UF visitor preview for Arkansas


Saturday night’s turnout on the recruiting front may not be up to par with the Tennessee game last month, but it’s a big weekend for Florida nonetheless.

The Gators have at least three commits attending in quarterback Will Grier, defensive tackle Khairi Clark and offensive lineman Nolan Kelleher, who will be on his official visit.

Tight end Bryce Dixon (Ventura, Calif./St. Bonaventure) and defensive end Lorenzo Featherston (Greensboro, N.C./Page) are also visiting officially.

UF has never appeared to be a serious contender for Dixon, and UCLA is his presumed leader. The Florida coaches want to add a second tight end in this class and will pull out all the stops with this weekend, but they have their work cut out for them.

The Gators are in much better shape with Featherson, who is considered a Clemson lean. But they don’t trail the Tigers by much, and this will be his second trip to Gainesville after visiting in the summer.

A late — but big — addition to the visitors list is Jacksonville Providence offensive tackle David Sharpe. He was thought to be favoring Florida in June after four visits to the school in as many months.

But a source close to him told The Sun this week that Georgia has pulled ahead as of late. He has attended three UGA games this fall and is impressed with the ‘Dawgs offense.

Had Sharpe not made it to UF on Saturday, he would have been waiting over a month to visit for a game in The Swamp. So getting him to come for the Arkansas matchup is huge for the Gators.

Florida will also host a few 2015 prospects, including Glen Saint Mary Baker County defensive end CeCe Jefferson and Jacksonville Trinity Christian linebacker Jeff Holland.


  1. If Driskell go down that is the season. Well, look what happen the coaching staff was caught in a lie. Murphy they were forced to play him. Will Grier don’t come to Florida it is to political. You will be just like Kevin Taylor looking from the sideline at the garbage they are rolling out each week. Look before you leap.

  2. @FSU shutup with that crap! I’m tired of these “fans” (in this case hater) trying to turn it into a conspiracy! It started with Driskel vs Brissett: “Oh Brissett didn’t get the same oppotunity!” “Oh Muschamp wasn’t honest about the competition being open!” “Oh Muschamp should’ve just said from the beginning Driskel had one!” Ok where’s the proof!? The thing you people lack is proof! You just throw out any conspiracy when something doesn’t go your way. Here’s the facts: Muschamp said at the beginning that Driskel and Brissett were ach gonna play a quarter and he’d make a decision at halftime. They both got to play exactly 1 quarter in the first half. They both attempted exactly 5 passes. At haltime Muschamp thought Driskel gave the team the best chance to win so Driskel earned the job. What part of that isn’t fair?? Now that Brissetts gone these haters have to find something else to make a conspiracy out of. First it was Taylor. Look Taylor does look good running the ball. The problem is running the ball is only part of being a tailback. Taylor is not as far along in ball security and blocking as Jones and Brown are. Right now they are much more complete backs. And after the game Jones had against Kentucky I think you’d people should shut up about it! Jones wasn’t even at 100% and he still went full beast mode! I like Taylor, but right now Jones is just better! DEAL WITH IT!! And now that Driskel’s down and Murphy’s playing well the conspiracy is that Muschamp was holding Murphy back. Anyone who knows anything about football knows Driskel has a much bigger upside than Murphy. His only problem this year was feeling like he needed to make a play i the passing game on every play. Ergo he was unwilling to take off and run or throw the ball away and this led to mistakes. You get that out of his head and have him playing loose and be himself, like Murphy is right now, and he’s a far better QB. Also don’t forget plenty of QBs play much better than they practice. Wuerrful, Tebow, and Leak all played extremely well, but didn’t practice well at all. The coach can only judge by what he sees. So until you sit in that chair, until you’re the one having to make the tough calls and take the blame if something goes wrong, until you’re the one that turned a 7-6 team into an 11-2 team in one year, until then just SHUT UP! Geesh I’m tired of these whiners and complainers!

  3. Playing and defeating high school teams have nole-hole fans acting as if they are going to win the NC – just like other years, when they beat up on weak opponents. They get mighty quiet when reality hits them in the face and they have to play a real team. Had Boston College had some depth, they would have lost that game.

  4. My head just exploded trying to make sense as to what FSU was trying to say. Is he an FSU English major ??? Please refrain from posting unless you have a good grasp of the English language. Go back to class and sleep some more you ignominious cretin.

  5. Anyone who thinks JD is going to be a great QB is delusional. He has had over a full season and still did not progress at the rate needed. Even with the offense tailored to his “strengths” no progress. I have waited to see him throw a receiver open, read the entire field, hit a receiver in stride so there is yac. Stop making excuses for JD, hold him to the same standards as you hold the defense. Marcus Maye was blamed for a blown coverage a that coaches knew was coming and lost his job. I have yet to see KT fumble in a game, give him the ball so he doesn’t have to pass block.

