Zach’s Mail Stack 11/7


You would think three-straight losses could really hurt Florida on the recruiting trail, but that hasn’t been the case.

The Gators’ commitments are still solid for the most part, and their top targets haven’t cooled on UF despite the losing streak. If anything, the second half against Georgia actually helped them in the minds of many recruits.

Florida currently has 14 members in its class with just under three months until signing day. Player profiles have been updated with their latest rankings, stories and videos on our recruiting website,

On to the questions!

Do you think the Gators will get DeAndre Goolsby this week?Andrew

Goolsby will make his decision Friday at 2:15 p.m. ET. at his Derby (Kan.) High School. The Rivals250 member, who is ranked the nation’s No. 3 tight end by, has officially visited Arkansas, Florida, Kansas State, Ohio State and Oklahoma.

UF received his first trip on Sept. 22 for the Tennessee game, and he also attended one of Florida’s summer camp sessions with his mother.

It’s really hard to predict which school he’ll pick. Goolsby doesn’t answer his phone, and I haven’t talked to him since we spoke in person during his visit in June. I’m not expecting UF to land his commitment simply because of the distance factor. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him select the Gators given their need at tight end.

Will the Gators look for second DT? Is Jarran Reed off the the table? — Ivo

Last month Florida commit Khairi Clark told me the coaches wanted to add another defensive tackle but it didn’t look promising.

Unless they have their eyes on a JUCO prospect, Thomas Holley is really the only option at this point. The Rivals100 member from Brooklyn (N.Y.) Abraham Lincoln visited UF in the summer and plans to return for an official soon. But his recruitment appears to be a battle between Ohio State and Penn State.

The Gators are not pursuing 2013 signee Jarran Reed or former commits Anthony Moten and Travonte Valentine. With the five tackles that signed last year and Clark on board for 2014, Florida should be fine at the position regardless of Holley.

It seems as though Adoree’ Jackson will not take an official visit to UF. Is this because he has already come on an unofficial visit or is he just no longer interested? — Jake

Jackson isn’t scheduled to officially visit the Gators as he once was, but his change of plans aren’t because he’s no longer interested. Jackson just wants to check out schools he hasn’t seen before.

Florida is recruiting the five-star, two-sport athlete harder than any other staff, and he speaks regularly with defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson and track coach Mike Holloway.

There’s a good chance Jackson could stop by UF in January following the Under Armour All-America Game.

Could you provide a list of under-the-radar recruits who could be offered by UF. I believe we’re gonna miss out on the big fish. — Rob, Kaleb, D-Wayne

I know I’m probably reaching on some of the names I’m about to list, but I’ll throw some out there just for you. I think these recruits could get a look (and possibly committable offers) from the Gators if they lose some commits and/or miss on their targets.

Tony James, 5-9, 175, Gainesville, Fla./Gainesville (Oregon commit)
D’Ernest Johnson, 5-11, 189, Immokalee, Fla./Immokalee

Myles Autry, 5-10, 175, Norcorss, Ga./Norcross
Adly Enoicy, 6-4, 224, Delray Beach, Fla./Atlantic
Garrett Johnson, 5-9, 160, Winter Garden, Fla./West Orange (Kentucky commit)
Trevon Lee, 5-11, 167, Fort Lauderdale, Fla./Cardinal Gibbons
Tyre McCants, 5-11, 199, Niceville, Fla./Niceville
Charles Nelson, 5-9, 170, Daytona Beach, Fla./Seabreeze
George Rushing, 6-0, 180, Fort Lauderdale, Fla./Cardinal Gibbons (Louisville commit)

Seth Brown, 6-3, 246, Gainesville, Fla./Eastside
Moral Stephens, 6-3, 205, Perry, Fla./Taylor County
Montez Sweat, 6-6, 220, Stone Mountain, Ga./Stephenson

Nick Gates, 6-4, 272, Las Vegas, Nev./Bishop Gorman
Kavaris Harkless, 6-5, 269, Jacksonville, Fla./Trinity Christian (Louisville commit)

Rohan Blackwood, 6-5, 220, Brooksville, Fla./Nature Coast
Kevin Bronson, 6-3, 247, Delray Beach, Fla./Village Academy
Rashawn Shaw, 6-3, 234, Fort Pierce, Fla./Fort Pierce Central

Andrew Beck, 6-3, 230, Tampa, Fla./Plant (Texas commit)
Greg Miclisse, 6-1, 230, Palm Bay, Fla./Bayside
Sharieff Rhaheed, 6-4, 215, Fort Pierce, Fla./Fort Pierce Central

Top 5 uncommitted players Florida needs to land? — Devin, Christopher

1) OT David Sharpe
2) DE Lorenzo Carter
3) ATH Adoree’ Jackson
4) DB Jamal Adams
5) WR Eric Lauderdale

I think the Gators are in the driver’s seat for Adams and Carter and will also finish with one or two receivers (counting Jackson), two offensive linemen and a linebacker (likely Dwight Williams) for a class size of 20-21.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to leave your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below.


