Muschamp should stand up for Morrison


UPDATE: The State Attorney’s Office has dropped the charges against Morrison, and Muschamp called him a “great young man” who used poor judgment. “As of now,” Muschamp later said, “nothing has changed with Antonio’s discipline status.”

When athletes get into trouble with the law, coaches are often criticized for not dishing out discipline right away.

Though it’s frowned upon and considered a cop out, it behooves them in most cases to gather all the information and let the legal system run its course before choosing their course of action.

The latest incident involving Florida’s Antonio Morrison highlights why they should and usually do wait.

The sophomore linebacker, who is currently serving a deferred prosecution agreement for misdemeanor battery last month, was arrested early Sunday morning by Alachua County Sheriff’s Office deputies and charged with maliciously harassing, teasing and interfering with a police dog engaged in duty and resisting arrest without violence.

Later that day, UF coach Will Muschamp suspended Morrison from the team and said he will miss at least two games to begin the season.

Before I go any further, let me say that if Morrison was specifically told after his first arrest not to go out late at night, his punishment is proper and should not be changed.

I credited Muschamp following his statement for acting swiftly on Morrison. But given what’s come to light since then, his response may have been premature.

Shortly after the suspension was announced, State Attorney Bill Cervone told The Sun he has concerns with the legality of the arrest. Morrison making a “woof-woof” sound at the canine may not be enough to constitute a crime, Cervone said, because there was no malicious intent, which is to commit a wrongful act — without just cause or reason — that will result in harm to another.

On Monday, Sheriff Sadie Darnell told The Sun that a warning to Morrison would have been more appropriate than detaining and arresting him for an obscure law that he was likely unaware of.

ASO also released the dashboard camera video of the arrest. An overwhelming majority of viewers felt the footage showed that deputies overreacted and were more out of line than Morrison. One deputy was even caught littering at the end of the tape.

It’s an embarrassing situation for all parties involved.

In the wake of all this, Muschamp now faces some difficult decisions moving forward. Fans are already calling for Morrison’s suspension to be reduced or lifted if his charges are dropped by the state.

Should that happen, I still think he deserves some sort of punishment for putting himself in that situation and giving law enforcement another opportunity to use their authority on him.

However, if Muschamp is going to come down on his players when they’re in the wrong, he should also have their back when they are not.

Morrison has been ridiculed by local and national writers, some of whom say he should get kicked off the team, for an arrest that now appears to be unlawful and unwarranted.

If his suspension gets shortened in any way, it’s going to be a PR nightmare for UF and the coach who said he’s “100 percent responsible” for his players’ off-field behavior.

But Muschamp can send a message to his team, recruits and their families that he will not tolerate his players getting mistreated by police and put on trial in the media.

Seven of the 14 players who have been arrested during his tenure have transferred or been dismissed. Two of those arrests were for underage drinking, and nine of those players signed with or committed to former coach Urban Meyer.

For the most part, Muschamp has taken a strong stance on discipline during his time in Gainesville. But if Morrison didn’t have a curfew prior to this weekend and was suspended simply because he got arrested again, Muschamp needs to stand up for him and acknowledge that he, like most people, passed judgement too soon.


  1. I totally agree with this article.
    Coach Muschamp is also a father figure to this players. What a father would do in this situation?
    I used to be frustrated every time hearing a player got arrested. But an arrest like this counts on an arrest?

  2. I thought I heard the officer say something about Morrison shedding “crocodile tears” in that video. Obviously not a Gator fan…..maybe there is a job for him in Tallahassee or Athens, or Knoxville or Miami…..where criminal behavior is more obvious.

  3. There will be repercussions. RECRUITING MAY SUFFER. What would we Gators do, if players en’ masse’ united around Antonio, and they all just left town, as it could well be perceived that this “place” is not where I’d want my child to be exposed to?
    For the record, I was a Gator, and one of three daughter’s went there, the other two to FSU and USF. Everybody got my money, UF, twice!
    Too bad we don’t have some Papa Bowden to ride herd on these issues. He’d take the heat, up to a point. Serious issues here, going well beyond the Coach, his discipline policies, and decision making.
    Some folks are out of control, not only in G’ville/Alachua, but nation wide. Counsel by even the President, of late has come full center to focus on the problem. I’m trying to tip-toe and be very diplomatic. But leadership, starts at the top, in every venue and organization, be it “sworn to serve, or at the academic levels.”