  6. To be honest, I’m pretty tired of the excuses for Jeff Driskel. But I guess he was just the type of guy who couldn’t get it done when the lights came on. And to be totally honest, I didn’t see a lot of heart from driskel either, but that could be just me. I’m glad that Murphy is starting, and am feeling very optimistic. Personally, I think that this team can win a NC if they are smart on offense and the defense can live up to its potential. Just my opinion though…

  7. As far as KT is concerned that’s just foolish to say to hand the ball to him and not have him pass block. That’s a foolish philosophy doomed to fail. “I haven’t seen him fumble in a game.” Well that’s convenient since he hasn’t played long enough to fumble yet. I haven’t seen Christian Provancha fumble in a game either, but should we all of a sudden make him the starting back? What the KT over enthusiasts are doing to Matt Jones is just plain wrong. The kid had a phenomenal season last year as a backup and getting back near 100% just had a 28 carry, 176 yard (over 6 ypc average) performance, and all you can talk about it KT?? What you people do to your own players make me sick. The kid has played his tail off and you just want to hand the job to someone else because he’s the son of a legend?? That’s ludacris! Just because his daddy did great for us doesn’t mean he doesn’t wait his turn behind better players.

    And as far as Driskel’s concerned, if that was meant for me, I’m not making any excuses for Driskel, but I stil believe he has a huge upside and can still be great. He can play the QB position, he’s just trying to force to much this year. Why? I believe it’s because he’s heard all the talk that he can’t read defenses and throw, so he’s trying to prove it wrong by trying to force a big pass play on every passing play. He seems unwilling to take off and run or throw the little dump off pass. If he plays loose and just is himself I think he could be great. But if he doesn’t and continues to try to force things then obviousy he won’t be. I still believe he has the potential, but now it’s all up to him. Get out of his own head and play up to his potential or keep trying to force things and fail.

  8. Define the main objective of a running back. You do not know how KT will respond in a game. I like MJ, you cannot say a guy is not playing because of an issue and allow someone else to continue to play when they fumble the ball. Why is it okay for certain players to make mistakes over and over with no consequences? As far as handing the ball to KT when he is in the game it is just as foolish to run the wildcat with TB and the defense knows he is going to keep the ball and not throw or hand the ball off?

  9. A running back has to run, block, and catch. You must do all 3. “Why is it ok for certain players to make mistakes over and over again with no consequences?” Dude Jones was recovering from a viral infection!! And if you notice he didn’t get nearly the handoffs he usually would. And if you didn’t notice Mack Brown played really really well while Jones was recovering. I’m sorry you think we should hand the job to Taylor just because his daddy was good, but that’s not how football works. The best players play and Jones and Brown are CLEARLY ahead of Taylor right now. Now I think Taylor could end up progressing to be better than either of them, but as of today Jones and Brown are clearly ahead. GET OVER IT! I’m so tired of “fans” being against their own players just because they have a love affair with another player.

  10. Exscuses, for Jones fumbling. No one said had KT the job, just give him some carries. Imagine how fresh MJ and MB would be with reduced carries. MJ had 20 plus carries. How do you know they are clearly ahead of KT. We haven’t seen him in live action. Oh yeah the coaches say so and it must be gospel. Just like JD gives UF the best chance to win at QB. I do know the best players at UF do not always play. No one is against any player. WATCH the game and se how tired both backs are at the end of the game. Sounds like you have a love affair with any back except KT? You can design specific packages for players who provide exsposive and dynamic plays. They do it on Saturdays and Sundays, it is called a game plan.

  11. TJ, Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You may not agree with it but don’t believe for one minute that people will not exprees their opinion by you saying you don’t agre with them and they neeed to “shut up”. All of the things that you have presented as “facts”, don’t you think they have heard that also? YES, so don’t get so angry and try and “shut” them up, just give your opinion and allow others to do the same, you don’t have to agree with them nor them with you. See, this is my opinion. GO GATORS, GREAT WIN !!!!!!

  12. Hey Zach,

    Questions for Mail Stack….

    What do you make of Dalvin Cook’s plans to visit Arkansas? Legit interest there?

    How solid is Ermon Lane these days? Does he have a wandering eye? Who else is he looking at?

    How does David Sharpe stand after the unofficial to the Swamp?

    What’s the word on Dixon and Featherston after their visit?

  13. I see a lot of banter about Kelvin Taylor on this board. Jones and Brown aren’t the reason for our lack of production on the ground. Our O-line right now is a makeshift hodge-podge of banged up players. Our O-line coaches MUST scheme better than they have thus far and create creases for our guys to run through. That being said, KT is not going to run through unblocked d-lineman any better than Jones and Brown. For now I’m willing to trust what these coaches see on the practice field Sunday to Friday.