Zach’s Mail Stack 10/31


Before we get into the Mail Stack, I wanted to touch on five new football recruiting rules adopted by the NCAA.

The Division I Board of Directors announced them Wednesday, and they are effective immediately.

The new rules include:

  • Allowing football student-athletes to participate in preparations for the season during an eight-week period each summer.
  • Prohibiting a school’s staff members from attending an all-star game or activities associated with those games.
  • An extended dead period when no in-person recruiting can take place from Dec. 16 through Jan. 15.
  • Establishing a 14-day dead period in late June and early July for FBS schools.
  • Allowing schools to pay for meals for up to four family members who accompany a recruit on an official visit.

Of the five, the new rule that’s generated the most talk is the one banning coaches from all-star games. In years prior, coaches would flock to team hotels following the games to meet with players.

It was an absolute madhouse and put a bunch of high school kids in a pressure-packed situation with coaches competing for their time. I’m glad recruits won’t have to face that predicament again.

On to the questions!

Zach, which recruits/commits have a chance to start or earn heavy playing time next season?Devin

The cornerbacks coming in for 2013 will get a chance to contribute right away. Juniors Louchiez Purifoy and Marcus Roberson are expected to enter the NFL Draft, and Florida will lose seniors Jeremy Brown and Jaylen Watkins.

The Gators currently have four corners committed in Duke Dawson, J.C. Jackson, Chris Lammons and Quincy Wilson. Jackson might receive some reps on offense as a freshman, but he is wavering on his UF pledge at this time.

Florida is also in the running for Jalen Tabor and Adoree’ Jackson, who can play both sides of the ball as well. Both prospects plan to officially visit later this year.

All of the aforementioned recruits are All-Americans and have the ability to compete for a starting job at UF.

What are your thoughts on Will Grier putting up ridiculous numbers this season, and how much of that is related to the competition level he is facing? I’m not familiar with his high school division, is it competitive or relatively easy? — gatorcooken, Branson

Well, his video game statistics are nothing new. He’s been doing it throughout his high school career at Davidson (N.C.) Day, albeit against a bunch of weak competition.

The thing about Grier is he showed at camps and combines that his numbers aren’t a fluke. He finished No. 3 in the Elite 11 competition and put on a show at Florida’s Friday Night Lights.

When you watch him play, you can see the talent. And that’s what matters most. If you can throw perfect passes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re completing them on a 5-foot-7 defender in a game or one of the nation’s top corners at a combine.

How many early enrollees will count back to last year’s numbers and what will the balance be to fill this year? Of course transfers pending? Matt

Per SEC rules, 25 is the most a class size can be. However, that number can be exceeded with early enrollees that count toward the previous year.

Florida had eight in January, all of which counted toward the 2012 class. A total of 28 recruits signed the following month, but only the 20 who didn’t enroll early counted toward 2013.

That means the Gators could sign up to 30 recruits this February if they had five of them enroll early. The problem is they don’t have the scholarship room for 30.

With 10 graduating seniors and 80 scholarship players excluding walk-ons (who won’t count against recruiting numbers next year), Florida currently has room for 15 signees in the 2014 class before attrition. And there isn’t going to be a total of 15 transfers and juniors leaving early.

UF will be hard-pressed to sign 20 prospects this year.

Did the staff visit anyone during the week? If so, who were they? — Rafael 

Yes, the coaches hit the recruiting trail hard Thursday and Friday after staying in Gainesville early in the week to work on their game plan for Georgia. Here are the known prospects they went to see.

WR Eric Lauderdale (JUCO)
ATH Adoree’ Jackson
LB Dwight Williams
DB Jamal Adams
DB Duke Dawson (UF commit)
WR Cordell Broadus (2015)

WR Ermon Lane (UF commit)
ATH J.C Jackson (UF commit)
OL Jordan Sims
LB Clifton Garrett
RB Jacques Patrick (2015
ATH Tyler Byrd (2016 UF commit)

When does Jamal Adams announce? How does it look there? Ivo

He plans to announce his decision sometime within the next month, and Florida is believed to have the edge. He took an official visit UF during the weekend of the Tennessee game, and his father gave glowing remarks about the trip afterward.

He has also visited Texas A&M and Ole Miss and will use officials to LSU, Ohio State or Texas in November.

One reason I believe he chooses the Gators is his father told me they are attending the Florida State game on Nov. 30. Adams will have either made his decision by then or be close to it, and that certainly bodes well for UF.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to leave your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below.


  1. If Florida loses to Georgia and South Carolina and possibly Vandy, these top recruits will come to a SWAMP that is mostly filled with Noles fans cheering very loudly for the Noles. Therefore, winning the game Saturday is more than huge for Muschamp…..and then the Vandy game becomes very important, and then the SC game becomes mountainously huge. If Florida and Muschamp win those three, THE SWAMP will be jammed packed with screaming and very loud Gator fans instead. Just the way it is or will be. Please be all Gator Nation for the Noles. Please, please.

  2. As it stands right now MOST of America would agree that FSU can NAME the score against Florida. It could be monumentally bad. I–unfortunately—- could see it 56-7 with Florida scoring the 7 ONLY because Patton will get to return 9 kickoffs and might break one.

