. I predict the Gators to have the same success as Tennessee after Fulmer was fired. You’ll be able to find out if this is true pretty early next year when the Gators lose to Tennessee. One program going up…the other program continuing a downward spiral. Oh wait, I forgot about getting your quarterbacks back, including the great Jeff Driskel who decided against turning pro early. What a guy, to turn down allthat money when the pros are drooling over you…

  34. The national consensus #1/2 QB Will Grier is coming to UF. Not FSU, GA, Mia, TN, etc. Winston will be gone (and Corker transferred) before Cook even plays and by then UF will have a much better QB situation than FSU. You have took look a few years out NOT at the current dot…but troll away!

  35. Negative comments are non-productive. Once a gator-always a gator (65 years as a gator and stll going strong) We don’t need a bunch of prima donnas from high school, just hard working, ready to learn and we will come out ahead of the hotdogs inTally

  36. […] Last week Cook called Florida State his leader and scheduled an official visit with the Hurricanes, and these latest developments are another sign of just how shaky his pledge is with the Gators. He still claims to be committed to Florida, which The Sun reported Tuesday, but his recent actions suggest otherwise. […]

  37. i think uf will be good with or without cook. dnt get me wrong cook is a great player very explosive but we have 3 very talented backs in jones, taylor and adam lane. the o just needs to step up. injuries killed us this year.lets not forget muschamp still had a good chunk of urbans crew still on the team and hes just starting to get the players he wanted. hopefully the oline can stay healthly for a full season and with the additions of grier, e.lane, jc jackson, lammond and currently m.jones,taylor,a.lane,fulwood,robinson, i beleive we will be in good shape..i really want this kid but if hes nt a GATOR then hes gatorbait plain and simple