Florida hosting three Rivals100 members

UF gets to make the last impression on Hand, the nation's consensus No. 1 defensive end. (Photo by USA TODAY)

UDPATE: Speedy Noil did not make it in for his scheduled trip.

Florida is hosting three Rivals100 members on official visits this weekend, including the nation’s No. 1 overall prospect.

That would be Woodbridge (Va.) Senior defensive end Da’Shawn Hand, who is making his first trip to UF and last recruiting visit before his Nov. 14 decision.

Hand has previously taken officials to Michigan and Alabama, and the Wolverines are thought to be his favorite.

Florida basically has to blow him away in Gainesville to land his commitment next week. Hand is a huge fan of Will Muschamp and Brad Lawing, and UF has reputable sports management and engineering programs (his desired majors), so the Gators certainly have a shot to sway him their way.

Noil and Willis plan to announce their commitments at the Under Armour All-America Game. (Photo by The Times-Picayune)

The other visitors are receiver Speedy Noil and defensive lineman Gerald Willis III, who are teammates at New Orleans (La.) Edna Karr and rank in the top 50 of the Rivals100.

UF is battling LSU and Texas A&M for their services. They visited the Aggies on Sept. 9 for their game against Alabama, while the Tigers have yet to host to them officially but are expected to land the in-state duo.

The Gators have their work cut for them even more so with Noil and Willis, but they can sell playing time to both prospects.

Florida hasn’t signed a prep prospect from Louisiana in more than a decade.


  1. Here’s to the Gators playing extremely well Saturday and the fans really getting into the game and they get very excited about coming to Florida to play. Not even going to consider the alternative. Biggest game yet….for a head coach named, Will Muschamp. Go Gators!

  2. Hand seems to have a good head on his shoulders and stud on the field. Hand should be impressed with the UF Engineering department. I hope we get him but if we don’t I’m glad he is making education a priority.

    Go Gators!

  3. This is an OPPORTUNITY for #UF to close on some great athletes who could possibly make huge impacts their freshman season. I hope all goes well and the sell early playing time and the ability to be in a first class program. I remeber a time when we didnt have to worry about Athletes getting away from us now it seems as if its the Norm. LeeeeeeeGoooooo!

  4. I am encouraged that we have a chance to get the top overall prospect on campus for what I feel could be the Gators most important game of the season considering the year we have had! I believe that we need to sure up the Defensive Line because that’s where most games are won and I hope all Gator fans show up in support of a team that need’s to hear the roar of the home crowd after spending so much time away from the Swamp! Hand and Willis are a must!

  5. Not since 1945 has UF lost at home to Vandy.
    This team is impossible to watch. they make mistake after crucial mistake.
    Zook didn’t let it get this bad. The team is done. And so should the coach.
    Let me be the first to say good Bye Muschamp, thanks for one overachieving year and two awful and forgetful years.

    Who should UF get as new head coach? Please let’s get someone with head coaching experience this time. Muschamp is a very defensive coordinator but at least not yet he is not a good head coach.

  6. PS, this is a small recruiting class so this is the best time to change coaches when losing out on some recruits won’t be as critical. if they wait until next year to make the change then it will have a larger effect on a larger class. Plus some of these recruits are going to bail on UF especially offensive recruits if they do not make the change.

    Foley, same as you had to admit your mistake with Zook, it’s time to do the same now. Please start looking for a new stud coach NOW.

  7. We will have plenty of scholarships available…it’s pretty obvious our staff is encouraging the transfer of SEVERAL players thus they get no or very minimal playing time. But that’s not going to fix our problems. At this point the team and the Gator Nation have lost ALL confidence; without confidence you will ALWAYS look awful. Muschamp’s sideline demeanor was quite telling. Bottom line: Change is inevitable. Hang in my beloved Gators! It gets worse. Go Gators!

  8. Champ is now offering up the heads of anyone involved with HIS offense, except his own! I recall watching a Tyson fight with my dad and hearing him call out to the television “Man c’mon, stop this, you gotta stop this!” I on the other hand was enjoying Tyson’s dominance over his opponent…I now find myself crying “Jeremy, stop this, you gotta stop this!” Ok, let’s agree Champ has lots of potential and probably will be a great HBC one day…he came into a difficult situation wghere most would fail. He did his best, there were injuries, hot weather or whatever; the man is beaten and defeated…”stop this, PLEASE.” Go Gators!

  9. @ TigerCatZeroZero, again I hear you LOUD and clear, and I know most of these “knowledgable” fans want to see Muschamp succeed. I really believe this job has taken its toll on him early. Urban had a scheme and got the players to run it. I to this date don’t see what the “scheme”is suppose to be and the hodge podge group we have assembled to run it is not working. Stop the Bleeding, get a good search team with a clear time line and find a coach that will be able to stand the Vigors of the SEC. It’s like playing or coaching in New York, the pressure is intense, it’s not for everyone no matter how TOUGH you think you are. GO GATORS!!!!