  3. I don’t understand the Purifoy hype myself this year. Burned a lot this year, and he misses tackle after tackle in the open field. He does excel on special teams, but not a CB. And where is all the “Purifoy on offense” hype from the preseason practices? Once or twice on offense this year and that is it. I am getting to the point that I do not believe anything the Florida coaches say at their news conferences during game week. Most of it is total bull that is intended to mislead or hide something….injuries in particular. And didn’t Muschamp bench Purifoy for Hargreaves vs. Missouri? Don’t see a benched player jumping early to the NFL and getting drafted very highly. And Roberson has been on the injured list a lot. Not sure why he goes early either. Now, I could see why Hargreaves would want to leave for the NFL after his one year at Florida if he could. He is the only NFL ready DB I see right now on the Gators D.

  4. Purifoy is playing out of position. If Spurior was still here Purifoy would be an All SEC WR. However with a Defensive minded Coach all of the “2 way” players are gonna swing to the Defensive side.

  5. jack, the only thing that is different is we had a guy with the initials sos back in 97 and now we have a guy named score 3 and play dee! I never thought I would say this but I think zook might be a better coach than muschamp!! how bad is that?

  6. In fairness to Purifoy he was never a pure position player but rather a Honey Badger type that floated around and made plays. If he’s smart he’ll stay another year and get really good at a single position, presumably corner, before entering the draft. Roberson was never a game changer as a DB, I think he has hit his ceiling whereas Purifoy can still develop. Regardless, these incoming kids understand the dynamic of winning and losing and how fickle fans can be (to Tampa Gator’s point). That said, the lure of VHIII type playing time as a freshman against big time teams should be enough to lure these kids in.

  7. I think Purifoy would be smart to move to Safety and stay another year. He just doesn’t seem to have the instincts of a CB. He could move to offense, as well and still go high in the 2015 Draft. As for Roberson – some of you must be on crack! He has played very well this year. He had an injury that set him back, a little; but, how many times do you see teams throw to his side? Not often.

    We sure have a lot of gloom and doom fans. Wait until the fat lady sings (No Offense, Hillary Clinton) before you leap off the ledge. Some Gator fans should consider a switch in schools. Miami has plenty of empty seats.

  8. Brutal, GIGator. But I agree with you on Purifoy and Roberson. I think Purifoy could do himself so much good (in respect to darft position and experience) with another year and the slightly more experienced D-fense next year! Just my opinion. GO GATORS!!!!

  9. I agree with all of you about purifoy being overrated. I think scouts see a guy that has great size for corner, very fast, and will probably test really well at the combine, but they forget one thing the guy can’t cover, reminds me of the bama cornors Kirkpatrick, and milliner ask the bengals and jets how those high picks are working out, but Roberson on the other hand is a great lock down corner, he’s been hurt, but the guy is a pure corner and purifoy is a pure athlete

  10. You guys making comparisons to the 1997 are being ridiculous. That 97 team was a very good team, with very good coaches, was filled with NFL talent and was one Doug Johnson three-interception Baton Rouge hangover away from beating LSU and being a one-loss team. The 97 would beat this team by at least four touchdowns.

  11. “If you can throw perfect passes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re completing them on a 5-foot-7 defender in a game or one of the nation’s top corners at a combine.” — so here’s my question: during these combines are SEC defensive ends rushing him? If not, then while it’s certainly encouraging that Grier is doing well in the drills it’s also pretty meaningless. We’ll have to see how Grier does once he’s under real pressure.

  12. It’s time to seriously consider bringing Charlie Strong back. Great coach, proved himself at Louisville and a great recruiter who KNOWS HOW to develop that talent!!!!! It’s time for the old Bulls to pony up the buyout $$$ and let’s stop the bleeding and turn this around. Another year of this and there will be thousands of empty seats in the Swamp. Injuries are NOT the problem—coaching–the lack of IS!!!!!!

  13. I personally think Muschamp deserves one more year to get the offense turned around. I believe he needs to do one of the following…..

    1. Fire or demote Pease and hire a new offensive coordinator who runs an up tempo, aggressive, and attacking offense….be it a pro style offense or not. Gator Nation does not want the current offense……it is boring….and it is not winning games.


    2. Keep Pease and release the micromanaging chains and tell him to do the above.


    3. Demote Pease to QBs coach (someone needs to spend coaching the QBs up full time…..and move Phillips or White to OC and tell them to do the above.

    And finally……Muschamp needs to stop micromanaging everything and become more of a leader and delegate more to the OC and DC coordinators. Micromanaging is never a good thing….and it appears that is what Muschamp is doing. I believe Muschamp is a very talented football coach…..but it remains to be seen if he is a talented and smart head football coach. I do not believe Meyer is micromanaging anymore or Les Miles either. Saban might be, but he has the experience required to do so….and he pays his coordinators a lot more money to put up with it.

    Fix it next year, coach Muschamp, or take your excellent defensive coaching skills to the NFL and be a DC there.

