Grier impressed with UF offense

Grier throws during a drill at the University of Florida's Friday Night Lights at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Friday July 26, 2013. (Brad McClenny/Staff photographer)

Florida quarterback Will Grier was on hand for Florida’s 31-17 win over Tennessee on Saturday.

It was his first visit to The Swamp since attending the LSU game last year, and he was happy to be back at his future home.

“It’s a great place to watch a game, much less play here,” Grier said. “I’m excited to get here. The crowd was unbelievable, it’s a college football town.”

The Army All-American was upset to see Jeff Driskel leave the first quarter with a season-ending injury, but the performance of Tyler Murphy and the offense impressed him.

“I think they performed well,” he said. “Sometimes you have to deal with adversity, and that sometimes shows you what your real character is. I think Murphy coming in, he did real well picking up where Driskel left off and I think overall the team did well. Putting up 31 points against another SEC school is a successful day.

“I hate it for Driskel, that’s tough. Prayers go out from me to him and his family and everybody else. Like I said, Murphy stepped in, did well and from now on it’s going to be his team and I think he’ll be alright.”

Grier also praised the play-calling of offensive coordinator Brent Pease. He has noticed receivers getting open for UF this season, but sometimes they’re not being found.

“I definitely see that,” Grier said. “I think Pease does a really good job. The chemistry between the quarterback and OC is huge, and then the chemistry between quarterback and receivers is huge. So I think all of that may have not come together. They’re still building and working on it.”

The 6-foot-3, 180-pounder from Davidson (N.C.) plans to officially visit for Florida’s football banquet weekend and attend the Arkansas and Florida State games.

He will be an early enrollee in January.

“Redshirt is the plan right now,” Grier said. “We’re kind of playing by ear, but redshirt would be best for me, so we will see.”

“I’m focused on school and working out first, just getting my body ready, getting prepared mentally, learning the playbook and just getting into the swing of things.”


  1. very smart man.. he sees the offense for what is can be, not what it is. People complain all the time about the offense but Greir has a very good point.. the wideouts are open and Driskel just didn’t throw it to them. WM even said himself that Tyler likes to make throws that Driskel doesn’t. I expect Murphy to make those throws and we will watch this offense grow. Murphy should redshirt his first year then will have a chance to take over the team as a redshirt freshman the following year, unless Driskel plays to his potential after his injury and I don’t see that happening.

  2. Gatordean, I’m not just wishfully thinking when I say that I feel that we will be good, if not better, with Murphy at QB both for the remainder of this year and if the coaches use fair judgment and assessment, next year too. Murphy has UK and Ark to continue getting better through experience. He should be fine heading into the SEC gauntlet. Grier should be able to redshirt with Murphy and Driskel here next year giving him the chance to grow into the QB that we need to get back to elite status.

  3. Will’s attitude and understanding of the big picture is very encouraging. We all wish he was a “Florida QB”now but for the next few months he’s still a commit. Saw him at FNL and he looked right at home. It will be very difficult for JD to win his job again; if he doesn’t he’s physically talented enough to contribute in one way or another. The deep competition should make all of them much better. Go Gators!

  4. How about Max Staver? And Wilkes, who walked on after playing pro baseball? Someone please comment, especially on Staver. he has to figure in on this conversation for next year. And Morhinweg, who is the back up now?

  5. Staver would be over Morhinweg if he new the playbook better. But he needs to red shirt this year and take his time building. Murphy is going to Graduate this year. The Depth chart next year will read Driskel, Staver, Morhinweg, Greir. The reason Driskel will win is because the coaches will be more confidant with his in game experience.

  6. I think Greir is the most talented of the three while Staver is has all the physical pro body type and arm. We will see that battle be one of UF best in a long time. Greir biggest thing to me is he is a pocket guy with great wheels but like Staver needs to be tested with the lights on at full speed hits. I hope we get a lot of blow out games to see them get some work in for the future.

  7. I, too agree that the offense will be better with Murphy at the helm. He doesn’t run scared like JD did. With UK & the hogs upcoming it’ll get him ready. Please everyone-lsu is NOT as good as everyone is making them out to be. Mettenberger is shaky in the pocket once traffic is around him as witnessed by the putrid rush of Auburn so what do you think Easley, Fowler, Powell, & Bullard will do?!?! And their defense isn’t all that either.The radio heads here are CONSTANTLY talking about UF’s defense & how it’s the best in the conference by a mile. UF needs to get Matt Jones started somehow to take the load off of Murph. Make it 27 in a row over the mildcats. Can’t wait for you Big Will!!! GO GATORS!!!

  8. Florida, simply stated, is in a world of hurt if Murphy goes down in a game this year. I have watched Morhingweig in practice, and he is no SEC QB. It will be interesting if Murphy steps up and plays a lot better than Driskel. Then you have Driskel coming back next year as a medical redshirt junior and Murphy coming back as a redshirt senior….who plays?…..with Crier, Stover, and Wilkes all being redshirt or true freshmen. Lots of depth next year at QB for sure.

  9. It will be an interesting QB battle in two years as we could have a RS-SR(Driskel), RS-JR(Morhinweg), 2 RS-SO(Staver and Wilkes) and a RS-FR(Grier) all competing for the starting spot once Murphy leaves. Not to mention any other QBs we get in the 2015 recruiting class

  10. Before the end of the season the haters will wish jeff was back. grier is the future, but there’s a reason tyler was the backup! the line play sucks and our wr are average at best. wrong routes always makes the qb look bad to the average eye and the left side of the line kept getting jd hit early. no wr we have would start at any other sec school. jd stuck with us when urban left and is a very good qb. GET OFF HIS BACK!

  11. @ islander, That is strickly your opinion and I think most people respect it, but everyone does not agree with it and you should respect that as well. I definitely think your accessment of the WR is incorrect, but again it’s your opinion. It seems that everythink in your comments puts everyone but JD at fault and they suck (as you say), it appears that JD is the only player on the OFFENSE that carries his weight. I think thats a POOR analysis, but that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it but don’t tell everyone that does not agree with you that theyare not to express their views. GO GATORS!!!

  12. We’ve all seen backup QBs go the NFL. Driskel should play over Murphy if Murphy has a great year. Next year, Driskel could come in for some packages and play a backup role. He is a great athlete. He will find a way to be successful and be an important player next year.

  13. I think the point islander is trying to get at is most are putting all the blame on JD. True, he has made some negative plays, but when the coaching staff said Trey Burton ran the wrong route and the pick against the u was on him, most still pin it on JD. JD is 12-3 as a started and I feel is a good qb. The line has been sub par and any QB we have is going to find it hard to be good laying on their back. In all kind of weather, we all stick together and get well soon Jeff

  14. @ NassauGator, You stated that Driskel should play over Murphey if Murphey has a Great year, if you recall that was the reason that Driskel was the starter over Brissett. Because the caches said that Driskel had a better performance in that (half) determining football game a year ago. Why do you think they should now change their criteria of determining who starts a QB. Now, granted we are waaaaay ahead of reality in our speculation, but it it did fall the way as you have stated, at the very least the job should be WIDE OPEN with whom ever perfoms on the field not with the simpathy factor! Just my opinion, now saying I’m right but just how I feel about it. GO GATORS!!!!