Commit of the week: QB Will Grier


The quarterback play at Florida has been subpar since Tim Tebow left in 2009, but the future of the position looks very bright with Grier in the fold for 2014.

The Army All-American delivered for Davidson (N.C.) Day in its first real test of the year.

After winning their two games by an average of 61.5 points, the Chargers traveled to Charlotte to take on Providence Day.

Grier threw for 356 yards and six touchdowns on 25-of-38 passing in the 46-20 win. The 6-foot-2, 180-pounder also ran for 194 yards on 14 carries (long of 64) and another score, showing why he’s ranked the nation’s No. 2 dual-threat quarterback by ESPN and Rivals.

Grier now has 1,026 yards and 20 touchdowns through the air this season. He plans to attend Florida’s game against Tennessee on Sept. 21.

Here are some other UF pledges who performed well last week:

CB Chris Lammons, Fort Lauderdale Plantation: Lammons will be a corner at UF, but he’s a quarterback in high school. He threw four first-half touchdowns and finished with 167 passing yards to help his team top Coral Springs Taravella, 49-21.

DT Khairi Clark, Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna: Clark finished with six tackles, two sacks and a blocked PAT in a 27-23 season-opening loss to Miami Monsignor Pace.

RB Dalvin Cook, Miami Central: Booker T. Washington defeated the Class 6A state champions 28-17 and held Cook to 59 yards rushing on 11 carries. But the Under Armour All-American had an impressive 30-yard touchdown run in the first quarter.


  1. Hey Zach-think maybe we could sneak him into the locker room & put Driskels jersey on him? That dude was freekin’ atrocious against Miami. He’s reminding everyone of how good of a QB Doug Johnson was when he was at UF & that’s not saying much. Why don’t they implore more of the game plan that they had against LSU last year in the 1st half, use both sides of the field with passes to the RB’s & wideouts? I see no creativity in this offense, save for the few attempts downfield. No passes to the RB’s, run-run- pass instead of passing on 1st downs. No play action passes to a RB/hybrid down in the redzone. I’m not confident at all in their redzone play and Jones looks like the tentative guy he was at the start of last year. Why can’t UF find a back that just freekin’ runs HARD!??!! Wide receivers?? Where? Raves about Robinson & Fulwood during camp but they’re non-existent in games-just doesn’t make sense. Why even talk about them when you make NO attempts to get them the ball. No problems w/ the defense aside from Marcus Maye’s brain fart with a deep bomb. Guarantee Miami loses at least 4 games this year b/c their offense stinks. Too bad the UF offense made them look like the Montana led 49ers. I’m still down with my Gators but it’s oh so frustrating watching the offense muddle yet another game, constantly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Worse even is that I have to hear about it from these idiotic lsu fans who think their team is good, which they’re not BTW. Anyway-I’ve vented long enough…GO GATORS!!!! From Frustrated yet Still diehard BRGF…

  2. Im with ya brgf ! all this talk bout these players yet , none are getting the ball..lots of double talk from the coaches… and why is kelvin taylor being held back? not fair for jones to be counted on so much with such high expectations. our o-line was praised as the strength of this team… not!
    champ needs to grow up & forget about his wet dream of being another
    nick saban… from what we heard about driskel all summer, he had improved
    ..not! fell sorry for the mighty D… grier will have to wait until year 2 to have another coach who understands the offense.. someone with HC exp..
    and definetly NOT a Ga grad… Go Gators!

  3. Will Greer needs to gain about 20 pounds before he starts at QB for Florida. A 6’2 and 180 lb QB (very skinny), will not last long in the SEC….just saying.

    And….I fully expect Driskel to have a lasso wrapped tightly around him and ALL offensive imagination roped in during the Tennessee game (3 yards and a cloud of dusk returns in order to ensure a 7 to 3 win vs. the Vols). I can’t wait….and I am sure CBS is looking forward to the excitement as well.

  4. @Tampa Gator
    I agree, I’d be worried about a QB running in the SEC at 180 pounds. I’d love to have his arms on our team and it sounds like his legs aren’t bad, either, but unless our OL improves drastically I would worry about his safety. (And I don’t mean being tackled in the end zone.)