  4. “…your crocodile tears…” You overreact, and hastily decide (in essence) to crap on this kid and all he has ever dreamed of for himself and his family – destroy a kids dreams/life and future! Personal gratification and power over victims is this overzealous cops motivation and that flaw makes him very dangerous. If he could not see the damage he was orchestrating…wow, that is scary! So, crap on his life and let the checks and balances straighten it out later (after the damage has been done). ‘Thru all kinds of weather’…boldly standing up and supporting the kid will resonate in and out of the world of sports. Morrison, get your **it together! You’ve been blessed to feel the burn, now master the lesson and teach others! 2 games is a slap on the wrist compared to what the cop wanted to give you! Go Gators!

  5. Zach,
    I couldn’t disagree more. This type of foolish and immature behavior, especially after being told to lay low for the rest of the summer, is exactly the type of behavior that Muschamp needs to squash before transgressions start to become more serious. When Meyer first got here, he had the players fooled in to believing he was a “disciplinarian”. For about a year or so when he first got here there was no trouble out of the football team. Then Brandon James got arrested for marijuana possession and not much happened to him. It went straight downhill from there. A coach has to stand behind what he claims to be. Muschamp claims that he will not tolerate this type of behavior. Its time to show Morrison and the rest of the team that he means what he says. This is more for the team as a whole than just for Morrison. It would not bother me if Morrison had been dismissed from the team simply because he did not follow the instructions Muschamp gave him. Players need to learn responsibility for their actions. We call them kids but they are ADULTS now. I know if I had done what Morrison had done, I would have lost my job. And nobody would be writing in the Gainesville Sun about how I got a raw deal. This is the real world and this is a teaching moment for Muschamp and Morrison.

  6. This player was harassed for barking while black. The cop is on some sort of power trip, obv. Coach needs to admit he was way overboard with the suspension and give the KID (yes, a kid) a break.

  7. For those of you calling for discipline for the cop, you people need to pull your heads out of your respective butts. While it could be legitimately debated whether the arrest was really needed, there was certainly enough probable cause for an arrest. The officer did not make the law. However, it is his job to enforce it. If you discipline an officer for making an arrest because some people feel like an arrest on that charge isn’t warranted, you leave a lot of room for future corruption in the police departments. The officer may need to be counseled with about discretion but any type of discipline would be ludicrous and would certainly be overturned once the police union got involved. What the officer did was well within his job as an officer.

  8. LT, When all the disgusted Gator players have transferred to other schools, and you and whom ever have their way with what remains, you can relish in your mature iron fisted attitude.
    You are correct about one point you made. “This is the real world” and like the President recently alluded to, IT IS A DANGEROUS PLACE. Those that we trust to be level headed and calm when all is chaos are the very worst threat to our personal security.
    You and I both are quite safe as we hunker down low in our four-banger, moving along in the traffic, swimming with the “school” of other fish, providing us protection from the focus of a flashlight.
    Troubles are in the wind, nationally. This swat mentality is out of control and knee jerk reactions by administrators is not what always what is needed.
    If I ever get told to “get on the ground” at my age, I’m just going to reply, “then just shoot me, I’m too old to get on the ground!” Likely I’d just get tazed, as I am white/cauc., however, I’d still wind up on the ground, AND cuffed n’ stuffed for resisting.
    Yes, it would go viral like the Morrison issue, if the AARP got a copy of the dash cam.
    My only hope w/be that a “Bill Cervone” would ride to my rescue with a level head, not so much for me, but to protect tax payers from needless expense and overburdening the system with caseloads that are not warranted.
    No one says a word about poor Bear, the K-9. He watches his Daddy, in good times and bad.

  9. I totally agree with Zach’s reasoning. If Will Muschamp told Morrison to not be hanging out in the wee hours of the morning, period — and Morrison disobeyed Muschamp’s directive, then the two game suspension is fair.

