Notebook: Sharpe sets decision date


This week could yield Florida’s second commitment in the month of November.

Jacksonville Providence offensive tackle David Sharpe will announce his college choice Thursday at his high school. His finalists are Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and LSU.

The Bulldogs had been his presumed leader throughout the fall, but the UGA coaches have ignored his calls for weeks and reportedly don’t have room for him.

He has yet to visit LSU, and Clemson appears unlikely to land his commitment. That leaves either Florida or Tennessee, the only school to receive an official visit from him so far.

Sharpe has visited UF more than anywhere else, with his most recent trip being to the Arkansas game. Given his familiarity with the football program, his proximity to home and his family full of Florida fans, Sharpe is expected to pick the Gators.

JUCO WR pondering UF visit

Since gaining an offer from UF on Sept. 30, Mission Viejo (Calif.) Saddleback C.C. receiver Eric Lauderdale has expressed heavy interest in the Gators.

The former Tennessee commit tweeted Sunday that he might visit Florida for its game against Florida State in two weeks.

Arizona State, Miami and Washington are other schools in the mix for Lauderdale, who plans to make his decision in January.

Future Gators take to Twitter

Over the weekend, several members of Florida’s 2014 class expressed their commitment level to the Gators and excitement for the future via Twitter.

NOTE: For those who can’t read the Twitter emoticons and icons, Dawson says he’s 100 percent committed.


  1. Thanks Zach! Very proud of the young men for their determination to grind this thing back into shape! Men you’re about to join a WORLD WIDE FORCE that will be behind you FOR LIFE! This set-back is a set-up for you all to make a life long impression! Stay in touch with one another, weather the storm and ALWAYS…Be Ready! “5 in a row…” YEAH, OK! Go Gators!

    • TJ,
      Dalvin is not on Twitter. @Dalvin_Cook is a fake account. Cook maintains that he’s still 100 percent with his pledge. Could that change? Sure. Anything can happen in recruiting. But he’s been singing the same tune for months and has never wavered publicly. Based on his statements and the fact that he has three friends and a teammate committed to UF, I think he sticks.

  2. Why worry about Dalvin Cook? I thought the number one concern was playing time. FSU has 3 backs who will be seniors next year. They won’t be giving way to a freshman. They also have two other highly rated backs that will be sophomores. UF has an opening for a back with breakaway speed, he can get into the rotation immediately at UF. UF rarely loses someone that’s committed and the coaches aren’t going anywhere.

  3. Some of the coaches better go somewhere! I’m not one of those calling for Muschamp’s head, but Pease (and other offenseive coaches) has been a failure to say the least. Pease lost us that game with his terrible play calling! Oh 3rd and goal from the 8? Let’s run up the middle! 3rd and 11 and we really need a first down? Let’s run up the middle! Kelvin Taylor rushed for 86 yards averaging close to 7 yards per carry in the first half? Let’s hand him the ball only twice in the 2nd half! We have an inexperienced QB? Let’s become super predictable and run every play! We have a lead at halftime? Let’s never score again! Pease let down the players and the fans! He’s done it for 2 years now. It’s time to admit our mistakes. He fooled the entire world. Time to correct that mistake. And I don’t want to see Tim Davis or Jeff Dillman around here again. Ok MAYBE I’ll think again about Davis because that very depleted O line played terrific Saturday against a great front 7. My issue with Davis is where has that been all season when we had a healthy O line?? Just doesn’t seem like we’re developing talent. And our strength program is embarrassing. There’s a difference between a fluke injury prone season and a pattern of weak players. When basically your whole team gets injured, most in practice no contact drills, something’s wrong! And if you remember we weren’t the healthiest team last year either. We fix those 3 coaching errors and I guarantee you we’re competing for titles next year. Guarantee!

  4. I don’t think you can blame ACL’s on the S&C coach.
    I know it is frustrating and I know we would like to blame somebody but the reality is that this rash of injuries was a fluke. If not, then UGA will be looking for an S&C coach as well.

  5. Gator Todd,bullseye you’re dead on.Muschamp has his hand in the pudding,these are two proving OC.Its just no way they look this horrible in gator nation.Coach Weis only yr. in KC turnt that offense into a top 5 offense.Coach Pease last season with Boise St. broke all kind of records with small,slow wide outs.Muschamp won’t turn loose.Anybody remember the espn clip of practice 2 yrs.ago when Mack Brown fumble in a 7 on 7 goal line drill.Screaming!(HOLD ON TO THE BALL 33 YOU WON’T PLAY HERE.)Where was the OC,nowhere to be found.Muschamp hand in the cookie jar.

