UF staff member resigns

Haskins joined Florida's staff in January of 2012.

Florida coach Will Muschamp announced Monday that director of player personnel Jon Haskins has resigned.

Muschamp said Haskins left the program in October, and he doesn’t have a timetable on hiring his replacement.

“We have an opening right now, but I’m busy coaching the team,” Muschamp said. “I don’t have a whole lot of time.”

Haskins’ primary responsibility was handling administrative duties for recruiting, which included coordinating on-campus official and unofficial visits of prospective student athletes.

Muschamp doesn’t feel like his departure will hinder Florida’s recruiting efforts moving forward.

“We’ll be fine,” he said. “He was in an administrative role. You can’t evaluate tape and those sort of things.”

The Gators have now had three members from their football recruiting offices leave in less than two years.

Haskins’ predecessor, Mark Pantoni, took the same position with Urban Meyer at Ohio State in December of 2011 after five years at UF.

In May of 2013, director of on-campus recruiting Brendan Donovan accepted a job with the Cleveland Browns as their college scouting administrator.

In the grand scheme of things, Haskins’ resignation isn’t a huge deal and won’t cost UF any prospects. However, it’s important for Muschamp to have a cohesive recruiting team intact, especially given the struggles on the field this season, and the recent staff turnover only makes his job harder.


  1. I have been on the Muschamp bandwagon from the day he was hired. That said, I feel his confrontation with a fan, and telling him to come on down on the field and get his a_ _ whipped, is a total embarrassment to UF. It is time for Will to go!

  2. The fan’s behavior was rude and unacceptable. Not sure where you got your info on Coach’s response, but I’ll tell you this- any idiot who would confront Boom with obscenities after his squad just lost a crucial game probably deserves to be taken to the woodshed. The Anti-Muschamp crowd has lost all reason. It’s now just a feeding frenzy. So disappointed in Gator Nation…

  3. I feel that things have been going very bad this season. We seem to have a lot of players that are going down with injuries in practice and we still cannot get rid of all these stupid penalties. It is a team that is out of control!! It time for Muschamp to resign!!

  4. Anyone who thinks that Muschamp would resign needs to get that out of their heads. Simple money matter; when you resign you walk away with little or nothing. Not sure the remaining length of his contract, but if he is fired, he collects the full amount in most cases. Normally I feel that a coach should be given at least 4 to 5 years to establish his program. In this case however, I do see a program heading backwards. No doubt the injuries have hurt, but the stupid penalties, lack of on field discipline, lack of any positive progress from week to week is truly a concern. I think much will depend on how this upcoming recruiting class goes, but I don’t see Foley pulling the plug between now and next season.

  5. Since everyone posting here is acting like they’ve only been a fan since 1990, when in that 23 year span have we been penalty free and disciplined???? It seems that when we win with a lot of penalties (regardless of the coach) it’s OK.

    If you want some perspective on the injuries, read archives of St. Louis newspapers from 2012 and see how many people wanted Gary Pinkel’s head on a stick after last season. Where are those idiot fans now???

    Don’t be like those same idiot Missouri fans people.

  6. I was impressed with the changes the coaching staff made from Missouri to Georgia, and I thought the game planning and play calling in the game was much, much better. And the OL played exceptionally well in comparison to the Missouri game, picking up blitzes easily for most of the game….but not the last one on 3rd down when Murphy lost 14 yards, But, on that play, he could have stayed in the pocket and could have thrown to a Gator receiver breaking open just before getting hit. But Murphy left the pocket to early, I thought, and got sacked. You have to step up and take a hit sometimes on blitzes and not run from them. But….I was encouraged. And I am saying that Muschamp deserves another year to get this thing turned around and improve the offensive execution where the team does not embarrass itself when they have the ball. Also glad that Muschamp is going to address the behaviors of the team on the field vs. Georgia. That was also embarrassing to watch and embarrassing to Gator Nation to watch players wearing the Florida logo act like middle school kids on a playground. Showing up Saturday and will be yelling my head off. Go Gators!

  7. I agree with Frank.

    Any “fan” that would confront an emotional coach seconds after an emotional loss probably deserves to get their a$$ kicked for no other reason than being an idiot.
    I assume this “fan” then went out onto the interstate and chased cars.

    Please tell me this “fan” did not graduate from UF.

  8. Agree with Frank that the anti-Muschamp crowd is embarrassing. When Meyer was here we were known for all the arrests. And my son thinks all the chippyness in the ga- fl game started with “the celebration” by ga. You have to admit there has been a lot of jawing by both sides since then.