    If coach didn’t give Morrison that directive, I think most of us here by now know that the arresting officer was obviously on a power trip and therefore Muschamp should stand up for his player instead and reduce Morrison’s punishment back to a one game suspension.

  10. I blame Urban Meyer for this stench around the program. Sadly, I believe OSU will beat West Virgina and then Southern Cal for the National Championship this year. The good news is, I will be able to eat on gameday as we trot through a 8-5 season.

  11. Agree with Tim, regardless of being an offense worthy of arrest, what is he doing out at 2:30am in an area known for shady activity? When Coach Muschamp says “Have a boring summer” this is not what he means. Perception is reality and the truth seldom matters, simply he shouldn’t have put himself in this position…you are who you hang around and where you hang around it.

  12. LT,
    I’d just like to add, the only level headed thinking I see coming thus far, is from SHERIFF SADIE DARNELL and STATE ATTORNEY BILL CERVONE.
    They have our support Sir, and we have their backs!

  13. Was the arrest a punishable offense, no. Did he deserved to be treated like that, no. However, the suspension is well deserved. Morrison obviously ignored the fact that he was specifically told not to “be out late.” He deserves to sit and if he wants to be part of the team, he better learn who is really in charge. Here’s a hint… isn’t Morrison, it’s Muschamp.

  14. LT,
    You need to remove your head from your butt. This is a trumped up charge from an over zealous cop that is abusing their power. This is the bad apple that needs to be disciplined for their lack of discretion. This is likely the same cop that’s going to pull me over for going three mph over the speed limit, but let the drug pusher on the corner continue to deal to 12 year olds.
    Who even heard of this charge EVER? Additionally, I don’t believe Morrison is a bad kid. A bar fight? Come on! This happens every day of every week on every college campus and you never hear about it. Stupid cops should’ve let them both go just like every other instance of the same nature.

  15. LT,
    When the State Attorney’s Office is “unsure of the legality of the arrest”, it is obvious that there was not enough probable cause to justify an arrest. And when the sheriff of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office comes out and publicly says a warning would have been appropriate, it indicates that probable cause for an arrest was lacking. The officer should be punished or reprimanded…and fined for littering (which he was caught on camera doing).

  16. LT….

    There was “probable cause” for a warning and get your arse by to campus……..not an arrest. The authorities are saying the same. The cop overreacted and dished out punishment that did not fit the situation Morrison innocently put himself in…period.

  17. Are those students on athletic scholarships held to higher standards then students on non-athletic scholarships at Florida or any other college or university? It appears to be YES! Most of us made the majority of our mistakes at this age and somehow survived without this much press coverage but then we did not play a meaningful part in earning our university millions of dollars. Should that make a difference. No! Unfortunately student-athletes are viewed by the academic world and many fans as not deserving to be in college and assume most are taking classes in badminton with a major in Party All Night Long. The reality is some of the general student population including student athletes do such but there usually are not on campus long and do not represent the greater majority.

    Morrison made a typical mistake common with 19 year old boys who are still trying to be men and have yet to figure it out! Dependent upon the actual facts on the latest incident, I agree with Zack and would hope Morrison’s suspension would be reduced to one game. The first incident plus being out at 3 AM in the wrong area of town deserves a punishment of some kind considering previous guidance provided by the Head Coach. Food for Thought

  18. 19 years old. And by the way I noticed the excessive force used on a KID with his hands behind his back. Sad day when the police haven’t solved one Home Burglary but can stake out liquor stores to catch students under age or students barking at a Dog..And for you LT this a national laughing clip, everyone is laughing at the stupidity of the Police to arrest someone for this. Even Conservative Fox news used the clip to get a laugh. Let the kid go, a warning would have been sufficient.

  19. He got suspended for Being out past curfew regardless of how stupid the arrest was. Guess what….if he wasn’t there then he wouldn’t have gotten arrested! He’s already on the hot seat and gets arrested after 2 am in the morning. Champ has it right, nothing good comes after 12:00. Nuff said. As bad as we need him for Miami, champ is setting up a program with men who have character. What’s done in the dark gets brought to the light eventually. Looks like Morrison needed this to happen regardless. Go gators!