  10. Creek Gator if we even CLAIM to have an offensive scheme we should be fined. We have no idea of who we are or how to find ourselves! I think our staff’s action plan is to replace everyone and start anew, problem is this is CFB not the NFL! Did you see our ‘coaching ability’ when T. Brown gave up the sack? We humiliated him right then and there for his teammates and all others to see…now enters T. Thurman (what do you think he’s got on his mind? And what would you guess would happen?)…give the tackle help from a back or TE! Finally, why don’t we know players play fastest not when things are dumb down but rather when they have CONFIDENCE and BELIEVE in what they are doing! Confidence is a legal performance enhancer…everyone is on it but us, and that’s why everyone around the country at every position look so much better than we do! Go Gators!

  11. Ron if you’re going to be that ignorant, don’t even bother posting. Jeremy Foley is one of the best ADs (if not the best) in the league, and he has been responsible for way more than 2 hires, most being very successful, including one Billy Donovan.

  12. I disagree that firing Muschamp is the answer. Not this year at least. We all know year 1 was on the whole Meyer debacle. Nothing the best of coaches could do about that. Then in year 2, it seemed Muschamp had magically fixed all the problems and everyone praised him as a football genius and one of the best coaches in the league. Now 1 year later and you want him gone?? Admit it, had this team gone 8-4 last year, you’d still be blaming this on Meyer. Now things do need to change I’ll admit it, but firing Muschamp will only cause more instability and hurt us. I think Jeremy knows this. Now 1 thing that desperately needs to change is we need to hire a decent OC. You can hardly blame Muschamp for the Pease debacle because every other team wanted him, even the genius Saban. And the injury situation is getting pathetic that definitely needs to change. I know many of you will point to Muschamp for the penalties, and those do need to change, but keep in mind this team is 4-5. I daresay you’d be getting frustrated and a little over emotional if you were 4-5.

    So my suggestions are fire Pease and promote Joker to OC (leave him in charge of receivers as well) and possibly Leak to replace him as QB coach (don’t know if he’s ready, but the kid knows the position so maybe). The lone bright spot on our O has been the vast improvement of our receivers.. Joker has done a tremendous job with them, and UK’s offense was never better than when he was OC. We desperately need to get rid of Dillman and get someone who can actually do something to prevent injuries. And finally the line coach has to go. There is no excuse for our line being this bad. Fix these problems and I think our team will improve very quickly.

    Now that I have given my defense of keeping Muschamp, if he is fired here are my suggestions (or wish list) for next head coach.
    1. Charlie Strong. We won’t get him, but I can still hope.
    2. Steve Spurrier. There’s less than no chance this happens, but hey I can live in the past a little bit.
    3. James Franklin. He’s done tremendous things at Vandy, so just imagine what he’d do with the resources at Florida.
    4. Kerwin Bell. Gator alum and great QB with head coaching experience. It’s not at the D1 level, but he’s played at the D1 level so he knows the game, and he sat under the best coach of this era. He knows his stuff, could revive our O, and immediately raise morale among the fans and players.
    5. David Shaw. Doing great things at Stanford, so there’s no there’s no reason to suggest he couldn’t do the same here. Only problem is whether we could wrestle him away from Stanford.
    6. Joker Philips. I’d like to see him take a couple years to get his feet back under him a little more before he jumped back into a head coaching job, but I have faith he could do the job efficently given a program that actually cares about and puts money in its football program.
    7. Danny Wuerrful. Not completely sure about this one because I don’t know what coaching experience he has, if any, or if he has any interest. But he sat under Spurrier on a National Championship team and I wanted to add another one to my list.
    Anyone else have anyone I didn’t think of?

  13. Hey TJ: Speaking of “ignorant”, perhaps you should learn to read! I said Folley, has hired two FOOTBALL coaches since being at UF! So you are in love with him, that’s fine, but think about a few things: 1 how many baseball coaches did he go through before he landed a good one? 2 how many gym coaches before he got it right 3 He has hired some real winners for Lady Gator bb also. I could go on and on but since you have trouble reading, I wont waste my time.

  14. If i have trouble reading i guess you have trouble spelling (or thinking). His name is Foley. One l Bro. And he’s hired 3 football coaches ya jack wagon. Now I don’t like the first 2 hires, but the jury still isn’t out on the last one for me. An ADs job is more than just football. He’s hired real winners in Bball, baseball, and track and field and that’s just off the top of my head. Not even counting everything else he has done to help build all florida athletics. So again if you’re going to be so ignorant just don’t even bother posting. PLEASE!!