  9. To agree with the frenzied crowd demanding Muschamp’s dismissal you have to take a big leap in logic and a step away from reality. Are people really dumb enough to think a coach doesn’t want his offense to be successful? What I saw last year was a coach with a limited amount of offensive talent nonetheless squeeze out 11 wins. I’m thinking, “wow! Just think what will happen when the offensive talent matches the defense!”
    He’s got a squad with only ten seniors and missing eight players counted on this year. Whoever above pointed out the amazing turn-around with Missouri should pay close attention. It’s going to happen at UF next year.

  10. Muschamp is a very smart man and a really good football coach. And a character coach. Therefore, I am convinced that he is smart enough to realize that changes need to be made to the offensive scheme, and I believe it will happen. If it does not happen and the Gators struggle again next year, a change will be made, no doubt. But I think Muschamp, his assistants, and his players will get it done.

  11. So happy to see a few sensible people on here in what has been a playground for the insanely negative. Everyone just take a deep breath and try and understand the impact that injuries can have on a team. Oh, and I can’t wait to see us upset FSU. Go Gators!!

  12. Anyone who thinks coach is going to be fired this year is delusional. We were a Notre Dame loss from playing Bama for the NC last year. How soon we forget. Unless, of course, we lose to Vandy, get greased by SC and then blown out by Florida State. Then all bets are off. Better have a replacement in mind, though. We’ll be going against USC and Texas and it will decimate the recruiting class. Just one opinion, could be wrong.

  13. I have several issues with this team. 1) The players cannot play assignment football. 2) The players are undisciplined and have been for 3 years. 3) The coaches are stubborn, meaning they are trying to impose their will on opponents without the parts to do it. One last comment if you play conservative, you better have an OL that can drive block opponents 2 yards off the ball. Your kicker better be at least 75% accuracy from 45 yards in. Your punter better average 42 yards per punt with 4 seconds of hang time. My suggestion is to play the players who can play assignment and discipline football no matter if he is a freshman or walk-on.

  14. @ Frank — Are you serious? You think it is OK for our Coach to get into it with a fan in the stands who is frustrated at this garbage? Is that the kind of class act you want at our school?

    People are rude every day of the week, does that give him the right to disgrace our campus like that?

    You might as well join him on his staff; it sounds like you are about as dumb as a box of rocks.

  15. @ Gatormac – Do you understand one thing about this whole situation? Who cares if MC wants his offense to be better, the fact is that he CAN’T get it better.

    It is one thing to say over and over again, OH, I really want this to be better, but if you don’t have the talent, the skill or the brain for it, it will never get better. How is that so hard to understand?

  16. I can assure you all of one thing…if this happened at another campus, let’s just say, Alabama, Coach Saban would say that he is busy looking for a replacement and that it is an important position on the team.

    OUR coach says, I am too busy right now, and he sucked anyway, he can’t review tape, he was JUST in an administrative role….Great, way to downplay the job for the next guy that comes in…MC is clueless and I can’t believe people here are defending him.

    Even as Zach says, he needs to have a tight recruiting unit soon.

  17. The comparisons to Zook are more ridiculous comments by the fringe. Zook did not inherit the kind of mess the Muschamp did – not even close. If you are going to make comparisons, do so in an intelligent manner!

  18. The Vanderbilt homecoming game is one of the most important games for the Gator program in many years. It is imperative that the Gators win this game. If Vanderbilt beats UF, then I don’t see how we can beat South Carolina or FSU. That puts us in danger of not becoming eligible for even a minor bowl game, and that means no practice beyond the regular season. Recruiting will be adversely affected. The problem is . . . Vanderbilt is perfectly capable of winning this game. They are well coached and make few mistakes. They also see, at last, a true chance to beat the Gators. We must win this game! Go Gators!

  19. Keep Muschamp, fire the OLine coach and the Off. Coordinator. Bring someone in with a proven track record at a legit school in a legit conference and tell Mushchamp just coach D and let the OC have complete control of his offense. Do not force the OC to run the ball on 1st and 2nd down and then get in 5 wide on third.

  20. Good point GIGator. Though their records may be similar, Zook had a full contingent of players throughout. Also, he had that maddening knack for beating the best team in the conference one week then inexplicably losing to the worst team in the conference the next week (e.g. that awful MSU loss that got him fired). We are beating the teams we are supposed to beat and losing to the better teams.

  21. When you are the head coach of a team the microscope is on you. The recruits are watching how their future coach handle certain situations. I tried to explain in my early blog about maintaining the recruit focus on the school. True, the gators will fill the roster with low potential players that has no talent. The recruit are wavering on Florida. They are saying one thing and doing another.