  20. @ TM
    Im not sure where that quote from the states attorneys office is coming from. I do know that Cervone said he was unsure if there was enough evidence to constitute a crime, however he did say he had not even read the statute yet when he made that statement.

  21. I am not one to side with players who break the rules. but I have to think the police officer made a mistake here. I am in my early fifties and I might have said woof woof puppy when I walked by. I think one game is enough and that is for the prior issue. I do think some police officers are looking to get football players.

  22. i don’t think a 2-game suspension is adequate for being stupid enough to bark at a dog. dock him 4 games and see if you can the knucklehead’s attention. this is not about the cops, it’s about Morrison being too full of himself to follow his coach’s instructions.
    he needs to toe the line or go away.

  23. I would not reduce the 2 game susension and it sends a message to all the other players. I believe CM should defend him for the latest incident but he still put himself in a position to get into trouble. If he is going to be a leader on the defense, he must take responsibility for his actions and I understand he is a 19 year old and we all know how we were when we were 19, or at least I do. I wish him the best going forward.

  24. LT: even you boss, Sheriff Darnell said this was a bogus charge. Better question is, whoever has been arrested by this Off. Barney Fyfth wanna be, should go back to court and debate the honesty of these bozos.

  25. “Muschamp needs to stand up for him and acknowledge that he, like most people, passed judgement too soon.”

    Punishment for the first offense was – “it is being handled internally”. Coach Muschamp did not have the luxury of waiting 3.5 days to lhat eventually plays out – that is reality.

    If this was Morrison’s first offense, it would be no big deal. But it wasn’t.

    Missing two games is good lesson for all concerned.

  26. If this Team is a Family and Muschamp is like a Father to them, then he needs to act accordingly. If a son commits a crime, as a Father you punish him. If he is proven innocent, as a Father you take away the punishment. You don’t continue a punishment for education or to prove a point. That is just prideful. A Father should do the right thing by knowing when to admit he is wrong for acting to quickly.

  27. I am certain that Muschamp had something to do with the Sheriff getting involved in this incident, so quickly. I am sure that once he hear Morrison’s side of the story, he called the Sheriff and voice his concern about such a stupid move by her Deputy. Muschamp will stand up for his players; however, he has to do so very carefully. He doesn’t want to send a message to the other players that he will be an enabler in bad behavior. Morrison was told to stay away from such places and to use better judgement. He failed to do so and Muschamp reacted, immediately, as he should have. I just think it punishes the team more than anyone, if he is suspended for the Miami game. I expect Muschamp to make it a one game suspension and deal with the later incident separately.

  28. Sad as it is, this type bogus arrest is nothing new, only it usually ends with the victim being jailed, forced to pay bail (or continue to sit in jail), and hire a lawyer before the charge is ultimately dropped. I am speaking from personal experience. It’s a racket being run all over the country. And what recourse does the victim have? No reimbursement of money, time, or job. You can file a complaint or sue (good luck finding a lawyer willing to sue the authorities). Let’s see what punishment this one gets off with. Victims have no voice! Antonio, my advice: Take the 2 games and action plan with a contrite and enthusiastic THANK YOU and understand you just witnessed REAL LIFE! This guy just tried to WRECK not 2 games, the season or career but YOUR LIFE! Lord Have Mercy. Go Gators!

  29. If the police are so concerned about a single bar in town that they regularly mass k-9 units and backup out front at closing time, maybe the city needs to shut it down (nuisance laws?).

    Going to G-ville in the ’80’s and going to games in recent times I notice a definite difference in the level of tolerance the police have regarding the GP. These over displays of force on game days and in circumstances like this show that this police force and city are ill prepared and fear the worst each day.

    A mid or large city would deploy its resources differently and not feel threatened by a bar in the ‘hood’ nor would they feel threatened by a bunch of middle aged out of shape white guys enjoying a beer or two on game day.

    Give it a break G-ville the reality of super-crime waves are only realities in Batman movies.

  30. I felt from the git-go the latest charge was chicken-sh*t, BUT

    After largely getting a pass on an assault charge, the kid had a lot of nerve wandering the streets in the wee hours.

    He should of been suspended for the first incident, which was intolerable, not for the latest, which was merely stupid.

