Wilson wants to get UF back to its winning ways

Wilson walks on the sideline during Florida's Friday Night Lights at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on July 26. (Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun)

Florida’s five-game losing streak has not shaken the solidity of Quincy Wilson‘s pledge to the Gators.

The Under Armour All-American cornerback from Fort Lauderdale University School has been one of UF’s strongest commits since his August decision to attend UF.

“Florida’s just having a down year,” Wilson said. “It’s about stepping up to the challenge, and we have to come back next year. The 2014 class needs to be strong and ready to play.”

Although his focus is on the future, watching UF struggle this season upsets Wilson, whose high school team won the Class 3A state championship in 2012.

“I don’t come from a losing team,” he said, “so it hurts me when they lose from week to week. I’m ready to help them win games again.”

Three of Wilson’s close friends are Florida verbals in Miami Central running back Dalvin Cook, Homestead receiver Ermon Lane and Plantation athlete Chris Lammons.

They have repeatedly put the status of their commitments at 100 percent, but there is concern about them potentially wavering due to their desire to visit other schools.

Based on his relationships and conversations with all three, Wilson isn’t worried about Florida losing them.

“I feel like they’re going to stick 100 percent,” Wilson said. “They see the opportunity to come in and change the program from day one. It’s really encouraging. We’re going to keep the class together because all of us can make an impact.”


  1. I really like what I’m hearing from these players! Not only are they 100% committed to the University, but they’re not afraid of a little challenge. They’ve got that heart and that drive you need to succeed. They see a struggling team and instead of running away, they see the ability to step up and affect change. They see a challenge but they’re gladly accepting it and facing it head on! These are the exact type of players we need! These guys have the right attitude that will acrry over to success on the football field and in life! Go Gators!

  2. Glad to hear it, Quincy!! I for one really feel that UF will beat fsu. Look at it this way-this is basically the same group that was an underdog in T-town last year & went in & thumped them. With the inspired play from the Carolina game I think the D will step uo & play its best game of the year as will the offense. I’m still not a believer in the noles, that defense, or that weird throwing motion of their QB. I think UF rattles him into 2-3 turnovers because when Fowler, Bullard, Powell, & VHIII are unleashed in him it’s gonna get ugly!!! GO GATORS!!!!

  3. I have been a Gator fan since 1966 and have supported the Gators throughout all these years. I think it is too early in Muschamps tenure at Florida to dump him and start all over with a new staff, etc. I am displeased with the play of the offense and the o-line and I think Florida should look at making changes with the O-coordinator and o-line coach.

  4. It would be wonderful if Florida could go undefeated every year, but to me that is not realistic. I think a lot of the Gator fans, whoever they are, Bull Gators, whatever expect the Gators to go undefeated every year and are miserably unhappy when they lose a game. To me alot of these so-called fans, like to get on the bandwagon and get their jollies ridiculing and blasting Muschamp, instead of supporting the Gators and replacing all of this NEGATIVE ENERGY, WITH TRUE SUPPORT. GO GATORS. Blast me if you like.

  5. I hope some of these Gator fans who act like they are part of a lynch mob after Muschamp can throw out some names of who they want and approve of and WOULD come to Florida after all this. If I was a successful coach out there, I would want no part of Florida should they dump Muschamp one season after going 11-2. Did anyone read Mike Bianchi’s column in the Orl Sentinel. Who is out there, available, and will come to Florida now. Is this realistic or just dreams.

