Grier wins third straight state title

Grier holds up three fingers following the last game of his high school career. (Photo by Sammi Jo Francis)

Florida quarterback commit Will Grier won his third consecutive state championship Friday as Davidson (N.C.) Day defeated Harrells Christian Academy 69-28 in the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association Division II final.

Grier threw for a season-high 599 yards and seven touchdowns on 32-of-42  passing and also ran for 57 yards and a score on seven carries.

Grier finished his senior season with 4,989 passing yards (completion percentage of 70), 1,251 rushing yards (average of 11 yards per carry), 90 total touchdowns (77 passing, 13 rushing) and 12 turnovers (11 interceptions, one fumble lost).

He threw for 796 fewer yards than his record-setting junior year (5,785) but set single-season highs this fall in rushing yards and touchdowns.

His career stats are 14,565 passing yards, 2,955 rushing yards and 226 total touchdowns in three years of varsity play, all of which ended with a state title.

“It’s what I’ve wanted,” Grier told the Charlotte Observer after Friday’s win. “It means all the hard work I’ve put into this has paid off. It’s hard to beat this feeling.

“It’s also a little bittersweet, but at the same time, I’m ready to get down to Florida and enter the next chapter of my life.”

Grier will attend next weekend’s game against Florida State, officially visit for Florida’s football banquet in December and enroll early at UF following the Army All-American Bowl on Jan. 4.


  1. Great news! Always good to get a proven winner! Is it too much to ask him to win a title every year he’s here too? hehe. If he did that I daresay he’d go down as our all time greatest. That would be quite a feat!

  2. Go ahead and give him a chance to compete for the number 1 QB job in the Spring…Or, whenever he gets here!!! Let’s find out right away whether he can handle Div. 1 at a young age…I bet fans would come back to see it…

  3. Will Muschamp should not coach another down at the University of Florida. I supported him until today……THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA should NEVER,…..NEVER……NEVER…..lose to Georgia Southern in THE SWAMP. NEVER.

    FOLEY…..if you do not fire this horrible head coach this week….then the president of the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA should fire you.

    NO MORE EXCUSES. Terrible game plan. Terrible play calling. Terrible defensive plan……JUST TERRIBLE COACHING BY A TERRIBLE COACHING STATT.

    HE HAS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. I still believe Muschamp will end up being a coaching great, but I agree he HAS to go. We do not have the time to wait for him to figure it out while our Gators become irrelevant. James Franklin, please come to Gainesville!

  5. Those who still support Coach Muschamp, I believe this is the new Florida tradition if Muschamp stays. I know that the players say they support Muschamp but there truly have LOST the energy and will to WIN at the University of Florida. Those that say the injuries were the problem, Well guess what a division 1 2nd or 3rd string should get you a victory against Georgia Southern. What is this weeks excuse?? SIX GAMES in a row, LOST Homecoming to Vandy and then soil the sacred grounds of the swap by losing to an elementary school in the swamp for lost number 6. GO GATORS!!!!

  6. Cam Cameron for the next Florida head coach. Cam knows offense. Keep Durkin as the DC. Fire everyone else but Joker Phillips……and then….we…..”can get this fixed.”
    Muschamp quote after the game: “We can’t get any explosive plays down the field ever.”
    Well…..Chump… get one… have to try to get one. It is called passing the ball more than 2 yards down the field and not just on 3rd and long. Passing down the field and on first down also opens up your running game for big plays. But you appear to be to “d-ense” to understand that basic offensive concept.
    Time for you to take your conservative approach to 1980s football elsewhere…..PLEASE.

  7. ……excuse me. It would be an insult to call your offense 1980s……more like 1900s. YOU JUST COACH THE GATORS TO BACK TO BACK LOSSES TO VANDY AND GEORGIA SOUTHERN….IN THE SWAMP. SHAME ON YOU…..and Gator fans have a “grip” on that.