  22. @Jerry J – In your earlier blog did you outline how Ron Zook filled the roster with phenomenal talent while being so-so on game day? He was under the microscope too and was still able to recruit great talent. Give these recruits more credit and don’t presume they are looking strictly at W’s/L’s and reading the comments of numb-skull ‘fans’.

  23. In response to Delray Mike, not “everyone” posting has been a Gator fan for less than 20 years, and is an “idiot”. I graduated UF in’75, and was a Gator fan well before I was a student there. My post did not advocate firing Muschamp now or at any future point in time, as I also stated that coaches should be given at least 4-5 years. That said, I don’t think most fans would deny that this team is regressing, and that is a concern. Expressing concern does not make one an idiot, just a fan with a point of view. Your observation about Gary Pinkel at Missouri is a very good one, and should be duly noted.

  24. Where is this WM inherit a mess keeps coming from? last time I checked lb’s like bostic and Jenkins, safeties like Elam and josh Evans, dt’s like Floyd, and Easley, Ronald Powell, jaylen watkins, mike gillese, Caleb sturgis, Jordan reed, man that sounds like a mess of talent and coach Meyer left more nfl types that I did not mention.

  25. Also fans that act like gator fans don’t have the right to complain about a coach with a very average record after 3yrs? really who have y’all been rooting for we are UF not some average program, I will never bash the players because I know with a better staff we have the talent to be soo much better. See Auburn in 2012 and Auburn this yr, in 2005 Shula went 10-2at bama kind of like WM ‘s 11-2 last yr but the other yrs with Shula were average at best and look what happened when bama got a coach, don’t even have to look that far what did the guy who replaced zook do? Ohh 2 nat championships, heisman , etc .

  26. @Derek – Urban Meyer went 6-5 in the regular season in 2010 with that team. Hardly world beaters.

    Univ of Miami puts more players in the NFL than anybody and they haven’t won squat in 13 years.

    I believe that is where ‘that’ comes from.

  27. WM needs to be given a little slack this season, due to the fact that so many key players have been lost to season ending injuries. Take a look at Georgia, they have fewer injuries than UF and they are struggling the same as us. UGA was a serious SEC and BCS title contender at the beginning of the season. We were 11-2 last year with high hopes for this year, but the injuries have taken a toll. Sure, we need to tweak some things on offense, maybe even a new OC, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see WM having next years team at full strength challenging for a BCS Championship.

  28. I am not sure I want MC gone yet. I would like to see a lot less penalties. The play calling on offense has been awful this year. This last week it was better. The no huddle and looking to the sideline for the play call did help, but it was by no means good yet. We actually threw a simple slant pattern! I do think it is time for a new OC.

  29. How many times are we going to watch run up the middle before we decide to change our offense’s strategy or coaches? Seriously if the Gators were a Company, and we should think of ourselves like one, you have to seriously look at Executive Management decision making. I like MC too but perhaps a Process Improvement Plan is in order by Foley on MC.

  30. @Carolina Gator — didn’t mean to offend. You are correct I should not have referenced ‘everyone’ in my comment. I did not intend to paint the population of posters here with that broad brush. However, the point of that comment was to note that we have been penalty prone ever since I can remember. In my 30 years of following the Gators closely we have won and lost our fair share of penalties. It is intellectually dishonest to call out this Gator team for losing because we are penalty prone and NOT call out the good years when we were just as penalty prone.

  31. Sure it’s everyone’s right to complain, but how many people were complaining when Murphy took over and the offense was finally clicking? It’s apparent that the injuries are catching up to us, especially on the O-line.

    The offense is bad, and I’m not sold on Pease yet. But Murphy and Driskel aren’t exactly Aaron Murray or Connor Shaw. I don’t blame Muschamp for being heavily involved in the offense. Maybe I’m the only one that remembers that the passing offense sucked under Meyer too. We won those NC’s with defense and conservative offense – Tebow left, Tebow right… 4th and 1, I wonder who’s running the ball???? Our best (and only) WR was our best RB, a 5’10” guy named Percy who touched the ball 40 times a game. At least we’re developing a stable of RBs now over 180 lbs.

    Give us a real QB and maybe a real OC and we’ll be fine. Weis didn’t work, Pease may not either, it’s time for our offensive ranking to come out of the 100’s!