  6. Looking forward to Wilson, Lane, Cook, and Lammons playing next year for the Gators. Hope they all come in and make a positive impact. But freshman do not generally turn around programs, unless one of them is Herschel Walker or Bo Jackson. And I don’t think Gator fans expect Florida to go undefeated every year. But I do think they believe the Gators should always beat Vandy in THE SWAMP….and they better beat Georgia Southern there. I am for Muschamp coming back next year at this point. But if he keeps Pease as his OC and sticks with the same boring, conservative scheme and approach to the offense for next spring, I will start to have my doubts about those thoughts about him. Changes to the offensive coaching staff have to be made, starting with Pease and the OL coach. Joker deserves to come back but he really needs to start coaching up Fulwood, Robinson, Bailey, Hawkins…..and Lane when he arrives. And someone needs to coach up whatever tight ends they have on the roster. You can’t run a pro style offense without a quality tight end that can both block and get down field to catch the ball. That is a major problem with this offensive style right now.

  7. It’s not the same team GRGF — there’s no Easley, Floyd, Elam, Gillisee, Bostic, Nixon, JJenkins, or Jordan Reed. People also forget how good a game Driskel had in Tally last year. Remember that third and long where he scrambled, made the first, cut inside and ran for another 20? It’s why we were so disappointed in the Sugar Bowl, thinking he had turned a corner.
    Besides injuries, for which there were few in the Miami loss, most of Muschamp’s problems are of his own doing. The strategy was fine in the first half of USC, but when USC clamped down on Taylor for his final 8 carries for 10 yards the coaches had nothing to lose with some play-action. They stuck to conservative calling, played not to lose, and a winnable game became another loss. Skylar wasn’t allowed to throw until USC knew we had to and that put him in a bad position. I have no reason to think a week or two will change our coaches’ minds after three years. I’m not convinced that changing OCs would change next year either. We could grab some new exciting OC and be just as frustratingly conservative.

  8. I’m with Tampa on this. If we had a reliable tight end things would be a lot better. But again let’s remember we are playing our second (or third) string on offense at all the skill positions this year (rb, qb, and wr). And that’s not to mention injuries on the D. Our coach hasn’t even gone a full recruiting cycle yet and we are calling for his head? For all the naysayers please tell me which high profile coach would want to come to a university with that type of fan base? And please for the rest of us WHEN we make a run next year make sure you go cheer for another team! Go Gators

  9. A good TE would be a great security blanket for our quarterbacks to throw to. We just haven’t had that one player who can make the dynamic play when the game is on the line. All top teams have at least one guy who can make a play and change the whole dynamic of the game. We need to find someone on the roster who can do that. The only person I’ve seen try to do that is Solomon Patton. But you can’t always rely on a 5’9″ 170 lb receiver who has to try and make plays against guys twice his size and run just as fast. That’s what we need. Doesn’t matter if it’s on offense or defense. Bama has CJ Mosley, FSU has Joyner, Ohio St has Miller, Baylor has Petty, Oregon has Mariota…who are our players who can step up and take over a game and inspire the team to play better?

  10. Tampa Gator and Ben Lahey , GREAT POST by both. % straight games losing includes one to VANDY at the Swamp ON HOMECOMING! Well Go Gator thinks that every TRUE fan should be satisfied with whatever you get each year, you should not have an opinion if it’s not a positive one. I guess his Longevity as a TRUE Gator fan simply means you can’t and should not expect more than what’s on the table. I think (and who am I, I was bearly 6 years old in 1966) that if you are concerned about the team and the program you should AT THE VERY LEAST, express your feelings. Even the TRUE fans should RESPECT that even if they don’t agree with you. As you can see TRUE fan (not the SO-CALLED Gator fans) everyone does not agree with you. Don’t Bash others (like I’m doing with you) because they have an opinion and it’s not in line with yours. GO GATORS!!!!

  11. @Ks gator, please read the note I posted for GO Gator. You guy’s CAN’t determine who can be a Gator Fan and how they should think. The world is diverse and evryone have different opinions just like you do. On the Players situation of us not having the GO to guy and the SUPER STAR type talent, that comes from RECRUITING, and Who are the RECRUITERS for the GATOR NATION?? they are our coaches, evaluating talent and offering Schollys. Why are we not getting the players that you are talking about I don’t know. We have been successful with Defensive Players for decades it is just recent that we have had much problems gettting O-lineman. We have great SKill player, we are not getting the benifits from them. GO GATORS!!!!

