Recruiting weekend rewind


The Will Muschamp era is at an all-time low following Saturday’s 34-17 loss to Vanderbilt, but recruits aren’t jumping ship just yet.

UF hosted defensive linemen Da’Shawn Hand and Gerald Willis III on official visits and also had top 2015 prospects Jake Fruhmorgen, CeCe Jefferson and Jacques Patrick on hand for the homecoming game.

The Sun has been unable to get a hold of the visitors as of Monday afternoon, but the Gators look like they made an impression on Hand and Willis while still appearing to have the edge for Jefferson.

Florida cornerback commits Duke Dawson (Alabama), J.C. Jackson (Miami) and Chris Lammons (Wisconsin) visited elsewhere over the weekend, and a 247Sports report ($) suggested running back Dalvin Cook and receiver Ermon Lane were wavering on their pledges to UF.

There’s some cause for concern with Jackson and Lammons, which The Sun alluded to a couple weeks ago, but the Gators seem to be in good shape with Dawson, Lane and Cook (pictured below with UF commits Da’Vante Phillips and Quincy Wilson on Saturday night).

NOTE: For those who can’t read the Twitter emoticons, Lane says he’s “100” percent Florida Gator.


  1. I am in the minority, I know, but I believe that Foley will get together with Muschamp and devise a plan to get this thing turned around next year. And having players like Cook, Lane, and others, as well as a lot less injuries, will help in the turnaround process. No one works harder than Muschamp, but he has to learn to work smarter and hire smarter (offensive line coach being one a the worst hires in my opinion) as well. Hopefully, the Gators can go into Columbia this weekend and shock everyone. And then play well vs. FSU and get things going positive again.

    But, no seeing Hand coming to Florida. No chance. Or with Willis either. One to Michigan or Bama and the other to LSU. Concerning Lammons, Dawson, and Jackson…..if they do not want to be Gators, good luck to them elsewhere. You are either a Gator or you are not.


  2. Thank you Tampa Gator! I agree. I think Muschamp is good, he’s just made some offensive hires that weren’t great. I think we get better hires into OC and line coach (and definitely Strength and Conditioning coach) and the turnaround is quicker than people expect.

  3. We have almost passed the storm Urban left us stranded in. Soon enough, his undersized criminals will finally pass through this program, and Champ’s kids will bring us back to the top. Hang on Gator Nation, and don’t let this remarkable coaching staff get away.

  4. It’s nice to hear some positive comments about our future and Muschamp. I’m tired of hearing all the “fire Muschamp” talk. No way Foley fires him. The guy gets a chance next year with more of his own recruits. It takes TIME to turn a program around…and fewer injuries helps, too. Go Gators!

  5. I appreciate every comment so far and agree that Jeremy Foley will stick with Muschamp, and help him, at what will be a turning point for his tenure. Muschamp will make staff changes on offense, put more emphasis on the passing game. Our young, talented receivers and one of the young tight ends will break through in 2014. The keys are the O-line and protecting and developing Driskel until Staver or Grier is ready. We’ve got a good class on the way in.

  6. Re: Driskel, Staver and Grier, we live in Raleigh, see a lot of Tar Heel football, which has been abysmal to mediocre. However, a few years ago T.J. Yates was the most maligned athlete on campus. Students booed him when his image appeared on screen at a home basketball game. My kids sat in front of his dad at a football game when fans were mercilessly ridiculing T.J. A year later, with a far better offensive line and the emergence of two really good WRs and a tight end, T.J. Yates became a star. Driskel hasn’t enjoyed playing with a good O-line or with top receivers. He’s going to prove himself to be vastly better next year.

  7. Urban Meyer knew had speed to kill. The talent is there Muschamp really don’t know how to coach it. The fans had to force him to let Kevin Taylor play. Muschamp keeps all the talent bottle up on the sideline. Turn loose the talent you have even if they are freshman. Mushcamp “doghouse” is the place Robinson is in, but this kid has talent for days. Muschamp is not a good fit for the gators and should move on it will only get stay the same or get worse.

  8. I think Muschamp thought that since he had HOLY Pease coming in that offense would run it self…. It ran itself away is what it did…. I think muschamp should be DC, and a new HC to come in, PREFERABLLY CHARLIE STRONG! JEREMY FOLEY’S BIGGEST MISTAKE LETTING HIM GO!!! And HE KNOWS IT!

  9. Tell me what is so positive about the team? Florida want to recognized as a elite team in college they should act the part. Every top team in the SEC went out an hired the best HC they could. Florida goes out an hire a defensive coordinator and every time he talk its one excuse after the next. Injuries, recruiting, O-line, D-line are just some of the excuses. The talent is at Florida, but someone has to come in with the experience to coach the players. Urban Meyer could not believe all the talent at Florida and he utilize it to the best of the team ability. The only thing I’m saying is use the players properly. Speed is what the gators have so use it right.

  10. I really think that Tim Davis (Offensive Line coach) should be on the hot seat. The line has not performed that well in the past coming years. On the other hand it’s really hard to demand that a coach gets fired when his players are absolutely dreadful. I am afraid that Ermon Lane and J.C. Jackson might decommit, but other than that these players are solid.

    You don’t want recruits that are going to quit on a school just because they are having a bad season. In my opinion, if a recruit is going to quit on a school because of a bad season, then they will be the first player to quit on the field when something goes wrong. I also think that many recruits forget that they are committing to a school, not a football team. There should be so much more thought to a recruits commitment then just the schools football record.