  8. Obviously this has been a tumultuous yr and the blame will be placed on the coaches. However, i dont think the entirety of the blame should fall on the coaches. I will also goes as far as saying that Muschamp should not be fired at least not this yr. This has been a terrible yr for countless reasons but i think you have to look at this from every standpoint. Coaching changes really put things behind. Losing coordinators every yr while trying to rebuild a team in the SEC is a tall task and Muschamp did that in his second yr. 11-2 record last yr is a success for any team especially a UF team that for a couple of seasons was trying to find itself post Tebow/Meyer. Hate to blame injuries for this season because UF SHOULD have better depth but I have never seen so many injuries in a season and it seems as though every wk UF loses a starter. You build a team around your best players (leadership/talent) and when you lose those guys it makes it hard for a team regroup and find itself. Our guys just couldnt get it together and you can blame the coaches and you can blame the players but for whatever reason it just didnt work out. Recruiting has been lacking in getting those superior talents at the skill positions. Missing out on guys like Sammy Watkins, Stefon Diggs, Nelson Agholor, Keith Marshall, Mike Davis, etc were unfortunate and could have made a difference. Yeah this season is bad and will get worse next week as 4-8 looks like the outcome but I think Muschamp deserves another season. We all saw what these coaches could do with great talent in last yrs team but guys have to stay healthy. Consistency in coaching does make a difference. Remember when everyone was calling for Mark Richts and Mike Bobos heads not too long ago, well UGA has been pretty darn good the last 3 yrs with those 2 coaches still there. Coaches should take the blame for the loss today and this season but there were other problems that led to this disappointing season for Gator Nation.

  9. Empty stadium, top recruits going to other school, fans not coming to games as long as Muschamp is head coach. This is not even funny anymore. The guy can’t coach and the AD will not admit he was wrong by hiring him. This is going to cost the fan base, gator nation, and the players trying to go to the next level. I don’t want to say I told you so, because I did. Next year is going to be worse.

  10. The players don’t want to play for Will. They have quit. The OC is Will Muschamp and the next OC that comes in will do as Muschamp tells him. I’m with the fans don’t spend another dime on what they are putting on the field. What was the attendance of the game?

  11. Muschamp tried to embarrass someone in the media after the game with a comment about a defensive term…….but he is the embarrassment right now….not the media. The media has basically been kind to him. If he wants to go out and lose to Georgia Southern because his team is so poorly prepared and his team cannot adjust during the game and then attack the media……he just makes himself look bad. I just want him out of here. He does not have the mentality and demeanor or a head football coach……and especially the head football coach of the Florida Gators.

  12. Tampa Gator, the only way we will be back “SOON” is we rid ourselves of a poor choice for HBC “SOON”. I really think, yes I’m going to say it “ZOOK” was a better coach and recruiter.This is the lowest that I’ve ever been as a GATOR FAN in my life. We are an “EMBARRASSMENT” to the State of FLORIDA and the SEC. Losing to SEC teams i can deal with but to lose to an “elementary school” as a matter of comparison is unforgivable. Look at the teams these guys lost to, yes other elementary schools, so this is what Muschamp has brought us to. Maybe if Foley want to keep Muschamp he needs to add Gaineville High and Eastside to the schedule so we can possibly get 6 wins and be bowl eligible next year. “POOR” just “POOR”. GO GATORS!!!!

  13. @Tampa Gator Don’t forget when you’re keeping coaches to keep Travaris Robinson. Probably the most proven assistant coach we have. We just had 2 safeties get taken in the draft last year ( both starting now) and we’re about to have 2 corners go in the first round. He’s also easily our best recruiter. If we keep anyone I’d rather it be him, then Joker, then Durkin (though I’d rather move him back to ST. they’ve been hurting since he moved to DC)

  14. TJ……

    I think Robinson will remain on staff no matter which direction Foley goes. But he also might get offered a DC position with another team because of his value. My best view…..Durkin takes a HC job somewhere else and Robinson is promoted to or made the DC for next year. I actually prefer him as the DC. I would love for Strong to return and Robinson and Joker to stay. But I doubt Strong would accept an offer to return. He has it to good in Louisville now.

  15. I will say one more thing to. Anyone who thinks will musloser should come back is braindead. I seriously question your football IQ. IF you believe hes is the right guy i’m sure you believe in the tooth fairy as well.

  16. I think Foley makes Muschamp bring in a OC and tell him to leave the offense alone and focus on special teams and defense. It will be one of those deal like Mike Gundy at Ok State when he was coaching the offense and getting no where and the people in charge made him bring in an OC and he just coaches the team. I do not think he will be fired this year. I wish, but I dont think.