  5. Jimmy….

    If 2-0 floats your college football boat….more power to you. I prefer a little more fun and gun in the game. But I was spoiled by Spurrier and his balanced pass and run….take advantage of what the defense is doing….offense. I am not fond of the “play not to lose” approach to offense that the Gators seem to now have….and I am sure we will see even more of vs. Tennessee next Saturday.

  6. Hey TimT-come with some better analysis about the game. Otherwise stop critiquing myself and others about our Gators. We care which is why we vent. You have to expose and acknowledge the problem so it can be fixed and the offense needs to be fixed. By the time WG gets the offseason nutrition plan & weightlifting regimen he should be good to go. Get the ball out of your hands quicker Jeff. Also it wouldn’t hurt to run with a little more conviction instead of tip toeing thru holes. GO GATORS!!!

  7. BRGF, great write up! Did you guys see how Ole Miss got L. Treadwell involved? Threw to him like 5x in a row in their opener! We shelve ours and pull them out in the Spring ONLY…I don’t know what we’re thinking. By the way, we have a running back who runs REALLY hard (ask our defense) and his name is Adam Lane, but we decided to red-shirt him… M. Jones is a slow starter so we switch it up with a slower version of him, M. Brown. Kel. Taylor got zero reps vs UM and only garbage carries against Toledo. Driskel is better but obviously not ready to win championships…so our hopes at UF – THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, rest on signing and developing a kid who is still playing HS football. Wow!
    On another note: Did you see J. Powell stick his face in the fan? Paid a price but he is coming on fast! Kudos Kid! Go Gators!

  8. Why would we continue to recruit a dual-threat guy for a pro-style offense? Don’t get me wrong, this guy is the real deal. I don’t care that White won the Elite 11, and Grier came in 2nd in the challenge (but somehow rated 3rd). He was clearly the star of the camp, and had the biggest arm. White was hitting wide open WR’s, Grier was making crazy, tight throws in traffic. Either way, I’m not sold on Pease anymore, the offense is ridiculously predictable, and looks nothing like what Boise ran… We ran up the middle for no gain 85% of the time on 1st down, and the easily predictable crossing routes and check downs are figured out by the 2nd series… Maybe he is being held back by Champ, maybe not. Either way, I am convinced it is time for a change… We need a dynamic offense to match our dynamic defense. Even smash mouth Alabama throws the ball 45% of the time. Our Gators? a paltry, predictable 27%, and mostly on 3rd and long… I hope I am wrong and something changes, but I fear I am not… Go Gators!

  9. I’m tired of everyone getting on Driskel!! He made a couple bad throws that were costly, and I was just as PO’d as everyone else. But go back and watch the game. How many times did he stand there and take a hit and deliver the ball on the money. This was the first game we really let him throw the ball, and, as expected, he made some mistakes. Other young QBs have developed faster at other schools, but that is because they throw it more often early in their careers. Pease has to bear some of the blame, but Pease is doing what Muschamp wants him to do. I hope that performance (play call wise) from the Miami game is a sign of things to come. The offense will be more fun to watch. Eliminate the fumbles that weren’t Driskel’s fault, and we still win with his silly interceptions. He’s still growing, Gators, take it easy on him.
    And to answer the question about Lane and Taylor: they don’t know the offense, and pass blocking schemes. That’s why they aren’t playing. I didn’t hear anyone complain about Brown the first week!

  10. John S, I find much more fault with the coaches than I do JD. I felt J. Brantley, a pocket passer being forced to run a spread offense, was being missed used and often unfairly blamed. JD is a Spread QB chosen to run a Pro Style ‘attack.’ Our offensive staff has been very disappointing in my opinion. However, JD has the job and because of that fact, he has to be that Type A Personality who DEMANDS more opportunities to make plays and capture wins. If given those opportunities he’ll likely make mistakes and either develop at a much faster rate, or he’ll be replaced. Now, if we don’t have a capable backup QB at THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, who do you fault??? Go Gators!