  1. Anyone else see Michael McFarland, discarded TE from the class of 2010, catching balls all over the field for South Florida the other night vs. Houston, including using his 6’6″ frame to catch two touchdowns, one a great over the shoulder catch in the corner of the end zone with a defender draped all over him? Hummmmm……wonder if Florida could have used him in the red zone this year. Someone on the Gator coaching staff blew the talent and potential evaluation on him…..big time. McFarland vs. Burton or Westbrook at TE. Obviously, McFarland does not fit within the Gators offensive scheme because he catches passes down the field and passes for TD in the red zone. A real bad fit for Muschamp and Pease’s offense for sure.

  2. “It’s really hard to predict which school he’ll predict” You got to go with your info- to be a Mike Farrell one day, you need to go out on a limb and make predicitons. At least no article this week on the O-Line. People are starting to realize it is much more than O-Line issue.

  3. USF used McFarland only on passing downs….imagine that!!! And sometimes they ran the ball well on those plays because the LBs for Houston had to cover McFarland instead of blitzing the QB….imagine that also!!! It is called creative offensive scheming…..imagine that as well!!! It is also called really good offensive coordination and play calling. That is something we in Gator Nation under Pease can only imagine….and never expect to see.

  4. Sometimes players and offenses that work against lesser competition won’t work versus the competition we face. I really don’t understand the people complaining that don’t understand that the level of defensive coaches and players we face is far greater than everywhere else in college. If you only put a player out there for pass plays guess how easy that makes the defenses job.
    Baylor couldn’t be Baylor in the sec and our offense would look better in the mountain west, big 12, big 10(or whatever they want to call it).
    You have to have NFL talent in this league to be competitive….and NFL talent wants to play with NFL talent that is why we haven’t been recruiting as well on offense…this issues take time to fix, everything doesn’t have a magic wand…please be patient and give this staff a chance finish the product.

  5. hahahah….wah wah wah…feel like I’m listening to my wife and high school daughter watching glee. Man up you sissies! Thanks for the read Zach. Glad to hear McFarland is doing well ad USF. There are a BUNCH of scrubs that couldn’t hack it here doing well in other places. Not sure why we’re whining about those guys. Focus on the future ladies. Sounds like despite our recruiting limitations this year +/- 15…we’re putting together a nice class.

    Wouldn’t want that positive news to get in the way though. Now back to Glee.

  6. @Logic. Your argument would have merit if we took care of business against our own lesser opponents. But we don’t. We routinely put up just 20 or so points against our Toledos, Jacksonville States, Louisiana Lafayettes, Kentuckys, etc. Let’s be honest — we knew we were going to have a rough season in the first game this year struggling with Toledo. Anyone who came away from that game without worry is drinking the Kool-Aid. In a few weeks we’ll play Ga Southern and put up the same woeful offensive numbers. We talk about injuries, but we really only were missing Chaz Green against Miami (and that unimpressive Toledo win).
    > “Baylor couldn’t be Baylor in the sec”? Really? Baylor is doing what Mizzou is doing — coaching 3-stars into winners. Imagine what they’d do with SEC recruits! Were they in the SEC — and last time I checked Mizzou is — Baylor would score less points, sure, but I have no doubt they’d be far more successful than we Gators. Look at Auburn. There’s some curious parallels to Florida. Both had valid arguments of “bare cupboards,” both had small rosters due to transfers and players getting into legal troubles. Last year, Auburn was 3-9, was 115th in total offense and 112th in scoring. Malzahn comes in and they’re at one loss and not needing blocked punts against their cupcakes to win. I’m not saying we have to run a spread, I’m saying it doesn’t matter what we run and who we recruit if they can’t coach. Recruiting and schemes are very important, but if you can’t coach you can’t coach. “give this staff a chance finish the product.” When is that? He has juniors on his team that he recruited. Juniors. Why isn’t three recruiting classes enough to turn it around and what makes people think that in the fourth year everything will suddenly click? Muschamp is going to get his fourth year though (and that’s even if he loses to Vandy). So we’re going to see how that plays out.

  7. @tim
    I agree the people ITT are doing a bunch of whining about absolutely nothing. Most of which know nothing about recruiting, coaching, or evaluating.

    I guess u haven’t realized we’re taking a small class and most of the players we’re after are announcing at all star games or NSD. I wish some of you people would actually think about what your crying about before posting.

  8. Great Post GREG, we have not advanced this program in the last three years. We have gotten some great recruits and they either sit the bench or are put in the wrong situation. We ahve been crying about more skill position players that are not or don’t want to come here. WHY? We have not recruited (successfully) the engines that make the machine “run” O_LINE. Will Grier, Payton Manning nor anyone else can guide a team that has no engine. They are the ones that make the success for any scheme. We don’t have it or we are not using them to capacity, because right now we are a failure.
    @Tim and Real gator, People have opinions just like you. You are free to express your “knowledgable” opinion and they are FREE to express theirs, you don’t have to agree. If you don’t agree that does not make them “IDIOTS”. GO GATORS!!!!

  9. Garrett Johnson of Winter Garden West Orange should receive a closer look from Gator Nation , he put big numbers in his soph. & senior seasons . He small in stature but he,s a smart football player who can take it to the house in any given instance… Hails from the same hometown of another Gator great , Jeff Demps !!