Joker’s social media campaign reaches India


When Florida receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Joker Phillips started his #ComePlayWRForTheJoker social media campaign in April, many fans and media members weren’t too fond of it.

One writer even suggested his photoshopped images of the Joker villain from the movie franchise Batman would “just creep people out.”

But there’s at least one individual who approves of Phillips’ promotional tactic and recruiting tool.

A Gator fan from India sent Phillips an email of himself standing outside of a palace holding a piece of paper that reads “ComePlayWRForTheJoker.” In the video, he delivers this message:

“I want to say hello to my friend, Joker Phillips, in Florida. He’s working hard looking for elite talent. So go Gators, and come play wide receiver for the Joker.”

In his short time in Gainesville, Phillips has already helped UF land the nation’s No. 2 receiver for 2014 (Ermon Lane) and the No. 1 receiver for 2015 (Da’Vante Phillips) according to ESPN’s recruiting rankings.

Are these results a byproduct of his social media campaign? No, but this guy’s video is awesome.

[youtube mmDwg4ZYn74 580]