Gators get important visit from Sharpe

Sharpe is Florida's top target at offensive tackle. (Photo by Justin Barney/Jacksonville Times-Union)

Jacksonville Providence offensive tackle David Sharpe was in attendance for Florida’s 30-10 victory against Arkansas over the weekend.

It was his first trip to Gainesville in almost four months. Having visited several schools since that time, Sharpe wanted to make back to UF before it goes on a three-game road stretch.

“I needed to check out Florida again and compare it to other schools I’ve visited,” he said. “It was a great trip. I loved the atmosphere. It was my first game in The Swamp at night, so I was excited about it and like what I saw.”

Sharpe was impressed with the performance of Florida’s offense, particularly quarterback Tyler Murphy.

“The up-tempo offense surprised me,” he said. “I enjoyed that. That was new to me. They usually don’t go that fast. They passed more against Arkansas, and Murphy is a great quarterback. I love the passing game now. I think he’s a little better than Jeff Driskel was.”

Sharpe spoke with UF coach Will Muschamp and offensive line coach Tim Davis during his visit, and their message was clear to the 6-foot-6, 288-pounder.

“They really, really need me,” he said. “They just told me I have a big opportunity at Florida. Everyone is getting injured, and they’re having to move players around. Plus they have people leaving after this season.”

Sharpe plans to return to Gainesville when the Gators host Florida State, and he will also be at the Florida-Georgia game. UF and UGA are believed to be the favorites for Sharpe, but he is not naming leaders at this time.

“I’m still open with things right now,” he said. “After I take my officials, I’ll start narrowing it down. I’m going to make my commitment before signing day.”

Sharpe said reaching a decision will be difficult for him.

“It’s going to be very hard. All these coaches like you and want you to come to their school,” he said. “It’s just crazy knowing you’re going to let someone down. It’s a lot on me.”


  1. No one should forget these guys are 17 to 19-year old kids. They come from varying backgrounds but they all carry the anxiety of making a decision that seriously shapes their foreseeable future.
    While we can hope David Sharpe becomes a Gator we can all appreciate the pressure he feels. That being said, all the pieces are in place for him to thrive at UF academically, personally and athletically. Our program is rapidly ascending.

  2. There is another point of interest for this young man! One that is never really talked about but is known to exist none the less! In State of Florida and I think he’s from here, if you ever have any aspirations of doing business in the state much less owning a business here in the State Of Florida, you are served tremendously with having a University Of Florida Degree! I can’t state this strongly enough! It’s very True! All that being said, GO GATORS!!

  3. Hope our offensive showing continues to improve and impress…obviously Sharp was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully we’ve begun to nullify the negative recruiting that’s being thrown at us! Go Gators!

  4. John S, it gives him a chance to show his versatility, and it’s a bit more exciting, but most importanly OT get BIG money when they can protect NFL QBs from pass rushers! Highest paid by position: 1. DE, 2. QB, (usually highest paid but not currently), then 3. OT. In the NFL many contacts are filled with performance based incentives…thus QBs want to throw, RBs want to run, WRs want to catch and OT want to pass block. Go Gators!

  5. As I posted yesterday, this guy does not impress. I do not pretend to be able to evalutate these guys but I watched Sharpe last Friday against smaller guys. Didnt seem to be alot of fire behind that 300 lbs. Maybe that changes once he gets to whichever campus he goes to.

  6. Your amature/college performance builds your resume for a potential professional career – thus they will likely pick a school that gives them the best opportunity to excel as an INDIVIDUAL…its great when they can do so at a championships contending program but team goals are more important to us than the kid who dreams of the NFL and has been blessed enough to get this close.…prime example, look at Clowney (is he wrong?)…like it or not, his example will become the NORM…players now recognize that they each are an “individual franchise.” When you’re blessed with special talent, size and or speed, the NFL could careless what school you attended, what your team’s record was, or how many plays or games you took off to protect yourself. Go Gators!