    And the fan who yelled…….”You f…….. suck” to Muschamp as he was leaving the field……you…..sir….have absolutely NO CLASS and you do not represent Gator Nation. We might not be happy with the current status of the team and Muschamp is responsible for that……but you do not yell that at the head coach of the Florida Gators…..unless you are just a drunk, an idiot, or a Georgia fan.

  14. @ Tampa Gator, I would agree with you FULLY IF we win two of the next three Games. If we lose two of the next three (if I had a vote it would be) he should take his Defensive Coordinator skills elsewhere. WE have not had a Bad defensive team in how many years?? So basically he has brought NOTHING to the table. Some might say he’s a great recruiter, Well so was What’s his name??? Zook. This University has been known for speed and excitement that’s why most of the kids we WERE getting were jumping at their chance to wear the ORANGE and BLUE. Power football in this league is only being accomplished by Saban and BAMA, and that’ because Saban, like him or not (and I for one do not) he is a Hell of a recruiter and a Damn Good Coach. The Gator Nation deserves more than the undisciplined slow unproductive team that we currently have. We have some great players and some good ones, I’m not blaming them. In the last three seasons we have been talking about how Muschamp needed to get some better players in camp so he could “COACH them up”. They are there but we either are not using them or are not using them correctly (in my opinion) and you all know I could be very wrong, that’s just how I see it. Maybe because, I didn’t think there was ANY TEAM on our schedule we could not have beaten this year. Guess what, the players or lack of was not the biggest problem this year. GO GATORS!!!!

  15. Let’s be clear Muschamp is stubborn. He tired forcing the pro style offense down players throats who clearly aren’t tailor for that offense. Example Kent Taylor is a hybrid TE/WR, but muschamp wants him to block like a conventional TE. Obviously that’s not his strength but Muschamp buried him. But then again when he publicly mocked the spread offense, I knew we were doomed because he has no creativity. Every week he spoke highly about Demarcus and Kelvin. But he never put them in the game long enough to make a play. Now he decided to simplify things after 2 1/2 years of trash. I’m sorry but muschamp can’t motivate/ game plan. Unless we loss the rest of the games we should keep muschamp for one more year and fire Pease. LSU won ten games 3 years in a role and hired 3 OC’s in That time frame. So we should do the same, promote Joker pleaseeeee

  16. Muschamp will or he will not. His future will ride on how many fans in Gator Nation show up for the Vandy and FSU games. If there are tons of empty seats for the Vandy game and the SWAMP is dominated by FSU fans for that game and they blow Florida off the field……Foley, and not just Muschamp, might be in deep trouble…..because Foley is and was responsible for hiring Zook and letting the Meyer “freak liar show” happen to the U of F program. Another bad hire by Foley in Muschamp might be his end as well… it probably should be. Foley stated that neither he or Muschamp are going anywhere. Well….maybe not…but we will see if Florida ends up 5 and7 or 4 and 8. The Florida football program drives everything….and I do not believe that the President of the University of Florida is going to let a head coach or an athletic director dictate who stays or not when MONEY becomes the issue as a result of bad coaching and poor decision making about who should coach the Gators.

    Again….I hope both Muschamp and Foley pull this thing together. But time is running out for bad coaching and poor coaching decisions.

  17. Nov. 30 is the day of judgment for Gatornation. 150 recruits was at the FSU game Saturday. The future of Florida gator football will be determine how they play against FSU. A blowout will make some of the recruits think again about Gatornation. If Muschamp play those CB 10 yards off the receivers by coaching scared, the game will be over by halftime. I don’t see where Muschamp is some kind of defense specialist. You better get that defense that celebrate on every play ready because a beat down is near. Laugh now cry later.

  18. Give it a rest guys. Last year we were on the right side of a bunch of games like Saturday (probably too many) and no one was trying to run Muschamp out of town. Recruits are looking at more than wins and losses. Some kids are content to sit for three years and wait their turn to get on the field while others want to play sooner than later – I would say our situation provides for the latter. Let FSU have his fun (as he should). Reality is, the missing persons report on the FSU fanbase from the last 10 years was finally rescinded with some success. Florida fans will show up for the Vandy games and the FSU games and the recruits will see that. The recruits will also see that even in down years Florida Field is still full and Gator fans don’t disappear – unlike their neighbors to the west.

  19. Have to whole heartedly agree whoever hollered at the HC was “classless!”
    That said we have to question Muschamp’s behavior as the example for 100+ players. Losing his cool, hollering, cursing and berating game officials on a regular basis. We have all seen that “bug eyed look” he gets when upset and it isn’t nice. Watching Mark Richt’s sideline demeanor just reinforces how bad our team represents!!! Our stupid, in opportune penalties and undisciplined actions on the field are a direct reflection of how our HC conducts himself! I, as a 47 yr Gator fan was embarrassed at our conduct on the first kneel down play at the end. Again I totally blame the HC. In any endeavor there are only a FEW who are leaders an d many who are outstanding at their crafts but aren’t leaders. Coach Muschamp falls into that category. It’s time for a change and one more year will set this program back even further—“Act before you are forced to react!!!”