  32. Have to whole heartedly agree whoever hollered at the HC was “classless!”
    That said we have to question Muschamp’s behavior as the example for 100+ players. Losing his cool, hollering, cursing and berating game officials on a regular basis. We have all seen that “bug eyed look” he gets when upset and it isn’t nice. Watching Mark Richt’s sideline demeanor just reinforces how bad our team represents!!! Our stupid, in opportune penalties and undisciplined actions on the field are a direct reflection of how our HC conducts himself! I, as a 47 yr Gator fan was embarrassed at our conduct on the first kneel down play at the end. Again I totally blame the HC. In any endeavor there are only a FEW who are leaders an d many who are outstanding at their crafts but aren’t leaders. Coach Muschamp falls into that category. It’s time for a change and one more year will set this program back even further—”Act before you are forced to react!!!”

  33. The problem is we are not seeing adjustments that are making the team better. We still have the stupid penalties that cost the team. Take the Sugar Bowl for example, Florida was not prepared, got out coached, played, etc. The same happened last week! Muschamp is NOT the answer! I will be glad when this disaster of a season is over!!

  34. Savage Gator……

    I also remember Percy Harvin left and right and 70 yards for a TD. And some murdering idiot doing a lot as well. And Murphy and Cooper catching big passes down the field……and a OL that knock you out of your sockets. Florida has not of that right now. None. And much of it has to do with Liar Meyer not recruiting any top offensive linemen his last two years at Florida. The Gators do not have the Pouncey twins any more….or Gilbert, all of which are starters on the OL in the NFL with the Steelers and Dolphins. Thinking back…..how in the hell did Meyer lose to Bama that last great year the Gators had. How??? How??? How??? I guess acid reflux caused them to lose the game. Or was it related to the WR coach mysteriously leaving and Meyer having family concerns on his mind?

  35. DEREK, You make GREAT POINTS about what TALENT was left here for Muschamp to start with. I see this alot where people say that Urban left the cabinets empty (so to speak). Im glad you brought in those names, and with the talent brought inby Muschamp we should be on top of the heep.Instead we are praying that we don’t get beat by VANDY! There is a lot WRONG HERE and many people are sticking their heads in the sand and calling anyone that mentions it an “IDIOT”. If your opinion is not the same as theirs, you are not to express an opinion, those indiviuals can “GO TO -ell”. Just like them everyone else has an opinion and they don’t have to match. GO GATORS!!!!

  36. The above remark re Urban Meyer and leaving the U of Fla in a mess is really the root of our current problems. Muschamp may right the ship but must get away from trying to be Alabama south – we have a different type of high school player pool in Florida and we should take advantage of that pool.
    What really concerns me is the U of Central Florida – they are coming!!! Go Gators.

  37. catch all reply-
    fire coach- let the professional handle that, you&I as fans do not have all the facts.
    c shaw/a murray-someone said we do have good QB like that. I disagree, if out OL blocks then our QB’s would produce.
    coaching adjustments- someone said coaches do not make effective adjustments. i say they must not have watched any 2nd halfs. Coaching adjustments won at least 3 games last year.
    no scooter- silly, does writer want players to walk? there is no parking for cars.
    How did Urban lose in his last year- very simple – no dan mullin and no p harvin. new OC addasio (sp?) played not to lose! o team never progressed. such a shame.

  38. All great points guys. Bottom line for me though is, firing Muschamp won’t fix it. If Sean Payton was on the sidelines it would still be bad on O. No other SEC team goes through coaches like us. Have we ever had an offensive or defensive coordinator (or WR coach) longer than 2 or 3 years?

    Plus look at the top teams, including the teams we lost to. They all have a very good or great QB and/or QB to WR tandem (I wish we had Mizzou’s WRs). A beastly O-line is a luxury – until we get a stud QB (Grier?) our offense won’t be as good as the defense.

  39. @ Tampa Gator

    Tebow, Percy, murderer, Pounceys, we were blessed to have those guys all at the same time. Made Urban look like a genius. We they left, he stunk, remember Brantley running the option? How bout Rainey up the middle? Everybody complained then too.

    It’s a hard reality but Miami, Georgia, SCarolina, Mizzou, FL State are better than us right now. I’m die hard Gator and hate those teams but it’s true. This year. We’ll be back!

  40. you either can coach up, or you can’t.
    you either can inspire, or you can’t.
    you either can be composed (on the sideline), or implode.
    you either can be a leader, or “deer in the headlights”
    you either can recruit, or expect to walk the plank.
    you be the judge.
    As my UF journalism prof. always stressed…”keep it simple; make it fun!”
    take the emotion out and it is pretty clear….
    Anyone see the Southern Cal game Saturday night when they beat Stanford…and the fans stormed the field…where was USC six games ago? That’s leadership from THE TOP.