  12. For those saying Muschamp is the reason our offense is conservative and Pease is at no fault at all let me share something with you: a quote from Muschamp and a quote from Pease:
    Muschamp: “I think a lot of our plan was based on their front and (Jadeveon) Clowney and those guys and being able to protect for his first start in a lot of those situations.”
    Think about that. He THINKS. Does that really sound like a guy “micro managing” the offense and controlling everything. Does that really sound like the guy in charge of the offensive plan? Or does this:
    Pease: “I know (not opening up the offense) was probably one of the big things from last week,” Pease said. “Understand that last week was really based around No. 7 (Clowney) on their team, too. That guy’s the best player in the nation. He can change the game, cause a fumble, pick the ball up and run. Going in, our plan was really designed to make sure that we were going to do things where he couldn’t change the momentum of the game.”
    See to me that sounds much more like the guy in charge of the offense. The guy controlling the plan. And this quote is another thing that makes me want to see Pease leave. The plan he came up with was all based of fear of one player?? No wonder our offense can’t do anything! Pease is coaching scared! Not only that, but players take on the personality of their coach so our O is probably playing scared too! That’s just sad.
    See I’m in favor of keeping Muschamp because I see as a whole our team has done pretty well under him except for the offense. Coming from a defensive perspective he’s had to rely more on his OCs until he learns more. Sadly he chose poorly for his first 2 OCs (can’t blame him for Pease though. Every HC was tricked by him). I still firmly believe that if we get Joker as OC next year, we will immediately have a title contending team, especially if we get a new S&C coach and maybe new O line coach. Now if you want to blame Foley for hiring a coach with no head coaching experience maybe that’s something we should learn from in the future, but as we have Muschamp now, I’d rather not get rid of one of the best young coaches 1 year after an 11-2 season.

  13. This kid reminds me of Roberson coming out of high school. He is a big kid that is projected as a safety. But Champ likes his big CBs, and he plays CB in high school. I hope he comes in ready to start because the opportunity for the #3 and 4 CB is there.

  14. Pease & CO. needs to put this team away early. If they have the belief that they can beat them thru 2 qrtrs or so then they become dangerous. Put em away early & then you can work on getting the passing game working. GO GATORS!!!!

  15. I here you TJ.Read a few other blogs,the game plan all year is whats been my problem with the offense.We come to the final two games of the year weakest team on the schedule(Ga.Southern) & you go and talk about opening up the play book,really.Can we get a real OC in here PEASE.PEASE someone help us out.PEASE we can’t take no more.PEASE give our OC a head coaching job somewhere he deserves it.PEASE!

  16. Also lets not do the run-run-run thing this week. What’s a rollout hurt or a shot to the MIDDLE OF THE FIELD every once in awhile? Mix it up & see what works. No one is asking for the Weurffel to Hilliard/Green/Anthony 75 yard pass but a nice downfield throw of more than 20 yds woudl be nice. GO GATORS!!!

  17. 2 OCs from high powered bachgrounds?? Are you talking about charlie weis and Brent Pease?? The same Charlie Weis who failed at Notre Dame, got fired, failed here, left after one year, and is currently failing at Kansas (their offense looks the same as ours used to btw). And the same Brent Pease who failed at Baylor, the rode his predecessors coat tails for one year before being proclaimed a great offensive mind?? That Brent Pease?? That Charlie Weis?? smh. And the offenses aren’t the same either. I don’t like Pease, but that’s an insult to him man. At least even he has a little more creativity than Weis. Here’s the Charlie Weis gameplan 1st down: run up the middle. 2nd down: sweep or lateral pass to the outside. 3rd down: try to make up loss yards and pass for first. 4th down: punt. And repeat. My mom could even call out what he was going to do! At least Pease knows how to throw in a few screens and pass on first down occasionally. His play calling is still bad, but not Weis terrible. Do some homework man!