  17. We all want the best for our Gators so I won’t waste time stating the obvious from yesterday. Tampa Gator I am sorry things have come into focus for you the way they have…I remember Meyer announcing his support of his then hot seat OC then bolting himself…maybe? I have a question and hoping someone can answer: What’s the deal with OLB D. McMillan? Muschamp raved about him during camp and suggested he may even earn a starting spot. I saw him on Special Teams but Anzalone and Campbell were on defense…anyone know what that’s about? I hope they didn’t forget he’s on the team. Go Gators!

  18. McMillan got injured TGZZ. That’s why he hasn’t seen the field. Just another injury thanks to our brilliant S&C coordinator. Seriously anyone still defending this guy is in the same boat as anyone defending Muschamp. As a coach your resume is what you put on the field. Well what he’s not putting on the field speaks loud enough. Serious 25 season ending injuries??? Plus the dozens of more minor injuries throughout the season!??? This is unheard of! Obviously our playing aren’t strengthening what they should be! He has to go!

  19. Thanks TJ…but if he is injured how can he go on Special Teams because he was definitely out there Saturday. I am not one to come down on player performance BUT Campbell looked out of place. He was off balance, knocked around, run at and over repeatedly and Muschamp says he did a good job…oh well. Hang in. Go Gators!

  20. “In all kinds of weather, we all stick together…”
    The griping on here sure doesn’t sound like it. Support the kids that are on the field playing their hearts out. If any of you were so smart, YOU would be the AD or head coach.
    Lighten up and continue supporting your team you pledge your allegiance to every week.
    Go Gators!!

  21. Some top recruits will be at the game Saturday. I wouldn’t go if you gave me tickets. This is going to be a embarrassment to the program. Everyone has a voice. The fans are saying Muschamp or us. We are not going to attend another gator game until he is out as HC.

  22. Two OC Charlie Weiss and Brent Pease under Muschamp, neither was that good. The experts and former HC says Foley will probably be out as AD if he keeps Muschamp. The revenue will go down if Will comes back next year. The fans are not going to buy tickets. Foley made a decision and so have the fan. Empty seats…Go Gators!!!!

  23. Everyone saying they won’t go to the game… If you can go, GO!! I live in California so I can’t go. Support Florida football, the players, and the recruits. Don’t let the stadium be filled with Noles. Show them you still love the Gators, and we will be there next year for them too. Forget the coaches. We need this recruiting class to stay together. We need a revamping of philosophy, player development, and coaching; and it will happen. Do not let the Swamp be a joke. Foley should make the game free for all Gator fans and give a free corn dog or something too, because we need to show that we still care. Lets not turn this anger and madness into apathy.

    This is one bad season. Things will change because they have to.

  24. John S, Everyone has their opinion, just because it does not match yours doesn’t mean they are not smart. Some of the posters are Drs. and engineers, people are expressing their opinion That’s why Zach has this forum. You sound like certain people that when Obama said “bring the troops home” people were saying we are not supporting the troops. B.S. So you are throwing in the Players as adistraction. I haven’t heard anyone say” this is a lousy team or our players stink”. I really think most people see thier comments as supporting the troops, in trying to get them some HELP to become the TEAM they thought they were coming to build. GO GATORS!!!!

  25. @Tampa Yeah I could see Robinson as DC. That’d be a great fit! I just hope we’re able to get another Durkin to bring our special teams back. They’re definitely hurting since he went to DC.

    @Phil I agree!I’m in Arizona so I’m in the same boat you’re in, but real fans should go to the game if they can! The player deserve better than fair weather fans and they deserve our support. Not only that, but this will be a big recruiting weekend and we want to show recruits that we show up, not that we quit on you when things get tough. Please please PLEASE Gainesville Gator fans, go to the game!

  26. Creek, I’m not questioning anyone’s intelligence, but their acumen for running a Division 1 athletic program. Obviously Foley knows what he’s doing. We’ve finished in the top 3 in the country for the all sports trophy, just about every year it’s been given. And I think we’ve won everyone, or almost every one, for the SEC. If Foley was so bad, this would not be the case. If he trusts Muschamp, there’s a reason. He got rid of Zook in a shorter amount of time, therefore, there’s something different about this situation.
    I just want people to have patience, and not be hateful towards people who make a lot of sacrifices in their life to make Florida as great as they can. Muschamp did it last year, and can do it again.
    This has nothing to do with US troops, however you came up with that comparison.

