Lane ejected from game for throwing punch


Ermon Lane’s high school football career could be over.

On Thursday night, the Florida receiver commit was ejected from Homestead’s game against Miami Palmetto for throwing a punch.

According to Chris Green of the South Dade News Leader, Lane was involved in a pile up and allegedly punched a player who was down. Lane argued he was going for the ball.

“I tried to strip the guy but they say I punched him,” Lane tweeted afterward.

The Florida High School Athletic Association’s punishment for fighting is a six-game suspension (Level 2). Homestead has four regular season games remaining and is 0-3 in its district.

The FHSAA will review the incident and could suspend him just one game (Level 1) for the ejection. But if it determines Lane hit the Palmetto player, he would be done for the year.

“Hopefully the appeals process will work out,” Homestead coach Larry Coffey told Green.


  1. 1) How many fights players have you heard get suspended for 6 games for a punch?
    2) Geno Smith threw a punch and was suspended for just one game. He turned out fine.
    3) Homestead is 0-2 in their district

    What kind of sensationalist reporting is this? Wow. The Gainesville Sun needs to fire this guy

  2. I think he is telling the truth. why would he punch a guy on the ground? If the ball is next to the guy on the ground, then it is not a dirty play but a misunderstanding. We’re behind you Lane. Gator Nation stands with you brother. Don’t turn our back on family.

  3. Don’t worry Zach, you’ve built up credibility with your readers over time via solid reporting and good writing. On the other hand, Caca Face should change his/her name to mierda para los cerebros, or maybe Caca por Brain which is more understandable to a moron…lol

  4. How bout those facts, Caca face?!!! Zach, having the facts and articles attached to back it up, is like slapping that a$$ clown in the face! I love it, in the first place, if u don’t like the article, shut ur face anyway! Keep the info coming Zach, just ignore ignorance because there r too many idiots who r just plain jealous to the fact that they couldn’t put a single story together!

  5. Fire him? You sound like a Bama fan. If they hear anything bad about their team then they always say fire the reporter. Btw, zach can you please take Pat Dooleys place on our local radio show in mobile when they need a report on the gators? You know what is going on with the program and you are not worried about what is on your iPod. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  6. LSU blocked our heads off! They did everything to us that we had hoped to do to them. DJ is not getting it done. Linebackers have to defeat blocks and make plays. R. Powell? Fowler? Orr? Bullard? No “Dominate Easley” = No 1on1 DL wins. Nothing special about our special teams play…need a playmaking punt returner – critical. Kel. Taylor did what I suspected he could do. Despite the loss, I saw growth and most importantly the East is still there. We “scratched”Gotta continue to get better overall – fast! Go Gators!

  7. LSU blocked our heads off! They did everything to us that we had hoped to do to them. DJ is not getting it done. Linebackers have to defeat blocks and make plays. R. Powell? Fowler? Orr? Bullard? No “Dominate Easley” = No 1on1 DL wins. Nothing special about our special teams play…need a playmaking punt returner – critical. Kel. Taylor did what I suspected he could do. Despite the loss, I saw growth and most importantly the East is still there. We “scratched”Gotta continue to get better overall – fast! Go Gators!

  8. The Florida offense:

    1. Run it up the middle on first down
    2. Run it up the middle on second down
    3. Offensive line lets the QB get sacked on 3rd down.

    But, that does not matter because Muschamp says it is only the final score that matters.

    Well…….LSU 17, Florida 6.

    I guess it does matter afterall.

  9. …..and Muschamp is going to lose Gator Nation quickly if the offense continues to play the way it is. BORINGLY and totally PREDICTABLE. If I can predict 75 percent of the plays Florida is going to run during a game, just imagine what a brilliant LSU DC can do.

    And I think it is time for Fulwoood, Roberson, and Taylor to see a lot more field time on the offense. And, maybe throw the ball on fist down once in a while to mix things up…..or even a play action pass down the field on second and short…..imagine that. I am simply tired of watching a sorry Florida offense week end and week out…..and at some point….Muschamp will hopefully get tired of it as well and open it up more. Or Foley is going to start seeing a lot more empty seats at THE SWAMP.

  10. I said weeks ago we’ve reached our peaked with this staff. Everyone has seen the smoke and mirrors to reach 11-2, very few were fooled…we’re now fighting to get back there! Right now Florida football is a joke and has been for the past 3 years. We are making little progress in the areas that need the most improvement. Even if we win the East – cognitive dissonance – we know! We inherently play great defense; we need a proven offensive leader to make us believe again. Man down, Man Up Mr. Foley! Go Gators!

  11. Hire Kerwin Bell to run the offense or the team. Pease was not responsible for Boise State’s offensive success the one year he was coordinator there. We haven’t improved a lick this year on offense. It speaks volumes that our best quarterback is playing now by default: If not for Driscoll’s injury Murphy would still be riding the pine. Took our geniuses, who by the way make obscene paychecks, to put Kelvin Taylor on the field and he is clearly head and shoulders above the group of backs. Hire Kerwin Bell.
    I don’t hate Muschamp, but he needs to learn. Hire Kerwin Bell

  12. Just watched the replay of the LSU game. Both tackles….Moore and Humphries….consistently double downed on the rushing DE or DT and let the CB blitz freely towards the QB….over and over again. That is an in game coaching problem. Both Humphries and Moore can block. But they need coaching on the sidelines during games to help them adjust to what the defense is doing. They obviously did not get that….repeatedly vs. LSU….The OL coach is obviously not ding a very good job during games…..especially yesterday. And based on the lack of progress of the OL….I would say he is not doing such a good job during practices before games either. And someone needs to tell Muschamp to stay the hell out of the pre-game offensive strategy. He is following the Ray Golf philosophy of college offense….and we all know what happened to that Goof head coach.