  18. Gotta love how wanting the best for your team and wanting to get rid of people not doing their job and replace them with people who will is now “not a true fan.” If you ask me it’s the ones content with 4-6 seasons who are not true fans. The ones who could care less whether we win or lose because the coaches seem nice who aren’t the real fans. Look I love and SUPPORT my team. But that does not mean making excuses when the staff isn’t doing their job. That’s the worst part. The players are fighting so hard just to be let down by the coaches. I hurt for the players. I stand by the players, not the coaches letting them down. Now if you’ve read anything I have to say you know I don’t believe Muschamp is the problem and you know I’m in favor of keeping him. But since when does having an opinion make you a bad person? Since when is wanting the best make you not a fan? Is this no longer America? Is it no longer the goal to win championships? That not a true fan because you don’t like what the coaches are doing is garbage. You should be ashamed if you attack someone for having an opinion. Argue with them that’s fine. Heck even getting a little annoyed while you argue your point against theirs is ok. But tell someone they’re not a true fan because they have an opinion? You should be ashamed.

  19. REALLLY? its college football, and if you are not getting paid(players) you should at least be having fun. This team is not having fun, and is not fun to watch. Loosen up Gators go play like you have nothing to loose and have some fun. I would rather watch a 4-6 team have fun on the field, than 11-2 team that looks like the NFL…NO FUN LEAGUE.

  20. For BRGF, are you sober? FSU’s quarterback and defense leave something to be desired? Winston is the best quarterback in college football and will be the first player drafted whenever he comes out. UF’s defense has not been good since Easley went out. Here’s a tip for you, FSU has someone named Jernigan in the middle of their line who is better than Easley and there are many more great players on that defense. Wake up and face reality!

  21. Hey snowprint-ur an idiot! Winston won’t be a factor after he’s been sentenced, fingerprinted, & booked into the Leon County Prison. As for the defense-please! fsu has played NOBODY this year & is lucky UF is decimated with injuries. Just because the team is down don’t think for a second that beating the crimmies is impossible. Matter of fact that will be the rally cray all week in the upset next weekend. They play the best game all year, Pease pulls out all the stops, & fsu goes away to make room for the luckeyes in the NC game. GO GATORS!!!

  22. I am sorry my use of the word TRUE offended a few readers, that was my intention. I have never booed the Gators while at a Gator game. I have gotten pissed off plenty over the years though, watching games on TV. I am mellowing as I get older, about all of this intensivity about. I never got vocal about firing Dickey, Pell, Zook. I trust the AD’s and U of F prerent when it comes to firing a coach, when to make a change.

  23. I definitely believe the Gators should open up the playbook and mix everything up. I think defense’s learn to anticipate what is coming next and I think Muschamp and Pease have to continually keep the defense off balance. I think Fla needs a new Oline coach, and strength coach because of the performance of the O-line. I think the Gators have been weak up front because of strength and quickness issues. I think they lack brute force strength power.

  24. I need to correct a mistake I made typing my entry 2 postings about my use of the word TRUE. I did not mean to offend anyone by saying TRUE fan, did not mean they were not Gator fans. I really believe the majority of the time the players are giving their all on the field. And the coaches are too, but I really believe the coaching staff should at times throw the playbook away (not literally) and rethink what they have been doing. Every team brings their A game when they play the Gators and I really think Fla needs a few new coaches to grow into and to change what has happened this year, even with all of these injuries.

  25. I hope all Gator fans read that posting on the article written by Carlos Alvarez about Gator Nation and standing behind the team. I think it is fashionable today to blast, criticize, bash, cut down, humiliate whoever and whatever makes them unhappy. I think it was very fashionable among the media and so called football fans to bash Tim Tebow, when it wasn’t deserved. To play in the NFL, I think Tebow needs to make some changes and that’s not the point of this posting.