  27. Can’t wait for the year of 2014 and It will be my 40th Class reunion coming on that year and can’t wait to see,the Gators coming back and see this guy and hopefully,he will be our Starting Quarterback and be more like that Ugly Winston of the FSU team.And we go unbeaten and Muschamp will save his Job and all of the Gator Fans,Lets filled the stadium with Orange and Blue and Get as loud as we can to make FSU pay and Upset them BIG,I mean BIG,We want to knock them down to No.5.Welcome to the Swamp Will Greer,Gatornation is behind you all the way Bro.

  28. I don’t understand why so many Gator ‘fans’ are so hateful towards the current coaching staff and, in some cases, players. I don’t think you are fans at all. If someone can explain to me how all of this venom, cursing, insulting, complaining and whining, provides any support to the Gators, I’m ready to hear it. I guess I’m mature enough to accept that, sometimes, bad seasons happen. People who come on here and insult coach Muschamp, his staff, and his players from behind a computer screen are cowards. If you’re man enough to say it to their faces then I would be far more inclined to give anything you have to say more credence. Until you show up and call one of these athletes or coaches a ‘loser’ or a ‘bum’ to his face I have no interest in your childish rants.
    However, if you do elect to shed your protective cloak of anonymity and confront any of these people you so brazenly insult face to face, please announce the time and place here for that moment here so that I can make arrangements to be there to see you get your face rearranged by what is, almost certainly, a better man than you. That would an offensive display I would pay to see, and maybe then I could better judge your ability to play defense, too.
    These players and coaches are making many sacrifices on behalf of my alma mater, and I respect them for that. If you’re a fan, be a fan and support the team. If you’re not, then now would be a great opportunity for you to slip away and start buying FSU thongs or whatever else you wear under your nightgown.
    Go Gators. Win or lose.

  29. John, Slow down and reread the post it was a comparison of people saying since you didn’t agree with Obama you were supporting the trops. And yes I ubderstood your statement about people being so smart. I think Foley is a Great AD, We have Won almost if not every Title in College sports under his reign, but he’s not perfect and is entitled to mistakes. If you make a mistake correct it, I personnaly don’t know if its a mistake, but the tide has to change some where. GO GATORS!!!!

  30. Another thing I do not understand. Demarcus Robinson was one of the top WR recruits in the country, but on a team with no receivers, he does not play. I guess he can’t block on first and second down, and then can’t block on screen passes thrown behind the line of scrimmage. But, I bet he could catch the ball thrown DOWN THE FIELD, if given the opportunity. But that opportunity would only come when Florida is trailing more than 10 points late in the 4th quarter.

  31. @ Doug, try to take a breath and relax a little…suggesting violence is worse than the “venom, cursing, insulting, complaining and whining” that the rest of the Alumni are doing. ..then again, all is to be expected when your program is where OURS is. Go Gators!

  32. Thanks Doug! The best post I have read in weeks. This poor attitude of our few fans that post comments on here will ultimately run off recruits that are making the largest decision of their young lives. We boast so arrogantly about our program and that somehow we can handpick the next staff. With the behavior of our fan base, who would subject themselves to the torture of HBC?

  33. Doug and David, I read these blogs everyday and I have yet to see where a poster has critcized or ridiculed a “PLAYER”. I realise that only the “GOOD FANS” should be allowed to post on these forums. But if you could be so kind please direct me to the post where a poster ridicled a player. Thnaks! GO GATORS!!!!

  34. Cant wait for Greer to get in town. Also as for Cook, Man I love your game, but no matter who is at the helm, this is and will always be the University of Florida. We have been on top and now we are down. What I want to know is who wants to be here when we are back again. To those who are not afraid of competition and some down times, welcome to the best University in the world. To those who only have a Me attitude and only want the HOT team. I wish you luck, we only want those who are 100 percent committed. Football is like life, you wont always be on top of the world. its what you do when everyone else doesn’t want to be associated with you that defines you.

  35. How about some civility guys and less name calling of coaches and other posters. You do yourself an injustice when you allow anger to run amuck…….you can make your frustration known more diplomatically and actually make sense.

  36. great comment Nava; you nailed it, we don’t need the boys with the big egos, we want the guys who love the gators and want to play here and get a great education along with building our program back to where it was before Urban quit recruiting ( he knew he was leaving 2 years before he did–part of his master plan)