  6. 2 proven OCs??? That’s reaching! I’ve watched some of the Kansas games and he’s running the same exact crap there and he’s getting his butt kicked. He ran ND into the ground, ran UF offense into the ground, and now he’s running Kansas into the ground! And Brent Pease?? Oh you mean the guy who tanked at Baylor and rode the coattails of his predecessor’s success at Boise for 1 year to be proclaimed a great OC?? IS that the Brent Pease you’re talking about?? You guys make me laugh! Last year everyone is talking about how much of a genius Muschamp is and 1 year later everyone wants him fired (even though the offensive play calling and injuries are our only real problem. the rest of the team is pretty darn good!. You geniuses want to fire a guy 1 year after an 11 win season and seriously think we’re gonna get any high profile coaches?? Give me a break!

  7. @ TJ: We can go back and forth with points/counter-points but the unbias, bottom line truth is: Muchamp and his staff have not gotten the best out of their players – not just this injury plagued year, but all 3 years. Our staff is failing man and they admit it but are proclaiming their moral victory for cleaning up the program and recruiting the right type kids. No more flagrant insubordination, crime, violence, drug use, or favoritism (the big picture that we don’t know all about) – I’d guess this was #1 on his list of expectations, and we are all glad its being done. For that, he was promised and has gotten the support of our admins. But take that 11-2 season and put a grade on it…post Sugar Bowl I stated we are much closer to 7-6 than we were 11-2! Our collective confidence has to be re-established and IMO until we have an offense that attacks and excites we will continue chasing our tails. We have talent, and they are damn good however, they would be a different kind of beast if they had confidence in what they’re being asked to do. If we had or picks of the litter in the recruiting wars, even then, it would take Muschamp 6-10 years to win Championships and that is what many disgruntle fans realize and regret. We don’t want to fire Muschamp, we want to go in a different direction with or without him. Go Gatos!

  8. That’s where we differ. I don’t think it’s Muschamp holding us back. I think it’s our OCs. Think about it, Muschamp is a former DC, brilliant defensive mind, but no offensive background. He has to rely on and learn from his OCs. I mean even listen to him talk about the gameplan “I think that was the gameplan.” Does that sound like someone micro managing or more like someone letting the OC run with it? Muschamp comes from a tremendous coaching tree and has on of the best minds in the game. I’m sorry but I’d rather not fire one of the best coaching minds a year after an 11 win year. Now maybe that’s something jeremy and Bernie need to learn from, not to hire someone without HC experience, but as we have Will now I’d rather keep him until he proves he really can’t do it.

  9. In essence, we are in agreement, just differ on responsibility. I applaud your patience. I know the love and support of the Gator Nation so I feel comfortable saying “either way, I have no doubt, we’re all in this thing together!” Go Gators!

  10. TJ I agree with everything you say except about Muschamp not holding us back. In the worst way he wants to re-create Bama but does not have the horses up front to do so. He is a defensive genius just like Spurrier was an offensive genius. The difference Spurrier did not dictate what was done on defense, just the results. Champ needs to hire a new OC and let him do his thing or keep Pease and keep out of his way. His play calling dominated UGA 2 years ago while he was at Boise and did it with 2,3 and no-star players.

  11. I agree with INALLKINDS, Some of you FARE WEATHER Gator fans need to shut the He!! Up and realize that this is a unique season. Yes it’s bad and hard to endure, but if you are too ignorant to realize that you can’t lose this many starters to season ending injuries and continue to win at a high level, then I say continue to watch and play fantasy football. Secondly, where is the support???? If I were a top recruit, I would seriously look at how Gator fans are acting and consider going elsewhere. I am a Gator fan for life and I am as frustrated as any of you, but I will never BASH my team because I know and believe the future is bright. I support the players I watched against U.S.C and if they keep fighting we may even have a chance against FSU. My advice to fantasy land is to get over it, find another team that’s winning now and cheer for them, or just stop watching. Muschamp is not going anywhere and I think he deserves a chance to right this ship. Furthermore I believe he will.