Commit of the week: QB Will Grier


Will Grier had the best performance of his senior year Friday night, and he only played one half of football.

The Army All-American set season-highs in yards (439), touchdowns (nine) and completion percentage (91.3 on 21-of-23 passing). Davidson (N.C.) Day shutout Concord Cannon, 59-0.

Perhaps even better news for Gator fans is the strength of Grier’s pledge following Florida’s loss to Vanderbilt over the weekend. He has been one of the most solid verbal commitments in UF’s 2014 class, and the four-game losing streak hasn’t changed that.

Grier posted this on his Instagram account Monday: “High school football has gone by quick. I’m going to miss playing on Friday nights when it’s over, but then again I am ready to start the next chapter of my life at UF! I love Gator Nation.”

RB Dalvin Cook, Miami Central: Cook scored three times and rushed for 136 yards on 19 carries in a 28-3 win against Fort Lauderdale University School and fellow UF commit, cornerback Quincy Wilson.

ATH J.C. Jackson, Immokalee: Jackson caught two touchdown passes and recorded 10 tackles in a 32-29 victory over South Fort Myers.

WR Ermon Lane, Homestead: Lane accounted for 100 total yards (80 receiving, 20 rushing) in the final game of his high school career —  a 34-21 loss to South Dade.

TE C’yontai Lewis, Alabaster (Ala.) Kingwood Christian: Lewis had a team-high five catches for 47 yards and also made eight tackles on defense to help his team take home a 36-21 playoff win at Greenville (Ala.) Fort Dale Academy.


  1. We will be absolutely loaded next year! Before we push forward with our plan to encourage player attrition, why not start the open competition that’s usually held at bowl practices! Remove all labels, and give everyone a clean slate. Let’s see who might rise to the occasion in the next 3 games. We’ve got SEVERAL back-up QBs…give them all a small package of plays and run them in and out…same with WRs and TEs…use all of your pieces to create something positive of our offensive. We are what we are and we now accept that; put up a new effort at improvement and the Nation will respond favorably and the defense will play inspired again. Go out and not have anything new or inspiring and it resonates throughout the locker room and the Gator Nation. The FUTURE starts NOW! Go Gators!

  2. Can you give us some insight into how you assess Will Grier? AS you said earlier, his competition isn’t the greatest. Yet, he shows well at QB camps.
    Have you seen him? Have any of the Gator coaches seen him, or was he recruited on stats and film?

  3. Time to settle another top class by Muschamp after Foley’s supportive comments today. I am sure those being recruited by Florida took notice of his support….Gators will strike back big time in 2014.

    Go Gators!

  4. @TigerCatZeroZero, That wold take toooo much brain power and imagination on the part of the Offensive staff and too much courage from Muschamp to pull off something like that. Don’t expect that kind of thing to take place. We had no imagination when we thought that we had a full complement of players that knew what the plays were, so don’t try to wrinkle things up with people that haven’t even bee on the field. I would love to see something different but that would be double suicide. GO GATORS!!!!

  5. Creek Gator …I apologize and should know better. We’d better do more than just line up and hope #7 takes the day off! If that’s all we’ve got, we may not have a choice on which QBs play! 2014 looks promising…but so did 2013. Pease has been offered up and accepted…. Based on some of his comments, I’d guess Champ has indicated he is willing to show some philosophical flexibility and I would be fine with that as long as his rebuilt staff puts up points and are great at Chess! Recruits will always come here no matter who the head coach is; hopefully we can develop our guys and start using ALL of our pieces. We’ll see how it all plays out soon. In the meantime…I’ll continue to watch as much as I can stand…from a distance. Go Gators!

  6. I agree J, but I have little faith in our offensive staff doing more than being conservative and attempting to avoid a total meltdown.

    @ Allen I have watched Will at camps, highlights and saw him in person at FNL but I have not seen him in pads vs live bullets. Nevertheless, my opinion is he needs only confident players around him and a system he believes in. Go Gators!

  7. @TCZZ I’m willing to have faith in our offensive staff if Pease and Davis go! If they stay though then I’ll be asking for Muschamp’s head starting with the first loss next year. because if they stay that first loss will be early and probably to someone like Kentucky. We already ruined the Vandy streak what’s to say Pease doesn’t go for the Kentucky one next. or even worse our streak of winning the opener.

  8. TJ, a new OC is likely to bring in some of his own guys to assist him…in that scenario, we will likely see more than just Pease and Davis exiting. IMO our #1 problem is a lack of confidence and belief in what we are doing, thus we’ve lost half the battle before the games begin! Our guys don’t know they lack confidence because they have never had it COLLECTIVELY. We have to change the culture. Offensively we’ve gotten soft…and let face it, our opponents view us as an “easy out.” The fix: An offensive system that ALWAYS attacks the defense. Get that together, throw in some new unis/helments and watch ‘em work! Go Gators!

  9. …And there is still a long line hoping to get in there! They can’t get ’em all…we’ve got to get and raise our share and most importantly WIN! We need height and size on our DL/OL. We’ll see what Lo Cater and Lo Featherston decide…Go Gators!

  10. I think every position should be open next season or in spring…nobody is rock solid as far as i can see, but i still say…either Muschamp has to let pease go or if they haven’t been running what Pease coached at Bosie State then Muschamp need to let him run the offense and focus on getting your defense back up to par…but i know one thing for sure…the O line coach has got to doubt about it!!!!

  11. Da’shawn Hand was the start of the recruits not picking Florida. The program didn’t have to be turn around, gator nation was beating FSU and Georgia. Foley with his side kick Muschamp is going to run that program down in the cellar. Good luck beating Kentucky in the future. I hear most fan are not buying tickets anymore, good for them. Boycott that trash after we smash them.

  12. By FSU…hahahaha…nice. You just worry about your rapist quarterback buddy. Hand was 90% leaning towards Michigan from all accounts, so if anyone should be concerned about his decision it’s UM. Nice try though. Good luck with that whole sexual assault thing up there. Need to coach those guys up and get back to just steeling shoes.

  13. Gator Guy…..

    Cook recently posted this week for Gator Nation not to worry and that he is not going back to FSU. Hand, Lane, and Grier will be apart of the future Florida offense. They all know what a difference they will make in Gainesville. Have some faith, my Gator friend.

    And FSU…..

    Go back to Free Shoes U. and take some grammar classes. I am assuming you skipped all of your English 101 classes for PE classes, as I am sure most FSU football players do as well

  14. For all Florida Gators fans out there, thanks for being loyal to the Gator nation in these tough times, because there’s no nation like Gator nation and I’m a Gator 4 life and us being a Superpower is not too far away. To all my fellow Gator fans out, GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. By the way Derek T, I strongly agree with you, we need O-lineman bad ,recruiting 5 star O-lineman(or at least 4 star) should be our main goal right now, because without a solid O-line there’s is no Offense and people tend to forget that. I’m just another voice in the Gator nation in our pursuit to also to recruit strong, solid and superstar O-lineman. May UF be the school for Offensive lineman. Gators all-day!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Muschamp needs to go. period. Pease is a solid coach who’s been hamstrung by HBC. We should’ve hired Charley, but Erb screwed us. The only coach who can get us going in the right direction is the coach at Stamford, $$ talks and BS walks.