    Will… are starting to lose Gator Nation with your offensive approach….and eventually it will be noticed by increasing empty seats at THE SWAMP….and then Foley will notice that.

  13. Tampa Gator I told you before the season started don’t eat the cheese. Wait until Driskel come back for 2 more years of this. If I could stop one recruit from ruining his football career, it would be Will Grier. Look Will Muschamp don’t like competition between players. He don’t want to win a national championship at Florida and the way he coach he is not going to change. Coaching scared. Being a receiver and all I do is block. The AD better send Will “coaching scared” Muschamp and Jeff Driskel packing or it is going to be a long 2 years for Gator Nation.

  14. FSU is not a Seminole, but rather an embarrassed Gator fan. FSU I/we share your pain. SOMETHING at UF has to change IMMEDIATELY. Player recruiting and grooming is not going to fix the problems we have with the staff we have in place. UF is known for great defense, it almost comes natural because we know what’s expected when you come here! We’re much like the Tampa Bay Bucs. We need an offensive LEADER who makes us believe the way Spurrier and Meyer did and Gruden did for the Bucs! Anything less is as we see, UNCIVILIZED! Jeremy, 2 obvious talent evaluations FAILURES (who knows how many more) coupled with the lack of improvement in the areas that anyone watching can see is UNSATISFACTORY, is enough evidence to get anyone at any Powerhouse program relieved of their duty! If not, all you have to do is ask yourself, “At our current pace, how long will it be until we’re “legitimately” challenging for SEC or National Championship?” Let’s not wait until our fans stop showing up and set the program back even more than we already have. Call Gruden and tell him to bring his ass to work (he likes direct talk with feelings!) Love my Gators!

  15. Our OFFENSE is just as Tampa Gator says we only throw the football in desparation 3rd and whatever. WE ALL CAN SEE IT, so if that is not getting us anywhere at the very least change it one time to Shock the Gator Nation This week in Miss. WE ARE TOTALLY PREDICTABLE, thats too much pressure to put your O-LINE under and expect them to look like troopers. I’m not sure if Champ is holding Pease to the three runs and maybe a pass now and then but something has to change. If that is the case, then Pease will be looking for a way out of town anyway.GO GATORS!!!!

  16. FSU….

    There are a bunch of true freshman and redshirt freshman seeing plenty of playing time for the Gators this year. (Robinson, Fulwood, Anzalone, Davis, Maye, and Taylor) Another is maybe the best freshman defensive player in the country. His name is Vernon Hargreaves, and he starts.

    FSU has perhaps the best rsFreshman offensive player in the country in Winston at QB.

  17. I was surprised (in a good way) at Kelvin Taylor’s ability to keep his feet moving every play until he was horizontal. I was surprised (in a bad way) at how so many LSU guys ran unblocked through our line and chased Murph all over the place.

    I too was perplexed at the play calling particularly our reluctance to go down field. Why not have a few planned incompletions where we chuck it over the safety’s head just to keep them somewhat honest? Though it has been a popular thought, I don’t believe Pease has been vetoed by Muschamp when he calls a wide-open play. I’m thinking Pease is seeing so much limited talent in practice all week that he is the one delivering the conservative game plans to Muschamp.

  18. Lol about 5 of these comments are related to the thread’s topic. Lmao and I can’t stand when LT posts he reminds me of that other guy that used to post here I forget his name. Nothing positive only bs

  19. We don’t need he that badly. If he is proven guilty then I say let him find another school. He will be alright and will have a chance to recover. The risk is too great. We need leaders and players that are coachable, follow rules, and set good examples of citizenship. He can block and run over people but it should be done within the rules. Wish him the best of luck. Go Gators!

  20. @nassau
    In other words, we should kick half of our football team off for smoking weed then right? God y’all kill me. He’s a kid he’s gonna do dumb stuff. Don’t act like you was perfect when u was 18.

  21. Before the season I thought Gators were a year away from competing for SEC & BCS. Now, it’s obvious with Easley, Jones, Driskel and others down and a young defensive front. I agree the OLine has to improve now and for 2014 and Murphy needs this year to gain experience – especially on the road. Is Grier the immediate answer? Probably not. Now, with a shaky pass protection (at least against a strong Tiger defense at home) and NO backup QB, Pease can’t call many downfield throws & risk injury to Murph. And, let’s not threaten “more empty seats” at The Swamp. Support the team & coaches every game and let Foley do his job if and when its time. I do not think that impresses high level recruits either. Fan loyalty is critical if there is to be any mystique to The Swamp – unlike “The U”. GO GATORS – ALWAYS!

  22. Caca Face,

    Lol fire Zach? “Sensationalist” much? You must not read Gator news very often. Zach is the only reason the Sun has a following among Gator fans. There would literally be a boycott if they fired Zach.

    Caca Face. You are dismissed.

  23. lol I just noticed everyone deriding poor Caca.. let this be a lesson Mr. Caca, next time listen for a significant amount of time before making sounds come out of your mouth (or letters come off your keyboard)

  24. @ FSU

    WHAT IS UP with FSU fans? “The dominant run game.” Just like the dominant one you had last year right?

    The 90s are long gone Chief. Can you count to 5. Really? I dunno can you count to 13? Because that is how many games you have to win before you have a shot at doing anything meaningful. Good luck with that. I would rather go through a slight slump like UF’s current situation then the skid you guys went through just to be on the VERGE of being significant again right before you drop a stinker to some high school team. EVERY… SINGLE… YEAR.