  31. First, race had nothing go do with the arrest.
    Second, Morrison is lucky to have only a 2 game suspension. If Muschamp is going to keep things under control, he needs to let everyone know, violent behavior is not tolerated. Hitting a bouncer, is violent. We do not need our players getting that reputation that they’re above the law.
    Three, whether the arrest was legit or not (and the law does back up the arrest), Morrison was an idiot for being out that late a month after avoiding jail time for previous late night dumb behavior.
    Four, Muschamp needs to make that bar off limits to players. I’ve never heard of the place, but according to all the reports, it’s notorious for unlawful happenings and trouble. If a player is found to be hanging out there, automatic suspension, period!
    Five, Morrison was my favorite defensive player, and supposed to be a leader this year. This is not the way to start your career as the starting middle linebacker, Antonio. Take hold of your second chance, and make good things happen!

  32. John S:

    The law does not back up the arrest, as an arrest for interfering with a police animal requires malicious intent, the simple act of barking in a non-menacing manner cannot by any reasonable person be construed as malicious intent to interfere. The arrest was unlawful, and Morrison should frankly sue for unlawful arrest, and potentially, looking at the video excessive use of force(based on the fact that the resisting arrest charge involved specifically no charge of violence what the cops did was excessive and unwarranted, and all caught on video.)

    Beyond that, its questionable whether race played a part in this arrest, I find it extremely hard to believe that the officer would have arrested Morrison if he was white. Now such a claim is pretty hard to prove, but it seems like something that is extremely plausible.

    Being an idiot is not a crime and its not a tort, what the police officer did is likely a tort(unlawful arrest, excessive use of force), and the officer actually committed a crime, littering, which is a strict liability offense, as opposed to the crime Morrison was charged with, which required malice. The person in the wrong legally here is the arresting officer, despite whatever punishment, just or not, Morrison may face from the team.

  33. Zach, my man. I love you and this is a well written piece. However, that being said, I don’t think you are quite grasping the point here. I never heard Coach Muschamp say the suspension was for being arrested the second time. What Coach Muschamp did say was Antonio Morrison used very poor judgment’s and therefore the two days suspension! In my opinion the suspension will stick! As bad as that hurts.

  34. I agree with Muschamp; Morrison made two poor decisions in just over a month. IF you have a deferred prosecution, it is foolish and stupid to be out at 3am in a notorious trouble spot barking at a police dog.

    “Think McFly, think!”

  35. Lol at Noleretard talking about thugs when you have players like James wilder and Greg dent.
    Also, Morrison should not have been arrested, but the suspension should stay the same mainly because he’s needs to get out the undisciplinary ways of Urban.

  36. I am a longtime GATOR fan since 1967 and an ex police officer. This arrest had nothing to do with race. If I had a son or sons who were on scholarship, they had better obey the rules of the coach and team concerning the crowd not to run with, hours to keep (curfew), discipline and team rules. I hope Morrison can keep his head out of his “you know what”, be a leader, set an example. I agree with most of the time, NO GOOD THINGS HAPPEN LATE AT NIGHT AFTER MIDNIGHT. Most police officers and ex-police officers would agree with me. GO GATORS.

  37. When I was a college student, I was too busy going to school and working to hang out at “bars and clubs”. I knew then that bars and clubs might be exciting, but I also knew there was also A LOT OF TROUBLE IN THOSE PLACES. My Dad cautioned me against those places back then. It’s even worse today with more drugs, all the alcohol and testosterone flowing. I am really surprised Muschamp doesn’t have his coaches and staff going to those clubs on weekends, taking names and dealing with the players that are seen there in the wee hours of the morning. Go Gators

  38. Zach, first let me say no one has championed the maligned football/basketball player at UF more than I have over the years on the message boards. But in this case Zach you are talking about a player who is showing every indication he can’t comprehend as well as most reasonable people and hasn’t developed the judgment necessary to avoid bringing harm to himself, as well as others.

    Sure the police acted like jackbooted Brown Shirts they often are. Yes they certainly could have chosen to take action to de-escalate the situation rather than to escalate a benign act. But that does not negate the fact Morrison showed piss poor judgment.