  15. Foley has technically hired 3 football coaches; The Zooker, Meyer and Muschamp.

    The Zooker was flawed because he replaced our “Bear Bryant” and was about Foley’s 5th or 6th choice because everyone he approached also knew this. Meyer was not Foley’s choice, he actually offered Spurrdog the job but had to retract it because Machen was furious because he wanted Meyer. So the reality is we can only pin Muschamp on Foley. I wish we could fire him yesterday but who could we get. My preference is we could send out and SOS to S.O.S who would take it because of his massive ego. Other than that if a top tier existing HC would not take it, it would make our HC job un-appealing because of the turmoil. Champ has a small but very good class coming in. Fire Pease and bring in someone who can burn out a scoreboard and if Champ does not agree, fire him and rebuild from the ground up. It might take a couple of years, but with the right coach (like Saban) we could be back in the hunt in 2 years.

  16. He has hired TWO football coaches! Zook and Will, Steve was here when Folley took over and Urban was hired by Bernie! Since you have trouble comprehending, might I suggest you have your mommy, read my posts to you. By the way, if I were to post something as ignorant as your list of choices for coach, I wouldent call anyone a jack wagon! Retards like you make blogging so much fun. LMAO. Your parents must be so proud! LMFAO!

  17. Ron – You call what you’ve engaged in “banter?” I think you need to look up the definition. Nowhere does banter include questioning another’s intelligence and making cracks about them needing their mother to read to them…just saying. Now, you are correct that Machen wanted Urban, but fyi, Foley NEVER offered the job to Spurrier so he couldn’t have been forced to retract said offer. Foley (possibly at Machen’s insistence) wanted to interview all of the candidates and Spurrier refused to be interviewed. Btw, if you’re trying to dis the best athletic director in the country by misspelling “folly” then you do need a grammar lesson…lol

  18. TJ Foley (with an e) has produced a Well rounded athletic program, no doubt, and I really don’t have a problem with the Myers selection because it produced. Nor do I really HATE the Muschamp selection. I just think the position and Pressure of the job has already taken it”s toll on Champ, Myers was able to withstand the pressure a little bit longer. But if you remember Myers started coming apart the year before he actually left , remember him jumping (verbally) on the media guy from Orlando.
    Also I know no one else had mentioned it before you but I was thinking the same thing Last week about Weight training guy, because it has been said by many professional that weight training is one of the biggest keys to injuries or lack there of. GO GATORS!!!!

  19. Ron, maybe you’re the one who needs mommy to read to you. Never once did I say FoLey (seriously bro 1 L! It’s not that hard). And yes Machen kinda forced Meyer on Foley, but Foley hiring coaches still belongs to Foley. Deciding whether to take your boss’s advice or to tell him where he’s wrong is part of the job. As far as my list, point out one coach on there who wouldn’t do well, besides the ones where i listed I had questions on, but wanted to add them anyways. So troll, either bring in some actual intelligible facts or shut the heck up!

  20. I don’t really think the pressure is getting to Champ, I mean just last year everyone loved him and called him a genius. Not much overbearing pressure there. And he comes from Texas which isn’t exactly low on pressure. I just think he made a couple bad hires. I think he (and the rest of the nation) was fooled by Pease and I think he made mistakes on the O line coach and Jeff Dillman. Now I think he’s also made some spectacular hiring decisions. Keeping Durkin was the right decision, and Joker has done a phenomenal job in just the one year he’s been here, and I suspect he’ll be our next OC. Lawing was a really good hire, as well as probably the whole defensive staff. I mean can we really blame the guy for not being and offensive guru when he’s spent his whole life on the defensive side of the ball. That’s the only reason I’m hesitant to let Muschamp go because I think if we can just give him that extra year with the requirement that Pease (and hopefully a few more offensive personnel) goes, then I think Joker’s the next in line and we’ll see huge immediate improvements, then Muschamp can learn offense from Joker and when Joker leaves for a head coaching job Muschamp won’t need to lean on his OC. He’ll be knowledgeable enough to make the right hires and get the job done himself if the OC doesn’t. Maybe I’m stretching or just too optimistic, but I just don’t feel 1 year away from an amazing 11-2 year is the right time to fire a guy. I think this era has been too fast to fire guys anyways.

  21. YO, TJ sounds like the pressure is getting to you! Seriously dude, do you have family involved? If so, sorry I stepped on your toes, but it comes with the territory. That’s why Muschamp and Folley make the big bucks! By the way, I know how to spell Foley. Do you know to pronounce Folley? Why are you so punchy about the way I spelled it? Again , are you a family member? Suck it up kid, ITS A CRUEL WORLD, LEARN TO ADJUST!

  22. If looking for a new HC what about Art Briles at Baylor, Kevin Sumlin or Kliff Kingsbury who are great offensive minds in the game and would do wonders withe the athletes that they can recruit in the southeast

  23. ANYONE but Sumlin!! (Ok not anyone. I’d rather have Sumlin than Meyer or Kiffin, but almost anyone). Seeing how Sumlin has treated Manziel, he’d be just another Meyer. Special treatment for the good players and no discipline. That’s the LAST thing we need now.