Notebook: South Florida trio deciding Monday


The fruits from Friday Night Lights should show up for Florida next week.

Fort Lauderdale cornerbacks Chris Lammons (Plantation) and Quincy Wilson (University School) are making their decisions along with Homestead’s Ermon Lane, the nation’s No. 2 wide receiver.

Lammons visited FNL with Wilson and talked about wanting to play with him in college, while Wilson made it clear that he and Lane are headed to the same school.

The Gators are the only team all three of them have among their favorites, so unless there’s some surprises in store, they should be picking UF.

Lammons will announce around 4:45 p.m. on the College Football Blitz on ESPNU, while Lane and Wilson will commit together at 9 p.m. on 560 WQAM, which can heard streaming live at

Other news and notes

* On Tuesday, five-star defensive end Lorenzo Carter (Norcross, Ga.) named a Top 7 of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Notre Dame, Oregon and Florida State. He told The Sun the Gators are still his leader.

* Alabama running back verbal Bo Scarbrough is transferring to IMG Academy in Bradenton for his senior season. This move could help UF’s chances of getting him on campus again and possibly flipping the cousin of tight end commit C’yontai Lewis. They visited Gainesville together in June but did not make it to Friday Night Lights as planned.

* Five-star running backs Leonard Fournette (New Orleans, La./St. Augustine) and Joe Mixon (Oakley, Calif./Freedom) plan to officially visit Florida this fall. Mixon has already scheduled his trip for the Tennessee game on Sept. 21. Another top prospect, O’Fallon (Ill.) defensive end Dewayne Hendrix, will take an official on Oct. 5 when UF hosts Arkansas.

* The nation’s No. 1 defensive end, Da’Shawn Hand of Woodbridge (Va.), will announce his decision on Nov. 14 after he visits Alabama, Florida and Michigan.

* 2015 linebacker Ricky DeBerry (Richmond, Va./St. Christopher’s) was offered by the Gators during his visit Tuesday.


  1. No doubt that the Gators will get some very, very good news on Monday and with these possible additions, this class with elevate to elite status with some other pieces possibly falling into place before or on signing day. However, with the additions of CBs Lammons and Wilson, could this push Jalen Tabor out of this class? He is a guy I’ve wanted in this class for a long time because of his character, football IQ, motor, and versatility. He would most likely be the next Purifoy and maybe even better.

  2. I’ve heard Al Golden is making a last minute push to get them all on campus prior to announcement next week and is talking number one recruiting class, class that turns around program, program that played in most national championships in the last 30 years, most NFL players, ….. Just a FYI to be careful here, as not sure Gators are aware of what Al is doing behind the scenes here.

  3. I don’t “really” mean to get personal, but how FSU attracts top-ranked recruits with their mediocre schedule and conference every season is still incredible. yeah, I know they have FAMU as a selling point too, but really, other than that, many of the recruits who hold them in such high regard are mostly kids who grew up FSU fans.

  4. John S – we have more slots than you think. We will be able to sign 20 – 25 recruits. As for Al Golden: these kids put a lot in to their decisions. If they have decided to come to UF, they aren’t changing their mind, due to a last minute push. I’m cautiously optimistic that they will be Gators.

  5. Right now players are competing and being evaluated for starting positions and playing time, while others (even if they don’t realize it) are being evaluated to determine if being ‘voted off’ in the form of “attrition” is best for the team. If a kid is close but not getting any playing time, that’s his cue. If current commits or prospects with offers stop hearing from the coaches or aren’t invited to events, that’s their cue. There are ways to open up scholarships, most are subtle but when subtly is not enough, there is always the old “Coach wants you to come to his office.” Remember, these scholarships are year to year and not guaranteed to be renewed. Go Gators!

  6. Larry,
    Looks like we will only be duped by Lammons but only because the media brought about the trio hype. I still think UF gets the two prospects they probably want more on Monday night in Lane and Wilson. Lane is a must get, future All-SEC WR and Wilson is a tall physical corner. Losing Lammons doesn’t hurt because of the possibility of bringing in Jalen Tabor who has been very open about his love for the Gators.

  7. LT,
    Debose has the tools to be an All-SEC player but being injured his first year while having a terrible offensive system under Addazio his second year and then having a new head coach and two more O-coordinators with all new playbooks after that while also throwing in the fact that there was terrible/inconsistent coaching at the WR position and less than mediocre play at QB was detrimental to him and the whole entire offense. With a second year under Pease and Driskel progressing in camp, Debose could of had a big year. Maybe its better to say Lane has the potential to be All-SEC WR but you using the career of Debose as an example of why recruits shouldn’t get as much hype clearly wasn’t thought out very well.

  8. @GoGators02

    I don’t even know why you took the time to try and explain it to LT dude is nothing but negative every time he posts on here.

    We should get lane and Wilson Monday. Lammons is USCe/UT with South Carolina most likely being his choice. If we do that and get Adoree and/or tabor later, no one will care that we didn’t get Lammons. Hopefully lambert decides for UF instead of tennesse Wednesday as well

  9. we are getting the talent now again whether we get these guy or not. The real issue is whether Pease can get it done in the SEC. He got great results at Boise but that ain’t the SEC. Nobody seems to be asking that question even tho last year was not much better than terrible…… but…. with a new system and the talent level on offense he was given, we all have let that question hang…….But……. gonna be watching close this year!!!

  10. @ GaGator02

    Not very well thought out? What dont you understand about this? Who is to say Lane wont face a lot of the same issues??? Thats my point. This whole thing is a crap shoot and nobody knows what players will develop in to ALL SEC players. Anybody who thinks they do know is a fool. But for arguments sake, lets throw Debose out. There are literally hundreds of more busts that could have been used as an example. What isnt being very well thought out is some of the predictions and expectations that “fans” place upon unproven high school players.

  11. @ Real Gator.

    Not negative. REALISTIC. Im mature enough not to get caught up in hype surrounding teenagers and start making baseless predictions that are nothing more than delusions. Any adult who does needs to get a life.

  12. LT. You remind me of my dad. He’s the kind of guy that looks at a glass half full, sees a glass half empty and complains to everyone that he doesn’t even have a glass. Let people have fun and enjoy hope even if you can’t. REALISTIC is what negative people lable themselves.

  13. Welcome to Gator nation Chris.
    Great decision.
    You will love gainesville, the family atmosphere this coaching staff fosters and the love of gators everywhere.
    Once a gator always a gator and always a proud part of gator nation.

    I have travelled the world and run into other gators in several countries, in Europe, Asia and South America. I give them a gator comp and they chomp right back. Even in Paris.

    Welcome to the ride of your life and a lifelong, worldwide team of gators everywhere.

  14. Welcome to gator nation Quincy.
    Welcome to gator nation Ermon.

    I grew up in Dade. Played HS football under a greeat coach, Joe Brodsky. Coach Brodsky was a legendary coach here in Dade at Jackson and Miami Lakes (and played for the Gators).

    Been a gator sice 1974 and its still “Great to be a Florida Gator!”

    You guys are gonna love it.
    Let’s go whip up on Half ass u, Gawga and get us some championships.
    Welcome, welcome, welcome!