    When coaches sign these players they promise their parents to take care of them and to see to their development as best they can. If Morrison is going to be a productive teammate, player, member of the Gator community, and society at-large, Morrison has to give respect where it is certainly expected:

    Don’t go to bars telling people you are a Gator looking for illegal privileges. Don’t commit assault and battery on a person doing their job at work. Don’t be flippant with cops and their dogs after recently being released from jail. Realize it is better even when you have done nothing arrest worthy to say yes sir and no sir to police. He does the exact same thing in a desolate dark place, he could find himself pummeled to a pulp by police. That is the biggest thing he needs to know his judgment has to be managed by Muschamp and himself.

    Muschamp, nor anyone owes Morrison an apology. He has been acting like a punk. He needs to apologize to his family, teammates, and coaches for not using better judgment and putting their mutual interest at risk for immature reasons.

    To me Morrison is just another football player. He is nothing special until he leads his team to a championship of some kind, like many of the Gator great LBs before him. He is trying to trade on the Gator reputation guys who lead each other to championships. He didn’t build any cache for himself in Gainesville or anywhere else on the football field. Maybe if he had he would be given access to places he believes he should get in, although he legally shouldn’t be there.

    But as a person and young man he is special and I certainly want for him, what we want for all our youth: To be productive, safe, happy living the American dream. Not jammed up by the underside of life due inability to develop constructive thinking and behavior.

    This is a great teachable moment for Morrison and his coach has to seize this moment to teach. Not pass on the moment and kiss Morrison’s butt, only to reinforce in Morrison’s mind everyone else has been the problem and he doesn’t need to modify his mentality and actions. Or worse needs to take his actions to another level.

  39. Lets be honest, this is what you have to do when there is no football to actually talk about. None of us actually know what Muschamp told Morrison before this event RE:Curfew and where not to be. We are all just guessing here. My guess is that I think Muschamp is a smart guy and knows what he is doing. He knows what this affects, what message this sends and or what it does not send. I trust him and that’s enough.

  40. Morrison should have known better than to be where he was at the time he was, arrest or not. Bark at a K9? Idiot behavior. Muschamp is being too kind unless he has Morrison running “stadiums” every single morning at 3 am until fall practices begin.

  41. Morrison’s issues is done, the suspension will stand, he’ll be better and the team will be better so stop calling the young man an idot! He made mistakes…We’ve all done worst. NOW, can we please move on to FNL, and new commits. IMO, if we get some quality game time leadership out of Jeff (opening drive, TDs type play) this and next season, and Will steps in and delivers, we are well on our way (with the WRs we have, the commits and the future targets)…We may very well begin to see WR leaving UF early again! C’mmmoooon Jeff! QBs make money because they know what they’re doing and they can throw the ball with confidence P E R I O D Adam Lane, Jarrad Davis = my picks for surprise of 2013 class…love ’em Bailey and the rest too! Go Gators!

  42. typical power hungry cop—put on a badge–they get to order you around like slaves, lock you up for a night or two—charges dropped? no big deal for them—they laugh about it and go lock some more people up.

  43. Tim T is right. At 3:00 in the morning he should of been in his bed in the dorm and not out especially at a place known for its law violations. The suspension is the least of what could have been done.

  44. How funny. This thug is out at a well known trouble spot at 3:00 in the morning barking at a police dog. And you guys are sticking up for him! Trust me. This dude wont be around the program long. Good riddance!

  45. @ Hank. It’s a GREAT thing you don’t work with youth or in law enforcement! You probably think EVERYONE at that club is a THUG? To that attitude, AMERICA says ‘Good Riddance!’ Go Gators!

  46. @Hank… We are happy you and others have served in the military and lived to tell about it. For that we THANK YOU! We as American citizens may not have fought in a war(s) but we are also contributing to our country here in the USA one way or another. I’m sure if anyone is big and bad enough to attack us here in the US WE NON MILITARY people will fight just as hard to help our country. So, on that note STOP calling people a thug or places you know nothing about condemning them if you do not know what you are talking about. Downtown at the local hangouts where many students attend you will find the same thing goes on so chill with that nonsense. You are stereotyping people. Being you said you are a combat wounded veteran really should make you be not so judgmental.


  47. Hank, I appreciate your serving…but what’s the point of mentioning it? It is absolutely irrelevant to the debate…unless you’re attempting to make my case for me – you’re being obstinate in your thinking. Many citizens have not taken your path, but does that make us less American? I hope that’s not your belief! To the point: I would guess we’ve all done things we’re not proud of…much worst that AM’s acts, are we THUGS? He’s a student athlete 2 years removed from high school, not a trained and principled veteran. He screwed up and he was given punishment the coaches feel is sufficient. If he were your child would you be calling him a THUG? You’re entitle to your opinion, I just don’t agree with it…but what’s the value of a ‘big shot’s’ opinion when compared to a wounded combat veteran’s, right? Go Got Damn Gators!

  48. Well said, TigerCat!
    Hank…I’m out at clubs/bars every time there’s a game in Gainesville along with many others that have graduated from UF and are leading productive lives. I have two degrees, work for a Fortune 100 corporation, and have responsibility for ~200 people that work under me. Am I a thug?

  49. Craig, my definition of a thug is one who is looking for trouble, by mouth, actions; causing trouble, bullying, pushing people around, name calling, baiting others to provoke them into a fight. Disregard for the respect of others and their space. A thug is the same person whether he is drinking or not, drinking just happens to bring out the worst in that person, usually quicker than when he is sober. Aaron Hernandez apparently a thug the moment he set foot in Gainesville.

  50. Why should Muschamp stick up for Morrison? Do you remember Morrison assaulting a bouncer last month? Morrison has the credibility gap, not the police. There was another UF coach that I seem to remember “sticking up for his players”- an event that helped accelerate his departure from Gainesville. Seems like Morrison might be another Jessamen Dunker. Hope that’s not the case.

  51. GoGator and West_Coast,
    I was a bouncer and have been in bars and clubs my whole life. I bounced in G’ville at The Porpoise and Congo Craig’s. I had to work at CC because of the name. LOL
    I think you’re making a snap judgment about the kid, based on two questionable incidents. I’m a big guy and I had a huge ego as a bouncer. All of us lived to fight. Maybe Morrison is a 20 year old full of bravado, but I can attest that the bouncer is too. We can’t condemn the kid over the claims of an egomanical bouncer and an over zealous cop. It’s just too thin for me as someone not far removed from college days. You’re only hearing from the bouncer and the cop. Morrison never spoke….I’m sure his version is much different and truth is in the middle. It’s a lack of maturity, but he’s not a villain.

  52. Craig, the problem with your comments on the assault is that the whole incident, audio and all, was captured on video. The bouncer that Morrison attacked had injuries. All of this information is known. In the barking case, the police should always get the benefit of the doubt. They are the ones trained to enforce laws, use their judgment, keep us all safe, etc. Though the arrest for barking at the dog may have been an overreaction, it would be very foolish for anyone associated with the UF athletic program to come to Morrison’s defense in the matter, since Morrison’s has already proven that his behavior is indefensible. If you took away the initial incident of him attacking the bouncer, then yes, somebody should speak up on the kid’s behalf. But that’s not the case.

  53. Craig, the problem with your comments on the assault is that the whole incident, audio and all, was captured on video. The bouncer that Morrison attacked had injuries. There were witnesses to the crime. All of this information is known. In the barking case, the police should always get the benefit of the doubt. They are the ones trained to enforce laws, use their judgment, keep us all safe, etc. Though the arrest for barking at the dog may have been an overreaction, it would be very foolish for anyone associated with the UF athletic program to come to Morrison’s defense in the matter, since Morrison’s has already proven that his behavior is indefensible. If you took away the initial incident of him attacking the bouncer, then yes, somebody should speak up on the kid’s behalf. But that’s not the case.

  54. Craig, my take on your comment about being a bouncer and living to fight. i can understand about fighting for your life when you are attacked by a predator or a loved one is being attacked. As an ex-cop I’ve seen 2 deaths from “bar fights”, that happened when the “victim” hit the pavement, suffering a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain, etc. Drunken or stupid behavior, poor decisions that affect the rest of your life.